Destiny of life
How to live & die is just decided by GOD's hand.

David's Mom is going to pass away now!

Her docter says, "we have no more treatment for her, please say good bye for her." and David went to see her again.

David showed me her sleeping face through SKPYE camera and my MOM & I couldn't stop to cry...

Tears has no help for Mom & our hearts but I cannot help crying.

Dad seems to be ready for Mom's destiny for last 10 years through his care for Mom every day.

And he tried to make me cheer up and smile by his joke.

But I know his heart & love for MOM and just what I can do for her is prayer for her peaceful sleeping.

I believe reincarnation of all lives in this universe.

If one's body die, all spirit will be alive and to live again for aonther live somehow.

I don't need to feel down and grief at all to all life's death at all.

Our existences is not visible part but invisible one, it will never die and dissapear, I think...

So just I need to throw away my any attachments for Mom's living body as visible part is.

Her spirit will start to travel freely and to let herself go forward little by liittle.

Mom loves me so much as her real daughter and looks so happy for our marriage.

David and I showed her lots of love with smile & talking in last 2 years.

Only limited time to have time with MOM but we can be closer than normal relationship between Mom & son's wife.

Mom's love was amazing & huge and I could love her natually so much.

I want her to live longer as well as possible, but it's my selfish attachment.

I need to graduate from it day by day.

And I need to step out my misery of drama in this reality.

Many lives is born and is passing away in this world every single moment.

David's elder brother's son has a new baby inside of his wife's body now!!

Mom was very happy to know that!!

And life keep going forward one generation by one generation.

I received so much supports & LOVE from my precious friends in this world and I really appreciate with all of them.

I have no any words to explain my gratitude for everyone.

I am O.K. now and I want to be tough inside more and better.

To love somone doesn't need to make any attachment, just accepatance is essential for LOVE, I can feel.

Thank you for TODAY , just I am grateful for it so much!!

I wish everyone will enjoy TODAY with happienss & smile to hope as you want!!
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