Memorial day of the first meeing!
Today is our memorial day to meet at the beach of Koh-Samui in Thailand for ther first time...

It was just 4 years ago to meet David fortunately...and time passed so quickly that now I am his wife in Seattle.

This day changed my life completely by David's love & GOD's trick...anyway I wanted to cook for our memorial day like KEIKO's restaurant tonight.

David wanted me to take a nice organic restaurant as a memorial dinner but I wanted to express my gratitude & love for him by my cooking.

I made "Nigiri-zushi" by organic vegetarian stlye and David Fry looks so happy that all meals are beautiful like a fancy restaurant.
David wanted not to eat soon because they were so beautiful but I wanted him to enjoy my cooking meals with smile & fun.

To meet someone special can change my life and I can never forget TODAY's special meeing David in Thailand.

Today was very beautiful day with sunshine & blue sky and beautiful cherry blossom told us an arrival of new spring!
To smile with him with benevolence & compassion will keep us be happy more & better every single day.

To live with my husband looks my lesson how to love I give all my love to David without condition & judgement...I am learning way of loving with David day by day.

Anyway I am happy with David with everything around us and our relationship are getting better & better day by day...and we are living together with LOVE each single moment.

I wish all of my friends in this world can feel love & happiness with smile every day as much as possible!

Love is wonderful and just I am thankful for TODAY anyway...^^

And I am so thankful David's Dad & Mom that they could let DAVID was born to this world by their love.

Without them, I couldn't see David to love each other now.

Everything happened to me is something special meaning for us and it can make us learn how to live together as a marriage team.

I am leaning about LOVE & marriage day by day...sometimes we had a tough time but sometimes we had a great time.

To be with David more, our relationship are getting better & better to understand each other more & better than before.

After 4 years, I realized how much I have experienced so many happenings in my life...and it keep going forward as we are.

Just I felt Blessed by GOD and everything around us can make us grow up as a better person each other.

I will never forget today's meeting in Thailand of 4 years ago and I can give all gratitude for this miracle meeting in my life from now on.

To enjoy my life with DAVID is my part of myself and David & I can love each other more & more...^^/
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