A little sick (ちょっと風邪気味?)
In this morning, I felt a little fever & big headache and my body was heavey & dull.

After long flight, jet lag remains still now and my sleeping time hasnot adjusted back to Japanese time yet.

Yesterday, I feel a little worse body's sense and today it became worse...

Just I need to sleep enough & take a rest enough and I tried to sleep again after I woke up early in this morning.

David tried to talk to me by SKYPE as usual but I cannot have enough body's energy to talk to him at all.

I explained my situation and he understood me so well and gave me a sleeping time today.

He always wants to talk to me by Skype every single day and today is his holiday.

I know how much he want to talk to me today but he gave me enough time to sleep.

I raally appreciate with his patience and love for me and I tried to take a rest enough to recover as soon as possible.

Today I have to go to the dentist in the evening so I did take a rest until noon.

To sleep long let me tired a little so I woke up in the afternoon to clean up my house to remodel my parents' house soon.

And after I woke up, I felt my body's recover a little better than this morning.

I drink an organic carrot & orange juice.

Not to eat during sick can recover soon, I know...so I tried to concentrate my recover without eating untii dinner.

After my dentist, I could feel better than before so I started to eat vegetables & soup a little.

And now I feel so sleepy after eating that this desire of sleeping tonight let me recover until tomorrow.

To concentrate to recover by mysefl is very precious time for me.

WIthout thinking too much. just I try to follow my body's need.

And I can feel that my body are changing for recovery little by little, and I can recover soon without medicine.

To recover from my little sick is enough to trust my energy of cure to heal by myself naturally.

How are you today??

In the middle of change of season, many people tend to get sick or catch a cold.

Please take care of yourself not to keep fatigue & stress as less as possible every day...

Today is the end of September , it means to start October tomorrow.

Only 3 months leave for us in 2014, I wish you will enjoy the days as you are!
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September will be over soon...
September has just 2 day only.

This month passed so quickly like a wind.

David's Mom passed awaly in the end of August & I decided to take part in her fueral and to support David for 20 days of my stay.

And I booked my flght ticket as soon as possible and I made the reservation just before 2 days my flight.

My arrival day in Seattle was 2 days before of David's Mom's funeral service.

And of coures my body remained so much fatigue & jet lag after long fligt from east side to west side beyond the International Date Line.

But I didn't want to show my fatigue for all guests & folks at her funeral service but my face might show it already.

Anyway I could meet so much David's folks & his old friends at the same time.

It was great time to let everyone know who is Keiko as David's wife for the first time.

We had no marriage celemony after marrriage and we don't want to have a wedding celemony & party at all.

So to introduce myself for David's folks & old friends was very important & preciuos time for David & me a lot.

Some folks told me "Welcome to Fry famly!" and it let me so happy.

I didn't change my surname after my marriage because all procedures seems to complicate for me.

To change surname means that I have to do all my passport, driver licencse, family register and name of bank accounts.

It will let me be unconfortable so I decide to use my name still after marriage as it is.

To change surname may let me feel to join a new famly of husband but id doen't matter for me at all.

The surface of change is meaningless for me.

To feel deep & steady change of our marriage is important of not visible part but unvisible one, I belive.

I change a lot after I got married with DAVID so much.

We got married on 5th Dec in 2012, it was my hometown at Shizuoka city in Japan.

My Dad & Mom didn't know our decision at all until just before the day of our marriage.

Maybe we let them be surprised at our choice unexpectedly but they accepted it by their understanding.

David talked how he loves KEIKO in front of my parents with his fluent Japanese so much.

And then they signed each signature on our marriage certification and we became a fomal marriage couple finally.

Mom cried spontaneously with David's talking when I was not with her.

I will never forget that situation forever.

It happened just 1 year and a half ago.

At the same time,for only 1 year & 5 months , David's Mom and I had a time together.

She treated me as a real daughter and she loved me so much as David's wife from the beginning.

And she knew that we are the best conbination each other immediately and she celebrated our marriage with deep understanding & love so much.

David's Mom has a sterngh of heart & deep faith of piety and she is very spiriutal person.

We couldn't talk so much and had no time to spend together but we knew each other in deeper level of each mind beyond words...

To love David means to show my faith & belife for his Mom & Dad through our marriage life until die, I think.

So September is only today & tomorrow, it means only 3 months remain in this year!!

I don't want to waste of my lifetime at all.

I will try to enjoy my life with DAVID forever even our bodies are apart from each other now.

How is your autumn??

And how are you going to spend the rest of 2014???

I wish everyone can enjoy your own life with Blessing every day.

To start TODAY in peace & happy means a lot, I think.

Have a nice time every singale day, it is my hope for everyone!
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Local market
In this early morning, fireworks surprised me at 6:00 a.m.

I don't know what will happen to us today.

But later Mom told me that the fireworks let us know to have a local market once a month, it was today!

Mom doesn't know the big sound of fireworks at all due to sleep deeply but my remaining jet lag let me wake up early in this morning, too.

So just I was surprised the huge sounds close to me.

Mom and I went to the local market together.

Before I took David to the local market last year but we were too late to go there.

The local market starts early morning until around noon and we knew most goods were sold out already.

But today Mom & I went to there ealier than before, so many shops & goods are selling so much.

And TV camera & crews are gathering the market's atmosphere & situation for today's news.

I don't like camera at all so we escaped from it as much as possible.

Local fresh foods & hand-made meals, recycling goods and clothes were selling at each corner with smile & cheerful atomosphere.

There were not so huge space but we walked and looked around here and there together.

Sometimes I lost sight of Mom but we enjoyed together A LOT.

I remember that David really likes "Umeboshi (Japanese pickled Ume)" so much that I bought it for us to eat together.

And the seller makes own vegetables at her house and she made all of her goods.

Of course her love & so much need long time to grow them up and to make it one by one, I can guess.

So I bought some more goods from her at the same time.

Mom couldn't find what she really want to buy at all, but we enjoyed walking & talking together for a short time.

From the morning, many peoples' cheerful energy let me energize a lot.

I feel my jet lag remains a little and I need to take a relaxed time more to remove it.

Today is very great sunny day and I am goint to take a walk in this afternoon, for sure.

To take a walk & to feel the nature are my favorite things by myself & with DAVID.

My parents' home is closer to the Pacific Ocean so I want to enjoy feeling the energy of sea today later...

I wish your Sunday will be happier than yestersay more and more.

To let your life be happier is absolutely up to your cholce, so let's make a choice for better way!!
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Japanese autumn
In Japan, it is warmer than Seattle and sometimes I feel hot like a summer still.

In Seattle, I feel autumn is going to winter by many coulds & rains more than summer.

And also temparture was so low that I can not stand only T-shirt during daytime even shinny day.

But after my arrival in Japan, Shizuoka city is still warm and I feel that autumn is not coming yet by weahter & temparture.

Anyway...calenter tells me that it is now the end of Sepember and many delicous foods in autumn have apprered already.

I miss Seattle alreay but I don't waste of my time to miss somthing & somebody too much.

Because it doesn't mean to be alive at this moment and at this place at all.

I want to live TODAY & HERE always to enjoy my life as much as possible.

My departure from David was hurted to render my heart again but we need to be patient for only less than 70 days' separation to get together again.

It will come soon, we believe.

We have each mission to do at each place & at different time but our love can overcome beyond anything.

How is your autumn??

From 24th September, new moon started and it will be ahead net full moon day by day.

To refresh yourself at each NEW MOON in a month to keep self remind how to live for YOURSELF, I believe.

And every day may tend to flow your dalily routine without conciousness but it is not good.

Not to let yourself flow by noutine but to make your life enrich & go as you want with passion & your favorite way is essential for everyone.

I don't want to waste my lifetime at any single moment.

Life is too short to look back & to worry future.

So shall we focus on your TODAY by doing your today's best??

I think that this amazing universe knows everything what you are doing NOW.

And I want to live by strong faith witout any doubt & waste until my body's death.

Time is money.

Just I want to enjoy my life with preciuos people & important mission to contribute my life as a return for this world.

My life is not my choice fortunately but some of luck made it happen to live.

So I want to do something to make my life use of for better way as I want.

Hopefully all beings can enjoy each life as long as possible to enjoy each lifetime.

And I wish every beings' happiness in peace with Blessing, that's all!
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Parents' home
I came back to my parents home finally after I met my friend at Shinjuku in TOKYO.

My friend is working today but she made a time to talk together during her lunch time.

I went to Shinjuku from Narita and I got lost a little in Shinjuku.

I didn't want to be late for her limieted lunch time so I came to Tokyo earleir than lunch time.

But Shinjuku area was so huge and I misunderstood our meeting place a little.

There are similar names and tall buildings in Shinjuku A LOT and it let me got in lost.

I tried to arrive at our meeting point safety and we could see each other finally.

Shinjuku let me test to go through by myself, I felt.

Finally I did!!

Anyway , it was very very hot day like summer and my walking in Shinjuku trained me a lot.

After long flight, I have a jet lag still & fatigue but I wanted to see her so much.

To have lunch together let me cheer up and just I had to go home from to Shinjuku to Shizuoka, my hometown.

Just a little bit, my arrival time became later than my schedule but finally I got to my parents home.

To show my tired face to my parents is not my hope but I cannot hide it, becasuse my face was terrible.

Just to enjoy Mom's talking & to look at Dad's normal life at home let me settle down at night.

After taking a bath, I felt so much desire of sleep and I went to my bed early tonight.

To remove my fatigue & jet lag is my first priority for next a few days to start over here until December.

Just I appreciate with my lovely friend who gave me her preciuos lunch time to talk today.

And I am thankful co much that I can come back to their home with parents' love in peace like when I was a child.

I wish everyone can sleep in peace at night to wake up for starting new day tomorrow.

We are Blessed by GOD, I think so much today.

Many things happen to us every single day.

But just to be able to finish today & tart tomorrow is really grateful without any worries & sorrow for me now...

I am thankful for everything around me A LOT...

I hope you can enjoy your sleeping time in peaceful dream & start for your new day tomorrow with Blessing...
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Arrival at NARITA in Japan
I arrived at Narita from Seattle...

Little late of my arrival due to something wrong not to permit to landing to Narita airport let me tired a little.

But finally I got to Japan safety...

From Seattle to Los Angels, I met a Korean guy with his Mom who sat nect to my seat in the airplane.

Fortunately he noticed that KEIKO is Japanese and he started to talk a lot friendly & kindly.

We had a nice time to share our common routes from acent ASIA and I really become to like after little conversation.

And we exchanged each card before arrival and we said not "good bye" but "see you again!!" at Los Angels airport.

In Seattle, it was raining a lot but it changed to be shinny day in Los Angels like a summer!

From Los Angeles to Narita, I met Japanese women who live in the U.S.A for more than 50 years.

We talked a lot each other to enjoy each talikng like a friend.

She was very cute and lovely woman and we exchanged each contact to see each other again in the U.S.A.

Long hours' flight gave me a little fatigue but I got fortune friendships in this flght, I belive it is the gift from GOD.

And many people live in this universe but I can meet small amount of people in my life.

I am always open my heart to others and communication is very great tool to share each difference & way of thinking to love in peace on this earth.

I am so happy to met wonderful & new people in this flight that thie new connections let my life enrich & happy more than yesterday, for sure!

I really appreciate with them and GOD's trick to meet us each other today.

Because no coincidences happen to me without intension of GOD.

I believe that it has some messgae from this universe.

I wish you can enjoy your new meeting in life as possible.

To meet new people has great opportunities to spread your narrow world for better way, for sure!
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Departure from Sea-Tac airport
Today, I have to leave Seattle to Narita before noon.

A kind woman of Alaska airline gave David to ID to assist my flight for free.

It was the first offer from all officer at this airpor for us. so David could enter the security gate to see me off in front of my gate for Los angels...

We had a nice extra time to have time together just before my departure.

David & I talked to a lot together the limieted time and we really appreciate with her kindness....

We really enjoyed having time together in the area of departure area at Sea-Tac airpot.

Today we cried each other in the car from our home to the airport a little but we didn't cry anymore at my departure time.

We smiled together to be looking forward to seeing us again in Dec.

Of course my heart was rendring so hard but tears cannot resolove our mind at all.

Just to focus on each mission for next 2 months to fulfille our each heart by each efforts & strength.

To love each other at different place in this world let our hearts connect more & deeper...

And we realized how we love each other and each existence became our part of life.

LOVE is impossible to express with any words, I think.

To feel LOVE and to express each venevolence from the bottom of heart is how to live each other by all behavior & faith in deeper level of spirit.

And I don't mind the actual reality & visible situation at all to let my heart be happy in peace.

David's & my love is completely AWESOME POSSUME by my visit for last 3 weeks.

We trust each other so much and just we want to creat for our unique & wonderful life together from now on.

I have no doubt about our love & near future to start over in DEC soon.

To love each other & to enrich our mind & spirit let our life be getting better & better day by day.

I wish that DAVID will smile without me to enjoy his days by my love inside of his heart every day....

I will be back to Seattle in Dec , it will come soon..

So David & I need to focus on each day as we are to get together again!!

To let each being apart again is tough time , but we are absolutey positive couple.

Thank you for everything for DAVID, his great folks & tender frineds for us.

I wish you can enjoy the greate NEW MOON day today!!
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Everything is all right!
Tomorrow, I will fly into Japan from Seattle.

This unexpected visit to DAVID is just for taking part in his Mom's funeral service & supporting him.

And it was less than 3 weeks and I think I did well for everything for David & myself every day.

My stay with David was limited so just I want to do my best.

Sometimes I was doing too much more than my limitation but David supported me A LOT.

To support each other as a true partner and to love more & better let me happy so much every day.

David lost his dearest MOM and I can imagine how he feel.

But I can not live as his Mom did for him in last 54 years but I want to love him more than she did for David from now on.

I hope that Mom will be happy to know my love for him in Heaven happily in peace...

Also today we did so many things together just before my departure.

And many things happened to us and we talked A LOT in this llmited time.

We realized how we can love each other and need each other confirmly & strongly in last 3 weeks...

It is beyond our imagination and it overwhelmed us every single day.

Through David's Mom's lost, I realized how important & precious we love each other as a marriage couple like his Mom & DAD does in last 61 years' marriage life.

And our marriage life has just started like a baby step.

I learned a lot how to live with DAVID from now on with trustness & benevolence forever.

I know that spirit will never die after our bodies doesn't work in this universe.

And huge & tremendous energy of real LOVE can overcome everything.

It can bring me so great power to live to do my mission in this world.

I want to swear to myself that I don't waste any single moment to live with my strong faith & passion for the rest of life with DAVID.

To love him forever & ever and to do my misson in this world are only my lifework as I want...

I really appreciate with everything around us and just I want to "Thank you so much" for TODAY.

I am goint to JAPAN to do my Detox & YOGA program together with my precious friends' cooperation until the end of November.

In December, I will come back to David who is my HOME....

So we don't need to cry anymore at time of my departure time again, NEVER!!!

How is your TODAY??

I wish everyone can feel your SUNSHNE inside of your heart as bright as possible
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Solitude (孤独)
Human beings are all solitude to be born by self and to die by self...

But if we realized how we are solitude, we could live with someone or friends together.

And someone doesn't know how we are lonely existence in this HUGE universe.

But if you realized your lonliness, we can share with each life together, I think.

How do you feel that you are solitude & lonliness in your life??

Or how do you feel your life at your situation now??

Now we have a convenitent tool to connect with many people in internet world.

So we can contact with people easily beyond time difference & distance all over the world.

But I don't like the internet world so much because true world is real connection with real conversaton & actual relationship for me.

And I want to cherish my real world to contact without any technology.

To person to person relationship is the most important for me.

Personal relationship with another human being let me lift up and cheer up more than before.

Now I am using the internet tool to express my heart unfortunately but I want to make use this opporntunity.

And after I use this tool, I want to return my actual & real world as much as possible.

To feel something & to touch something are essential part of my animal senses, for sure.

And I can leran something new & preciuos from them every single day.

So I want to share my heart by true & honest mind as I am always.

To live honestly by myself is my favorite way of living with DAVID.

And to develope myself and to fulfill my heart let me happy so much.

How is your life??

I wish you can enjoy your life with honest heart & pure mind as YOU ARE...
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Prayer time
Why do people pray?

And to what do many people pray ??

What is GOD ??

I don't know indetail but I have my faith to pary.

To pray for something HUGE existence which made this univerese, maybe it is called by "GOD".

But for me, "GOD" is not pariticular religion at all.

How about you??

And why you are praying in silence with your eyes closed??

In Japan, to pray in front of shrines & temples are tradition somehow.

And sometimes I will pray for them but my prayer is always simple and same.

“To be happy always in peace for all beings in this universe.”

Of course, I am the part of beings, so I can pray not only for myaself but also for all my precious beings together.

And I learned Vipassana Meditation before.

The teaching of it can let me help how to live with YOGA.... A LOT.

Sometimes I recommend to my precious friens & folks to take part in this course as you want at anytime.

Only 10nights and 11 days of this full course for the first time and it is free.

This organizasion is based on Donation of all over the world..

And fundamental way of thought & simple tool of Metitasion in life let me make my CORE in my life.

Of course daily life of Meditation time let me be in peace & stable day by day.

Meditation time is not different from PRAYER time but it may be similar for someone.

Or it is complete different type & time for others, it is O.K. for each understanding... I think.

Anyway to pray or to meditate in silence with eyes closed to connect myself and something of universe, I can feel.

And I just feel content & satisfaciton after prayer & meditation time with peaceful state.

To start your TODAY is very important time, I think.

To pray or to meditate for the begging of your day is preciuos part of your time, I guess.

So I am keeping my daily habit with YOGA as much as possible...

How do you start TODAY??

I wish you can start of your NEW DAY today for your peaceful mind as much as possible, it is my wish!!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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