The end of 2016
Today it is the final day of 2016.

And I remember many happenings in this year with DAVID.

We really have many things between our marriage life but we managed it together anyway.

Our marriage life is completely different from others because we are crazy each other.

And most people cannot understand our life style and priority of marriage but we don't matter others way of thinking.

We are creating our marriage life day by day with adjustment to make our love be better than before.

Sometimes we have struggle each other to understand each difference but we can manage it together.

In the end of this year, we are just thankful for each other with LOVE & smile.

This life is not taken for grated at all, we feel so much gratitude for both of us to have strong love today.

In this year, especially for me, I tend to think how to live and die from now.

To live today is not normal at all because many possibility will happen every day for everyone.

So I want to cherish today without trouble & bad happenings as we wish.

I want to make our NEW YEAR with fresh start as we hope to make our life be better than this year soon.

So just focus on what we really want & need to accomplish in our life with benevolence & smile as much as possible.

Only I have hope & great potential to connect new year tomorrow with David.

As we are as we love more and more, everything will go better way...I believe it truly!

I wish that your NEW YEAR will be filled with BLESSING and enjoy your NEW YEAR as you want in life with smile & love always!!^^
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Peaceful mind
Yesterday and today, I want to focus on peaceful mind inside.

Something of my mind can influence of condition of heart usually.

And I want to feel better than before to keep my mind in peace especially in the end of year.

To connect NEW YEAR with peaceful mind is my precious part of life.

Only 1 day will change from tomorrow to next day of NEW YEAR but I can feel some difference from another day.

So I try to focus to keep my mind in peace without disturbing & worry about anything in my life.

And just I am doing my best as much as possible today, too.

Each day, I can feel something inside but I don't want to be overwhelmed anything around my world.

Not to make assumptions around my daily happenings is important for me.

Because everyone has different opinion & thinking each other.

ONLY benevolence can make my heart filled with peace & love deeply.

And we are existence of LOVE, I believe.

To love others and myself is my life mission to survive this world.

And to cherish my love inside is only what I can do in my life.

To love my life every single day can bring others' happiness naturally and this world will be better with LOVE, I believe.

Soon this year will finish but my LOVE and life will keep moving forward.

I have strong HOPE that NEW YEAR will be getting better day by day.

Because I believe in myself and our LOVE life will be better & deeper with each effort.

I just wish that everyone in this world will be happier and happier in a new year than this year.

Because we worth to feel happiness to cherish our life on this earth.

Someday we will die and it is not unavoidable after we were born.

Until my body's death, I want to cherish my life with benevolence & peace as well as possible.

No one knows tomorrow's destiny, it is up to GOD's Hand.

So just I want to do my best as much as possible as I AM today.

Please have a nice the end of 2016 and enjoy your fresh beginning of NEW YEAR soon...^^

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Only my walking trail
In this morning, I went to walk by myself because I needed to feel my mind & body alone.

So I went to my favorite park and I really enjoyed the atmosphere in peace.

Usually I met many runners and walking people in this park but today there were anyone during my walking.

How great I could use this park alone to feel myself deeply & silently.

Today it is a little cloudy and it was not the best weather to walk.

But the quiet atmosphere and calm forest could give me wonderful peace in my mind naturally.

I really love to walk by myself sometimes because usually David wants to talk all way long of our walking.

I sometimes enjoy to listen to his messages but sometimes I like to concentrate my silent inside of heart.

Especially today, I really had a nice time to feel the nature and silent peace with this park.

After I got out of this park, some rain came to my head on the road.

But it was not much rain and I wore my raincoat so I didn't worry about my clothes wet at all.

Finally I came back to home with clear & peaceful mind and I could feel so nice energy inside of myself naturally.

Today it is not good weather with heavy cloud and the sky is a little dark all day long, but my heart is shining with my clearness & pure feeling.

So just I want to concentrate what I need to do today.

ONLY 3 days of 2016 is going to connect NEW YEAR, so I cherish this day as much as possible with my peaceful mind & benevolence.^^
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Daliy routine
Every day, I do my YOGA usually to start NEW DAY.

To focus on how I feel my body today and breathing is my essential part of my life when I started to YOGA about 12 years ago.

Now, for me, YOGA is my part of life and it tells me how to live by using my body and mind properly.

If you don't feel clear without brushing teeth, I would feel same way without my YOGA TIME every morning.

Every day, my body is different from yesterday and YOGA tells me how I feel today.

And after my YOGA time, I can feel clear inside and outside of my body.

After YOGA time, I usually meditate about 20 minutes and I can concentrate my breath with calm & peaceful condition.

Sometimes my body can not feel comfortable but after YOGA, I can feel much better my body than before.

Also YOGA has big influence with my mind not only for body.

Because YOGA can facilitate my stable & calm breath naturally and my inside of silence can make me feel peace.

How wonderful YOGA is!!

I really appreciate with YOGA itself because it can guide my life for better & right way as I wish.

And YOGA has great wisdom how to live in this world, so I love YOGA so much in my life and I want to share with it from now on.^^
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Heart of PEACE
Yesterday, I cried a lot in front of David.

And I didn't meant to make him worry at all but he started to worry about me more than before.

I know how much I am loved by David and I don't want him worry about me too much.

Because my tears doesn't mean special at all just my tool of DETOX of feelings to let go out naturally.

And I don't want David's seed of worries and disturbing at all.

He needs to focus on his new challenge of his job these days and I just want him to concentrate without my something of mind.

But I can understand how care his love give and flow naturally and I really appreciate with his LOVE.

My tears just went outside of my eyes and I felt so much energy of my passion of heart inside deeply today.

My much of tears yesterday could let me clearer than before and I needed to cry somehow.

And David's love and his great generosity can let me cry naturally and his love became so tender & deeper than yesterday.

But I am not child who needs to worry & care too much so just I want him to believe my toughness & strength of mind.

He seems how I am NOW after my tears today and his eyes and behavior changed anyway.

Our energy of love can make us feel each heart deeply as minute as we are.

After our meditation time in this morning, we could feel so much energy of LOVE inside each other.

So sometimes we need to cry or to let our something go outside as we feel at the moment.

We are changing at every single moment and I know how I am now.

Only 5days of 2016 remain in this year and I am thinking many things in my mind.

But I need to focus on TODAY to connect with tomorrow.

Also I have a great vision of 2017 in my mind and I am so looking forward to sharing with David tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be FINAL new moon in 2016, so we will have a nice time together, for sure!!^^
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Great time of tears
David and I went to walk as usual as we do in this morning after Christmas day.

And I wanted to share my thought & his during our walking time after our meditation time.

I wanted to tell my honest feeling and opinion how to live with David as a marriage couple from now on.

But some words cannot make David understand with calm and patience because my expression was not enough.

I didn't mean to hurt him at all, but my words came out of my heart naturally with lots of tears suddenly.

Finally, David could understand how I think & feel last 6 months and I felt so much love from his eyes & words.

He tried to stop my tears with his deep love & generosity and I appreciate with his love so much.

After I cried a lot, I became so clearer than before in my mind that I could feel myself relived to know my love & his love again.

My tears has no meaning at that time but something came out from the bottom of my heart.

And today I can feel so much LOVE & warm heart inside my mind and I just feel so much gratitude for our marriage life anyway.

Today is very meaningful for me and David and I can love more and better than yesterday, we can feel it.

And just we appreciate each other because we are the best team to love & understand from now and forever.

I wish your last week of this year will be filled with LOVE & SMILE as you are...^^
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Merry Christmas!
Today David& I woke up silent & calm with foggy weather on Christmas day.

I really love this quietness with peaceful atmosphere around us but David looked a little different from my mind.

But we started to meditate together as usual as our daily routine.

And we went to go walking together on Edmonds beach and we could see David's old friend couple unexpectedly.

Many people were walking on Christmas day and we really had a nice time to talk with his friends on the beach side.

I could talk his friend's wife for the first time but I really become to like her after we talked for a while.

And we started to walk again and we had a nice feeling each other.

So we started to our Christmas day together only for two of us and we could feel peace & calm inside of each mind.

Many shops and restaurants were closed and less people were on the town on Edmonds and I really like the quiet atmosphere.

And we had a nice talking together and our hearts could feel wonderful for our way of life style.

To gather family on Christmas day is usual but we really love to have each other today.

We don't feel any solitude and sorrow to being together today because we really have great LOVE & smile each other.

Every day is different from other days and not only for Christmas day but also each day is important for both of us.

This situation and our usual day will be our history of our marriage life day by day.

Only 1 week from today will be NEW YEAR...

So I wish that you will have wonderful days of 2016 to connect NEW YEAR soon with Blessing & LOVE as much as possible.

Merry Christmas!!^^
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Christmas Eve
Today is Christmas Eve but I don't care about it so much.

But David wants to enjoy something special for Christmas holidays so we got his favorite fish for our dinner.

For me, every day is like special because no one day will come to me not as same as it is.

So I want David to enjoy his Christmas for special meal so I will cook for his fish as possible as I can.

I am vegetarian and I don't need to eat fish or other animal products but David likes to eat fish sometimes.

So I can adjust my diet after today so I am learning how to be flexible to live with David.

What is special??

What is the best Christmas for him???

I don't know exactly how much I can treat him as special as he can feel.

To adjust each opinion makes our better point of each compromising feel comfortable way of living, we are looking for it every day, I feel.

If we can not feel good and happy each other, it is not my hope at all.

To adjust each opinion can lets us feel better mind in peace without argue and frustration.

Men and women is different kind of person so sometimes we can feel each difference.

But we can communicate each other to understand each difference, I hope.

Marriage life is long way of our life.

So day by day, many things can bring me to understand each other more and better.

I wish that you will have a great Christmas Eve with LOVE & SMILE at your favorite place.

I pray for everyone's happy life in peace & benevolence as you wish...^^
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Before Christmas holidays
Today, David came back to home earlier than usual because before Christmas holidays.

So we had enough time before our dinner time so we went to go shopping together a little.

We went to 2 different kind of supermarket to get some organic foods but there were so many cars at parking area.

It was too difficult for us to find our space to park a car but finally we found a space.

On the line of the checking area was so many customers to wait that we just waited longer than usual.

But we didn't feel any frustration as we were and just I was surprised at this crowds.

Anyway we finished shopping without troubles and accidents and we had a dinner together.

If we went to shopping usually, we could finish it as quarter as I spent time today.

But today is just before Christmas holidays so we don't need in hurry about anything around us.

What is the meaning of holidays or Christmas for many people, I was thinking these days.

For me, holidays or Christmas doesn't matter for my life because I don't need too much cheerful & noisy atmosphere in my life.

So just I want to cherish my daily life as special as I can feel every single day.

I want to do my best as I am so I don't be bothered by so much special holidays, am I strange??

But I wish that my lovely friends & family in this world will have wonderful Christmas holidays with Blessing & Benevolence as they wants.

I just keep my daily life as I want not to get my mind so much holiday's atmosphere to keep my mind in peace as usual as I am now.^^
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No water day
Today, there were some construction of water supply around our neighborhoods so we couldn't use any water from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. suddenly.

The notice put on our door yesterday so we got ready for it today.

Fortunately, today David had to go work earlier than usual so we got up 5:20 a.m. together to meditate at first after shower time.

And I finished washing laundry before 800 a.m. and I kept much water in many big pan & foods container to get ready for no water day.

David went to work and I started to do my housework not to use so much water today.

It was nice experience for me that I learned not to waste water too much because of construction.

I finished all my housework and I didn't use all of my water of containers at all.

So in this afternoon, I took a walk by myself because David & I skipped to walk in this morning because his unusual routine.

Just after I started to walk, my mobile phone rang suddenly and it came from lovely DAVID.

His voice sounds wonderful and his message made my heart warm inside.

I had a nice time to walk outside for a while alone after our talking.

David will come back to home later than usual so I will enjoy my evening unusual situation.

Only 10 days of 2016, and today is very unique day for me not to use water.

But I really enjoyed this experience during daytime because I understood how much I used water in a day.

To less use all energy on earth is my favorite thing.

Not to use so much water & electricity is my routine because I want to care for earth's environment as much as I can.

How is your this year??

I wish that your rest of 10 day of 2016 will be happy to connect NEW YEAR with Blessing more than ever!^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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