Closing sale!
Today I took a walk in this afternoon.

In this morning, there were so many clouds in the sky but little by little SUN came out of the heavy clouds.

So I decided to take a walk to get some organic foods.

I checked one big supermarket but I couldn't find my favorite items there at all.

So I changed my mind to extend my waling course to check another organic shop.

But this was the first time to get there by walk and I was in lost in the middle of the way.

I found that I mistook a wrong direction and I quickly turned to back to the correct road.

And finally I arrived at a small organic shop but it seemed to close soon.

Because I found a note "All items are 30% OFF!" on the door of this shop.

Many products has already sold and there were so less items there and I started to check to get some organic foods.

This shop was very nice but normally organic products' prices are more expensive than other supermarkets.

So we didn't buy organic foods there so often.

I got some organic dried beans and their prices were quite cheap.

I asked the casher when this shop will close and why.

She told me. " We are closing in the end of this month...because we have no money."

This local organic supermarket was opened about 40 years ago but soon it will close unfortunately.

I was very sorry for this shop that long years' management became in financial difficulties...

I didn't have so much money today because I didn't know anything about this closing sale before leaving our home.

So I will try to get other items not to waste other items there before closing day.

Anyway, there were many big supermarkets (COSTCO etc.) are build recently and then small organic shops are influenced by them so much.

Business management looks very tough but sometimes we need to decide serious decision to survive.

Flexibly we have to make a choice how to live with each value and worth.

I am very happy that David & I have a common value in life mostly, of course we have some differences.

But usually we can discuss how to live together with healthy diet to eat organic foods as much as possible.

To make our immune system keep strong & tough is very important to live longer as long as possible.

So I want to cook for him to make our healthy state keep for better way.

Anyway, it is sometimes difficult that we have to live with adjustment of serious reality.

I was very lucky to get some nice organic dried beans with very cheap prices today.

At the same time, I realized how tough we are living in this economic world...
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