GOD's trick
Do you believe in God's existnce actually??

I think thad GOD means like the unlimited energy of our lives in this universe.

It beyone the size and our imagination....like the creator of this universe, I think,

How about you??

For you, what it GOD?

Recently, David and I have a common time to pray & meditate as much as possible.

And we try to visualize our near future which we can enjoy our actual hope as we want.

Also how to live by our LOVE and how our each mission come true by someone's support.

David has a lots of friiends in this world.

And after talking to him , most people can be to like him.

His kind character is so much advantage when we traveled abroad and worked with unknown people in the past and from now on.

Our miracle meeting for the first time was very unexpected , because we had no plan to visit the Samui ilsand at all.

But our plan changed by some reasons after arrivail in Thailand and we could meet each other.

David knew our meeting was God's guide as soon as he met me.

I noticed it was HIM who will be able to love me and to be loved by me in the near future later than DAVID.

We decided to marry after 9 month of our first meeting.

So God brought us by his unique intuiton.

And it is the proper and right, we could feel A LOT!

Now after my DETOX, many miracles and so much happy news hit us and surprised us every day.

Just God is always listening to our prayer and behavior and he makes a plan later to make it happen as we wish.

God's suport & guide are so huge power to connect our lucky.

And just what we can do is only doing our best every day,

God knows everythng,

We are so exciting in our marriage life from now!

Because we are visualizing our happy time to help & heal people some how by our love before sleeping at night.

We visualize each way but God will make it happy by his proper timing.

So we need to wait and to be patient for a while after visualization.

Our visualization will happen actually sooner or later, we are so exciting.

I want to introduce about it in detail later when the form can be clear....

God is just watching and protecting us at every moment.

How do you feel about GOD?

I wish you will trust your power inside to realize your ability truely to make your hope happy soon...

Everyone has the power , so just keep moving forward without any doubt, I believe...

I hope you can enojoy TODAY with smile and love, and you will be happy forever.

Sounds AWESOME??

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