Comedy life
Life has a lot of happenings , tragedy, joy, sadness, happiness etc...

And people tend to be influenced the negative happenings, and it affect our daily life.

But negative side of life don't continue so long.

It occur suddenly & unexpectedly, so we can be affected by them without any preparations.

Almost people can survive & manage it somehow and they can continue daily life.

But weak people in mind may be influenced by it so long times, or many years...

For example, some diseases & death of lover, partner and family...

It is inevitable & inescapable happenings for everyone.

But almost people tend to think about it how to deal with it.

I don't want to recognize negative reality as a just tragedy.

I want to try to just observe it & to recognize it will be a comedy of part of my life.

Sadness & bad things can not continue so long time.

At any situations, we can smile and laugh at any moment.

David & I have a common comedy essence in our characters.

So we often laugh at each other's action or word every day.

Yesterday, DAVID's mom cried suddenly just before our leaving for our home.

She cried & cried but we can not help stopping her tears at that time.

Just I was stroking her head & face and talked to her.

But her emotion were overflowing and tears were coming so much.

We could understand her thought but we can't do anything to solve it for her.

David & I need to come back to home before it become dark at night.

About 4 hours' driving takes to come home from parents' living place.

But we couldn't leave her eyes were wet with tears.

I suggested to DAVID that my favorite his hips' shaking for MOM.

Every time he does it , I can't stop laughing at it so long.

David tried to show it for MOM, of course she laughed at it.

He did 1 more time ,and MOM laughed at it again.

We are so glad to look at her smile without tears, so she promised to us to try to sleep.

David & I are like a comedian couple.

At any time we can make others laugh somehow.

To keep the sad situation so long is not good for everyone.

So we can find some funny things to laugh at any situations.

We are praying for her mind in peace and feel calm & ease every day , we trust her strength of spirituality.

And Dad can support her heart always.

We learned a lot of this Thanksgiving holidays about relationships of family & friends and our life.

And we could laugh each other so much.

David became sick a few days ago, but we could enjoy this holiday.

After coming home, we try to recover his sick as soon as possible.

He has a great energy and tough body, so I believe his recovery will soon!!

テーマ:自己探求 - ジャンル:心と身体

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Family & friends
Thanksgiving day, David & I enjoyed having lunch with his parents a lot!

And at dinner time , DAVID's friends invited to their new house and we shared a wonderful time together...

David has a great relationship between parents & many friends, I knew before.

But I realizes how fantastic those relationships are yesterday again.

Sometimes family relationship tends to just a formal and not to talk directly & honestly...

And one's real intention & one's principle are usually used and it let me uncomfortable & meaningless.

But as DAVID's relationships are completely connected with true love & honest connection in heart each other.

David's character & personality is originally filled with love & compassion for the others always, I guess.

So similar nice love can combined to him naturally and the relationship are based on it, I can tell...

How is your relationship between family & friends??

For me, I try to be honest to myself and to talk with true & straight heart as possible.

Some Japanese tends to hide their real intention, but it doesn't let our hearts connect with love & wholesomeness as I want...

To talk & share each opinion & thought are very precious time to understand each other at any relationships.

I always try to talk my true heart, it means I want to live as my minds is at any time.

To be honest to myself is very easy & comfortable way of life to me.

I can feel that everyone want to live as one's hear & mind is as possible.

David's family & friends gave me amazing opportunities to share with love & gratitude at Thanksgiving day.

I could feel something wonderful energy inside with worm love.

Not only meals but also their love were overflowing in everything around us.

I was so thankful all of them and I really appreciate with their love to us.

And DAVID's existence let me this amazing day , so I felt so much happiness yesterday & also today.

Now I am very looking forward to sharing something again at Thanksgiving day next year!!

Soon November will be over...2013 is passing so quickly!

How is your November??

I hope you can enjoy the rest of November and welcome to December soon...

テーマ:幸せに生きる - ジャンル:心と身体

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Power to live
The limit of life can not decide at all, even doctor...

People is getting older day by day, but it doesn't meat to closer to the death.

Being alive includes the possibility to die.

Life is completely fare ,because the end will come to die for every creatures.

What I can do for this precious life every day is to seize today & to live this precious life as my best.

So I can't be afraid of dying someday but just I try to enjoy today.

I faced the moment of my grandfather's death when I was a student of university.

Suddenly it happened to me at home.

But I realized this is genuine reality & my death will come to me someday, for sure.

I learned about his death that I really want to live how my life make use of the others in this world.

Just to live for myself can not satisfy with my heart at all.

When I can feel something nice from other's smile & happiness ,it let me very happy & satisfaction inside of me always.

After my grandfather's death, I changed my mind so much.

And I try to find myself what I want to do in this life and how I want to live with passion & love.

I became interested in the system of mind more than before and "life & death" became my favorite issue to think.

This isn't meaning just a illusion but reality for me.

And to think of that makes me how to live deeply & sincerely so much.

Just theory is meaningless to me.

How to manage in each life and how I live are precious mission to live after my graduation of my university.

I majored in Economics but my interest completely changed.

I wanted to learn about mind ,heart , body ,spirit and all of their relationships & influences each other.

Still now, my interest continues in my life after marriage.

But somehow my thought & opinion became more flexible & generous than I was young.

Everyone has own thoughts & opinions and they live their best every day, I guess.

So I can't judge at all for someone's life, just I can try to understand it.

To understand other's gives me lots of leanings.

It is my pleasure from now on...

Today, in the U.S.A, Thanksgiving day and it is the biggest holiday...

What will happen to me today, I don't know at all.

This life to be given by parents , I really appreciate it & I don't waste of it at all.

The power of live is based on the strength of spirituality each & toughness of mind , I believe...

Anyway, today I want to gratitude all of every lives around me.

And I want to have a wonderful life with benevolence & generosity as possible...

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Thanksgiving holiday season
On this Thursday (11/28) is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

It likes a new year holiday (Oshogatsu in Japanese), everyone are exciting for it.

And some people visit family & friends in this holiday and some people get holidays from Thursday to Sunday...

It is the biggest holidays in the U.S.A. in a year.

I have never experienced Thanksgiving day before.

But something happy and exciting atmosphere exists around the city ,I can feel.

And normal supermarket is very crowded to buy for Thanksgiving day.

The amount of food to buy is unusual for me...

How many days they will eat such a many foods in this country??

How many people will eat these foods???

On Thanksgiving day ,almost store will close.

So everyone is going to buy to keep many foods as possible.

DAVID bought me nice organic foods as I like...

I appreciated with his love but we are going to visit his elder brother's home for Thanksgiving.

So I don't want to waste any foods in the refrigerator during our absence.

I tried to cook as much as possible to use fresh vegetables before our going.

After Thanksgiving we can buy any organic foods again.

David seems a little disappointed with my reaction about his shopping , but he could understand my thought.

He tried not to buy any fresh foods recently before Thanksgiving.

I really appreciate with his generosity and understanding.

He is very flexible and adjustable to me always.

So naturally I want to be more flexible and adjustable better than before to him in return...

Anyway, Thanksgiving holiday will come soon!!

The atmosphere is not normal from this morning already...

What is waiting for us at Thanksgiving holiday to us?

On the way to his folks' place, just I pray for the roads without snow.

I am not good at the cold of snow at all...

I wish everyone can enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays in 2013!

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Roman holiday
My favorite person is Audrey Hepburn and her movie "Roman holiday" is Awesome!

For after long years, I watched the movie with DAVID,

David watched it for the first time.

This love story was not in happy end, it is a little sad.

But all scene is beautiful and wonderful with charming Audrey.

Princess Ann (Audrey's role) experienced the new world outside of palace and she fell in love one men.

But it can not become happy end, because she need to return the life of princess.

Just a little bit, heart become rendering but it hit my hearts every time.

Anyway this movie is masterpiece for me and Audrey attracts me always...

DAVID didn't know this movie at all.

And he enjoyed watching it together.

Many movies exist in this world and they can show us fake and similar reality for us.

Sometimes it makes fun, but we live reality in this world.

Movies gives me a nice hints to live and it let me think my life after watching it.

Just watching movies may be waste of time ,but to learn the messages inside movies is good learning to me.

What movie do you like??

And how it let you influence to your real life??

Many movies are making every years, and lots of amazing movies exist.

Sometimes we can enjoy it and we can think about our own life after watching it.

And to share some favorite movies is nice time with someone to love you.

I wish you will find a favorite movie to reveal your life as you want & need truly...

Soon December will come , time passes so quickly.

Please enjoy your rest of this year and have nice days in this winter season with LOVE & smile always...

テーマ:幸せに生きる - ジャンル:心と身体

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Ogranice cake
Every day, I got nice organic foods in Seattle ,so my skin doesn't need any cosmetics at all.

Brown rice can let my skin smooth and clean always.

In Seattle , many organic vegetables, fruits and grains etc... I can get easily and they are cheap.

DAVID likes bananas so much.

And he likes chocolate, too.

I got a nice organic cacao on sale, and I tried to cook banana cakes for him.

Ripe banana was so sweet that I don't use any sweetness at all.

Only banana , cacao and cinnamon, soy milk , organic brown rice flour and a little baking soda without aluminum ...

I mixed all of them and baked it in the oven.

No oil & no sweetness but it taste very nice!!

Yummy chocolate banana cakes let us attract so much.

DAVID ate it and smiled with tasty face ,"Yummy yummy!!"

So every day I cooked for him in the early morning.

Sometimes , I arrange it some nuts inside.

It became tasty ,too!!

Yesterday we met his friends & his fiancé at dinner for the first time.

I cooked this cakes for them as a dessert.

They enjoyed my Macrobiotic sweets and they ate quickly!!

I am so glad that they & DAVID liked my simple cake so much.

Organic & simple sweetness makes us satisfy & it's very healthy taste.

I want to recommend this simple cake to cook.

I will cook for DAVID's parents at Thanksgiving holiday , I wish they will like it.

Organic banana is expensive in JAPAN.

Each banana is 200 YEN (2 dollars) to buy.

But here in Seattle , each banana is 29 cents (only 30 YEN)!!!

It's pretty cheap for me.

In Seattle, organic foods are sold and every foods are nice taste.

I am lucky to use for cooking every day, I really enjoy to cook.

And after DAVID ate my meals , he became more healthy and he can feel body so light & less fatigue day by day.

He felt nice condition by vegetarian foods, so I am glad to know his wonderful change.

He tells me his change honestly and I can feel it.

So I really appreciate with him to share my meals every day.

If you have some time, please try the banana chocolate cake to cook!!

It is easy and so tasty...I recommend to you.

テーマ:美と健康! - ジャンル:心と身体

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How to die
If you will die soon, how do you live today??

I don't be afraid of death, because it similar of state of sleeping every night, I guess.

Just I imagine what & how I want to live today if I don't have tomorrow.

Many things happen in this world ,so to think about DEATH feels like the waste of time.

But to think of DEATH can lead me to think about how to live until my death.

Everyone has a ideal death, I guess.

But no one can select as you want to die.

Only GOD knows...

So just be alive with gratitude & benevolence for thankful today.

For everyone , the place to sleep & foods to eat & clothes to wear are not for granted at all.

I am so blessed not to worry about today's sleeping place , meals and clothes fortunately...

To drink & use the plenty water every day as normal, it is very lucky to me.

And also I have a best partner to love now.

Just I want to do my mission to this world to make it true little by little with DAVID.

Now we are getting ready for it by our own slow pace.

Many people and friends are around us, we are so blessed by everyone's LOVE to us.

And we are careful to our health every day with foods , nice sleeping, walking , YOGA and relax as possible.

We can serve & offer to our passion to this world somehow with strong cooperation together.

We can feel that GOD will be glad to know about our mission and to support our minds always.

David & KEIKO is tiny existences now ,but our hearts are strong with passion to do our mission from now on.

So I am very exciting to do from now on.

Until my death, I want to make use of my learning & experiences to serve the others in this world as possible.

It is not our profit but for other's happiness & health longer life with LOVE , we just hope...

This given life is so precious time that I don't want to waste my time at all.

The timing of my death, I don't want to regret not to do what I want to so much.

So I try to do my best every day and keep my mind in Peace with YOGA & vegetarian foods.

It helps me a lot to do proper way & right things as I believe.

Everyone can feel happiness easily & keep a healthy state both in mind & body each as one is...this is my wish!!

How is your SUNDAY today?

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Family's love
To get married let my family became bigger to include DAVID's family.

In Japan, I don't mind of family relationship so often like DAVID does.

For me, family is the foundation to grow up but after that everyone has a different worth & priority in life.

And sometime we talk together & send e-mails but not so often.

Each family has different relationships & connection in each heart.

When we need to gather with folks at some occasions in a year, but not so often we don't need each other after we grew up...

In the U.S.A., DAVID's family are so strong connections in family and they cooperate each other ...I am so surprised.

They often call each other and send e-mails with LOVE & compassionate.

For them, it is pretty natural to contact each other and express their love to folks.

But for me it looks like very curious & it's interested in their great love in family.

After growing up, family relationship are growing & become stronger and deeper...

It's amazing LOVE of foundation, and I am so proud of their LOVE.

I try not to let my family worry about me too much, so I don't talk so well & often.

But no contact means good sign, our family want to believe or try to let us free.

David's elder sister ,for me sister in law , is so kind to me.

I don't know why but her kind heart & tender love is very comfortable to me naturally.

To become a marriage couple gave me more folks & spread my relationships of DAVID's family with splendid love.

DAVID's parents are very spiritual ,conservative and have a nice humor always.

Their attitude for us often makes me smile and laugh together with our talking.

And I realized how important to know & understand family relationship & love are day by day.

Next week, Thanksgiving holiday will come soon!!

It is very special time to all of the American, so I am so exciting.

I don't know what & how will happen at that time, but I just want to enjoy this special time with DAVID's family & friends together.

The place at Thanksgiving day is far from here, and it will more chilly or snowing...

Just I mind it and I need to be careful of the weather!

I wish we will have a nice time together with smile & love then.

And I really appreciate with all of DAVID's family so much!!

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Good couple's day in JAPAN
In Japan, on 22th November is "GOOD MARRIAGE COUPLE" day.

Because 11 sounds "EE"=it means GOOD" and 22 sounds "HU-HU" it means marriage couple".

So some couples are selected as ideal marriage couple somehow...

But I don't know how standard is good marriage couple as common.

Some couple seems happy but the true happiness of them doesn't understand for the others.

But I feel that the true happiness of marriage couple may show the atmosphere when they are together with others.

Happiness can not show and explain to the others.

Happiness is just state of our hearts, and it can feel inside of our minds.

I guess every marriage couple has many things & emotions each other every day.

But they can trust each other and try to understand more & better as a different person each.

Day by day, I realized how I love DAVID and how he is.

And it is wonderful discovers to know him better and deeper for me.

To know him more ,I can feel love him more...

So our love are limitless and we can love more and more.

To marry somebody looks challenge of life.

To be & to live together are sometimes hard & tough for everyone.

But the bottom of each hearts, real trust & deep understanding for the partner exists, marriage life can enjoy as own pace...

Many marriages & divorces happen every moment in this life.

But it is unique system & interesting style of life , I feel now.

To share something & to laugh each other make me so happy every day.

The foundation of marriage needs deep LOVE for each other.

So I want to try & challenge to this marriage life with smile always and I want to think it positive as possible.

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I have nice friends in this world...and my heart can connect with them easily at the level of heart inside.

Now internet is very familiar with our life & we can talk each other by SKYPE , it's free!!

Tonight we talked a lot with my soul mate in TOKYO with DAVID for 2 hours more.

After 1 year to see her in TOKYO, but we are always connected each other.

For the first time ,DAVID looked at my friend & talked through the camera of SKYPE but they became closer quickly...

We talked a lot & we planned the next summer to see again.

And our time by SKYPE passed so quickly and our hearts became closer and became warm with great energy of LOVE & friendship.

Somehow DAVID realized how our friendship is very wonderful & close each other after talking.

After talking together tonight, DAVID became to like her a lot & he told her "she is GREAT human beings. I like her so much!!"

The friendship of us including DAVID can spread our easily and quickly with honest & pure heart...

We promised to see again soon with our friends soon!!

Our hearts inside is always connected with my precious friends in this world.

DAVID has wonderful friends with great LOVE and kindness to me always.

I really appreciate with all of his friends so much & I really see them again soon!!

True friends are beyond the words & borderline of world, I believe so much...

Friends are very very precious treasure to our life and we just gratitude their existence.

テーマ:「生きている」ということ - ジャンル:心と身体

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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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