Detox④(Final day)
Today is the final day of full moon Detox in September.

After 1 day of juice fasting , my reovery needs to take 3 days at this time.

Because my period has just started on the 1st day, so I am careful for recovery....

Anyway I had a lukewarm water in the morning. and taking a walk a little in the early morning.

And slow YOGA and meditation time made me vitalize and I felt so much energetic myself inside truly..

It made me so nice that body are very lighter than before and my mind became sharper than the day before Fasting.

Something like clouds of my mind dissapeared completely to explore and discover my ture heart day by day through Detox.

My true hope and wish could natually overfrow & pull out from inside to outside and I could cry a lot.

My tears let David worry about me so much but my tears needed to purify my deeper level of dust & hidden thought from my past.

After crying a lot , I could feel so clear and I could feel RENEWAL KEIKO(like a "verison up") like a snake after ecdysis...

My change is a little difficult to express by any words, but David realized how change I did through Detox.

My intuition became very sharpen to recognize how I want to live and what I really want to do from now on....

And after taking in lukewarm water in the morning, , I drunk again green smootie a ilttle cup.

All my internal organs seemes so happy that this organic green smootie make my body & minde energize better.

I made a small onigiri which made by organic brown rice with ginger in the afternoon.

Today is a little chilly and my body feel to need to warm up by ginger power.

At this time, I didn't make a rice gruel but my favorite onigiri which cooked a little soft.

After big tears, I want to eat something nice foods to acitivate myself.

To eat onigiri by chewing a lot means to let internal oragans know to start to digestion of foods again.

To chew foods as much as possible is essential part of recovery foods.

To mix my saliva and foods in my mouth is very important.

One bite by one bite, I tried to chew it well to facilitate the digestion before gulpoing foods.

A little onigiri made me soooooooooooooooooo happy and it gave me a huge content by chewing onigiri after Fasting & only eating vegetables.

Naturally after 1 day of juice fasting,, I don't want to eat any foods at all except green smootie.

But after I started to eat green salad for a recovery food, I miss this onigiri taste so much!!

Carobohydrate needs to take a time more than vegetable and fruits.

And it needs to eat later for a recovery food is better to reduce the burden for digestion foods after only taking in vegetalbles.

So after Detox, not to eat them as late as possible is better to treat your internal organs tender and carefully.

But my body & mind needs to eat something powerful energy by my favorite foods, so I followed my intuition just I feel.

Maybe my tears and crying used so much energy and my buttery need to charge by food's energy.

And after taking it I felt so much dull and sleepy again to concentrate to digest the foods, it is normal react.

So just a little bit , I lie down as my body's need..

A few minutes taking time to let my body lie down in the afternoon, I became so much to want doing anything.

Like a POPYE after taking spinach, you know??

My dull & desire of sleeping became less than before and I have so much energy inside...

I realized again how much FOOD'S power contains huge egergy inside to let us vitalize.

Organic vegetables and rice include so much energy by conversion of SUN energy.

I am wondering what to eat in dinner time, but I don't need any foods for dinner.

Like a soup is enough for me at this time for recovery food.

If I don't feel any apetite to eat food after Detox, I follow to my natural body's need.

My internal oragans need to take a longer time to digest foods after taking a rest through Detox in last 3 days.

So I will adjust my meals for daily amount day by day and I want to concentrate my mind deeper and carefully...

Today was the memorial day of the end of World War Ⅱin Japan and I pray for the repose of the people's soul who died in the war in peace permanently...

To keep my body inside clear is very pleasure for me to keep myself in peace & stabitily.

So at this timing, I am so happy to enjoy my Detox that I could pray for world's peace on final day with prayer for PEACE truly.

And many miracle happenings and great news came to me and I am very looking forward to happy to me in near future!!

This is the closing of my Detox for Super full moon in August, 2014.

It meant to me a lot and it made use of my life for the rest of 2014 so much.

I really appreciate with David's support a lot and his deep understanding for me.

And I wish you will enjoy your wonderful time for the rest of summer time.

Soon next season will visit us day by day.

I wish you can enjoy any season with smile & pleasure at any time in peace...

I am so grateful to let me live by whole energy of this amazing universe...thank you for EVERYTHING!!
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