My parents are going to remodel their house soon.

They planned to remodel their house from this summer and finally the planning in detail decided.

And next Monday, the part of old house will be bread down to build up new part.

Today I cleaned my room completely to break it soon and also I packed my bagage for my flight on 2nd December.

From this morning 2 electoric workers came to move the origin of electoricity outside of my parents house not to disturb the constraction soon.

And my room became empty today and it looks like vacant house.

My parents' house will rebuild new after 4 months and I am looking forward to seeing the renewal one soon.

Also I made my bagaget today to bring back to Seattle soon.

My ready is completely done and I am just exciting to seeing DAVID soon.

On 27th November, it is Thanksgiving day in the U.S.A.

It is like a NEW YEAR in JAPAN and most American folks get together on the day.

Last year, David's parents and their family got together to have a time together at David's elder brother's house for the first time for me.

I remeber it well and David' Mom could enjoy having dinner together.

I had no idea how long David's Mom could live longer when I was there with folks last year.

This year, at the end of August, suddenly Mom died unfortunately.

Just the time had come to MOM and I had no ready for it at all.

But her passing away is not unavoidable and just I needed to accept the reality.

Her existence was so huge that DAVID & his DAD cannot get to used to her absence still now.

For me, it is same...yet Mom maybe around me with her LOVE for us always...I feel.

Her love can overflow me though DAVID & DAD, I can I don't miss MOM so much.

To remind her LOVE and to remeber her great spirit, I can share MOM's existence without her body...I believe.

For me, the death is just the end of the body's working but our existence can long forever as a pure spirit, I trust.

So this real world seems all illusion and everything seems to happen to us like a dream.

Many things will happen to us from now on but I want to think anything for better & positive way.

Through the LOST of David's MOM, I realized how I want to cherish my life with DAVID & all of my preciuos friends & folks as long as possible.

My lifetime is limited so I want to enjoy it with LOVE & SMILE more.

How about your end of Novemver??

This year will be finish soon after about 1 month, it will pass so quickly.

And new year of 2015 will start soon and I wish we can enjoy it with SMILE A LOT.

This year gave me so much experiences that many leanings brought me to grow up as I AM, I think.

And I want to enjoy the next experiences with DAVID more to love each other from December together in Seattle.

I have less expectations for others and I want to live simply with lovely DAVID.

It is my real hope and it will come true with his love together, and just I am looking forward to seeing him soon...

I wish your wonderful days in the rest of this year to continuer your great new year!!!
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