Bellevue square
Today, I asked David to bring me "Bellevue Square" to check some shopping stores.

For David, Bellevue Square is familiar shopping area because he worked around there when he was 20's.

But for me, Bellevue Square was the first place to visit and it is a huge shopping mall.

Just I want to check some store which I know in Japan so much but there were no items which I wanted to buy today.

So I told David "Thank you to bring me here but I don't need anything to buy today. So let's go home!"

But David looks a little disappointed because I didn't buy anything at Bellevue square.

I don't need to buy & get so much materials in my life because to get more materials let me feel "WASTE" sometimes.

I want to live simply as less materials as I can so David & I looked around other shops a little.

To buy something new and more is not essential part of my life.

Because I have everything which I need to live now and I don't want to own too much materials in my life.

So we came to Bellevue square by driving but if I didn't find essential materials to buy I don't want to waste our time to buy extra items at all.

I want to live as simple as possible with minimum materials because I like simply life.

Ans minimum items can make me comfortable and I really want to live simply.

Shopping is not fun for me at all because I have most materials now already.

Sometimes I will buy something which I really need in my life from now on but I don't want to make my materials increase so much.

Outside is very economic world and many advertisement tend to stimulate us to buy more and new.

But if I look back to my all materials which I have already owned, I would realize how much I own materials already enough.

So I want to use my favorite materials which can make me satisfy with content & gratitude.

When I was born into this world, I have nothing to own.

And I cannot own anything after I pass away someday, so I want to be careful what I own & have to use my energy of money.

How is you life??

Do you like simple life??

I hope that people will satisfy as less as possible to share with limited EARTH energy & resource not to waste too much anymore.

Because this earth is not for human beings but for all nature & animals, I think.

We are living in material world but I want to live simply more for a spiritual way without too much materials.^^
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