Bellevue square
Today, I asked David to bring me "Bellevue Square" to check some shopping stores.

For David, Bellevue Square is familiar shopping area because he worked around there when he was 20's.

But for me, Bellevue Square was the first place to visit and it is a huge shopping mall.

Just I want to check some store which I know in Japan so much but there were no items which I wanted to buy today.

So I told David "Thank you to bring me here but I don't need anything to buy today. So let's go home!"

But David looks a little disappointed because I didn't buy anything at Bellevue square.

I don't need to buy & get so much materials in my life because to get more materials let me feel "WASTE" sometimes.

I want to live simply as less materials as I can so David & I looked around other shops a little.

To buy something new and more is not essential part of my life.

Because I have everything which I need to live now and I don't want to own too much materials in my life.

So we came to Bellevue square by driving but if I didn't find essential materials to buy I don't want to waste our time to buy extra items at all.

I want to live as simple as possible with minimum materials because I like simply life.

Ans minimum items can make me comfortable and I really want to live simply.

Shopping is not fun for me at all because I have most materials now already.

Sometimes I will buy something which I really need in my life from now on but I don't want to make my materials increase so much.

Outside is very economic world and many advertisement tend to stimulate us to buy more and new.

But if I look back to my all materials which I have already owned, I would realize how much I own materials already enough.

So I want to use my favorite materials which can make me satisfy with content & gratitude.

When I was born into this world, I have nothing to own.

And I cannot own anything after I pass away someday, so I want to be careful what I own & have to use my energy of money.

How is you life??

Do you like simple life??

I hope that people will satisfy as less as possible to share with limited EARTH energy & resource not to waste too much anymore.

Because this earth is not for human beings but for all nature & animals, I think.

We are living in material world but I want to live simply more for a spiritual way without too much materials.^^
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The reason to live
After I woke up in this morning, it keep raining today like yesterday.

But I feel nice neutral condition of my mind and I feel so much peace inside of my heart.

And I realized how I really want to live my life until my body die someday from now on.

My spirit will never die and the journey of my spirit will last forever after my body die someday, I believe.

This life is my lesson to learn something through my life experience to make my spirit grow up in this life, I feel.

In this month, I have learned a lot about myself and our marriage life and I cried a lot.

At that time, I felt so much inside of my heart but I needed to experience it even it was tough happenings to me.

I deeply believe that my reason to live is a part of growth of my spirit's journey forever and ever.

And I don't want to be so emotional at anytime because I want to keep my mind in peace with rational as much as possible.

To live my spirit life at this moment can give me so many learning and I can feel my growth through my life these days after new year.

To accept my reality with peaceful mind is my essential part in Seattle.

Every day looks similar but no one day is exactly as same as other days in my life.

After I moved to Seattle to live with David from the end of 2014, I became a part of minority of this society in the U.S.A.

But even I am in India or other countries during my travel, I don't feel loneliness or solitude at all.

Because I am a human being of this MOTHER EARTH and my nationality doesn't matter for me.

So I want to live my life as KEIKO is every single day.

And no one and nothing can never destroy my peaceful heart because I can keep my kingdom of peaceful world inside.

As far as I keep my peaceful heart inside deeply, I don't need to get any CHAOS or negative things into myself.

Because I want to live my life as I want and I have a strong passion to achieve my idea to make this world be better by using my learning & experience from now on.

I don't need to be in hurry to achieve it but I am in the middle of achievement now.

So I want to live my life with confidence & peace to make my life contribute to this world.

This is my reason to live in this world and my spirit will be happy when I can feel as KEIKO is...^^

I wish that you can live your own life with benevolence & peace as YOU ARE at any moment in your life!!
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The day before birthday!
Tomorrow is David's birthday.

For me, birthday is just another day of yesterday, but for David, birthday is something special and unusual.

So today, David tells me, "This is the final ~ before my birthday." whenever he did something as daily as he does.

I have no idea how special he feels the day before his birthday today.

But just I am watching and protecting his actions and words without judgement.

And I observe how he feels today and think before his tomorrow's birthday, anyway.

Also tomorrow is NEW MOON day and it let David feel more special than usual, I guess.

David took a holiday tomorrow to enjoy his birthday as he wants to do anything to celebrate new age.

He got his friend's calling yesterday and they are going to take a walk together early morning tomorrow.

I know his friend and I want David to enjoy the time to walk together tomorrow without me.

But he looks thinking so much after we woke up today that his face suddenly stopped to think something.

I told David, "Don't overthink today, O.K.??" and he smiled at me.

But he looks thinking again anyway so I tried to let him do as he is today.

I made rice bolls for his lunch and I said to him,"This is FINAL ONIGIRI (rice balls) the day before your birthday!!" and he laughed at me.

Every day is someone's birthday or death anniversary so I don't mind too much about birthday and death anniversary.

Anyway, I want David to enjoy his birthday tomorrow as he wants because only 1 day for his birthday a year.

So I am looking forward to check his behavior today and tomorrow with unconditional love.

If he gets older like 70,80 or 90 years old in the future, I will love him as he my love doesn't matter to getting older than before, I believe.

Today it is cold and I am so looking forward to welcoming warm spring day by day...^^
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New day!
In this morning, I woke up at 5:20 after my good sleeping.

I felt nice energy inside of myself to feel new of my mind with positive energy naturally.

I am so happy that I can feel so much energy inside today, because I cried yesterday somehow.

And then, I can feel so much pure energy inside and I can feel "I can move on as I am from now on with David's love!"

Love is huge encouragement to move on my next step to let myself be as I am.

And my heart is filled with gratitude and benevolence and I can feel to do anything as I wish from now on.

How was I born in this world??

I don't remember but I imagined that I started to cry when I was born in this world for the first time.

Someday, I will say good bye to this world with smile and I want to enjoy next trip of my spirit with hope again.

To live and to die is very common in this world and many birth and death happen today all the time on this earth.

Fortunately, I am alive with smile & peace today so I am very thankful for my life...A LOT!

How are you today??

I hope that you can enjoy your new day with smile & love as you are,.

Because today is only 1 day of our life, isn't it??

So let's enjoy today with new your heart to connect with your new day tomorrow, shall we??

To live today is not taken for granted at all, living today is BLESSING for us with great lucky...I think!!^^
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1st of February!
After January in 2017, today it became February today!

And this month is shorter days of a month than other months in a year, so it will pass so fast...I guess.

Last month, David & I faced on someone's death unfortunately and we need to go on our marriage life with strength of each mind.

I have experienced some people's death in my life but I cannot get to used it with grief to lose their life.

But we have nothing own in our life both before we are born and after we pass away in this world.

So just I want to cherish TODAY as I can feel myself through my body because I am alive now!

Someday I will say goodbye for my life but I believe that my journey of spirit will go on forever.

And I am so thankful my life with DAVID because we have so much love each other with compassion & benevolence every single day.

Today during our meditation time, my idea of story about "LIFE" came up to my mind naturally.

Just I follow my feeling and thinking and I told DAVID about my whole story after meditation time.

David looked so surprised at my story that we could share with each thinking & feeling for a while.

We are doing our best as we are and our life is going forward as GOD's guide, we believe.

And just focus on what we need to do today can make our life better than before, for sure!

We have similar dream which we will make happen sooner or later and our marriage life connect with it.

And every single happenings of our marriage life can make us love & understanding each other to survive this world together.

Today it is so beautiful day with sunshine & blue sky and my mind is very clear with peace & love anyway.

To seize TODAY will make our tomorrow be better than today, I believe...

We are ALIVE so just I want to cherish each day until my body will not move anymore in this world.

How is your TODAY??

I wish that you will have a wonderful begging of FEB in 2017 with Blessing & smile as you wish.^^
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What to eat today??
What to eat today is our choice how to live with your body and mind.

Our body and mind are made by what we eat in our past.

And the foods' influence is very huge for me and it is like offering for my holy body and mind every day.

We tend to not to care our internal organ when we eat every meal usually.

Because our internal organ are working every day whenever you eat something.

So sometimes internal organ give us some emergent message by pain or disease suddenly.

But our body is very tough so sometimes we ignore the signal of body's alert.

I am very careful to eat something today.

And I don't want to eat too much to make my internal organs get fatigue so much.

So I try to eat something with chewing a lot to make my digestion system work easily.

Not to in hurry is very important when we eat something.

Because to eat something in hurry can make our internal organs so much burden to digest.

So what are you going to eat today??

And how do you care of your internal organ to live well at healthy condition of your body and mind today??

I wish that you can cafe for your internal organs when you eat something every day to live long with your body & mind as long as possible.

We don't know our limit of our lives and no one knows.

But I want you live longer as well as possible as you wish.

So let's eat healthy organic vegetables and fruits with gratitude today, shall we??

All of our foods are made by GOD and they are BLESSING for us, aren't they???^^
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Keep in peace!
Every day, our mind is changing at every single moment.

And somethings can influence our minds unexpectedly but I want to try keeping in my mind with peace & benevolence.

So I start my day with YOGA, meditation and walking in the morning to keep my mind in peace as always as possible.

And all my routine can support me with peace and I can observe myself and around my world with calm condition fortunately.

Also my organic vegetarian diet can help my mind & body in peace with pure energy of foods, I believe.

This world has so many advertisements and stimulus that our mind tend to be influenced by their energy a lot sometimes.

But I really love to live simply with LESS materials which I have enough now.

So just I want to keep my mind in peace with calm as well as possible without influence of out side of CHAOS world.

Only what I know is "We are born with nothing and we will die without owning anything.", so to have something more is not so important for me that I survive this world.

If I can stabilize my mind with peace of inside, I can feel so much content with my peaceful noble silence.

Because ONLY GOD can watch and protect our lives and I have no worries about my life at all.

Not to chase so much materials can make me so be simple & satisfaction with everything which I have now.

To appreciate with my life is very precious for me every day because I am very happy today, too.

I have everything now and I don't want to get something I can feel like this today??

I don't know but just I have strong faith of my mind about my value of life these days.

And I really appreciate with everything around me today and just I feel BLESSED by GOD.

How is your today??

Can you feel "Gratitude" for your life now??

So just let's keep moving forward as you wish and do our best, shall we??

GOD is always open to our life as we hope so just keep go on with truth and benevolence.^^
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To live today better than yesterday is very important for me.

Because every day is different from yesterday and other days so just I want to do my best today better than before.

If I can do my best and I can feel better than yesterday, I can feel myself GOOD inside my mind.

To keep my mind in peace and benevolence can make me feel nice today.

After YOGA, meditation and walking in this morning, I can feel wonderful with my better mind than yesterday.

Today is 11th of Jan in this new year and already 1/3 of this month has already passed!!

How fast one day is passing by!!

After I wake up every morning until I sleep at night, I can feel the speed of the day's going on.

But I don't feel in hurry at all just I concentrate my day with my mind always.

For me, house working is my daily routine but I really love to do it by myself.

To support David at home is my pleasure and I will do something different from last year in this new year.

Little by little, I am thinking my new things to do in this year to make our marriage life get better than last year.

And it is my secret mission and I want to keep myself going forward as well as I can.

In this January, many things happen to us and every happening can make us learn how to live together day by day.

Just keep doing our best each day will let our life go better direction, I believe truly.

I believe that GOD will bless us always and I am so thankful for everything around us today...^^

Today is so beautiful day with blue sky & sunshine and this cold weather can make me feel pureness of my heart inside...^^

Have a great day wit smile & benevolence anyway...^^
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NEW YEAR of 2017!!
After the end of 2016, the new year came us usual as the day turned out to 2017.

Only 1 day passed but NEW YEAR can make me feel refresh feeling to start NEW begging somehow.

Last year, David & I went to "Tsubaki Shrne" in Seattle to pray for NEW YEAR as Japanese do as tradition.

So we woke up earlier than usual to arrive there before many guests gather to the shrine.

In this morning, outside was snow on the road and David car has lots of ice & snow.

So David drove his car very carefully until our arrival at the shrine.

Many cars were on the road after accidents so our NEW YEAR has started with safe & slow driving.

After our prayer at the Shrine, we could feel so much great feeling and fresh mind each other.

This shrine located with nice river outside of city and we really love to visit for New Year's prayer together.

After our prayer, David and I visited his friend who works with his at his previous job.

David & I met his family for the first time and we really had a nice time to communicate each other.

Then we visited beach side on the way back to home and we took a walk on the beach side.

The sunshine came out of the dark could in the sky and we could feel so much HOPE & potential our NEW YEAR with pure and clear heart.

New year is just the day after the end of year and only 1 day has different as usual as day goes by.

But today we could feel totally different mind each other to start NEW YEAR with positive feeling A LOT!

Anyway we can keep going forward as we wish every single day so let's make our NEW YEAR the BEST in our marriage life together!

If we believe each love & faith inside deeply, we can do anything we wish now.

So just to keep doing our each best will make our wishes come true, I can feel it today!

How is your NEW YEAR??

I wish that you have a wonderful new begging of 2017with hope and LOVE inside of you as much as possible!!^^
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Black Friday in 2016
Today is called "Black Friday" because after Thanksgiving day is for SHOPPING.

It looks like Japanese "New Year SALE" after new year's day for me.

But we woke up usual after long driving last night and we could feel a little fatigue because many things happened to us last a few days.

So we started to meditate for a while together to keep our mind clear & calm to start NEW DAY today.

After rain last night, sunshine came out of the sky and it is so beautiful day with clear blue sky today.

We don't need to get so much materials for shopping today like most people do so we started our day with our peaceful mind & love.

And my face was not look good but I felt silence in my mind with stable feeling.

So we have a nice time together with open heart how we feel now and today each other.

Day by day, our mind is changing right now and many things happen to us every single day.

But I like to cook as usual to my heart in peace with LOVE to adjust our body & mind to daily life.

Anyway how to eat to make our body & mind is up to our choice every day and it can help us to be clearer our mind to live together.

And to keep our healthy organic vegetarian diet are so wonderful for both of us to connect each other more than before!!^^

Every single happening can influence our mind & thought and we handle mange how to live together from now on.

We realized how BEST we are a TEAM to survive this world today and we are so thankful for TODAY's love and happiness.

Today's our dinner (for me, this is the only 1meal a it is very important!) will can facilitate our body & mind to heal our fatigues to recover for tomorrow, for sure!

I enjoyed cooking by myself and it became "THE BEST" dinner for us today.
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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