Smile can make people happy , I can feel so much recently.

If you tried to smile ,your tissues of natural killer could energize and your body & mind became very cheerful & active inside...(Maybe everyone know this truth.)

Anyway,laughing & smiling have great effect & energy to our body & mind at any time...

Today ,I was waiting for bus which was very delayed on Sunday to get on.

Before I was waiting for the bus ,many people were waiting for it for many minutes.

On the announce board, the bus were more than 20 minutes delayed.

One old man seemed to wait for the bus for a long time , and his waiting bus looked the same route of mine.

And his face looked so sad & I felt something wrong to me inside.

About 1 hour ago, I came to the same bus stop to check the time of arrival.

At that time , the bus was delayed 23 minutes & I understood today's bus were mostly delayed somehow.

The man's face looks very disappointed so I told him naturally.

I knew he was not in hurry to get on the bus, but he wanted to go home so much to watch the football game Sunday usually.

He talked a lot about his favorite team & team mates in Seattle with great smile.

Actually, I am not interested in football at all, but I enjoyed to listen his talk & to watch his smile so much.

I became so happy to watch his smile during his talking about his favorite issue.

After a few minutes, our bus finally came & many people rushed in getting on it.

He smiled again & got on the bus.

Again, I checked the announce board ,and the same bus would come a few minutes later, pretty soon.

The previous bus was so delayed that the next bus arrived very soon.

I decided to wait the next bus ,because this bus was pretty crowded & I didn't want to get on it.

And I got on the next bus which had fewer passenger than the bus before as I imagined.

I remembered that the old man's smile made me so happy during my bus ride.

If someone's face was dark & sad, I could not feel happy at all.

In the reverse ,if someone's face turned to smile with my existence it could let me happy, too.

In real life, many sad & bad things happen so often like a tragedy.

But any situations, I want to try to find something point to smile as possible.

It isn't so difficult & hard for everyone, I think so.

Everything in this world seems illusion , the reality exist just it is without judgment of good or bad.

So our mind can decide what happens to us as comedy or tragedy...

Just it depends on our decision of each heart, I believe...

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I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

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