Just doing my best!
Today is FULL MOON day and David & I started with peaceful mind after meditation.

Every day, our heart is influenced by many things.

Especially, tomorrow is his aunt's funeral service and it will get together our family.

His aunt lived 76 years and her life looked so tough that she survived her life anyway.

After I met her assistant living last month, she could talk to us with smile.

But then her pneumonia became worse than before and she was moved to the hospital at emergency situation.

Her hospital was so close to our home that we could visit her often by walk.

David has so much memories with his aunt because she is his Mom's younger sister.

And she looks his MOM so much and we wanted her to live as long as possible.

But after we visited her at the hospital, her body condition got worse than before.

Little by little, her breath became so hard that she needs to use extra oxygen.

And then she became not to talk to us anymore and finally she passed away last week unfortunately.

Just before day of her death, we visited her and we couldn't believe it real at all.

But tomorrow will be her funeral service so we have to say good bye for her at last.

To face on relative's death is so hard for us that we need to be tough of mind to keep us in peace anyway.

And we are alive and we learned a lot about our life after some relatives' death these days.

To lose someone special is so tough happening that we need to overcome the grief with strength of mind.

Today is FULL MOON day so we tend to think too much something with influence of moon.

So just I want to focus on what I need to do now without overthinking.

Every day is BLESSING and I am thankful for today, too.

And we are alive today and I can feel gratitude of my life in peace..., so I wish that you will enjoy tonight's FULL MOON with peace!!^^
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