NEW MOON is the best time to do DETOX by great energy of moon itself.

Not only drinking water but taking vegetable or fruit juice is better for the first step for DETOX.

And DETOX is not special thing but usual habit for me.

To add more nutrition in our body & mind tend to nurish extra burden for our internal organs every day.

If you feel tired so much, you could take a holiday to feel relax better than daily life.

But no voice calls you from internal organ's need to relax or take a rest at all.

Your ineternal organs work so hard every single day for you.

And it seems to work so natural that we have no taking care of internal organs which has never tired.

But eating foods give all internal organs fatigue and stress A LOT by each meal in your life.

Less sleeping, too much stress, and bad habit to eat foods, and less relaxing will make your body and mind dull and feel unclear inside & outside somehow.

But I can suggest you to remover your internal organs' fatigue easily not to eat so much but only taking a juice for 1 day.

1 Day Detox can make your internal organs take a rest for a while and feel better than before naturally.

Through my experience and learning of fasiting & DETOX, I realized how we need to take a holiday for internal orgains sometimes.

At new moon day, the power of purification will increase more than usual.

And it is the best timing not to eat solid foods on NEW MOON day.

New Moon's influence keeps before and after 3 days of the NEW MOON day.

So you can try to DETOX at your convenient time in the week.

By Natutopathy in India, DETOX (juice fastiong) recommend ONCE A WEEK.

If you really like to eat foods, just try to start 1 Day DETOX the period of change the new season.

Ii means to try DETOX about 4 times in a year.

Is it not so difficult, isn't it??

To make your internal organs take a rest just for 1 Day, you can feel contentment & satisfaction by emptiness of your stomach to feel your true need of body.

And you will find what you really want to eat by your body's silent voice little by little.

Detox is not patience at all, it will let you happy in peace....

If you are interested in my Detox program, please come to join my program in Septemeber SOON!!

I hope that your experience of DETOX will discover your NEW self through DETOX program naturally....

Please check it out for my 1 Day Detox program in Nagoya!!

オーガニックカフェ 薬草labo棘での、1日DETOXとYOGA!!(9/12 Friday)

I am waiting for your participation of it if you are interested in purificaton of your body & mind for new autumn season soon!!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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