The power of cleaning!
When David & I started to clean old staffs to throw away as much as possible, our living space became so clean & neat.

And our heart became clearer than before and we had a nice time to clean up many old things.

We want to live simply as less as our materials own and we don't own so many materials in our living space already.

When David to moved to this place, his friend asked David, "Have you just moved today or are you living already for a while??" after he checked David's room.

Because we don't bring in so much materials into our living space and his friends wonder we are living actually this amount of materials.

Whenever David & I visited someone's house, we felt how much people own so many materials at living space that we don't need & want at all.

And I tried to throw many things away as much as possible after we moved.

Sometimes David wanted to keep some old staffs which he doesn't need & use at all now.

But I asked him whether David uses them from now in our future or not always.

Some old staffs which I wanted him to throw away immediately seem that David wants to keep anyway...

In Japan, "Cleaning has a power to get new energy" we tend to think recently and some women became so famous that cleaning skill can make people happy somehow.

To keep old materials with attachment is not good for our mind & body, I agree with the theory of cleaning.

And to own many things is waste of money & energy to get more or to keep somehow.

In this world, we have nothing to own when our body die.

Even our bodies, we have to return to this world someday.

All materials are expression of economic & material world for me and I don't keep any attachment for everything.

To have attachment for anything tend to increase more attachment to this world and I don't like the way of living at all.

I love to live simply as monk life.

Little by little, David looked to understand my way of thinking to adjust our marriage life.

And I am so grateful that he has very flexibility to adjust my way of thinking recently.

To clean his old staffs today has just started spontaneously as he needs and I am so happy to do it together today.

David will be a new age in this week soon and I want him to start with clean & pure atmosphere at home at his new age anyway.

And today's cleaning energy can bring us so great energy that we are going to move forward obviously.

In this afternoon, we could take a walk together as we wanted and it was a wonderful time again.

To clean up our living space & to keep our body at healthy state are very essential part of our marriage life.

Plus we meditate every morning to start NEW DAY every day and this habit can let us be happy sooooo much somehow...

To start with nice energy can give us huge advantage to start THIS DAY and we are going for better way as each day goes on...^^

I wish you can start TODAY as you like with smile as much as possible

If we can feel "TODAY IS HAPPY" and everyday we can be happy easily, can't we??^^
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