Last night, after we started to sleep, David's elder brother called David and left message.

David's Mom's sister was in the hospital now because she got Pneumonia last Monday again at her living place.

She was at assistant living place at that time and she looked so glad to see us again a few weeks ago.

When we visited her then, she was in the recovery from Pneumonia so we were glad to talk to her for a while.

But her Pneumonia came back to her again and she was brought to the hospital as an emergency situation.

The hospital is very close to our home, so we visited her together today before our walking time.

Until yesterday, she had a tube in her throat but today she could breath by her self with so much drips into her arms.

Just we wanted to check her condition today because she looked tired and less energy to talk to us today.

She was glad to see us today but when she tried to talk to us, she began to cough so hard that we had better to leave her take a rest without visitors.

After we visited her hospital, we talked a lot about her condition our life during our walking.

On next Saturday, we are going to participate funeral service of my sister's (in law) Mom's sister.

She passed away a few weeks ago suddenly because of her cancer and it was a shock for all of our family.

Also, two days ago, David's friend passed away suddenly... because of Pneumonia!!

In the U.S.A., many people get FLU and Pneumonia now and many people died every day.

Especially in this week, we faced on serious situation together...

In Japan, my friend will make a birth of first baby soon...

Life is in the HUGE stream between live and death every single moment and sometimes it gives us so many lessons to handle it anyway...

Wellness is very precious to live as long as possible not to get any diseases.

To keep our healthy body & mind can make our life longer as we wish and to make our immune system be strong is important, I believe.

In this cold season, many people can get sick and die easily so please make your body & mind in peace with nice nutrition every day.

To eat healthy organic foods can make our body and mind live well, so daily diet can be like a medicines....

I wish that this winter will not get you sick with peaceful mind as well as possible....please cherish your life as you hope!!^^

Just I hope that Aunt of David will recover little by little in peace and we will visit her again soon...

I wish that your TODAY will keep your mind in peace without stress & happy!!
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