Skype with my parents in JAPAN
Tonight, David & I had a great day together just before David's new beginning of his work from tomorrow.

And we had an appointment with my parents in JAPAN to talk through SKYPE at night. (for my parents at noon in Japanese time)

Before connecting of SKYPE, we had a little trouble to connect with my parents' SKYPE for a while but finally we started to talk together.

It was after long months after we talked each other through SKYPE and we really enjoyed talking each other.

When we talk to them, we can let my parents know through the camera of SKYPE how we are happy together now.

And through our communication, we can enjoy talking each other for a while with relaxation & peaceful condition.

David wanted to talk something to my parents in JAPAN to start new position of his work from tomorrow and I am very proud of his effort.

And he will do his best as he does and I just want to support him as I do.

Before his new beginning on February, he could have a whole week holidays to get ready for it.

And we really enjoyed having a nice week together and talked a lot each other how we think every single day.

To let David's mind clear needs this 1 week to motivate his heart for his new start of his work from tomorrow and it seemed to work well for him.

And the end of his holiday, we could talk to my parents through SKYPE each other and he looked so clear than he could feel nice motivation to move forward with confidence & strength in his heart.

To let my parents know how we love each other is precious & important time because my parents must worry about us.

But they seemed to be happy how we are happy together now!!

To let my parents relieved is good timing tonight to talk each other for a while with smile & laughing!

And I will do David's head massage just before his sleep tonight to let his sleep well & deep for tomorrow.

Today is the final day of January in 2016.

Already 1 month in this new year passed so quickly that next 11months will pass soon...

I really want to cherish each day with benevolence & compassion with David from now on.

And we had a nice time together in David's 1 week holiday A LOT and we will be albe to start tomorrow in new February with smile & positive way of thinking, for sure!^^
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Wonderful parks!
Today we woke up later than usual but it was cloudy & chilly outside to get out from our home.

So we had a nice time at home for a while.

But I wanted to take a walk so I offered David to go for a walk somewhere.

He though that something new place for me to take a walk today.

And then he brought me "Discovery Park" and this park is familiar for us.

But today, we parked another location to take a walk at different way and we could feel the different & new feeling at the same park.

This is our memorial park to decide to marry each other and we could enjoyed watching a great view from the seaside with cold wind.

Just a little bit, we could find blue sky above us but our minds became so clearer than before.

And then we came back to his car and he suddenly took me another park which I really wanted to visit with David.

The park was "Olympic Sculpture park" and it was very artistic & wonderful view near the seaside at downtown Seattle.

Many people looked to enjoy watching a great view near the beach & wonderful sculptures at each park with someone & dogs and also we had a nice time together.

To explore new places together & enjoy a great time of walking can bring us pure & clear mind each other.

To feel the nature is our favorite thing and we really love taking a walk.

This week is very special for David because from the next Monday (1st of February) he are going to start a new training at new position.

He seemed to be exciting for it but at the same time he is thinking about it all the time.

I want him to feel relaxation in his holidays as much as possible just before his new beginning at work.

So I just want him to enjoy his holidays as he wants.

I cook for him to let him feel relaxation in peaceful mind at home as well as possible and it is my pleasure.

To heal his body & mind by my cooking is my fun & enjoyable task every single day.

To eat organic foods as much as possible means to make our body & mind at stable & peaceful condition every day.

I just keep cooking for him with LOVE & compassion to let our daily life keep in peace with benevolence.

To eat well on healthy organic diet is our first priority in our marriage life because we want to enjoy our life longer together.

To laugh each other & to love more and better are our pleasure...^^

Anyway today has passed so quickly that we will never forget today's fun & smile each other.

To pile such a wonderful day will be one part of our history day by day...

I appreciate with David's love for me today, too...and I am so lucky to be with him every day.

So I am doing my best to love him more and more!
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Great friend!
Today we met David's friend after a while.

She knows David more & longer than me and I am so exciting to see her again.

At the beginning of this week, she called to David suddenly.

And he has a holiday in this whole week before his next begging of new position in February fortunately.

So we wanted to see her in his holidays somehow.

She is very busy lady but she suddenly called to David in this morning to see us during her working time to take a tea time.

She suggested this cafe"Red Twig" at Edmonds and we went there on time.

Soon she came to there and we started to talk each other.

To know each present situation & issue were very good communication to understand each other better.

This time is the 3rd time to see her for me that I realized how much I could understand her English better than before.

To train my ears in English every single day in the U.S.A. can let me understand her native English today.

Sometimes she asked me, "Do you understand me?" kindly and I said, "YES!!" with smile.

I am very happy that her English can easily to hear of my ears to understand her all messages to us.

Her all experience in whole life & great friendship between David & her let me understand her better & more than before.

And all her words to David & me could bring my heart in peace & better motivation naturally with kindness & generosity to move forward with David today.

I realized how great true friendship & nice relationship can bring us enrich & abundant in deep level of our hearts.

Nothing will matter to me that we are living in different way of life to keep wonderful friendship.

To remember my true friendship in this world can let me motivate to move forward to better way with warm feeling inside of my mind.

I am happy with David and his great friends in Seattle now and I never feel to be isolated & lonely here at all.

So just I wish that all my friends in this world be happy every single day with smile & Blessing as much as possible from my bottom of my heart...even we cannot see often each other. ^^
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Simple & minimum life
I'd like to live simply with minimum materials.
Because to consume more materials is waste of my time & energy.

To get more materials will let me get more attachment for them.
I want let my attachment go as much as possible and I don't own so much things in my life.

Because we cannot own anything in my mind after my body die.
And before I was born in my life, I have nothing in my hand to own in this material world.

So before & after my body die, I will not own anything in this world actually.
To experience in my life will let my spirit learn how to polish myself for better way.
And my spirit will keep learning for another next life if my spirit will not be able to get leaning enough in this life.

To do something in my life is my lesson how to love & enjoy my lifetime.
To enjoy my lifetime is not indulge in pleasure-loving things at all.

To learn YOGA through my body & mind every single day and to concentrate my mission to make use my skills are my pleasure in my life.
Because it is what I really want to do in my life.

I don't have any time to waste of lifetime & energy to use extra things anymore.
To BE as KEIKO MASUDA is the best priority in my life, I realized so strongly in my mind to confirm how to live from now on.

To start with peaceful state with YOGA and then I am doing my best today.
All I can do in my life is everything.
And each day will give me some lesson how to live with benevolence.

I'd like to grow up better way as I AM to bring this world in peace...
If everyone can feel peaceful mind in this world, how this world will be better place more than now.

So I try to contribute what I really want to bring in this world anyhow.

To share with my YOGA, Detox program and healthy cooking are my skills now.
So I am trying to share with someone who needs my skills in this world little by little, day by day.

At first, I'd like to bring my peaceful heart at the closest partner DAVID every single day as I am...^^
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Many thinkings
After we visited David's Dad, we talked a lot about our life together.
David's Mom passed away in the end of 2014 and many things changed after that.

Of course, David's Dad became alone to live but he became stronger than before spiritually.
And he seemed to get ready for being with GOD someday and it let me feel so hard & tough.

To get older until each death means to let us think how to live NOW...
But I felt that Dad looked in hurry to clean up his property & belongings and to want somebody get them.

How does David's Dad feel & think after his Mom passed away for last 1 year and 5 months??
And how did David's Mom feel & think before she passed away on her bed??

I could feel my peaceful state of my mind with DAD at his living space because Mom's spirit are watching & protecting him still now.
Dad cleaned Mom's clothes etc. already but he looked to be able to her love at there...

But David & I really miss Mom but she was not alive in this world anymore and we need to focus on our each life.
To keep going on with many memories of Mom can let us strong enough to encourage our movement of passion.

To make our each life use of doing what we really want are very very important until our bodies die.
We have no prediction what will happen to us we need to focus on THIS DAY how to live by flowing our passion.

To visualize our near future as it will happen actually & to focus to get our GOAL clearly in each heat can facilitate our TODAY.

Not to look back of PAST too much but to keep moving forward with benevolence of self & others is my first priority in my life.
To overcome sorrow & weakness of self and to get my GOAL into my hand as a VICTORY are my homework.

To love DAVID and myself through his Mom's & Dad's love is precious to me, too.
So at first, I will start my TODAY with YOGA to keep my mind & heart in peace for everything.
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To vsist Dad's place & Mom's grave
Today David and I decide to visit his Dad's place and Mom's grave together.

We checked the weather of our way road to there and it will not be closed with so much snow in the mountain today fortunately.

After today, it will start to snow again and today looks the best timing to visit there together.

After long days of rainy days, we can see clear blue sky & great sunshine all way long to Dad's place.

More than 4 hours, we took a time to arrive at Dad's place in Richland.

Because we dropped at David's Mom's grave to pray for her today.

Her grave is still covered with a little snow and we couldn't find her gravestone.

But we know where it is certainly and we prayed for MOM for a while together.

And then we could feel so nice inside through this visit to her after her Mom's funeral service....

We really miss Mom and love her still now but we cannot let ourselves sink deep loss & sadness about her loss too much.

Dad is waiting for our visiting and we started to drive again.

We had a nice time together to talk a lot until his sleeping time.

We had a nice dinner together at fancy restaurant "Frost Me Sweet" with smile & lost of talking.

But we usually start to sleep around 7:00-8:00 p.m. at night and I felt sleepy after dinner suddenly.

Anyway we had a nice time together to talk each other for a while but after 4-5 hours driving, I was pretty tired.

I didn't drive a car at all but I kept sitting on the side seat all way long and it was too much stress for whole my body.

Just I need to take a rest enough and sleep well tonight to listen to my body's need & voice naturally.

But we have to visit David's elder brother's house to stay at their place tonight, so I wonder what time I am going to start to sleep tonight.><
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Oatmeal milk
I found a nice recipe to make "Oatmeal milk" in internet a few days ago.

After soaking organic oatmeal in a water for 1 night and then I mixed well by mixer well.

And then I separated the pulp of oatmeal and the oatmeal milk by using "SARASHI" (thin cotton napkin in Japanese for cooking to drain water of foods).

I could make the organic oatmeal milk easily and simply!

Normally, for vegetarian cooking, many recipes are using soy milk instead of milk for creamy taste.

But to take in so much soy milk is not good for body and I made "Oatmeal milk" to use my cooking.

I will use for my cooking today to make "white sitew" for DAVID.

To make a white source, this organic oatmeal milk is very useful, I think.

Also the pulp of oatmeal (after squeezing the milk), I can use for cooking to make some cookies & cakes.

To use organic oatmeal milk is very healthy way and I really like it!

Also David will like it, too...

Today the weather became a nice shinny day without rain finally!

I felt so much cheerful energy to start my day and I will take a walk today later after my cooking.

To start a day with wonderful energy and gratitude is very great for me.

And I am so thankful for everything around me today and I am so happy to start today with happiness & gratitude! ^^
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Again rainy day!
When I woke up in this early morning, I heard of the sound of rain outside again...

The weather forecast says 100% of rain today and I am not complaining about this weather at all.

Next a few days, rainy days will continue but I don't mind.

Today I got a nice message who worked together in Izu-island together...(about 12 years ago!!) fortunately!

But I like the person when I worked together and we have contact each other sometimes.

We couldn't see each other about for last 8 years but we can connect with e-mail.

To know each present situation sometimes is very wonderful for me.

He is older than me and his age is closer to my Dad but we have a nice friendship still now.

And we sent some messages each other when I wanted to know his recent situation.

Always he gave me a nice message and it encourage me for better way.

Our friendship is beyond age & generation but I like his personality.

Before I finished working YOJOEN at Nagano pref. in JAPAN, he visited me with his wife after long driving from his home at Izu-island.

We talked each other then and we can keep nice relationship still now.

I am very thankful his kindness & great heart and I felt my heart warmer than before after I read his message today.

His message gave me a wonderful impression to let me go forward as I want and I am so happy to start today!

Some friends in this world are my true treasure as they are and I really miss them in Seattle.

But we can contact each other through internet sometimes even though we cannot see each other so often after I moved to Seattle.

All my true friends can connect my depth of my heart so strongly and tenderly that I will do my best TODAY as I can.

My friends enjoy each own life style at each place now so I want to enjoy myself when I will see them again someday!

To cherish my daily life is the best priority in this year to enrich my life with DAVID.

So I will cook something nice for him today, too!

And then I will start something of my mission by myself to make use of this rainy day today...^^

Great connection with true friends can give me a great energy to feel myself how to live today!

I wish all of them will enjoy their own life with Blessing & happiness always & forever!!!
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Vegetable cookies
Recently I cooked vegetable sweets for David.

I used organic agave syrup, maple syrup and (sometimes) honey for sweetness.

But David likes to eat my sweets at his working place every day and I worry about him because he took so much sweetness every day.

Sometimes we can enjoy sweetness but not every day is better for us.

So these days I didn't use any sweetness for his cookies.

I steamed organic sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots with a pinch of salt to pull their sweetness out naturally.

And then I mused it just after I steamed them usually.

So organic vegetables can be sweet enough to use for my vegetable cookies and cakes.

And I usually use organic dried fruits (raisons, apricots, figs & prunes) for sweetness, and their sweetness are very soft and tender taste.

Sometimes I used organic dates for cooking, not so often...because dates' sweetness is very sweet for me.

Organic dates are very sweet and I used it for azuki beans, black beans & red beans to add the sweetness.

In Japan, sweet baked beans are popular for sweets and it called "ANKO" (sweet beans paste).

And I love it but usually ANKO is used sugar for the sweetness but I don't want to use it at all.

Sugar has addiction and it is very bad to take in our bodies...especially refined white sugar is TOXIN for our bodies.

But David likes sweets very much so I made non-sugar sweets for his good health.

The organic steamed vegetables are enough to feel the natural sweetness and David looked to enjoy it these days.

So I will try to cook another sweets for him as healthy recipes by my intuition.

To arrange my cooking every day is my pleasure & fun for me.

To let David surprise at my new sweets is very useful to know his impression and I can explore another taste next time.

So my cooking menus are not the same at all and every single meals are my experimental way.

Recently we got a nice organic Japanese pumpkin (Kabocha in Japanese) so I can enjoy cooking to arrange it every single day!

Happy feelings & love can transfer my cooking and all my dises will enrich our bodies and mind every day to feel happiness more than yesterday, I believe so strongly always.

Cooking is my expression for my gratitude & love for everything around us today.^^
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Credit card
Today I found that my credit card charged annual fee about 100$ a year.

I thought that my payment through this credit card enough not to pay the membership fee a year.

But I found it that every September I paid 100$ a year for this membership fee for last a few years!!

It was very ridiculous for me that I decided to cancel this credit card as soon as possible.

And I found that my credit card got some points after my shopping.

So I checked this credit card's point and I got something nice for free.

And then, I could cancel this credit card without any regret anymore.

Anyway I felt very lucky that I found this ridiculous thing today not I felt O.K. for it now.

To have some credit card is not useful for shopping so I will use another credit card to add shopping points together.

Sometimes, I could get nice items for free to use the credit card's points recently.

I am very lucky to get them without using any money...

To pay the membership of credit card's fee will stop paying for it anymore...

It is raining all day long and I give up going outside I could find this lucky things anyway...

And I won't pay extra payment for membership fee soon...^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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