Trader Joe's
David & I love "Trader Joe's" supermarkets in Seattle.

They have lots of branches in Washington state and they sell many organic fruits & vegetables.

Also they sell organic original products and we love to go shopping.

Especially our local area at Edmonds, we can feel nice energy with their staffs whenever we are shopping.

David is very open heart and he has pureness in heart.

And he likes to talk anyone when he wants to talk at any time.

Always he starts to talk when we are paying for our foods at casher in every supermarket.

He started to talk something without hesitation always.

And he found some nice staffs at our favorite supermarket and he likes to talk with them usually.

He can feel something similar personality & character in someone and then he likes to talk them more and more.

At the first, I was so surprised at his behavior that he always talked anyone at anytime.

Always they are completely strangers and he didn't care.

Little by little, I get to used to his talking style and recently his favorite staffs can recognize me because I am usually with David in the supermarket.

And to learn my speaking English is necessary to talk native people in Seattle without hesitation and I try to talk anyone little by little.

David looked my change and he is proud of my effort and he talked to me how to talk someone in English.

Our living area is very open & kind local place and I am so thankful this town's character.

Most people look at me with smile & say "Hi!" or "Hello!" to me and I can naturally respond them to say "Hi!" & " Hello!" with s

To hesitate to talk strangers in English is not my character at all and I don't like "SHY KEIKO" at all.

Not to be afraid of mistaking of my speaking English is so important for me that I can learn my English here in Seattle every single day...

It looks like "FREE LESSON" in the U.S.A for me now!

And I'd like to be better speaker in English and I don't want to waste my life time at all.

Life is too short to look back, isn't it??

David and I met for the first time in 2012 and I was 38 years old.

And we got married in the same year after 9 months when we met for the first time.

My marriage timing was the best and we can enjoy our marriage life from now on.

And just I want to cherish each day with David as much as possible with smile & love always & forever.

Because we are together to enjoy our life together here now and there is no time to waste of our lifetime even 1 day.

I wish you have a great day with love & smile today, too!^^

Now in Seattle, many cherry blossom trees are very beautiful and we can enjoy this new spring season together with sunshine!!

BE HAPPY with smile and enjoy your life without regret & hesitation to be happier more than before!!
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