What is LOVE??
What is love??

It is invisible and untouchable but we can feel when someone special love us, can't we??

Love is something feel inside of each other who love deeply & strongly.

And whenever David smiles on me, I can feel his LOVE a lot.

Because his eyes shine with lovely smile & generous attitude for me.

And when I can let David smile, I can feel my love for David inside of myself.

To love someone is not easy way, because sometimes we can feel each difference.

But to communicate each other honestly & frankly, we can understand each differences more to ourselves closer than before.

So David & I have some struggles in our past marriage life (about only less than 4 years!).

But after we talked a lot each other, everything was necessary to make our relationship became better.

And it was a tiny point when we had a tough time in the past and NOW we can love each other more than before, FOR SURE.

To give up loving each other easy but we cannot help loving each other....

So keep loving David means to understand not only him but also my LOVE for him, I can feel.

And to support his weakness & struggles is my pleasure and in return, he love me when I feel struggling inside of myself.

We realized how BEST TEAM we are to survive in this world these days.

And to support each other is our LOVE and our great strength of LOVE.

I don't know WHAT IS LOVE actually but our marriage life is the way of our LOVE, for sure!

I wish that my precious friends & family in this world can love someone special every day with smile & BLESSING as much as possible.

LOVE is wonderful and has GREAT power to live TODAY.

I have never felt like this LOVE in my life before I met DAVID, so I truly believe that THIS IS MY LOVE....,sounds good??

I hope that your life is filled with LOVE and your life will go forward with LOVE & SMILE every single day!^^
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New Moon TODAY!
Today is NEW MOON and it is the best timing to start something new.

And also today is the best timing to pray for our ideal life as we wish to let it go to this universe.

Sometimes David & I wrote our affirmation at New Moon and it made us think how to live really in our future together.

Some of our prayers have already happened to us and out love of marriage life is getting stronger and stronger day by day.

Today we started to our DAY after meditation time as each pace.

And we could converse each other in this morning before we start each work.

I could feel so much energy inside of myself to cherish TODAY's New Moon day with pleasure.

To do house-working is not only my routine but also my pleasure.

To clean our rooms, our laundries and to cook our dinner is my very pleasure because I am good at doing with my creativity & intuition.

To make our body energize by organic foods is my mission to let our love go forward.

David looks enjoying my dinner every day with lovely smile and it can make me so happy that I could feel to do my best as much as possible.

Today I will cook David's favorite "king salmon" meal for his special NEW MOON feast.

I don't want to eat too much animal foods and I usually do my DETOX on Full moon & New moon day.

But especially, Full moon day can absorb so much things more than usual so my DETOX day is the best of Full moon not to take in so much things.

On New Moon day, it is the best day for Detox, so I don't eat too much foods today to purify myself.

But David wants to eat dinner with me every day as much as possible, so today I will do my Detox lighter than usual.

David doesn't feel happy when he eats dinner alone without me, so it is not my pleasure.

I like to do DETOX but at the same time, my pleasure is letting David feel happy as much as possible.

Anyway I will get ready for David's salmon meal for New Moon day with my LOVE as usual.

Just I want to enjoy today's pure & new energy of New moon with my love of cooking.

And to smile with David is my best energy...I realized it so much these days.

Anyway to start our NEW DAY with meditation can bring us calm and peaceful mind and we are so happy to share with each thought & feeling every single day....

Our life style is not completely different from normal American but we really love to live like this as we can feel comfortable.

To compare with someone's life is meaningless because David & I create our own life as we like & wish now...^^
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Good start of morning!
To wake up early is very good for David & I to start new day today.

Last night, we went to our FUTON around 18:00 and we started to talk about more than 1hours.

So we started to sleep around 20:00 last night so we could wake up 3:30 a.m. in this morning.

But it was too early to wake up in this morning so we keep lying on our FUTON for a while.

And we started to talk more than 1 hour and we started to sleep again.

We could wake up around 7:00 a.m. in this morning again to start our NEW DAY after enough sleeping.

So we started our each routine to start TODAY and at first we went to shopping after my YOGA time.

And we came back to home and we started to meditate as usual as we start our day.

Usually before outgoing, we meditate but we wanted to go shopping today as soon as possible to get fresh organic vegetables.

After we meditated for a while, David looked to share with his heart and also he wanted to take a walk.

His refresh is essential with walking so we went to walk together.

During our walking, I listened to his words carefully and he was so passionate that his talk kept all way long of our walking.

I talk to him sometime but David likes to talk a lot more than me.

To talking is very nice tool to realize how we feel & think these days clearly.

And after we took a walk together, we started to do our each work at each place.

David went to work and I started to work at home with positive & clear energy inside of heart.

I am so happy that we could started to our NEW DAY today with wonderful LOVE & great atmosphere each other.

After each routine of every morning, I want to share with nice energy of LOVE & compassion to share with each heart.

We will talk later again when he comes back to home during our dinner time.

Usually we have eat only 1 meal as a dinner so this time is very important for us.

So I am going to cook our dinner with today's my intuition & love to energize our LOVE & MIND for tomorrow's LOVE!

Anyway I am thankful that we have great love today, too.

I have never take it for granted our deep love now and always I am so thankful for our LOVE every single day.

Until our lives will end, I want to cherish our marriage life as long as possible.

To start NEW DAY with LOVE & honest heart can give us great power to fulfill our day these days...^^

I wish that your NEW DAY will be better than tomorrow to connect with your NEW DAY for tomorrow!
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After Meditation
Today, David went to see his closer friend to have a coffee in this morning.

Just he came back to home in Seattle from his trip of Europe and we are looking forward to seeing him to share with his trip.

But after I woke up that I have less energy to see his friend in this trip because of the heaviest day of my period so I let him go to enjoy MENS' time.

So I started to do my YOGA after taking a shower and I could feel much better than before.

Soon David came back to home with smile and he took a shower to get ready for his work.

Usually he takes a holiday on Sunday to enjoy his favorite football game but he decided to work because he took more holidays in this week already for "Thanksgiving".

So we started to meditate before his work and we started to share with each thought to start our TODAY.

After we shared with each different experience & thought in this morning, we could feel so much positive energy to live together again and again.

I cried (happy tears!!) because I was moved by his talking and I could feel so much better motivation to start with pure energy of benevolence.

David went to work outside and I started to work at home by clear mind.

Many things happened to our hearts from last week and today and everything is getting better and better actually.

And some struggle of each heart can resolve with honest & pure communication each other day by day.

Every single day is not the same of our marriage life, especially in this month.

And we are going forward as we wish and our common part of loving each other.

How wonderful we share each other right now.

And we are thankful for TODAY's great start with LOVE & SMILE to cherish TODAY with love.

Anyway today is only this day and it will never come back.

So I want to cherish this day as much as I can do for us with LOVE always....^^
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New start AGAIN!
Before & after Thanksgiving (24th of Dec.), many things happened to David & me.

We communicate each other so often that our new RESTAT of marriage life has just started, I can feel...

How to eat together is very important issue for me.

Because our body & mind are so influenced by daily meals that I am so careful how & what to eat to give us energy by cooking.

To meditate together in the morning can give us nice stable mind to start NEW DAY every single day.

And for me, to keep YOGA as daily routine is my essential part of my life from my 30's.

Now my basic is based on "Yoga, Vegetarian & Macrobiotic cooking and Meditation" to keep my mind clear & sharp.

And after I got married with David, David adjusted my Vegetarian diet naturally.

To eat together as healthy as possible can make our relationship became better than before.

Especially, for me after Detox of 1 week last week, I feel my change inside deeply with sharp intuition now.

Now David & I has started with our NEW RE-START of our marriage life as a true meaning, I can feel.

And our past had so many troubles to understand each other and I learned a lot about David & me.

We have many differences each other and lots of common parts of ours, so we can love each other more & better.

Only 3 years & 10 months plus some days has passed after we got married.

So from the begging of our marriage to last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) was essential part for us.

And NOW, I can feel so much possibility to our LOVE & life together and we can concentrate what we really need to do TODAY.

To make a layer of TODAY can make our life be better for tomorrow.

So we can love each other day by day to make our grow up like a plant.

I have strong faith inside of myself now...to love David is my lesson about "What is LOVE??" in this world.

I can learn every day and I want to be better KEIKO tomorrow than today, too!! ^^

I wish that all of my LOVELY family & friends on this earth have the rest of wonderful days of this year to connect NEW YEAR!!

BE HAPPY with Blessing!!! ^^
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Black Friday in 2016
Today is called "Black Friday" because after Thanksgiving day is for SHOPPING.

It looks like Japanese "New Year SALE" after new year's day for me.

But we woke up usual after long driving last night and we could feel a little fatigue because many things happened to us last a few days.

So we started to meditate for a while together to keep our mind clear & calm to start NEW DAY today.

After rain last night, sunshine came out of the sky and it is so beautiful day with clear blue sky today.

We don't need to get so much materials for shopping today like most people do so we started our day with our peaceful mind & love.

And my face was not look good but I felt silence in my mind with stable feeling.

So we have a nice time together with open heart how we feel now and today each other.

Day by day, our mind is changing right now and many things happen to us every single day.

But I like to cook as usual to my heart in peace with LOVE to adjust our body & mind to daily life.

Anyway how to eat to make our body & mind is up to our choice every day and it can help us to be clearer our mind to live together.

And to keep our healthy organic vegetarian diet are so wonderful for both of us to connect each other more than before!!^^

Every single happening can influence our mind & thought and we handle mange how to live together from now on.

We realized how BEST we are a TEAM to survive this world today and we are so thankful for TODAY's love and happiness.

Today's our dinner (for me, this is the only 1meal a day...so it is very important!) will can facilitate our body & mind to heal our fatigues to recover for tomorrow, for sure!

I enjoyed cooking by myself and it became "THE BEST" dinner for us today.
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Thanksgiving party in 2016!
Today is Thanksgiving holiday.

David, his Dad and I took part in his elder family's party together in this year.

We has a nice time together yesterday and it was looks like a camp at Dad's living place.

We could wake up naturally and I cut Dad's hair for the first time in this morning.

Usually I cut David's hair every 3 weeks but today I was asked to cut Dad's hair to get ready for Thanksgiving party in this afternoon.

His hair is different from David's so I was a little nervous not to cut wrong way.

But I could cut his hair better than before and Dad looks like my first hair cut.

And we enjoyed our Thanksgiving party together and I was so surprised how they ate on Thanksgiving day as usual.

For me, lunch time is not meal time and I usually eat organic an apple & dried fruits to get sweetness like a snack.

I tried to eat some of feast but my appetite come to me so I gave up to trying to eat too much to cherish my body's need.

But nobody didn't care how & what I eat or not because they know I am vegetarian and CRAZY Japanese wife of David.

So we had a nice time together to talk & smile for a while.

Family & friends could give me so much energy and great love whenever we got together to share with wonderful time as a family.

I am a Japanese so maybe I missed some English words during their rapid conversation but it i my lesson of English.

So I could enjoy with David with LOVE & SMILE with all of them to share with great opportunity to share with Thanksgiving party today.

But we had to go back to our home in Seattle from now on....

David looks like staying more with Dad & his elder brother to talk but we need to pass the mountain with rain & snow tonight.

So we hugged each other after nice communication for a while and to say "GOOD BYE" to get ready our life from tomorrow.

I just will sit on the side of driver David for next 4 hours driving, but I want him to keep wake up with my conversation & care without accident & any troubles anyway....^^

I really appreciate with family's great dinner & friends' support to enjoy today's party.

I couldn't all of them but I could feel so much love & generous kind heart from their great work of cooking & cleaning.

FRY FAMILY is AWESOME and I am honor to be a part of it because our marriage.
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To stay with David's Dad
Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving day" in the U.S.A.

It looks like Japanese "NEW YEAR" and many American get together with family tomorrow to enjoy TURKEY dinner.

David decided to visit Dad today (before the Thanksgiving day) with me to stay with Dad to welcome tomorrow's Thanksgiving morning together.

Because today, traffic jam was much less than tomorrow, he guessed.

And finally we arrived at Dad's place smoothly and Dad looks so exciting see us together.

He is 85 years old this year but his smile can give us feel gentle & kind energy always.

I cooked 3 different type of sweets for his present which I cooked by my organic & Macrobiotic diet yesterday.

Now he has a cough and in the middle of recovery, so I cooked organic Fuji apple jam without sweetness, raison & apple cake, and banana squash cake for his recovery.

For me, all disease caused of daily diet and body needs to proper foods to DETOX during sick.

But Dad likes to eat delicious foods so I cooked some different kind of texture to make him enjoy & facilitate recovery as much as possible.

And David & I had a nice time for a while and we shared with wonderful dinner with my original 3 kinds of salads together.

David & I felt a little fatigue after 4 hours' driving today but we felt so much great time with hid Dad just day before Thanksgiving.

Dad & David has another plan to do together tonight but Dad missed his nap time today because he couldn't sleep too much exciting to sleep during waiting for our arrival after his lunch time.

So we need to take a rest with enough sleeping tonight and they will skip original plan to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Anyway to understand to know David's Dad will make me understand David more to love each other.

And to communicate each other with love of family can let us smile naturally and feel relieved how we are Blessed now.

Just we are looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving party at David's elder brother's home with some close friends together!!!^^
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Thanksgiving week!
This week is coming "Thanksgiving" on Thursday.

And from last Sunday, the holiday week has already started in Seattle.

Many people look to forward to having Thanksgiving day with shopping & fun to get ready.

Already some people started to spend holidays in this week.

David & I are going to join his elder brother's home to join "Thanksgiving party" on Thursday.

There will be about 14 participants there and I am looking forward to sharing with all of them 2 days later.

Today I have to get ready for our "Thanksgiving party" by cooking something to bring my salad for all participants.

And I also have so many things to do today.

But I started to do my YOGA practice as usual and I felt nice feeling inside of myself.

To create my mind & body by YOGA can start my TODAY to concentrate what I really need to.

And I could finish everything I have to do today and I could feel so much satisfaction with my completion to get ready for Thanksgiving today.

I almost forgot to eat my fruits for lunch snack because I concentrated too much to forget my appetite.

But I am very happy to finish my task today.

And I need to take a rest with organic apple & dried figs to get some energy of fruits in this afternoon soon!
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Happy tears for purification
After my 1 week Detox last week, David & I had a great Sunday together.

With true heart, we could communicate each other and I could cry with my honest feeling to purify my mind both yesterday and in this morning.

When he saw my teas, he started to worry about me because he felt something wrong with me or David.

So I told him, "My tears mean not to blame you or to make you sorry for me at all,, so don't worry too much~

I felt that my tears is a symbol of sweat or heat from my heart & mind to pull out side naturally.

And my tears can purify myself clearer than before and nothing matter with David's words or attitude for me.

After my 1 week Detox, my mind became so much clearer and purer than before and I can feel my sensitive sensation.

Sometimes my influence of change by Detox gave David so much impact and surprise.

But always he watches and protects me with generosity & kindness and I am so thankful for everything he did & does.

Through my Detox, I realized so many things in my mind and it became clearer than before day by day.

And I have a lot of work at home to get ready for Thanksgiving in the middle of this week.

So I enjoy our ready with pleasure and I am so glad to cook for David every day after his great work every day.

Anyway now, I enjoy my cooking BEST in my life and I want David to enjoy my daily dinner with me to energize our body, mind & spirit.

To cherish daily layer of our marriage life will let us realize how we are Blessed so much with LOVE!

To love each other and to grow our love every day are our learning of life.

At any moment, we are in the middle of process of our spirituality of life for everyone.

So just I do my best as I am today and I want to be better myself day by day for our growth of spirituality.^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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