Snow in Seattle!
Today, it began to start in the afternoon from rain.

I wanted to visit David's working office at Downtown Seattle secretly.

If I was in 2015, I would stop visiting him like today's weather.

But I decided to not to change my mind to visit him suddenly to surprise him

So I put my clothes on also raincoat to cover myself from snow!

In Seattle, David doesn't care for outgoing with rain or snow at all.

Last year, my feelings & emotion tended to be influenced by weather sometimes.

But in this year, I want to change my daily life without any weather so I just jumped to outside with joy & pleasure!

I wanted to say hello to David's colleagues if I could meet someone after his work in Seattle.

Also I wanted to feel that how the NEW YEAR's atmosphere at downtown Seattle today.

Before I got on the bus, on the way to my bus stop, I met our neighborhoods fortunately and she started to talk to me for the first time.

She knows me but I don't know her at all.

But this my outgoing could let me met her somehow and I enjoyed talking to her with smile!

And I saw her off, I got on the bus to downtown Seattle and I really enjoyed my bus ride.

An stranger started to sit on my next seat and he looks very strong and western middle east people.

I started to talk to him spontaneously to know what is your original language because he was listening to Arabic musician songs.

And we talked about each other and had a nice conversation during our bus ride.

Before he got off the bus, he gave me to shake hands and smile...I really happy to talk to him.

Anyway I could arrive at downtown Seattle safely and just I started to look around by myself until David's time of the end of working.

I wanted to visit his office but he already left but I could meet his lovely manager for the first time fortunately.

David talked me about her a lot at home but I am not sure of her face but today I understood how she looks like.

Her kind smile was exactly how I imagined before by David's talk about her.

And she did so many things about David's holidays for our everything of my Green Card (permanent residence in the U.S.A) last year.

I am so happy that I could say my gratitude her directly today.

And then I went to our meeting shop to see David and finally we could see each other.

David seemed so happy that we can see each other without enough contact today but many lucky & kind situation could bring us together.

I could get ready for dinner for us after we came back to home as soon as possible.

So we had a nice time after his work today a lot.

Without any expectations, I decided to visit David to surprise him and I really enjoyed my outgoing by intuition in the snow.

Snow doesn't matter for me at all already...maybe I became to be a Seattle person closer than last year??
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