The end of 2013
Today, DAVID's friend asked us to see in the morning.

DAVID & she has been really good friends for 13 years.

And she wants to see me after DAVID met me.

But she is so busy lady that we couldn't meet her together until today.

David told me about her so well & I am interested in her from his talking.

Just a little bit, she is older than DAVID.

But she looks very healthy & young ,and she is really kind to me.

She knows DAVID for 13 years more than me.

So I asked her if there is difference in DAVID before & after our marriage.

She simply answered to me " he became happier."

I felt very happy to hear that from her directly.

My love can influence of his happiness, I can be confident with my love for DAVID by her honest words.

She is so busy also today that we talked together about 1 hour.

But I realized how nice friendship DAVID & she have and how wonderful lady she really is.

We had a nice time together for a short time, but it was AWESOME time for me.

I understood DAVID better than more through their friendship today.

And the end of 2013, I became happier than any days in 2013.

Of course, my happiness still continues tomorrow for the new year with DAVID.

I am so thankful their great friendship and I gave hand made cookies & a card for her before her leaving.

I felt such an amazing time to be with DAVID & his precious friend today.

The friendship gave me a tremendous LOVE & great energy a lot.

I really likes her & I want to see her again. is in Seattle, it is behind 17 hours from JAPAN.

So I want to say my gratitude for all of my precious friends in this world in 2013.

Especially , DAVID gave me a great LOVE & huge power to me in this year.

Just I want to thank all of them.

I am happy to have a nice time with everyone, it is my precious treasure eternally.

See you next year & I wish a Happy New Year with Blessing.

From now on...I want to enjoy my 2014 with DAVID at any time forever!!

I wish everyone's happiness in 2014 always...

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30th, December in 2013
David's friend who lives in Portland would come to visit us today.

He had an appointment to work at Seattle today, so he planned to stay at our place together after his working.

So I cooked for him a special dinner with dessert in the afternoon a lot.

After ready for it, we took a walk outside and we received his message suddenly.

His appointment to work together today suddenly changed.

On way to Seattle in the morning, he received the change and he returned to Portland.

And he couldn't come to Seattle ,of course, his visit cancelled unfortunately....

Special dinner was so much for us two, so I am so sad to hear from his message.

But it's not his fault at all.

Our meeting day just postpone later by GOD's plan, we thought.

I met him before to visit & stay at his wonderful condominium in Portland with DAVID.

It was the first meeting him for me, but he was so kind & gentle to me.

And I realized how DAVID & he have a nice friendship for many years.

Naturally I became to like him.

For DAVID, he is his best it means he is my precious friend as well.

So I wanted to see him again before my departure.

But today it didn't happened.

But we can't feel so much disappointed with his not coming today.

DAVID can eat all my dishes instead of his friend.

On 30th December, the day before final in 2013,I really enjoy being with DAVID today, too.

Just I appreciate with DAVID's love & his existence.

I am so lucky to being with him.

Thank you for GOD to bring me DAVID like this.

How is your the end of 2013??

I hope you can enjoy the end of this year with LOVE & SMILE as much as possible.

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Just being together...
Happiness is not "being" but "feeling " how I am happy now, for me.

Before sleeping at night, to feel love for during sleeping time is very comfortable so much.

And after waking up in the morning , to feel love for new starting day makes me so happy.

Before I met DAVID, I had no idea how much love I can feel with someone special...never.

But after I met DAVID, he gives me tremendous love for me at any time like a overflowing spring.

It never stop flowing naturally and it makes my heart warm & rendering...

And I realized how amazing deep & true love is day by day.

David is the best partner to me in this world.

I completely trust him and this trust can not explain any words...

Just I can feel some confidence in my heart strongly & firmly.

And my heart says always "O.K & keep loving DAVID" , I feel.

Today, I want to be calm down to take a break tor thinking a lot for the end of 2013.

David can feel somehow how I need to have time today.

He adjusted me to keep me be calm down and he naturally acted for me.

Just his kindness & love hit me a lot.

And "Being with DAVID" is just my happiness, I realized so much.

I'm really thankful for his existence himself.


I found how happy I am & just I really appreciated with his LOVE today, too.

Every day I say for DAVID "thank you for your LOVE" as much as possible.

In return, I want to love him more & better.

Gradually 2013 finishes over little by little.

I don't regret at all for my life in the past.

Everything connect with my present to feel this happiness, I can tell.

I wish our love will grow up more & more in 2014, too!

How is your 2013??

I hope your 2013 is happy & your 2014 will be happier than 2014!!

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Start again!
I have never felt such a wonderful love for DAVID before our marriage last year.

Maybe both of us...we have something loneliness or solitude to live by self each before we met at Samui island in Thailand.

And we lived each way before our miracle meeting on the beach.

But we never gave up to meet someone special & proper partner to live together for the rest of life.

To live by myself is very simply way and easy.

But I wanted to share with great time to spend common experiences together someday.

And my friend showed me how visualize I need to meet somebody to get married in the near future as it really happens to me.

I have no idea who is my partner as I want to live together at that time.

But she pointed to me to visualize clearly the proper person who I want & need the best.

Only I knew that my best partner to meet someday is born in western countries, for example...Europe or America...

And he can speak English well for me.

I tried to visualize the person to meet in the future whenever I pray for NEW MOON every month after her advice.

After her advice, about 6 months later , I fortunately met DAVID on the beach at Samui island.

I felt something special at the first meeting DAVID, but I couldn't understand why & how DAVID appeared to me suddenly.

But DAVID felt same way to me like I felt something to him.

After our marriage, we talked about our first meeting and we just appreciated with this lucky meeting for GOD.

Only GOD knows DAVID & I are the best combination to live together as the best friend & the best partner each other.

Day by day, we understood our differences each other to know better with kind LOVE.

Naturally we became marriage couple and it is very comfortable situation and we are very happy every day.

Sometimes we have a uncomfortable feelings & emotions a little, but soon it can disappear by deep communication.

And the end of 2013, only 4 days remain..., we can feel our new start for new year now.

David wants to change better than before.

I am proud of his way of thought to grow up more & better by his efforts.

And I want to be a proper & better person to love DAVID & to be loved by him more...

How is your the end of 2013??

Here is foggy & cloudy day today in Seattle.

But my heart is shining today, too!!

With HOPE & great flowing for new year.... I can feel so much.

How about you??

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Lucky in downtown Seattle...
I am a little careless to do something...sometimes it happened unexpectedly.

So David is very surprised how careless Keiko is...

But he loves me including my careless points.

We dropped to Pike Place market one day to look around.

And I rapped my muffler around neck to keep warm enough in the car.

But the day ,it is not so much cold so I stepped out to the road without my muffler.

I thought my muffler left my seat in the car by myself.

But it was not truth.

I didn't notice it after we came back to our car for a few hours...

Some note put on the windshield of our car.

David found it and it tells us "you dropped our scarf on the ground. We have it inside at Pure Food Fish."

Oh, my god!!

I dropped my muffler just after I stepped out the car...

I didn't remember to drop it at all.

David was not surprised at me...David thinks that Keiko is always careless.

I was so glad to know that and I picked it up to the Fish shop inside the market.

They kept my muffler in a plastic bag during their busy time to care for shopping customers a lot.

And I really appreciated with their kindness to pick it up to keep for me.

Seattle is a wonderful city and people mostly are so kind & friendly.

I am so lucky that David was born in Seattle and he likes this city so much.

And I became to like Seattle more than before...

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Pop corn!
I got a nice pop corn maker for a Christmas gift for DAVID & me.

And of course, I got a organic pop corn before...

DAVID really likes pop corn a lot.

So I made up my mind to send him a gift as a surprise...

To cook pop corn by self is so much fun, I can laugh at the popping...

David was so glad to get the machine at Christmas night.

I just thought that pop corn maker would be a nice gift for us and I decided to ordered by Amazon a few days ago...

Fortunately , we got a pop corn maker exactly at Christmas day.

We opened it as soon as possible it arrived and we enjoyed a hand made pop corn.

Only 100ml pop corn can make one big bowl of pop corn.

It is very cheaper than buying a bag of organic pop corn.

And we can arrange the taste as we like...

Less salt and many kinds of taste we can make as possible.

When I was in Japan, I don't eat pop corn at all.

Only being with DAVID, he eats pop corn so I eat it with him.

Now I eat the most pop corn with DAVID in my whole life.

It taste so light and healthy with cheerful energy with makes us happy at any time.

David was really glad to get it so I am happy to look at his happy smile!

Only 5 days remain in this year...oh, it's too short.

I want to enjoy the rest of 2013 and also 2014 soon!!

How is the rest of your 2013??

I wish you can enjoy your days as you like with smile always...

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Happy Christmas!
In the U.S.A., I experienced a happy Christmas for the first time.

David and I had a wonderful time with his families and we talked to my MOM & DAD by Skype together.

Mom cried to moved to talk to David's Mom & Dad for the first time through the camera of SKYPE.

Maybe Mom worries about me a lot but she hides her true heart to me.

But during talking by SKYPE each other , suddenly Mom's eyes started to overflow with lots of tears...

I cried after Mom's tears with happiness I knew Mom's love to me.

And all members of David's family said to hello to my Mom & DAD, so I really appreciate with everything.

And many tears flew my eyes and my heart was fulfilled with happiness beyond any words...

Christmas in the U.S.A. was filled with lots of LOVE & tenderness of family and it moved to me.

I am not alone at all and everyone welcomed to me as DAVID's wife naturally.

And they treated so wonderful as usual , so naturally I could be the one of the member of family.

Christmas is not familiar with me to enjoy with family in Japan.

Recently I travelled to India & Thailand by myself and I don't mind to have a Christmas as a normal day.

But this year was very very special gift for us...I really love all of DAVID's family,

I am very looking forward to seeing them next year, from now!!

Only 1 week remain in this 2013...I want to enjoy the rest of 2013 & to be ready for a new year soon!!

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Christmas eve
Today, David's folks & friends gathered at David's elder brother's home to have Christmas dinner together...

We woke up early in the morning, and we drove away here in Richland.

David's folks are very nice people and I really want to be closer little by little naturally...

People are people.

Everyone has a different value & priority in each life...

But parents hope is just happiness of all children and their nice relationships.

Parents are getting older day by day...

I realized how precious time to share with folks at Christmas together...

I am not used to get closer with family so much like David's family.

They really have wonderful love to us a lot.

Tonight, I moved to cry a lot with happiness tears...

But I can laugh a lot after that soon.

How wonderful time to be David's family today...

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The day before Chrismas day!
Today is the day before Christmas Eve.

Town and people are something cheerful and seems enjoy this Christmas holidays.

And I am not used to enjoy Christmas every year, so I feel something different from normal people.

But everyone looks happy for this Christmas, and they decorate houses & trees or put on Christmas color each...

I think that people can enjoy Christmas under a favorable situation...

Because if you have no foods to eat or no clothes to wear or no place to sleep today, it is impossible to enjoy Christmas at all.

Some people has plenty of foods & materials but others does not own at all.

I can't help underprivileged people by myself at all now but I think we don't forget about it.

I met streets children who live in India by themselves and they are begging for foods & money every day.

Only a little water in the bucket,they share together from faucet on the street.

I was shocked by their living style at that time ,so naturally I gave them my limes for them.

But soon I regret to do that for them.

Because their close friends gathered around me to ask more foods or money again...

I can't help all of street children at all , but this happening & situation will never forget in my mind...

And now I can enjoy Christmas with lovely DAVID ,but somehow I can not enjoy it from the bottom of heart.

How is your Christmas??

I wish it will not cold without snow...

I got a nice present for DAVID & me!

I just want him to enjoy it together...

Before Christmas it has arrived at home.

It's a new YOGA mat for us.

After my departure next January, DAVID will try to simple ASANA on the new mat!

I wish a merry Christmas for everyone!

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Love & Compassion
To understand others and to love somebody give me a lots learning to me.

Many cultures & religions , society & generations, gender & background exist in this world.

But we can share this many differences beyond any circumstances with LOVE & compassion each other.

Buddha teach & show how to live tender & gentle way with benevolence easily.

I am thinking everyone has a different way of thinking but it doesn't matter to share with LOVE.

To keep self heart in peace of mind & be kind for others always with words & actions & thoughts.

To be kind & tender to others has wonderful influences not only for others but also myself.

1: Live simply.
2: Give more.
3: Expect less.

This is my favorite faith to live.

Simple & easy way to find a happiness in my life after I found this message.

Every day , many happenings occurred to me.

But to keep myself in peace of mind with YOGA helps me facilitate to be happy.

How is your today??

Today is the winter solstice in this year.

So the secretly energy is coming and it will be openly day by day from tomorrow...

Everything includes both of IN & OUT energy.

And we can make use of both energy inside each.

I wish everyone can feel a balanced energy inside to keep your heart & mind in peace as possible.

I like happiness & positive energy.

So I wish everyone can share with LOVE & Compassion as possible.

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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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