Power to live
The limit of life can not decide at all, even doctor...

People is getting older day by day, but it doesn't meat to closer to the death.

Being alive includes the possibility to die.

Life is completely fare ,because the end will come to die for every creatures.

What I can do for this precious life every day is to seize today & to live this precious life as my best.

So I can't be afraid of dying someday but just I try to enjoy today.

I faced the moment of my grandfather's death when I was a student of university.

Suddenly it happened to me at home.

But I realized this is genuine reality & my death will come to me someday, for sure.

I learned about his death that I really want to live how my life make use of the others in this world.

Just to live for myself can not satisfy with my heart at all.

When I can feel something nice from other's smile & happiness ,it let me very happy & satisfaction inside of me always.

After my grandfather's death, I changed my mind so much.

And I try to find myself what I want to do in this life and how I want to live with passion & love.

I became interested in the system of mind more than before and "life & death" became my favorite issue to think.

This isn't meaning just a illusion but reality for me.

And to think of that makes me how to live deeply & sincerely so much.

Just theory is meaningless to me.

How to manage in each life and how I live are precious mission to live after my graduation of my university.

I majored in Economics but my interest completely changed.

I wanted to learn about mind ,heart , body ,spirit and all of their relationships & influences each other.

Still now, my interest continues in my life after marriage.

But somehow my thought & opinion became more flexible & generous than I was young.

Everyone has own thoughts & opinions and they live their best every day, I guess.

So I can't judge at all for someone's life, just I can try to understand it.

To understand other's gives me lots of leanings.

It is my pleasure from now on...

Today, in the U.S.A, Thanksgiving day and it is the biggest holiday...

What will happen to me today, I don't know at all.

This life to be given by parents , I really appreciate it & I don't waste of it at all.

The power of live is based on the strength of spirituality each & toughness of mind , I believe...

Anyway, today I want to gratitude all of every lives around me.

And I want to have a wonderful life with benevolence & generosity as possible...

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Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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