Mom's love
My Mom always worries about all daughters.

Especially I let her worry about me in my past.

My elder sister is not worried by MOM less than me, because she is very serious life and good lady for Moom, I guess...

My younder sister has already nice family at new house and Mom doesn't worry about her so much, I think.

Only her 2 sons, my Mom care about so much for their happy growing up, but it is not worry.

I don't want Mom to worry about me so much but I think she worries about me somehow.

Today I went to TOKYO to get ready for my Detox & YOGA program in this weekend.

I made my package yesterday already but I have to complete it in this morning.

Mom cared about me with silence and I insisted to left my waterbottle because it was too heavy to bring today.

Just before my departure at train station for Tokyo, Mom came there to bring my waterbottle because she might KEIKO forgot it at home.

I found her outside of the gate with my waterbottle and I gave my gesture not to need to bring today.

She seemed to smile at me and she started to return to home.

I had to keep my waterbottle not to be showed as my forgetting at home.

I imagined that Mom ran to bring my waterbottle not to miss my train.

I felt so sorry for MOM that she made a haste so much...

I really love Mom and her personality is always worrying about me always.

I want her not to worry about me anymore because I am adult enough already.

But I need to show me as an adult not to let MOM worry about me anymore.

I appreaciate with her kindness & love for me at anytime.

Mom is an amazing existence to care for her children after birth without end, I guess...

I think that we are always Mom's children forever even we grew up already.

After my arrival at TOKYO, I sent my message to MOM that I was so sorry for her to make MOM run to the station today.

She replied that "it is O.K." like always she says but I am so sorry for her to use her precious time to catch me in vain.

At the same time, I am so thankful for her tremendous LOVE and I don't want her to make worry about me at all.

Mom is getting older day by day.

In return to her LOVE for me, I want to care for her someday when she need me.

So I want to grow up more than now and I want to be a better daughter who Mom can trust me more & better.

Parents' love is amazing and it is limitless.

Mom always says "You will see how MOM feels after you beome MOM actually, so you don't know MOM's her tuely."

Someday can I know MOM's heart or not ??

I am not sure whether I will be Mom someday, only GOD knows it.

Tomorrow is NEW MOON!

I wish you can enjoy the energy of NEW MOON tomorrow somehow with Blessing!!!
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