The end of August
This summer will finish day by day, I can feel the atmosphere recently.

And my faovorite autumn sesaon will come soon with great harvest of delicious fruits & vegetable A LOT!

I like Japanese solid pear and apple in Nagano so much.

And sweet chestnuts is my favorite one, too.

In Autumn, new organic brown rice can eat soon and I am looking forward to eat them and also seasonal buckwheat noodle.

In Nagano pref. where I lived for last 5 years to work YOJOEN, delicious buckwheat noodle is very famous.

And sometimes my DAD made by his hand made buckwheat noodle (蕎麦=SOBA) at home.

He got professional tools to make it and his technique and hand-made soba are very wonderuful.

Also he can make his own soup for SOBA by professional recipe and everyone likes his SOBA so much.

Dad's friends and folks enjoy his hand-made soba sometimes and he becomes to be busy especially in the end of every year.

Because Japanese eat Soba in the end of year to pray for LONG life like a soba noodle shape, and it is traditon.

So Dad is always busy to cook & deliver it for his friends & folks.

Anyaway, many delicious foods in autumn will wait for us.

And I am very looking forward to eat them soon.

In Summer, I like seasonal foods, too.

And any season, we can enjoy seasonal & fresh organic vegetables & fruits from Mom's hand-made field.

I am so lucky to enjoy her crops that the care for her field is too hard to keep it better all the year.

In Seattle, I have no garden to make own vegetables & fruits at all.

Only herbs & a little leaf plants, David & I grow up but it is very small amount.

Someday, we will make a little vegetables & fruits in our garden , so I am just looking forward to doing together in near future.

How was your summer in 2014??

And how do you visualize your autumn soon???
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David's Mom's death
David's mom passed away in the early morning.

When I got the news from DAVID, I was at friends's home at Izu isalnd and they lives in the nature with 2 dogs & 2 cats like a big family.

Their house was built in nature materials and nothing unnatural things in their home at all.

They make own elctoricity and they are living around so much pleanty of forest.

And they recommeded me to pee in the forest if you want like an wild animals.

Their hometown is same city of mine in Shizuoka city and we met in YOJOEN for the first time.

We walked in the forest together and did YOGA there.

But something common interest of us could connect out hearts naturally.

And I really wanted to visit their new house for last 7 years.

But finally I came to visit them with my friends' YOGA friends on Sunday.

Of course their friends live at Izu iland and they seems so closer than normal friends.

Because they like nature life and they know each other so well through theri life and YOGA so much.

I met them for the first time there but we enjoyed having wonderful lunch together.

My friends is teacher of Macrobiotics cooking and she is teaching for cooking class, and her meals was so great!

Simple organic browan rice & organic vegetables which they made by themeselves with LOVE let ue so happy after lunch.

Meals made us so happy not only for stomach but also my heart so deeply and enough.

And suddenly David called her mobile phone (because I don't have it already!) to let me know his MOM's death.

My friends & I talked about soul & spirituarity in the morning and my mind was so calm down before David's calling.

So I could just accept Mom's death without tears.

I believe the death body is not the end our life at all.

It is jsut the begging for next new life as one soul want to live more naturally & positively, I am sure of it somehow.

David's mom became much free than she has a body in this world.

I guess that Mom is now flying as she want to go in the bed for long years and she can watch & protect us at anytime and anywhere we are.

So I pray for Mom's spirit in peace for a whlie and Dad's & David's smile as I like.

I can imagine how all folks can feel Mom's lost but we had better to overcome it little by little.

Because the death of MOM is reality and it is not impossible to change with any magiic.

So I try to smile with wonderful friedns as much as possible.

And I will try to sleep with MOM's dream tonight.

I am so blessed to hear of David's Mom's imformation today that I can not let myself down with my great LOVE of nature & amazing friendship & undestanding.

And I realized how we can be alive NOW and I can find any happiness in this misery today.

I am so grateful for all of my friends in this world for prayer to MOM & for us with LOVE & COMPASSION a lot.

David & I will recover soon after her celemeony on next Saturday and we can smile again with all friends as much as possibe;

And I like DAVID's smile more than his tears.

So I want to be with him to support his heart as well as possible , it is my mission now!

Again, thank you so much for all friends' prayers & wonderful supported us recently!!!

See you soon, guys!!
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Summer will be over...
Only a few day ramain in August and soon September will come.

Day by day, the daytime will be short and cool wind let us know autumn sesson is coming soon.

Mom told me "the new year will come so soon!", Dad and I laughed at her words but it is true.

The 3 forth of this year will be over and only 4 month in 2014 will be going to pass pretty soon.

After summer, souns of insects and nature wind tell us the visit of autumn.

Sometimes cloudy & rainy days, I can feel the autumn's atmosphere has arrived already!

I really love the autumn season, because so much foods will let me satisfy and so happy by its seasonl & fresh tatee.

Especially all fruits in autumn let me happy.

Pear, grape, fig, kiwi, persimmon and apple.

Also chestnuts I love so much!!

Yesterday my friens cooked chestnuts rice at their cafe for dinner menu.

They made by earthen pot and the charred part of its bottom of rice lookes so tastey.

The flavor and texture of it, I relly love!!

How is your the rest of summer these days??

How do you feel yourself for the new season soon??

Nature shows us everything as it is.

And universe is perfect as the life goes on...

To live or die, it is whole ciicle of life.

The limit and end don't exist anymore and just all lives are growing day by day.

Nobody knows what will happen to us tomorrow.

And no one can tell GOD's way of thought, but GOD knows everything aroud us and our destiny.

So we don't need to worry about anything for each life and just thrive each life as one's best with right faith and true heart...

And to trust self is important by proper & right decision and we need to know how to live.

Our life is so limited & short to look back that we need to focus on the present, just at present moment every single day, isn't it???

I want to live my life with gratitude for everything today & without any worrieds and expectaions my future at all.

And I want to do my best as I am.

I can feel that God is watching & protecting above us and knows how we live.

So not to seek the purpose or goal in life but to enjoy the process & progress of my life each day.

And I want to laugh & smile as much as possible at any situation.

Positive & cheerful energy will let my life be happy & better than negative way, I believe....

I wish you can enjoy your own life with LOVE & SMILE today, too!!

And I wish everyone can let each life enrich inside of heart as well as possible...

Have a wonderful day today!!!
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Effect of laughing!
To laugh as much as possible can bring us huge energy inside.

David's Mom is goint to die and her concious is very minute now but she is still alive!‼

All of Fry family and I worry about MOM but we don't need to feel any grief at all.

Because Mom is sleeping in peace now and she is alive day by day with DAD.

And this is just the process of MOM's life.

I felt so much helpless and useless for Mom's life and cried yesterday, but it can not help not only me but also Mom & DAD at all.

To watch and protect Mom's evolution and to pray for her peaceful sleep are what I can do for MOM now...

And many friends in this world gave Mom & us to pray for Mom's heart in peace.

The energy of prayer will bring Mom direcly beyond distance, I believe...

Mom can feel all of our prayer and her energy can get it to be alive more!

And today, David and I laughed each other to let us cheer up without tears.

To focus what we need to do now is very important for us and Mom will be happy to know our progress.

And during my laughing time, I realized how we face on Mom's life and overcome our attachment for her life.

At any situation, we can enjoy laughing each other to let us feel happy and gratitude for everything.

For Mom's life today and everything we can share with Love and compassion, we need to do the best as we can today.

Only GOD knows that one's life will go forward and everyone has a proper timing to go another new life, I believe.

To thrive on what I want to share with people is my plesure with my happiness & sorrow, everything.

And Mom tells me how to live from now on and what I really want to do in my life.

Mom gave me so much love and great son DAVID with tremendous LOVE always.

Only a little time we shared after I met DAVID, MOM is essential part of my life.

And she looks so happy that David met me and we got married in happiness now.

Mom knows everthing about us and I really love her.

And we need to be happier and happier by Mom's love for DAVID and me forever.

Laughing time will let us release out tension & worry so much for MOM for a while.

At any circumstances, we can find a tiny hope to laugh and it is very powerful.

I really appreciate with MOM's love & DAD's strength in heart and all of my friends' love for us.

And just I can feel so much love and gratitude for all, only I want to say "thank you so much for everything."

With prayer for MOM every day, I want to try to laugh every day as much as possible.

Because Mom will know my happy smile and she wants to look at my smile at any time.

To learn about life and death, it means a lot for me.

And every day , I want to grow up and learn from every happeings to me with DAVID.

Let's laugh and smile today, shall we???
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Destiny of life
How to live & die is just decided by GOD's hand.

David's Mom is going to pass away now!

Her docter says, "we have no more treatment for her, please say good bye for her." and David went to see her again.

David showed me her sleeping face through SKPYE camera and my MOM & I couldn't stop to cry...

Tears has no help for Mom & our hearts but I cannot help crying.

Dad seems to be ready for Mom's destiny for last 10 years through his care for Mom every day.

And he tried to make me cheer up and smile by his joke.

But I know his heart & love for MOM and just what I can do for her is prayer for her peaceful sleeping.

I believe reincarnation of all lives in this universe.

If one's body die, all spirit will be alive and to live again for aonther live somehow.

I don't need to feel down and grief at all to all life's death at all.

Our existences is not visible part but invisible one, it will never die and dissapear, I think...

So just I need to throw away my any attachments for Mom's living body as visible part is.

Her spirit will start to travel freely and to let herself go forward little by liittle.

Mom loves me so much as her real daughter and looks so happy for our marriage.

David and I showed her lots of love with smile & talking in last 2 years.

Only limited time to have time with MOM but we can be closer than normal relationship between Mom & son's wife.

Mom's love was amazing & huge and I could love her natually so much.

I want her to live longer as well as possible, but it's my selfish attachment.

I need to graduate from it day by day.

And I need to step out my misery of drama in this reality.

Many lives is born and is passing away in this world every single moment.

David's elder brother's son has a new baby inside of his wife's body now!!

Mom was very happy to know that!!

And life keep going forward one generation by one generation.

I received so much supports & LOVE from my precious friends in this world and I really appreciate with all of them.

I have no any words to explain my gratitude for everyone.

I am O.K. now and I want to be tough inside more and better.

To love somone doesn't need to make any attachment, just accepatance is essential for LOVE, I can feel.

Thank you for TODAY , just I am grateful for it so much!!

I wish everyone will enjoy TODAY with happienss & smile to hope as you want!!
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Beautiful meals!
I took my friend to my favorite cafe again...

I research to eat organic foods which cooked very kind to all foods and based on Macrobiotics.

In Japan, especially around my hometown, I cannot find proper restaurant to eat vegetarian foods by Macrobiotics.

It is very rare to eat my style at my hometown and I need to select some restaurants to eat outside.

Most people like to eat meat & fish as normal Japanese like to eat every day,

But my body & mind don't need to eat animal product anymore so I need to find better restaurant to take my precious friends somehow.

After a half ot year, I saw special friends in Shizuoka recently.

They know DAVID & me so well and they met us before & after our marriage.

Just to have a lunch and talk together made me so happy that we had a closer heart each other to feel each happiness.

True friendship can keep nice relationship forever beyone time & distance.

And just some hours to have time together let us closer than before more and better.

The preciuos time to see them again pass so quickly that time demention seems to be differernt from normal time.

But we can share with each LOVE & friendship deeply and huge trustness inside of my heart.

I am really appreciate with all of my precious friends' love and fortune connection with DAVID & ME so much.

It is my treasure for us and I really like to enjoy common time together in our life.

To exchange our comfortable energy from great friedns made my heart enrich and uplift so well.

See you again...,and I wish all of my lovely friends' happiness forever and ever!!

If you can smile today, only that makes me happy so much!!
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NEW MOON is the best time to do DETOX by great energy of moon itself.

Not only drinking water but taking vegetable or fruit juice is better for the first step for DETOX.

And DETOX is not special thing but usual habit for me.

To add more nutrition in our body & mind tend to nurish extra burden for our internal organs every day.

If you feel tired so much, you could take a holiday to feel relax better than daily life.

But no voice calls you from internal organ's need to relax or take a rest at all.

Your ineternal organs work so hard every single day for you.

And it seems to work so natural that we have no taking care of internal organs which has never tired.

But eating foods give all internal organs fatigue and stress A LOT by each meal in your life.

Less sleeping, too much stress, and bad habit to eat foods, and less relaxing will make your body and mind dull and feel unclear inside & outside somehow.

But I can suggest you to remover your internal organs' fatigue easily not to eat so much but only taking a juice for 1 day.

1 Day Detox can make your internal organs take a rest for a while and feel better than before naturally.

Through my experience and learning of fasiting & DETOX, I realized how we need to take a holiday for internal orgains sometimes.

At new moon day, the power of purification will increase more than usual.

And it is the best timing not to eat solid foods on NEW MOON day.

New Moon's influence keeps before and after 3 days of the NEW MOON day.

So you can try to DETOX at your convenient time in the week.

By Natutopathy in India, DETOX (juice fastiong) recommend ONCE A WEEK.

If you really like to eat foods, just try to start 1 Day DETOX the period of change the new season.

Ii means to try DETOX about 4 times in a year.

Is it not so difficult, isn't it??

To make your internal organs take a rest just for 1 Day, you can feel contentment & satisfaction by emptiness of your stomach to feel your true need of body.

And you will find what you really want to eat by your body's silent voice little by little.

Detox is not patience at all, it will let you happy in peace....

If you are interested in my Detox program, please come to join my program in Septemeber SOON!!

I hope that your experience of DETOX will discover your NEW self through DETOX program naturally....

Please check it out for my 1 Day Detox program in Nagoya!!

オーガニックカフェ 薬草labo棘での、1日DETOXとYOGA!!(9/12 Friday)

I am waiting for your participation of it if you are interested in purificaton of your body & mind for new autumn season soon!!
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Attachment for family
Family is very complicated relationship, I think.

All family has own history and love each other.

And normally family members love each other through their each life to live together.

Sometimes LOVE of family tend to occer some attachment somehow.

And it is not easy to throw away the compliated love with strong attachment.

Family can not grow up at the same place in their home but grow up at each place together, I think.

Everyone will wish folks's happiness and long life and it is normal hope to pray for it.

But nobody can owe someone's life and their each responsibility at all.

Each one need to focus on one's daily life to let life enrich and deepen as one hopes.

And sometimes family can cooperate with somebody's emergeny without reason, the love of folks are beyond any explanations to support each other.

But family's love tend to make one addict to worry each other so much.

To think about each folks too much worried is not good influence each other.

To rely on each other always is not unnecessay important.

Just to trust someone's toughness and strength of spirit is more preciuos than relying on each other.

Family love makes easily family's attachment.

And attachment for folks too much will make some suffer to rely on & to spoil each other.

Even family members, sometimes everyone need to concentrate with own life to make it better way by self.

To worry about family is normal and it is not bad, but the blance between focusing on each life & relying on each other by self independence.

To live together with folks & have a nice time with family are very preciuos time sometimes.

But I think we had better to throw away any attachment for all folks, because we have no power to change their life at all.

I wish that all my folks are smiling every day with tender love.

And all beings are happy with contenment what you already have now with peaceful satisfaction inside of your heart...

How is your relationship about your family?

I wish you can enojoy having time together with your folks with smile as much as possible.
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At Nagoya in Japan, my 1 Day Detox program will be open atufcally by my friends' cooperation.

I tried to be open my YOGA program before but it is only YOGA & lunch or tea time,

YOGA&curry lunch
YOGA&tea time with sweets

But next month, I made a plan for 1 day DETOX & YOGA for someone who interested in it simply & easiily.

I like DETOX & YOGA so much.

And the organic cafe (薬草labo棘) has a wonderful atmosphere by my friends' LOVE.

We worked at YOJOEN before and we got closer friends there.

After our graadiation each at different timing from YOJOEN, our hearts are very closer than before, I think.

We got married at each special partner and we changed a lot for last 5 years.

But our friendship will never change or develping more than before.

David know their care & all of her family and he loves the cafe & all of them so much.

And my 1 day DETOX & YOGA program will be open at this timing with their kindness & great energy again.

I really appreciate with their open hearts and I am so happy to make it plan to organize this program together.

And I hope only 8 paticipants will gather there on 12 th in September , soon!!

Just I wish we can share this program at the same time through my DETOX program for each wellness & better life somehow.

Already1 woman offerer to take part in my program.

She came to participate in my YOGA program before, and I know her and I am so looking forward to seeing her again.

Of course , anyone who try to do YOGA & DETOX for the first time welcome to join us!!

After less than 3 weeks, I can do my DETOX program by my oriiginal arrangement for proper way.

I am so exciting to do with all of participants with my friends in wonderful carfe again that my life will be made usu of my learning & experience for someone who need....

If you are interested in thie program, please join us!

I hope anyone will try to simple DETOX to take a rest for your internal organs for a while.

It will not be patient by empty stomach at all but to feel so much comfortable and let your mind sharpen through tis program....

Just I want to recommend to do DETOX experience if you are interested in...

The efferct & infuluence is very huge more than you think & expect, I am sure of your great result after my exprericene to manage DETOX program for stay in YOJOEN.

I am happy that if you are ineterst in my Detox & Yoga program....
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Student's growth
When I was a student of university, I taught math & Enlighs for junior high schoole students at their home privately.

And when I was working as their teacher, they are very lovely and cute.

Through our study time, I got a great energy from them.

To teach something for students meant to learn by myself how to let their possibility & postential talent grow up natually.

And little by little, the result of their examinations got better and they seemed to be confident of their efforts.

Now they became more than 30 years old and they changed a lot from teenagers.

Their growth and change made me so happy know that they are now working for this sociaty by their own chlice.

And some students want to see me and we met sometimes to have a tea or lunch together.

For them, I am still their teacher but I am not their teacher anymore.

Just as a unusual friend, my students and I can have a nice time after some years.

And I am so proud of their growth now.

We got older than before but we can share a lot of time to talk about each life together.

In next December, maybe I will see my preciuos students in Yokohama just before my flight which coming back to Seattle.

David & I realized that I have to return to my hometown in Shizuoka again for our proceed of Green Card after our ineternational marriage.

It is not the first time to separate from each other to live after marriage.

And it is tough time for us to concentrate our mission to do something at each place again.

I don't want to have a time with tears every day during our separation again

I really want to do something for the next 3 months (about 100 days) to enjoy our each time.

We are very unique couple and our separation again will make our love grow up to better way..,I beileve, so does DAVID.

To see my pretty students in Yokohama will be a great time, I can feel.

It will not be the weekend but some students will see me if they really want to see me again.

Until we can see again each other, I have many days to do something.

So I want to do anything what I really want without any regrets for next 3 months as much as possible.

The time will let us feel that it will come soon to be able to see again in Seattle.

Before my flight in December, I want to see my cute students somehow.

Some students have babies already and their growth & change will make me happy more, I am sure!

I am very very looking forward to seeing my students soon....

I wish my students' growth & happiness alaways....

Do you have a teacher whom you really want to see again so much??
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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