The end o October!
Today is the end of October, it is Halloween day.

Already 10 months have already passed in this year it means 2 months remain in 2014.

How quickly time runs in this year!

How do you feel your 10 months in this year and how are you going to have your next 2 months to connect new year soon??

Today I got a new message from MAYA calender by friend's facebook.

it shows us "the energy to act as go-between & death and come to life again".(橋渡しの力&死と再生)

To release attachment (執着) for anything can let you set free, I can feel.

Not to own materials so much but to have something simply to live let me so much happy with cocntent every day.

Around our world, many influence of economy and they advertise us to buy more & new every day.

But it can bother our true need inside of heart and it give us fake & illusion to our hearts.

I am not interested in any materials to own more & new than before at all.

To decorate outside of myself is usuless & helpless to satisfy my true mind.

Outside of my heart, nowhere my happiness & satisfacion exist at all.

If we can focus on true happiness inside of heart to listen to your true need & hope, naturally you can find true happiness inside silently.

The noble silence in peace of your heart can not be disturbed by anyone & anything in this world.

If you can built true content with peaceful mind silently, your heart can feel peace & happiness every single moment, for sure!

To let your life simply can give you so much time to concentrate your life obviously.

Also to release any attachment for others & materials can let you be as YOU ARE as a true meaning in life.

If your heart can assert your honest opoinion on yourself with passion & pure heart, your life will be getting better & better day by day.

I trust this strong affermation to say "everything is getting better and better every day!" to make my life as I say.

Because my life is getting better & better for positive way actually, because my affermation of words can give me so much energy as I wish.

And whole energy of universe can support me as I want and I can feel the natural & tender flow for me.

Just I am thankful for this gentle energy for me as it flows and just I enjoy letting my flow on this natural wave.

With David's love & deep undestanding for me, I can feel nice energy to do by myself inside silently.

I really enjoy the rest of this year for next 2 months.

It will pass so quickly to the new year that I just chrish my days as well as possible with graditude for everything aorund me.

And I wish you can enjoy your next 2months from today to connect with better new year of 2015!

New year will come to us pretty soon, let's move on your woderful flow as you hope, shall we??
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The limit of life
A few days ago, one old lady passed away in my neiborhood suddenly.

She happened to cerebral infarction suddenly and she went to a hospital these days.

But although some treatments for her at the hospital, her body became not to work anymore.

I don't know her so well but all neiborhoods know her and just we pray for the repose of her soul.

And our neiborhoods always cooperate for neiborhood's funeral service.

It is natural custom around here and Dad & Mom support them somehow.

I think that some people die today and some babies were born every single day.

It it natural flow of life and we can not control someone's limitation of life at all.

We are helpless for someone's life but mostly we want precious people to live as long as possible, it is natural wish.

And all beings has limitation to live until death and nobody knows the end.

Death does not worry & fear at all for me, because it is our fate of life.

After I was born in this world, someday I will say good bye for this world to return my body to this earth.

Life & death (生死) are just the alternative side of one life.

Everyday we have some possibility to die by sudden accident or happenings of disaster, but today I can survive safely.

So at the end of TODAY, I want to apprecaite today's Blessing naturally.

And at the beggining of every morning, I want to be thanful for new start of day fortunately.

My life can not exist by myself at all, I feel my life is made use of something huge energy in this universe's flow.

I am just one part of this universe, I can feel so.

So just I want to cherish my life today as well as possible.

I want to say "Thank you for today's my life" so much every single day.

I don't think it is not taken for granted to have TODAY at all.

So with my gratitude for today's life, I really want to make use of my life for somegthing which I really want to do by my leaning for better world with passion.

I believe that YOGA & my DETOX program are my misson for this world from now on.

To do them is my pleasure so I want to keep my lifework with DAVID's love forever.

How do you cherish your TODAY??

I hope you can cherish your life as much as possible until death with smile & love always.
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Mukago (Baby of Dioscorea japonica)
Many buds of Dioscorea japonica (Japanese "Yamaimo") dropped at garden of parents' house.

I don't know from when the Dioscorea Japonica come out in the garden but somehow it became to grow.

The buds of them are called "Mukago" in Japanese and they are very tasty.

When I lived in the mountain of Nagano pref before, I picked up the buds of Dioscorea japonica at natural forest.

To pick them at seasonal time is very important to eat.

Because they tend to drop down easily on the ground as their taste is the best timing.

So each bud , we need to pick up before they start to drop down.

Today, Dad found the buds on the ground A LOT and I started to pick them up to eat.

Many buds of Dioscorea japonica ("Mukago") is nice taste for autumn of mountain.

And just I baked all of them in the oven with a little salt and it was very nice!!

Just natural taste of them made me so happy that I remember the same taste which I ate at Nagano pref. before.

The outlooking of the buds ("Mukago") are very cute & lovely.

I love the looking and taste so much!

In autumn, many great foods can give us wonderful taste of harvest by Blessing.

Today I ordered new rice of my frined who made as organic rice by hand-made.preciously.

I really appreciate with her great effort to make it in this year.

So I am really looking forward to eat her rice in November soon.

In autumn season , we can have many tasty foods which I love so much!

So I love this season and also I love spiring in a year.

How about yout autumn??

I wish you can enjoy this tasty season with Blessing as much as possible!
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Expensive teeth
During my stay in Japan, I am caring for treatment of teeth completlely.

I have many decayed teeth to treat so now I have to go to the dentist by medical treatment.

In the U.S.A, the doctor's fee for treatment of teeth is very very exensive and I want to finish all treatment of teeth.

And my front teeth needed to treat and my dentist suggested me to use better cover without insuramce.

The 2 covers of decayed teeth were more than 180,000 yen but my doctor gave me a little discount.

All my payment for my teeth was 150,000 by doctor's discout so I decided to use them.

If I use normal cover of teeth by insurance, the color would change worse later.

And front teeth will be conspiciuos and I decided to follow doctor's advice.

For me, the payment for teeth was so much expensive but I thought I came back to Japan to treat my decayed teeth like a big surgery.

And today, my new front teeth put on my front side of teeth and it looks better than before.

In Japan, decayed teeth tend to treat usually but in India decayed teeth don't care for treat at all.

But teeth let go as they are and some people's teeth just pull out, I was surprised the difference of way of thinking to treat teeth.

Anyway, my new front teeth came into my mouth today.

For me , it seemed expensive teeth but I want to use it carefully & preciously from today.

Teeth is very important to eat well every day, so I want to care for it by brushing my teeth every day.

How is your teeth??

I hope everyone can bite your nice teeth to enjoy the taste of foods as much as possible.
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Great friends of highschool
Last night I came back to my parents home from TOKYO at night but I woke up early morning to see my friend of highschool with my frined together.

Our common friends owns great salon of aroma therapy & Ayruveda massage by herself and I can see her after 22 years' my graduation of highschool!

Driving was so nice that we enjoyed a great view of autumn nature about 4 hours drive of half way!

Our friend had a great experience & leaning in the past and we talked a lot together at her salon.

Her salon located near the seaside at Hayama town in Kanagawa pref. and she looks to enjoy her life!

We cannot stop talking together and we had a really nice time together.

To seize each life by efforts by self and to keep moving forward are not easy but we can enjoy each challenge as we are.

Only 3 hours ,we could had a time together because we need to go back to home again for more 4 hours drive again.

Our friend treated us so well and she gave us a tastey tea & sweets and also she did us her special head massage with hand-made oil to remove our fatigue.

Her love & tender heart was amazing that her salon will develope more & more, I believe...

And also she gave us a special oil for souvenior and I really became to like her more than before.

To tell the truth, when I was a high school student I knew her name & face but I didn't talk to her at all.

But my frined took me to talk to her today to know each other well and I became to like her so much.

Her tenderness & great effort to enjoy her life by wonderful effort hit me and I felt her great heart & sensitive part of soul.

And her lovely smile & pure eyesight told me how she is alive by great spilit & love.

We promised to get together again and we started to go back to hometown SHIZUOKA.

Only short time we had together but it was precious time to share together, and it meant to me A LOT!

To talk together & to know each other are essential part of wonderful friendship, I can tell.

And to enjoy each life as each pace by effort & passion can let me so enegize to live for BETTER KEIKO as I am.

I want to grow up the worth person to keep this friendship from now on.

For my preciuos friends in this world, I want to say "See again someday soon !!"

And I wish all my friends' happiness with smile every day, and I am just looking forward to seeing each other again...
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Careless KEIKO!!
Today, I met my friend who is going to have our workshop together in November to make previous arrangements for it at tea time in TOKYO.

In this morning, I went to check the workshop place where will borrow us a nice rental space for us with old Japanese style atmosphere.

My friends was very busy weekdays & weekends but she showed me lovely smile again at our meeting today.

We had a nice talking together to get ready our workshop in next month and we said "See you again!" at Shinzuku staion.

I will take a highway bus at the west gate of Shinzuku.

Just before the time of riding bus about 15 minutes before, I checked my bus schedule on a bulletin borad but my bus was not there!!!

I checked my bus tichet and I found that my bus's departure was not here, it was south gate of Shinzuku!!


I was so surprised that I misunderstood my departure east gate & south gate completely!!

Only 15 minutes for my departure time of bus, so I started to run to my true gate...

I had a big staffs but I couldn't care about it at all, just I needed to run to catch my bus.

I ran & ran and I almost to vomit after running so hard but I could catch a bus finally just before the departure time about 2 minutes before!!

I ran and prayed not to miss my bus and just I kept runnnig so hard but Shinzuku station was so huge!!!

I had never run so hard recently that I realized my physical strength became weaker than before but I could catch a bus somehow...

I did do my best without giving up and GOD helped me, I felt.

Sometimes I did careless things unfortunately and it is my personality...and David knows my careless part A LOT!

I try to be careful not to be CARELESS KEIKO anymore but I did today....

I want to grow up better myself, I learned it today again...

Anyway, I was lucky to catch a bus at last and I just felt my fortune & lack not to miss my bus!!!

I had many experiences of careless and I want to reduce my careless part by my efforts...I hope I will be able to change!!

David will watch & protect me by his generousity & love all the time, I am so thankful for his understanding my careless part very very much!!

How about you??

I wish you have less careless things in your life, not like me!!
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New friend & great connection
Today, I promised to see again my YOGA friend who lives in TOKYO now.

She & I met at YOGA ashram in south INDIA about 6 years ago but we can connect of Facebook recently.

She is learning Macrobiotics now and she is teaching, too.

We have common interest of Organic vebetarian meals & Macrobiotic foods& YOGA each other and we could see again in this morning.

She introduce her teacher of Macrobiotics cooking and her teacher has great energy with passion so much!!

I realized how they have nice place to introduce Organic & Macrobiotic meals through theri activities together.

And we talked a lot in her teacher's special room for 3 hours.

Naturally I became to like her teacher & really enjoyed talking A LOT....

About her life & next project , my life of past and from now & my way of thought etc...we had a great time together...

Her teacher is also her boss and she owns her own company.

And I undestood that we have common passion to do next & now by Detox & Fasitng to spread organic Macrobiotic meals more & better....

And at last she told me "we will do our project together someday, maybe...", It made me so surprised but I am happy to hear her words today.

I am so exciting to do my mission not only by myself but also with them in the near future....

Great energy & miracle connection let me connect today through our YOGA friendsip.

I am so happy to connect with amazing fellows to do something great for this world....

Anyway, I am grateful this fortune meeting today with Blessing....

I wish we can see again soon to do common mission for this world by great cooperation someday!!
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Detox & YOGA program
Today I had a 1 day program for DETOX&YOGA at Nagoy in JAPAN.

My friends' cafe gave me this oportunity to do this today again.

Their cafe's name is "Yakusou labo TOGE".

And my friends' cooperation and their love gave me so much energy today again.

Last time was 2 weeks ago and it was FULL MOON DETOX & YOGA program then.

But today is special NEW MOON day and I am happy to do my program at this timing.

All guests were very friendly and they brought me so much energy naturally.

I was so looking forward to meeting them today and I am so glad to share my program fortunately.

Some participants knows me well but most guest met me for the first time today.

But soon we got closer as time goes by and 7 hours of my program passed so quickly.

My DETOX & YOGA program is very flexible and I can change my program how they need.

Today I arranged my program just a little bit and everyone seemed to enjoy it each other.

Their smile & great message for us let me so happy that I want to do my program again here at NAGOYA.

All participants requested me to do my program again and I really want to see them again someday.

Maybe my coming back to Japan will not sure but I will come back here to do my program if they need me again.

To share my true heart with passion and to express my honest thought can move somone's heart deeply.

I did do my best today and I am so happy to share my program with everyone that I felt just gratitude for everything around me.

To live here and to feel this happiness are just my pleasure and I am so thankful for all.

With my friends' cooperation, my program could have today and I appreciate their love and great support for me.

I am just thankful today and I am so happy to do this today.

To share my DETOX & YOGA program is my mission in this world, I realized it again today.

And I want to keep doing my program from now on.

For all participants with great energy & smile made me so happy and I was moved and cried a little.

Tears let me purify for DETOX and I don't mind at all.

Today's new moon is something special for me and I am just greatful for everything, just I want to say "Thank you so much for all!!" again and again.

To do my best today let me so energzie to do next and I am just happy for today's great connection & meeting with all of guest in my DETOX & YOGA program.

See you all of them and I wish their happiness & peaceful heart every day & forever!

Thank you so much, just I want to tell them again...

I hope you will enjoy your NEW MOON today with Blessing!
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How many hours or minutes can you wait someboy who is late for meeting time?

I will wait someone who is late for coming to see me by 1 hour.

Today my transportaition was late by concentrated traffic works about 1 hour to see my friend.

After I met her for the first time to learn YOGA in 2007, we could not see each other for last 7 years.

But I really like her and I wanted to see her so much.

I made my original macrobiotic's sweet for her today to give her today, so I was praying to wait for me even 1 hour was late of our meeting time.

Fortunately she waited for me for 1 hour with smile & generousity.

I am so glad to see her again and I felt so sorry for her because I kept her waiting so long.

But she was waiting and she didn't say any complains about my delay at all.

She is great YOGINI and I became to like her so much today.

Our way of thinking & worth of life seems similar, I relized it after we talked a lot for 2 hours.

And I didn't feel any distance of her heart even we had not seen for last 7 years.

Her smile were shining still now and her gentle heart is alwyas wonderful!!

To talk with her let me so cheer up and I got great energy inside of myself today.

She has a blight energy inside and her open heart & deep compassion for others was her advantage, I found it so much.

And our talking time passed so quickly like a wind and we promised to see again someday!

Her great generousity & wonderful heart shows her smile and I am greatful for her so much.

I just feel so much gratitude for her wonderful soul and I wanted to see her again after we separated at train station.

Great energy of friendship let me so happy and I am so lucky to see her again today.

Thank you for my great friends in this world....

All of my friends can give me great energy for me always.

In return, I want to do something for my wonderful freinds by my heart somehow....

Just I really appreciate with existence of all friends and I really want to see them again!!

I wish all of my freinds' happiness with Blessing every single day!
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How to enjoy your life?
Are you happy every day?

Do you enjoy your life truly?

Some people can enjoy life truly without any complain but others may not feel happy completely.

If you focus on some lack of life ,you can not feel happy obviously.

But if you focus on some contet of life, you can feel happy easily.

To find lack of unsatisfation can let you down and unhappy but to find happiness today let you happy easily.

Every day I want to start my new day with gratitude for all of surroundings of myself.

And I always feel happiness today with Blessing.

To live is not by myself at all , I feel I am lived by great energy beyond my understanding in this universe.

Huge & tremendous energy of flow in this universe let me alive somehow now.

Just I was born by my MOM fotunately and my life just started by accident & lack.

I want to enjoy my life as much as possible unti my body will be over someday.

Everyone has a destiny to die someday after we were born in this world, it is all beings' destiny.

But all life is not going to aim to death at all, just to seize today as one do the best is important, I think.

And to fulfill each life by effort is essential to enjoy life by self somehow.

Not by something & someone, you can not feel happy or find happiness at all.

To find your own happiness inside of heart deeply can let you happy today & forever.

I want to think anything for positive way.

Because many sorrow & sad things are around us unfortunatly but I don't focus on negative side of life at all.

To focus on positive side of this reality let me flow for positive way naturally , I can feel it recently.

To think positive way & to use my words by LOVE & RESPECT for others let me use my energy way to this univerese.

And I want to keep trying to my behaviors for better way with benevolence & compassion for others.

At first, to cherish myself and then I can cherish other's life & heart deeply with honest & sincerity.

So I want to use my energy for better & positive way as I wish and I just do my best every single day.

I don't want to waste of my life and energy at all.

Just I want to make use of my energy to use for better side in this world.

Only I can share myself to do my YOGA & DETOX program for others now.

Soon I will do my DETOX & YOGA program at NAGOYA in Japan again, so I am so looking forward to doing that soon.

And I hope that all participants of my program can enjoy my program as much as possible, just I will do my best as KEIKO is...

Only what I can do is doing my best, so I am doing as I is my mission with passion and it is my pleasure!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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