YOGA at Portland in Oregon!
David, I and his friend had a great time together on last Saturday & Sunday.

Yesterday David & he woke up early in the morning and took a nice coffee time together at neighbor cafe and I wanted to stay at his home alone to do my YOGA as usual at his home alone.

About 1 hour of their coffee time, they came back to his home and David's friend took us to his YOGA studio "Zenality YOGA" to join the morning class in Sunday for the first time.

He introduced us his YOGA studio & his YOGA teacher through Facbook before and we are very interested in it.

Finally we could join the YOGA class together.

But for David, this is the first class in the U.S.A. to do YOGA in his life.

In Japan, he joined to my YOGA class in JAPAN and it was very easy YOGA just for relaxation of my DETOX program.

Yesterday, his friend's YOGA class was too hard to follow all flow of YOGA but he tried to do his best.

He was doing YOGA so hard that I was very proud of him not to give up in the middle of YOGA session.

After YOGA class, he felt so much fatigue & less energy that he looked no to drive a car to our home before noon.

But David's energy to recover little by little and we could come back to home safely before dark.

And we could have a nice time together to have dinner at home and we enjoyed his birthday's trip for last 3 days.

We are really grateful for David's great friends at Portland in Oregon that we could feel very much energy inside of heart & mind still today...

Wonderful friends and YOGA can feel us enrich our life with Blessing & happiness to live in this world...^^

To visit Astoria, to meet his closer friend at Oregon and to do YOGA together let us feel so much energy that we can enjoy today, too.

And today is the extra day of February and it seems to the gift from GOD to enjoy today.

The end of February looks like the end of winter to welcome spring in March from tomorrow.

After our trip last weekend, we can feel the change of season and focus on our new begging of life anyway.

We keep our habit of meditation in every morning to start our THIS DAY and it is essential part of our life now!

And now we are focusing on what we really want to do in our marriage life together and it is very pleasure day by day.

To visualize our goal in each mind clearly and to believe in self to make our hope happen early future are our way of life.

Without worry, doubt and any negative ways of thinking, we just keep moving forward day by day...

Anyway I wish that every friend in this world can survive each life as one wants & needs every single day.

Because life is too short to look it back and I want to cherish each day with gratitude & benevolence for everything around us now!!^^
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David's friend at Portland, Oregon!
Today David & I visited his friend who lives at Portland in Oregon.

I met him about 2 years ago for the first time and I became to like him naturally.

David & he knows each other for many years and he is kind & generous for us.

After we stayed at Astoria, we went to his place by driving a car to stay his place.

To staying his place is the second time & to see him was my pleasure today but I was a little nervous to see him again.

Because when I met him for the first time, David & he started to talk very quick speed of native English and I couldn't understand their conversation less than 10% at that time.

But after to be David for a while, my ears became to train to listen to his English day by day and today's seems to be a TEST how much I can listen to their conversation of normal speed in English.

So I started to listen to their talking carefully and I am so relieved to know that I could understand what they were talking mostly at this time!!

And we wen to take a walk around his home and it was nice time for all of us.

His friend was very kind to us as usual and he took us a healthy cafe for dinner.

And yesterday was David's birthday and he said to us, "This is my treat tonight!" when we tried to pay our foods.

David looked so surprised at his offer that he didn't do that thing to David before and this was the first time!

But just we were so grateful for his offer that we said to him, "Thank you for your treat & kindness!" with smile.

We didn't expect him to treat our dinner at all but I felt that it is his expression of love & friendship for us.

At the healthy café, we had a nice time together for a while...A LOT!

And to talk to David's friend is like unlimited and we kept talking so much.

I am so happy that I could understand their conversation better than before and sometimes I could join their talking by my English.

They are my ENGLISH teacher and they are so kind to me that maybe they talked slower than usual & used easier English than normal for me...but I felt relieved to be able understand their English today anyway...^^

I became to like him more & better than before.

To understand David's friend is my pleasure and I really love this visit with David again...

Also his friend & I have a common habit of YOGA and it is important for us in our daily life now.

But anyway, I am very happy to watch David's happy smile with his friend today A LOT!^^

Friends of David are very wonderful people usually and I can become to like them after meeting & talking them always.
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Great meeting at Astoria, Oregon!
David & I stayed at Astoria in Oregon for celebration of David's birthday last night.

And we woke up in this morning with nice smile and we went to the lounge to have a coffee together.

We just started to talk a stranger spontaneously as usual as David.

And we talked more than 1 hour together just we met for the first time.

David & I could feel so much nice feelings of this couple and we exchanged each contact after our conversation.

David & he has a similar common experience in Alaska and we really had a nice talking A LOT anyway.

To talk new strangers can make our new friends easily and got great atmosphere together to start NEW DAY today!

And we came back to enjoy organic coffee to start new day for David at "Blue Scorcher Café" at Astoria again.

To start with new & great people with organic coffee can bring us a happy day today, too!

Anyway, I am so happy that David looks so happy that he can start with his new age from yesterday through this trip at Astoria in Oregon...^^

Travelling with David can bring us a refresh & new energy inside both of us anyway and I love trip with him...

And life is looks like "TRAVEL" of our spirit and we want to cherish our travel of our spirit together from now on!
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David's birthday in Astoria
Today is David's 56th birthday.

And he doesn't look different from yesterday's David at all for me.

But for David, before & after his birthday, he can feel something different from usual.

To cherish every single day as much as possible, every day is very special for me.

To enjoy THIS DAY as special as not being taken for granted, I can enjoy today with gratitude & benevolence with David.

He always love me with kindness & generosity and I am so thankful that I can feel so much love from him at anytime.

Especially he looks so happy that he became new age with LOVE & SMILE better than yesterday.

Last week, suddenly I decided to have a short trip in Oregon that I want to celebrate his birthday somehow.

And I found a nice staying place & a great organic bakery & café to bring him with my love.

After 3 hours & a half drive from our living place, we could find an organic bakery café "Blue Scorcher Bakery & Café" to take a rest for a while.

Around 14:00 in the afternoon, many customers were sitting to eat lunch menu there.

Great atmosphere of this café with friendly service, we really had a wonderful time with organic tea.

David really love bread and we got a nice organic bagguete for him.

Usually we eat organic brown rice as our meal but he really love bread.

To eat bread (gluten) so much is not good for our body and I don't want to take so much gluten with wheat at all.

But today is David's birthday and I want him to enjoy his favorite taste to celebrate something special.

Anyway, for me, birthday is not be celebrated with someone to express my gratitude for my life from my birth to today.

But for David, I want to express my gratitude & love for his existence & birth in this world so much.

Without him, I don't now how I can live from now on.

But to be with him, I can feel to do anything with his love for me & my love for him always & forever.

So just I am so thankful for his existence itself and I really want to say "THANK YOU FOR DAVID'S LIFE" today... A LOT!!^^
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Slow day
Today I woke up early as usual but my body doesn't feel better than before.

I started to meditate for my TODAY with David but my body doesn't feel something different from usual myself.

And I decided to let myself be slower than usual without doing too much for me.

I usually want to do something more & better than before and I sometimes forget to take a rest.

Then my body & mind became tired after my whole energy burn out and I realized how I needed to take myself a rest more.

I did my YOGA as usual routine but I tried to do more carefully than my daily one.

And I could feel much better after my YOGA and I tried to let myself use lower gear than usual.

I don't want David to worry about me too much and I need to control my energy not to use too much.

And my body & mind tend to make in haste but it is not good for myself at all.

David watches & cares for me so much and maybe he can understand me more than myself.

And I trust his way of looking at myself these days and I want to grow up more & better than before not to make him worry about me too much anymore.

I am doing my best and today is the day before David's birthday.

I got a nice present and it is delivered today before his birthday fortunately.

So I hope that he will enjoy my birthday present for me later.

And just I want to be myself as I am today slowly....

To do my best is my way of living every day but my best is changing every single day so I need to adjust myself as I am today.

I am learning how I can adjust myself day by day and David's love is so helpful for me and I really appreciate with his kindness & generosity.^^

I wish that he will finish his final day of his age today to start his new age from tomorrow as he is...

With his existence, I can feel happiness & content with myself and just I am thankful his birth in this world every day, not only his birthday...
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Today David took me outlet shopping mall in Seattle.

It is located about 30 minutes from our living area and it is very close to us.

David wanted to see his friends who lives near the outlet mall and just I wanted to wait for his time with his friends at outlet shopping mall for a while.

He dropped me in front of the main area and he started to drive to his friend's place.

We promised to see at a shop after 2 hours so I just wanted to look around some shops.

But today many my favorite shops offered discount price and I wanted to get some nice items for David's birthday soon.

He called me that he wanted to be with his friends more time than 2 hours and we decided to see our meeting point after 2 hours and a half actually.

So I had enough time to look around and I had great items with nice price for David & myself.

I had no intention to buy so many things but I bought more than I thought.

I didn't need so much items because I have enough clothes and fashion items at home already.

But this week, David threw many old his clothes away to clean up his staffs before his birthday.

So I want to get something new for David as his new age soon...

After I saw our meeting place, David seemed to be surprised at my shopping bags.

But I got nice discount items and discount cost was much more than my payment cost.

I didn't buy too much at all and everything was good fit for David and he really loved all items which I bougt for him today.

To look his happy smile is my pleasure and I really enjoyed shopping today by myself.

Some Chinese women talked to me in Chinese because my face looked like a Chinese to native Chinese.

But I don't mind how look I am to foreigners at all and just I smiled to them and said, "I am Japanese!".

Anyway I had a nice time for shopping after many months ago and David had a wonderful time with David after 2 we enjoyed each time at different way.

To share with each experience can bring us a fresh energy each other and we are really happy for each other today!^^

Now YEN became a little higher than before so it is a nice timing for shopping for me anyway...^^
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Sunshine & blue sky!
Today it is really nice weather with sunshine & clear blue sky fortunately.

After long days of rain & cloudy in winter season, David & I really miss beautiful sky & warm sunshine like today.

David has a little break to start his new things before birthday in this week and we can be together.

And he suddenly took me "Magnuson Park Beach" after his errands at University district in this afternoon.

This park is really great view with Lake Washington & Mt. Reinier and we took a walk together with nice wind & great nature.

Many birds took a rest on the grass & a little cold wind could touch our cheeks tenderly & softly.

Anyway David's spontaneous idea to come this great park was very good time for us.

David wanted to throw his old staffs away at our home yesterday & today and the cleaning of his gave us so nice energy inside.

To look at clean & neat place at home every day can bring us so comfortable that our heart can feel wonderful at anytime.

And to feel nature in this Magnuson Park Beach can bring us so much pure & clean energy inside of our hearts each other.

Nature is wonderful and we love it so much!

Soon many cherry blossom trees will show us so many beautiful flowers that we will enjoy spring season actually more together.

In Japan, early cherry blossom started to blossom these days...especially my hometown at Shizuoka pref.

And soon also in Japan, many cheery blossom can bring great lovely flowers' beauty for Japan soon...^^

Always nature is as it is and they look to teach us how to live as we are naturally with pure heart & clear mind as well as possible...

I wish you will enjoy spring season with smile & love at your favorite place in this world soon!! ^^
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The power of cleaning!
When David & I started to clean old staffs to throw away as much as possible, our living space became so clean & neat.

And our heart became clearer than before and we had a nice time to clean up many old things.

We want to live simply as less as our materials own and we don't own so many materials in our living space already.

When David to moved to this place, his friend asked David, "Have you just moved today or are you living already for a while??" after he checked David's room.

Because we don't bring in so much materials into our living space and his friends wonder we are living actually this amount of materials.

Whenever David & I visited someone's house, we felt how much people own so many materials at living space that we don't need & want at all.

And I tried to throw many things away as much as possible after we moved.

Sometimes David wanted to keep some old staffs which he doesn't need & use at all now.

But I asked him whether David uses them from now in our future or not always.

Some old staffs which I wanted him to throw away immediately seem that David wants to keep anyway...

In Japan, "Cleaning has a power to get new energy" we tend to think recently and some women became so famous that cleaning skill can make people happy somehow.

To keep old materials with attachment is not good for our mind & body, I agree with the theory of cleaning.

And to own many things is waste of money & energy to get more or to keep somehow.

In this world, we have nothing to own when our body die.

Even our bodies, we have to return to this world someday.

All materials are expression of economic & material world for me and I don't keep any attachment for everything.

To have attachment for anything tend to increase more attachment to this world and I don't like the way of living at all.

I love to live simply as monk life.

Little by little, David looked to understand my way of thinking to adjust our marriage life.

And I am so grateful that he has very flexibility to adjust my way of thinking recently.

To clean his old staffs today has just started spontaneously as he needs and I am so happy to do it together today.

David will be a new age in this week soon and I want him to start with clean & pure atmosphere at home at his new age anyway.

And today's cleaning energy can bring us so great energy that we are going to move forward obviously.

In this afternoon, we could take a walk together as we wanted and it was a wonderful time again.

To clean up our living space & to keep our body at healthy state are very essential part of our marriage life.

Plus we meditate every morning to start NEW DAY every day and this habit can let us be happy sooooo much somehow...

To start with nice energy can give us huge advantage to start THIS DAY and we are going for better way as each day goes on...^^

I wish you can start TODAY as you like with smile as much as possible

If we can feel "TODAY IS HAPPY" and everyday we can be happy easily, can't we??^^
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What a beatfiul world!
Today David & I got up earlier than before to go downtown Seattle.

And I had a nice time by myself at this organic café "storyville"to wait for him for a while.

He wanted to do something without me with his friends and I just had a seat with organic tea there.

This café is open from 7:00 a.m. in the morning and I was the 1st customer today.

And this café was so great atmosphere that I really became to love this café the best in SEATTLE.

To have organic coffee at home is David's daily habit but I don't have any coffee at home at all.

I liked the taste of coffee before but I love organic herbal tea the best now.

But at organic café, just I can enjoy the organic coffee just for tasting of David's coffee.

Anyway, many people can feel so much happiness at this café that the atmosphere of happiness can let me feel happier than my own happiness...A LOT!

I wish that everyone can enjoy TODAY's happiness with your favorite person at favorite place as much as possible.

Music selection was fancy, all staffs were friendly and everything was my favorite essence in this café!

To wait David was not so long time that I could stay there more by myself.

To see a nice view of sea on Sunday morning, many guests came to have a coffee & breakfast here and there.

There were many types of chairs and all guest looked to enjoy own time this café.

And after David came back to me, we really had a wonderful time together.

Almost 4 hours I could stay at this "storyville" café, but I couldn't feel the time at all.

To feel comfortable at a café with DAVID is nice time to enjoy my lifetime.

Seattle has so many cafes that many originality & tastes here and there.

Some successful cafes has some nice atmosphere & great hospitality, I can feel.

Today I found my best organic café in Seattle and this café has another locations, too.

David & I talked with nice staff about another branches of this cafe before leaving.

So we are looking forward to having another café time someday at different location.

To enjoy café time is the favorite time with David and I am so happy today.

Because life is too short and I think that "GO FORWARD!" without looking back to past every single day with smile!^^
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Life is travel!
Life is like a journey of my sprit.

And I believe that my soul will never die after my body's function stop in this world.

Also I believe the reincarnation of our souls and our spirits cannot stop be alive at anywhere in this world.

This world is expanding at any single moment.

And this huge universe is unlimited existence and it is beyond our understanding.

But I can feel myself inside somehow through my body's sense every day.

Sometimes the sensation of body can support my spiritual feelings inside but sometimes it may disturb my pure sensation of my soul.

I cannot feel anything without my body's sensation and it is important to understand myself every day.

And the sensation can teach me how I feel inside constantly.

To keep my body & mind in peace & calm is my essential part of my life.

Because as YOGA's teaching says, our body is not ours and it needs to treat like a "HOLY SHRINE".

So I want to cook for David & myself each meal as our offerings to our sincere body & mind.

Without negative way of thinking & feelings, we can enjoy each time to offer our organic meals to ourselves.

And it is important time for both of us.

Today we started TODAY with sunshine after rainy & cloudy days after nice meditation time anyway.

To meditate with noble silence & peaceful self is bring us great energy inside, I am sure of it day by day.

Especially, I can feel so much energy with gratitude & benevolence and just I am so happy to have TODAY without any worries.

Our way of thinking can bring us REALITY sooner or later, so I throw all my negative things away somewhere.

Only my positive thought can bring my REALITY as I visualize and this RULE is completely true.

To believe or not, it is up to you.

But through my experience, I am learning this "RULE OF UNIVERSE" day by day.

So I just want to enjoy my spirit's journey of my body at this present moment.

And someday my soul will finish my travel in this world, and I won't regret anything in this world at that moment.

That's why I cherish this day with benevolence & gratitude without being taken today for granted.^^

I wish you will have a GREAT THIS DAY with your smile & love as much as you can...

BE HAPPY for all beings in this whole world!!^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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