The Girls' Festival ("Hinamatsuri" in Japanese)
Today is the Girls' Festival ("Hinamatsuri" in Japanese) in Japan.

On 3rd of March, it was very typical day to celebrate & wish girl's growth & happiness in Japan.

When I was in Japan, Mom always decorated many kinds of dolls to celebrate & wish all daughters' happiness & growth when we are young.

Until all daughters' marriage, she will keep to decorate all dolls for us.

Mom's love for us are not changing at all but I didn't understand how much Mom loves us when I was in Japan.

To decorate & clean up many dolls for the Girls' Festival are so hard work that she didn't complain about it at all, NEVER!

To wish all daughters' happiness & growth is very natural for Mom and always she hopes her daughters happiness after we came out from Mom's womb.

Especially when I was a child, Mom's existence was very scary for me because she always got angry or worried about us so much.

Her education & home discipline was so strict & severe that sometimes we had so much stress of it.

And sometimes, I felt so much bad thing about MOM because her love & worry let me feel uncomfortable & troublesome to me when I was too young to realized her love for me.

Her strict home discipline was just for us and it came from Mom's love but I didn't realized it at all when I was a child.

But after I grew up and I could understand Mom's love for me enough and now I realized how much she loves me after I was born in this world.

I cannot explain Mom's love for me with any words and I appreciate with her now.

I am at Seattle in U.S.A. and Mom is at Shizuoka city in Japan now and I can imagine that her love for me doesn't change at all.

Distance & time doesn't matter with Mom's love for me at all.

And today, I remembered that many memories of the Girls' Festival and Mom's love for me...A LOT!

I am so thankful for Mom and I really appreciate her existence to make myself be born into this world.

I made "CHIRASHI ZUSHI (based on Macrobiotics diet) for celebration for today.

Without seafood, I can cook nice organic Chirasi-zushi for dinner.

And I hope David will love it later...^^

I wish all girls in this world will be happier and happier more and more with smile & love.

Also boys I wish their happiness because all boys & girls need to be happy equally in this world, don't they??^^
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