Holiday morning
Normaly, David & I wake up about 5:00 a.m in the morning.

But recently, David's kind friend gave us more time to use morning time together, we wake up 6:00 a.m later1 hour than before.

But my body remembers previous schedule and my body & mind can wake up before 6:00 a.m every day.

Especially I want DAVID to sleep enough in holday but he notices my waking up beside of him.

Today's his holiday, we have no plan without going to watch the beautiful sea at any time.

Just I felt that David needs to take a relax enough by sleeping time & no planning to do something today.

And he is sleeping again beside of me with silent & constant breath...

To know his comfortable breathing, I am so happy to know his nice sleeping time.

But we are living at different way now, it doesn't matter for me.]

Because only Monday & Tuesday, he can enjoy his time without working.

From Wednesday to Sunday, he wors so harda that he seems to take a time enough as he wants.

But he is always caring for me and it is too much for me sometimes.

To cherish himself & love his time more than me are important & essential , I feel.

He loves me too much to love himself less than me, it is not good for him.

But naturally he does as he wants and I care for his well-being and stress recently.

After Mom's funeral service, he started to work as usual.

But his mind & heart have so many things to think & feel about many things always.

It is not good for him at all.

To make more space & empty area inside of him needs, I can feel.

If he can feel more space of capacity inside of heart, he can feel more relaxing energy from self and enjoy our time together.

I can imagine that his heart is still struggle day by day and I understood it so well.

I am here to support him by my whole energy these days but maybe it is not enough for him.

Last night, I wanted to sing my favorite Japanese songs for him.

He could undestand Japanese word of my songs and I cried a littly by the energy of songs.

My tears let myself purify and clear but David started to worry about me again.

It is not my hope for him but my wish is to support him by my song, OH NO!!

But we started to sleep last night after I washed my face to remove my tears completely.

I don't want to cry but tears spontaneously going out from my eyes naturally...

Anyway we slept so deep like a rock that I could wake up usual time again.

I want David to sleep well & more today.

And just my wish is to cherish each pace and content to feel relaxing time with sea somehow....

I don't know the system to heal by sorrow & pain after huge loss of MOM actually.

Just I know about is is what needs to take a time more and more with SMILE & Benevolence day by day, that's all.

So just I will do my best for him.

How about you today??

How can you heal by yourself from your pain & grief deeply in the past??

Everyone has a strength to recover from anything and we can overcome everything somehow.

To face on it and to do today's best are useful for it, I believe...
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