Aunt's passing
Yesterday, David & I went to his Mom's sister (aunt) at hospital to check her condition.

Last week, she got pneumonia and her body condition got worse than before so she was brought to a hospital near our home.

So David and I went to see her some times from last week until yesterday because we really worried about his aunt.

And yesterday, her conscious was not clearer than before and she looked hard to breath without extra oxygen.

There were her 2 daughters and their husbands there yesterday and we had a little time together.

And David & I tried to see her also today but she has already passed away early in this morning.

We just prayed her spirit in peace for heaven and she lived her life with her strength, we guess.

Today is the end of January in this new year and the death of aunt hit our heart terribly today, too.

Last week, David lost his nice friend suddenly and today we lost his aunt...but we are alive to face on it together.

To lose someone is very grief but we learn how to live with tough heart & strength of mind anyway...

We will die someday but we will experience many people's death from now on.

We cannot get used to face someone's death at all but our heart will be tougher than before after many experiences together.

I just want his aunt to sleep in peace now for next new her life in heaven.

His aunt reminds us his MOM so much but now she has gone....just it happened to us today.

I pray for her family's mind in peace after their MOM loss today.

So I wish that all of their family hang in there to accept this grief with tough heart & strength.><
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The end of Jan in 2017
Only there are 2 days in this month in 2017.

After today & tomorrow, February will come...time passes so fast that almost 1 month of new year will finish!

I cannot believe how fast time goes by.

Every day, after new year, I concentrated to spend my time so 1 day passes so quickly that 1 week passes like a few days.

But to feel the speed of days is not bad for me, because I cherish each day to do my best.

So no 1 day was not same of other days in this month.

Especially, in this month after NEW YEAR came, many things happened to David & me every single day.

Every happenings gave us learn how to live together with benevolence & peace so I am looking forward to welcoming new Feb after 2 days.

How about your January in this year??

In Japan, the 3rd of Feb is the change of season to go to spring season.

Day by day, after the winter solstice, the day time became longer little by little.

And these days, the temperature became a little warmer than before so it is very comfortable for me.

David & I keep our meditation time every morning to start new day as our routine and it can make our mind in peace.

Some happenings in this month made our heart feel grief and sorrow but we didn't stick our mind in bad feelings so long.

Because we can recover our minds in peace again like a "RESET" by meditation time every day.

So the power of meditation was silent but powerful, we can feel it so much.

At this cold season, many people tend to get sick or to die by flu or other diseases because someone's immune system was weak.

So to eat healthy foods, to relax well, to laugh, to sleep enough at night and proper exercises can make our body & mind keep healthy condition every day, I believe.

Because we don't get any sick these days so our immune system are so tough & strong not to get any diseases, I can tell.

How are you in this month??

I wish that you can feel yourself GOOD and peace in your body & mind to finish this month to connect new month soon...^^
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After funeral service
Yesterday was a big event which David & attended relative's funeral service.

After we came back to home, I cooked for our dinner with peace & gratitude.

To lose someone in this world is sure of grief but we need to go on our life with smile & positive feeling because we are ALIVE today.

Anyway I just prayed for relative's soul in peace at the ceremony yesterday and I thought many things about life and death.

After funeral service, many people got together to talk with David & me.

Especially David's friends have not seen each other more than 10 years but they could recognize him with his smile and I introduce myself for all of them with shaking hands and talked a while.

Most his friends knows his childhood which I didn't know but they looked so happy to see both of us yesterday.

Many people has each own life now and David & I have unique life now, too.

And we had so many happenings last week that David & I faced on it together to survive with benevolence & peace as much as possible.

No one knows tomorrow's destiny so just I want to enjoy & cherish TODAY wish smile & love as I am.

Many people has sufferings & worries but we need to move on with compassion & hope.

And we don't know when we will die so just we need to focus on what we do today everything in front of us.

Just I appreciate with my life today with gratitude because I am happy with my healthy body & mind from my parents.

No one knows own destiny how to die someday in this world, it is beyond our power and understanding.

So just I want to seize TODAY as I am and it will connect myself tomorrow better than today, right??

I sent a message to my parents today about my thinking and gratitude after many happenings of last week.

My parents live together in Shizuoka city in JAPAN now and just I wish their peaceful life as long as possible.

We own nothing in this world before we born and we will own nothing when we die from this real world someday.

To experience of my life now will continue next my journey of spirit, I believe, so how do you want to live your life until your death??

Let's cherish our life today with gratitude & smile as much as possible, shall we?? is too short to look back so just keep moving on as we are!!

I wish that you life will be better today than yesterday and you can feel your happiness & peace in your heart today!!^^
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Relative's funeral service
After new moon day, today was our relative's funeral service.

She has fight more than 10 years against cancer and I could meet her at David's Mom's funeral service for the first time.

On 11th in this month, she passed away...

So today we went to Whidbey island to her funeral service with David's elder brother and his wife together.

It was in a public middle school and there are so many people to get together.

After about 1 hour of the ceremony, we started to talk to many David's old friends who know David's childhood.

For me, it was the first time to meet all of them today.

They looked so happy to see DAVID with me today that they haven't see each other for many years.

David introduced me to his friends and talked a lot and I just concentrated to listen to their story.

Anyway today's funeral service was very wonderful experience for me.

David & I thought a lot about the life of relative who passed away and our life & old friends after all of today's happening.

Her message was, "Miss me but let me go." and her message was so great for all of us that we need to live with her nice memories from now on.

I wish that her spirit will move on the next her new life without pain anymore.

And our life is going on with many happenings around us...anyway we are so thankful that today's funeral service to go through together, anyway...

Just I want to cherish our life as we are today and we survive this world with LOVE & COMPASSION from not on...^^
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Compassion for others!
In this world, human relationship is very important for me.

Especially, my precious friend of mine are very important for my life in the past and also now!

Because great friendship can not buy by money and the true connection of heart can make my life so great & positive encouragement for my life.

In my life, I met so many friends with true & honest heart and I really love them.

Now I live in Seattle in the U.S.A., and I cannot see all of my friends in this world so often.

But when I remember them in my heart, I can feel so much energy to move on in my life anyway...

Sometimes, I checked some friends' activity through FACEBOOK and their life looks so great as they wish.

So I want to do my best like my friends do as best as they do now.

My friends' great passion and energy can make me give great encouragement with compassion.

After I moved into Seattle, I could meet someone special through David and other persons.

And all of my precious friends became my part of life now!

So I pray for their happy life with benevolence and smile as much as possible, also for all of my friends in this world!!

I really love all of my friends in this world to live their own life with peace & LOVE at their living place every day.

Because we don't know about what will happen tomorrow so just I want to cherish TODAY as best as I can...

Today is the NEW MOON day of this month in 2017!!

I can feel very fresh energy inside of my mind with great energy, how about you??

Have a great weekend of the end of this month!!^^
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Last night, after we started to sleep, David's elder brother called David and left message.

David's Mom's sister was in the hospital now because she got Pneumonia last Monday again at her living place.

She was at assistant living place at that time and she looked so glad to see us again a few weeks ago.

When we visited her then, she was in the recovery from Pneumonia so we were glad to talk to her for a while.

But her Pneumonia came back to her again and she was brought to the hospital as an emergency situation.

The hospital is very close to our home, so we visited her together today before our walking time.

Until yesterday, she had a tube in her throat but today she could breath by her self with so much drips into her arms.

Just we wanted to check her condition today because she looked tired and less energy to talk to us today.

She was glad to see us today but when she tried to talk to us, she began to cough so hard that we had better to leave her take a rest without visitors.

After we visited her hospital, we talked a lot about her condition our life during our walking.

On next Saturday, we are going to participate funeral service of my sister's (in law) Mom's sister.

She passed away a few weeks ago suddenly because of her cancer and it was a shock for all of our family.

Also, two days ago, David's friend passed away suddenly... because of Pneumonia!!

In the U.S.A., many people get FLU and Pneumonia now and many people died every day.

Especially in this week, we faced on serious situation together...

In Japan, my friend will make a birth of first baby soon...

Life is in the HUGE stream between live and death every single moment and sometimes it gives us so many lessons to handle it anyway...

Wellness is very precious to live as long as possible not to get any diseases.

To keep our healthy body & mind can make our life longer as we wish and to make our immune system be strong is important, I believe.

In this cold season, many people can get sick and die easily so please make your body & mind in peace with nice nutrition every day.

To eat healthy organic foods can make our body and mind live well, so daily diet can be like a medicines....

I wish that this winter will not get you sick with peaceful mind as well as possible....please cherish your life as you hope!!^^

Just I hope that Aunt of David will recover little by little in peace and we will visit her again soon...

I wish that your TODAY will keep your mind in peace without stress & happy!!
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After yesterday
Yesterday, David got a shock news about his friend's death suddenly.

Unexpectedly, the sad news hit on his heart but after he cried for a while, he tried to keep his mind calm and peace

If to keep crying for his death can make his life back again, we would cry and cry but it would not happen.

And his death is unchangeable reality and we need to focus on our live to move on.

Life has unpredictable happenings around us every day and it give us so much lesson how to survive together.

Today's life is so precious that we need to appreciate with our everything around us today.

Anyway, some of our friends face on serious disease now but they try to survive with strength & toughness of mind.

Now David & I have no trouble of our health and we are so thankful for it.

To eat healthy organic foods, meditation, walking as our routine can make us keep healthy body and mind in peace and stable condition as well as possible.

We try to keep our body and mind at healthy condition until our body's limit someday.

Also David's friendship of all of his friends will never disappear if one pass away in this world.

So David's friend became a spirit as an invisible existence for reincarnation of next life, I believe.

David became so calm & stable today that I felt relived to watch his smile and love today.

Anyway we are going forward with benevolence every day to live more and better.

To lose someone is terrible sorrow but we need to move on.

Death is not the end of friendship because our heart can feel great love of someone's spirit even one passed away.

Anyway, life give us so much learning to make us strong to survive in this world.

I wish that your TODAY will be better than yesterday as you wish.

Tomorrow is not coming yet and yesterday was over, so let's focus on today to enjoy our short life as much as possible, shall we???^^
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Friend's news!><
In this morning, during our meditation time, David got very sad news about his friend.

The message was his friend's wife and it says, "He passed way today!"

David and his friend got know each other so much and they are so great friend each other.

After his friend moved to his wife's home from Seattle, David and he contacted each other by phone sometimes.

But friend's sad news hit David's heart so terribly and he started to cry with so much tears.

I had no words to heal his heart so just I hugged his body tight to let her tears go as he wanted.

He called to another friends who knows his friends well to let him know this news soon.

Anyway this happening may happen every day in this world.

Someone pass away unfortunately and some baby are born at single moment in this universe.

Of course I met his friend before and he was a wise and kind man.

And I felt so sorry for his death today but we need to keep moving on our life with tough heart.

I am thinking of David because his heart is still in this sorrow of his friend's loss today.

To cherish our lives as much as possible with gratitude is precious because we are alive now.

Someday we will say good by to this world so until then, I want to enjoy this short life with love and smile.

With whole my love, I want to support David to heal his sorrow to connect our new day of tomorrow with hope & positive way.

Anyway life has so much suffering and sad happenings sometimes so we can learn how to handle them with our strength of mind to go forward.

I pray today that David's friend's spirit in peace without pain & struggles anymore in heaven now....

Let's cherish our lives today with gratitude & wish, shall we??
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Today I went to cook for my special friend who has a serious disease for the 3rd time.

My cooking is based on Macrobiotics but I don't want to persistent on the theory too much.

Because the theory of Macrobiotic is not perfect for everyone's diet, I leaned a lot.

And I learned another healthy diet of cooking, based on Naturopathy, Ayruveda and raw foods etc.

So I want to arrange & adjust her body's condition & favorite foods as much as possible to let her enjoy my healing meals.

Because to eat something must be fun and pleasure time for everyone.

If we stick on only 1 way of diet, it will be so much stress & frustration because of less choice without fun.

To eat meals can let anyone feel happy, so I just tried to cook my best for her today.

And of course, I want her to recover her disease by my cooking so I am thinking a lot of idea for her.

Only 2 times a week, I started to cook for her at her home but every day I am thinking about her cooking with my pleasure.

She is very honest & frank lady and he gives me pure opinion about her opinion about my cooking meals and requests.

This is my huge challenge as a personal chef for her but I am so thankful for her that her disease gave me such a honor opportunity to cook by myself.

Yesterday, David was holiday so he supported my cooking so much.

I wanted him to take a rest for a while yesterday but he wanted to help me somehow.

I could feel so much love of him and I appreciate with his support.

David & I really love her and her husband because they are doing so great together to face on this situation with LOVE!!

We just want to support them with benevolence & positive hope as much as possible.

To support someone is not easy for me but I can feel so much energy to cook for her.

Not only cooking for her but also being a precious friend of her is important for me.

"To seize TODAY" is so hard for her that I respect her strength of mind and their love so much.

So I want to cook as much as I can for her because my energy of LOVE will put on my meals invisible vibration, I believe.

To heal her disease is up to GOD's hand and it is beyond our thinking but I am doing my best, because I really want to!!

David & I just keep doing our best to support her and healing energy will grow her up inside of her body & mind day by day...I pray!!^^
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Peace of heart!
To love myself is precious for me because sometimes I forget myself with love.

Sometimes I forget to take a rest because I concentrate 1 thing too much to eat anything and to drink anything.

I learn how to love myself day by day.

To take a rest for a while is good time to love myself.

These days, I tried to take a FOOT BATH after my house working.

I soak my feet on the bucket with hot water about a half of hour and I cannot move for a while.

I have "WIND" & "FIRE" elements of my character so I always move and think without stable condition.

But I need to take "WATER" elements to ground by myself so FOOT BATH is great time for give myself with love.

After taking a foot bath, I can feel so comfortable and warm inside of my body.

During foot bath, I cannot move on my chair and I don't do anything too much.

Also YOGA and Meditation time can give me stable & calm energy to concentrate my breath every day.

To love myself is my lesson through my life, I think.

To love myself can love others more and better than before.

Everyone has LOVE inside of human beings, I believe.

But we are not taught how to love and to be loved anywhere in this world.

So we are learning how to love and to be loved through our life in any human's relationship, aren't we??

My peace of heart can give me so wonderful energy inside naturally.

And sometimes I look back to myself how to react & behave to others and I can learn how to do my action with benevolence better today than yesterday.

Just I am doing my best as I am today.

How are you today??

Can you feel your peace of heart enough??

I wish that your beginning of TODAY is filled with peace of heart as much as possible to start NEW DAY.

Many things around us happen to our life every day but you can keep your peace in heart by your stable condition of mind, I think...

Anyway have a peaceful day!!

Two third of this month in 2017 has already passed to connect next month day by day...

Enjoy your life with smile & love as much as possible, because life is too short to look back, isn't it??^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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