Cloudy day
I have some special soul mate in this world.

They are my tresure and preciuos friends who I can feel strong connection deeply inside of ecah heart somehow.

It doesn't matte how we know each other and how we got closer without explanation of words.

I can feel this great friendship by pure intuition & deep level of relationship, I imagine that we had common connection in each past of previous life.

I believe in my past of eisitence of previous life as our future life will go on.

And I met some special friends when I met them for the first time but we natuarlly got closer soon & deeply.

After changing ecah job or living place each other, we can not see each other for a while.

But it doesn't matter to connect each heart evey we can not see so often recently.

To know they are O.K and happy let me happy, too and I want to grow up to worth to be their friends as well as possible.

And next time when I will be albe to see them, I want to be the better KEIKO than before.

To polish each other by different personality makes my life enrich & deepen more than before, for sure.

Of cousre, someone special of my soul mates are living in this world at differnt place & situation.

It is very unique and interesting exisitence but we can connect easily at pure love's level.

In India, Paris, German, Thailand, Ausutralia, New Jealand, Canada and at many different parts in Japan...Hokkaido, Yokohama, Saitama, Tokyo, Nagano, Okinawa, Aso, Mie, Nagoya, Yakushima, Shikoku-area etc...A lot!

Anyway my preciuos soul mates are Awesome individualities and their life attracts me so much.

But we can respect each other and we realized how we are Blessed by GOD as we are.

And we could meet each other by natural flow of this universe and we got nice soul mates beyond words & time.

My soul mates are very different from the backgrond , age, job & character but the diffreneces are GREAT!

We have each differece & share with each lifetime sometimes to enjoy each life at each place in this world.

I am very happy for all of my soul mates that they are living at each pace with someone special.

And I know they are happy now and we can see again someday soon as far as we are alive on this earth.

Life is too short to look back.

So just to keep moving on each favorote way is preciuos for everyoned to do each mission in this world.

Why do you live in this world now??

What can let you happy every day?

I wish my precious frineds & soul mates are living with Blessing & smile as much as possible even coulds covers above us like today.

We know that Sun is alaways shining above us and watching & protecting us at anytime!

I hope everyone is happy as you wish without any accident & sudden trouble today, too...
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