Sunshine after rain
Today it was raining from early morning.

But in the afternoon, suddenly rain stopped and sunshine showed blightly.

And the temparture became up and it became very warm.

I felt silence in my mind in the raining but after rain I can feel so much energy from the sun.

I like the silence of rain but sunshine gave me so much power to feel nice.

Today I cleaned my room again and DAD & I brought big furnitures outside to break old house the day after tomorrow.

The empty house seems a little lonely but the new remodeling house will be built next May soon.

I will leave my parents' home tomorrow to visit my friends' home before my daparture for Seattle.

So I thought many things about my memories in my parents' house today.

I have so many memories here but it will dissapear to remodel house soon.

I grew up here in this house and I cannot come back to this old one again, never...

But new parents' house will be so wonderful that I am looking forward to coming back to here at new house again with DAVID.

In Seattle, the temparture became minus will be snow on my arrival day, David told me.

I am not used to the snow at all because my hometown at Shizuoka city seldom snow in winter at all.

Snow make me so cold that I am not good at the cold weather.

But I need to be patient to get used to the cold in Seattle.

David is waiting for me to get together again soon.

Evern the weather will be so cold that our love can melt it easily...I guess.

David's love can let my heart keep warm and our love will grow up more and more...

I realized my home is where David is...

My favorite message is this..."Home is where your heart is." it means that my heart is beside of DAVID alwyas.

Here is my parents house and this is their home not mind anymore.

Of course, my parents' home is my birth place and I like here.

But DAVID & I got married and we became a new family 2 years ago evern now we are apart.

So I am really really looking forward to seeing lovely DAVID soon.

My living place is beside of him and I cannot live without his love anymore.

To love him & to be loved by him are essential part of my life.

I wish that my arrival day in Seattle will not be so cold...

David will wait for my arrival at SEATAC airport to see me, I really want to see him A LOT!

I wish you can enjoy your weekend in the end of Novemver...

And I hope you can have a wonderful time with someone special to love your life!
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