Vegi chocolate cake
Tomorrow is New moon day for the first time in this year.

So little by little, I am eating less than usual for Detox.

But yesterday, David was working very hard and he needed to eat healthy sweets.

He likes chocolate taste very much but normal chocolates contain lots of sugar.

We got some organic chocolate at home but it contains organic cane sugar.

It is easy that I can give him these organic chocolate for his sweetness but I don't want to give him easily.

I found a nice book of vegetarian sweets recipes and I tried to cook an vegan vegetarian chocolate cake for him.

Only organic some dried fruits are based on this sweetness.

On the recipe book, it needs to add some maple syrup but I didn't use it at all.

Because I used some organic dried raisons, apricots and figs and they are very sweet themselves enough.

And some walnuts, pecan nuts and almonds I added to them.

A pinch of salt, an organic cinnamon powder, an organic cacao powder and a little coconuts oil I mixed well together.

On the recipe book, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil) was used for this chocolate cake but I used an organic coconuts oil for it.

Any oil is O.K. so I arranged it and a little organic brown rice flower & an agar powder I added to them together.

All ingredients mixed well and it seems chocolate paste.

And then, I put all of them in an container to bake it into an oven about 15=20 minutes.

It was very easy and sweet smell spread out into our kitchen.

The taste of chocolate was a bitter sweet and it was very delicious.

David really liked it so much and he requested me to cook it again tomorrow.

I am very happy to see his lovely smile but to eat it every day is not good for health, I know.

So I will cook it again for him as a Valentine's chocolate in next month, and then he will enjoy it again...

Anyway chocolate taste was very rich and it can melt us easily without any sweetness.

To eat healthy sweets are very comfortable for our bodies and David tries not to eat normal chocolate with cane sugar naturally and I am very proud of his change these days.

So I want to cook something better & delicious sweets for him to surprise him...

To surprise him by my cooking with intuition is my pleasure every day, so I am thinking what I will cook for him tomorrow now.^^
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