Today, September has alreday started.

It means to remain only 4 month in this do you feel it??

Every day, time seems to pass so quickly lika wind.

But every day let me content with so many happenings around me in the end of summer.

I met a special YOGA teacher at Izu kogen station today.

After my leaving my friends' home I need to get on the local train from Izu-Shimoda to Shizouka,

But in the middle of the ilsand, I have worked & lived at Fasting center for 2 years, and I have some friends there now.

I made an appointment to see my today and I could see my YOGA teacher after7 years.

She lost her husband due to cancer during our unseeing time, but she overcame from the sorrow with YOGA.

And now she looks enjoy her own life with new hobby & YOGA so much.

We talked a lot for 2 hours and a half but our talking seemed not to finish at all.

Our difference of age is over 30 years but it doesn't matter for us and we became so closer than before.

I asked to her to live more than 100 years old with YOGA and we can see again someday with DAVID.

Her smile & gently heart melt me and cheered me up so positive way as she is living.

And our energy of life was unlimited that we need to return our BLESIING of YOGA to share our gratidude for YOGA itself.

We talkied so hard like young girls like teenager and time passed so wuickly.

Both she and I had another appointment to do after our meeting so just say "SEE YOU AGAIN!! , not saying "GOOD BYE."

To see some special friends in this timing, after David's Mom's death, meant to me A LOT!

And all of their energy let me circulate of positive & light power inside with smile.

I am so thankful for everyone's LOVE & FRIENDSHIP that I have no idea how express my gratidude for them in return.

I want to return their great LOVE for David & me by my behavior & way of life from now on.

And I want to laugh todah more than yesterday.

Because Mom will like my smile without tears...

Mom is still alive in my heart and also all of folks of hers forever.

And Mom's life itself gave me so much learning and homework how to live from now!!

So I promise I will enjoy my life with big lost of MOM with DAVID.

David is be born from amazing LOVE of Mom & David is lovely so much for me.

So to love DAVID means to love MOM at the same time, doesn't it??

I wish you can enjoy the new beggining of September with smile & love more than the passed 8 months in 2014!

I pray all beings can feel happy as much as posible to enjoy each life as they want to live naturally...
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