Alreday 5 days passed...
In the new year, already 5 days passed today.

Whenever I am with DAVID, time passes so quickly...

Perhaps we will get older soon like time flies...we talked about these days.

How is your 5 days in new year?

Many people started to work already.

David started to work on 1st January by his company's request suddenly.

And our time to share together became less than before but it means to make the time cherish together as well as possible.

I cooked our meals for him every day, and it's very precious time for me.

To cook for DAVID is very important time for me.

Foods make our body & mind every day.

To cook for him, I always concentrate to cook how to make vegetables tasty as they are.

Organic vegetables ,grains , beans & fruits has wonderful tastes inside.

So as less as I season for them and I try to let their own taste come out naturally.

My cooking is very simple.

Seasoning is salt, Miso, soy source and vinegar etc.

All organic seasonings are so tasty that less amount of seasoning is enough to cook.

I like salad & simply soup with brown rice, like a traditional Japanese style.

But sometimes I cooked western style & I enjoyed cooking always.

Because DAVID can eat all dishes which I cooked for him always with lovely smile.

And he tells me how tasty my dishes are & always smiled to eat everything.

I am so glad to look at his wonderful smile during eating my dishes.

Before eating ,he always pray for foods silently.

The posture & his attitude for prayer makes me happy so much.

He appreciate with my cooking and he told about taste always

To eat silently without any comments let me sad & boring.

But David is not do that at all.

I am happy that he is a wonderful eater & kind to me at any time.

So every day , I wonder how let him enjoy eating every dishes by my cooking.

Cooking makes me concentrate a lot and forget time.

Sometimes I look at some recipes but I always arrange it.

So I can't cook exactly same taste again, never!

But it is fun for David & me.

Only 1 time taste of my cooking ,so eating my dishes let us enjoy eating at the only 1 time every day.

How is your meal today?

Did you let yourself enjoy by your meal??

Foods has amazing energy inside.

So taking any foods needs to be careful every day.

Foods make not only your body but also mind & spirit every single day.

And it influence your heart little by little naturally.

I hope your meals can heal yourself to make yourself better than yesterday!

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