SLEEP effect
To eat only vegetables and grains make me so easy to digest.

Less sleep is enough to recover fatigue in the morning.

And vegetarian life has lot of benefit not only for body but also mind & soul.

To buy organic foods seems to cost more than usual but not to buy meats & seafoods is very less cost actually.

Selection for proper & safe of organic vegetable are lot of reward to us...

Sometimes I need to adjust to someons's treat or love for us to eat together, beacause I want to enjoy the atmosphere to have common meals by their kindness.

And I don't mind to protect by pure & organic foods at all the time let my body & mind keep stable in peace.

Because I know the tool how to adjust my body & mind to nutrize by eating foods to nutrize my body in next a few das.

Recently, I had a chance to meet someone special to have lunch together after 7 years.

They are looking forward to seeing me again and they already booked my seat & course of chinese foods as they like to eat usually.

And they don't insist on their way of style so much and just I ask the restaurant to remove all meats from my dishes.

The restaurant's service is very kind & generous for us and they try to change my dishes as their best.

I talked to them a lot and I forgot to eat the lunch and they were waiting to eat after they finished eating all.

They gently listened to my talking with smile & laugh so much and we had a nice time together.

I love them and they seems to love me.

Their age is double years old of mine.

But they could all meals by nice appetite but for me , the amount of lunch was too much.

They enjoyed to eating their favorite lunch with me and they looked so happy to have common time.

I was moved their love & kindenss with tender smile & acceptance and suddenly my tears overflowed natually.

But they just watched and protected my tears and just accepted my emotion.

And then we had a nice time for lunch about 2 hours and after that we had a nice tea time at their home.

They tried to treat me more desert but my heart & stomach were pretty full.

After lunch, my body & mind was so exciting but content a lot.

But my body reacted to sleep more than before, due to eat unsual foods at the restaurant.

I felt so much sleepy and dull but just I tried to sleep longer than usual night.

After that I will do ENEMA (coloum cleansing) in the next morning and to eat proper foods to nutrize previous foods.

And to eat less usually and to keep my normal vegetarian life go forward are enouogh to adjust my eating style.

To eat what my body really needs is very important responsibility to make my mind & soul every single day.

How to eat means to how to live, it means to the same meaning for me.

And not to pollute my internal oragans as less as possible is my pleasure to keep my heart in peace.

I love to eat less to keep my stomach empty, it makes me so happy to give my internal organs take a rest enough.

And it gives me more great advantage to keep my skin clear & smooth.

The condition of skin shows your state of column.

My precious friends told me "KEIKO looks like a teenager! You looks so young when I met you for the first time." after they touched my skin.

We met 18 years ago for the first time and 20 years more passed already.

But my outlooking seemes so young, it sounds AWESOME??

To eat meat and any animal products can make you get older by fatigue of internal organs.

So if you are interested in ANTI-AGIGNG , please try to eat more vegetable than animal products for your longer life.

I really recomment to eat lots of vegetables to keep you young to live at the best state always.

Not to care for outlooking but to care for inside of body is very essential part of life to make your life enrich & satisty more and better!!

I wish you can enjoy each meal with gratiude for all lives of foods.

It will make your body & mind natually day by day...
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