Yokohama stay
Tonight I am staying at Yokohama city just before my flight for Seattle tomorrow.

In this afternoon, I saw my boss who worked togehter at same private school about 13 years ago.

He isn't change at all when we worked together and his smile is still nice.

He made a time to talke to me during his busy time today and we enjoyed talking together at tea time.

He knows our students after they graduated school well and we talked a lot with smile.

We spent different years but I really felt wonderful time to talk each life for a while.

And we promised to see again with DAVID in Yokohama someday when we can visit here together.

Only short time we talked each other but I am so grateful this long connection after I quit working with him.

We got older than before but we don't change so much each other...

And he told me many informations about our teachers of familiar collegues & our students and I really miss them.

But someday DAVID & I will visit and stay here in YOKOHAMA together again, because we really like Yokohama city so much.

And now I am at Yokohama hotel by myself.

I remember that DAVID & I stayed at Yokohama last year and we had a nice time together.

Tomorrow I will fly into Seattle finally...

David & I are really looking forward to seeing each other tomorrow.

We are longing to get togher after we were apart from the end of September.

The day when we can see again will come tomorrow, I cannot believe it stiill now...but it is reality!

Our love is growing up even our bodeis are apart from each other for a few months.

We talked a lot by SKYPE and we send many messages through internet every day.

And we realized who we can love each other beyond time difference & long distance.

We are happy to see again tomorrow.

And we believe that GOD is watching & protecting us all the time above us.

Just I am so looking forward to seeing his lovely smile at SEATAC airport tomorrow.

I need to sleep well for tomorrow's long flight.

And I feel gratitude for all of my friends in JAPAN during my stay in JAPAN...thank you so much for everything.

My friends' love for DAVID & me is always tender and wonderful and I am really appreciate with their friendship.

For me, Seattle is not so far from Japan at all.

Only 9 hours's flight, I can come back to JAPAN easily.

And true friendship doesn't matter at all for me, I can feel....

Inside of my heart, deep & pure love of our friendship will last forever silently as pure hearts.

My friends are my tresure in my life.

And just I wish that all of them can enjoy their life with Blessing every single day.

See you again for all of my friends in JAPAN...

I am so thankful for your LOVE...again "thank you so much!!!" for all of my friends.

I am looking forward to seeing you with DAVID somedah.

Today December has just started.

And only 1 month remains in this year.

I wish you will enjoy your days of the rest of 2014 to connect better new year soon...

Good night!!
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