Free pass!
This year is150 years memorial one for national foundation of CANADA.

And I found that a pass for all National park of Canada can give anyone for free to celebrate it in a H.P. about Seattle fortunately.

So I sent my request for free pass of National park in Canada a few weeks ago without saying to David.

Finally the free pass sent our mail box a few days ago and I showed it to David as a surprise gift.

He looked so happy that we could get free pass and he told me to visit National park in Canada as much as possible to use this pass.

We checked H.P. of Canada's national park together last night and they looks so wonderful to visit.

There are so many national park there and we love to visit nature to feel the energy.

In Seattle and Canada, there are so many national park and we haven't visited them yet.

Especially we love to walk in the nature and we are looking forward to visiting there in this year together.

Anyway, this free pass for National park in Canada is very generous to give anyone who wants.

David and I visited Canada at the end of 2015, and we really loved to visit together there for the first time then.

So we talked to visit there again for many times but it didn't happen yet.

David & I are very looking forward to visiting Canada in this year after warm weather came soon.

Nature can bring us so great energy by walking and I really love to take a walk in the nature.

When I was in Japan to work close to mountains before my marriage, I usually went to climb a mountain by myself and with friends to feel the nature.

And I miss the energy of mountains in nature these days so just I long for our visit in nature in Canada & Seattle in this year as much as possible!^^
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New Refrigerator!
Yesterday, our apartment had a inspection to check all facilities by a manager and a repair man.

And I told all our needs to repair & fix at our facilities and the repair man came to our home today with new refrigerator suddenly.

I was so surprised at the new refrigerator that I told him to let him notice our refrigerator's door broken inside.

But I have no expectation to renew a refrigerator at all but he brought it today.

Previous refrigerator was ivory color but new one is black and bigger than before.

And it looks a little dark in the kitchen but I am so happy to get it today.

After the repair man changed the new refrigerator from old one, David and I exchanged all of our foods inside of it one by one.

And I started to use it during my cooking and I felt so much lucky that I could get a new refrigerator today.

Anyway today it is a cloudy day with heavy clouds but I can feel so much peace & stable of my heart inside.

Yesterday, new spring has just started on the calendar but the weather is not yet spring today.

But I can shine my heart inside with peace & calm atmosphere to enjoy my day as a NEW DAY.

We are going to move the end of next June but I want to enjoy this new black refrigerator for a while with refresh feeling.

I really want to enjoy this new spring season with Blessing anyway...^^

Thank you for new refrigerator today, I felt so much lucky to get and use it from today!!
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Today, the new DAISO (Japanese 100 YEN SHOP) had a Grand Opening today near Alderwood mall (shopping mall).

Before an old DAISO was in the Alderwood mall shopping center but it changed brand new & wider location than before today.

DAISO is very popular and familiar with Japanese and foreigner to buy many kinds of goods at the same price of 100 YEN.

In Seattle, some other DAISO located but this new DAISO is the biggest shop, I guess.

Last week, the DAISO's Grand Opening advertised in the local paper ant it was in our mail box.

Also I found this news about NEW DAISO in Japanese HP which introduce many information about SEATTLE.

The first 100 customers would be given a goodies bag as a present and David & I went there to look around a New DAISO today.

I have no idea how GRAND OPENING DAISO but just I am interested in it.

I was so surprised that many people were waiting in a long line in front of the New DAISO to enter the store.

Finally I could enter the NEW DAISO and I got a cleaning item.

After making a purchase, we could received a goodies bag filled with Japanese sweets & drink.

Only 100 goodies presents was almost gone after we looked around the New DAISO today.

Tomorrow these goodies presents will offer 100 customers as same as today and more people will come there because Saturday.

I checked the goodie bag but all of the present are not good for our healthy diet at all.

So I don't need to get it but it was fun to look around new shop with David today, anyway.

David & I decided to give some friends all our presents to introduce Japanese sweets little by little.

In Japan, many different kinds of 100 YEN shops opened now and 100 YEN shop became nice business here in Seattle, too.

I can get the same item at DAISO shop less 1 dollars in Japan but we have to pay 1.50$ in Seattle.

Because the tax & shipping cost charged all of items.

So I don't want to buy so many items at DAISO in Seattle because I can get similar items 1$ in Seattle.

Anyway it was a new & funny experience for David & me that we had a nice time together to check new DAISO today...^^
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Great friend!
Today I asked David's friend to come to talk together suddenly.

I needed him to be with us and he came fortunately with generosity & kind friendship.

Our friend was staying with his son so he brought him and his son waited for our talking time in his car alone.

And David & I had a nice time with our friend about an hour to talk a lot together.

Last night and this morning, I need great energy with peace and calm to make our life be better than before.

And I didn't expect our friend coming to our home but he could come to talk with us fortunately.

Life is sometime tough but I don't want to waste of my life time with pain or sufferings so much.

And if I need someone's great energy, I can ask our great friends' support and help anytime, I learned a lot today.

After David & I did meditation as usual as we do, his visit time was very wonderful for us.

I have no idea what is going on our marriage life right now but I am leaning how to love unconditionally without judgement.

To keep our marriage life is not easy for me that I just focus on my heart deeply how to live from now on.

Only I can select my way of life not because of someone's influence, but because of my choice with strong faith.

I have no idea how much I need to love David in my life so just I want to face on myself inside.

Anyway we have a great friend with LOVE & generosity and I am so lucky & thankful for his existence today that I can survive my life from now on in Seattle.

Anywhere in this world, I can find hope and positive way to survive with benevolence.

I am just thankful for our wonderful friend who we had a time together, anyway...^^
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Surprise visit!
Today, David is holiday and he wanted me to go somewhere special with his secret.

A few days ago, David told me today's surprise visit downtown Seattle and I wonder where we would go today.

David took me "Northwest Flower & Garden Show" at the Washington state convention center in downtown Seattle.

There were many people there and the flower & garden show was so huge area to walk around.

A few days ago, David met a customer and he talked to him friendly as usual as he does to all his customers.

And he talked David about this Flower & Garden show and he gave a free ticket with generosity.

So David wanted me to keep going there secretly and we could enjoy there together.

There were so many booths to look around and we kept walking more than 2 hours.

It was so much fun for us that we really enjoyed this show together today.

Anyway David's love was so great that his secret visit to this show was just his love for me.

He wanted me to enjoy something new and special because I did so many things last 5 weeks to support a woman.

And his kind support and generous love always give me wonderful energy to move on with strength & tough mind from now on.

I am so lucky to be with David that we are happy with love and smile every single day.

I am so thankful for David's love that I want to cherish our love from now on and forever!!^^
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God's guide
In this morning, I got a great message from my Japanese friend of FB suddenly.

Just I know about her through FB and I worked as a writer for her website last year for a while.

But I stopped my working as a writer unfortunately but my connection with her still keep now.

And she introduced me a woman who read her website and looks for a personal chef because she needs not to cure her serious disease.

I live in Seattle and the woman lives near my home so my friend introduced me to contact her directly.

Yesterday just I was talking about my business (DETOX, YOGA and organic vegetarian cooking of my original healthy diet) to start little by little.

I thought that GOD was listing my way of thinking and GOD brought us together somehow today.

And I asked David to bring me to her tomorrow because fortunately tomorrow is holiday!!

I sent a message the woman and she called me soon and we talked each other for a while.

David & I decided to meet her tomorrow to cook something better for her disease.

She was so happy that we are going to visit her to cook for her.

I will get ready for her meals from now on and I am so looking forward to make myself use of my skills in my life for her better life tomorrow.

Thank you, GOD!

And I really appreciate with my friend of FB & DAVID, too...their LOVE can make it happen today!

It is my pleasure to support someone who needs my learning and experiences to make one's life be better way!!^^
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GREAT chance!
Yesterday I got a great news from a Japanese company.

The company introduces Macrobiotic diet & healthy life style through internet and I read some columns sometimes.

And a few days ago, I found a page of the company to want to hire a writer now.

I just tried to write my passion to get the job of writer because I love Macrobiotic cooking & healthy life style.

And I like the company's passion to introduce their wonderful columns to many people in JAPAN.

After I sent my message to apply the job and I got a nice new from it yesterday.

I felt so nice reply from them that maybe I will be able to write to the contents soon.

But at first, I have to write "Test Writing" about something to test my writing and I wrote it again and sent it as soon as possible.

And again I got a wonderful reply after they read my 1st test writing before I sleep last nigh again.

They want me to start my writing as soon as possible and I was so happy to know that.

David said, "I am proud of you, KEIKO.!" and I felt the same way, too.

Now today I made my profile to send them again and I tried to write my 2nd test writing.

I wish my test writing will be pleased with their way of thinking and I hope to start my writer carrier in JAPAN!! ^^

Anyway I am so lucky that I can make my experiences & learning in JAPAN use of something new & good job of writing soon!!
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Happy happenings!
Yesterday David got a good news and I could get a good news, too!

We had so much happy feelings each other that we could feel very nice to watch each smile together.

Recently, something happened to us without intention & purpose to feel bad each other.

But we handled & managed to make them better to make us positive world anyhow.

We believe that "Everything is getting better and better day by day!" and we said it aloud to the sky as much as possible.

In JAPAN, words which we use has a power & energy to make it happen actually.

And I believe that our saying words has huge power itself and we need to be careful to use any words.

All words need to use for the direction of TRUTH & LOVE at anytime because all words of ours can move us for the direction.

To use our words means that our energy move forward of better way & positive direction as we say.

Sometimes bad situation happened to us but it didn't matter with us at all.

Not happenings but our faith will bring us the great reality as we hope & wish with positive words.

And it could happen to us yesterday and we were so glad to get each GREAT news.

GOD (creator of this universe) is watching & protecting us at any single moment.

And only GOD knows our future but we can control our future by using positive words to make it happen sooner or later.

Today is the day before full moon and I am careful to use my words to myself and DAVID.

Because much energy of FULL MOON has started to influence us today, too!

I wish my love & faith inside of myself can reach this huge UNIVERSE to make it happen for better & positive way as I wish.

And I have no doubt our future with happiness & love all the time.

To believe inside myself & DAVID's love has no enemy in the world.

And our life is getting better and better day by day....obviously!

I appreciate with everything around me today, too....and we are BLESSED by GOD at anytime.

Have a great day with smile & Blessing at your living place in this world! ^^

Your reality can make your thought & words to this universe, I believe truly...
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Process of recovery
On last Sunday, I could not breath after crying a lot with DAVID before sleeping at night.

To crying for myself was not David's fault & responsibility at all but my heart wanted to cry a lot anyway.

And I was too much crying to breath for a while but soon David saved my breath with his quick rescue & love for me fortunately.

I felt so much fatigue after that and started to fall asleep and I woke up next morning with less memory of the previous night's happening.

David worried about me too much to sleep on Sunday night for a while so I was so sorry for him to disturb his peaceful sleep.

But anyway I could feel much better on Monday after I woke up but David still worries about me today.

I want David not to worry anymore about me but my body & mind may be in the middle of recovery after Sunday night still today.

Normally, I can feel so much energy inside of myself but I feel so much fatigue in my head a little somehow.

David knows me so better than me and I need to take a rest & relaxation more than before.

Today it was raining all day long but in the afternoon, the rain stopped for a while fortunately.

And David & I took a walk at our favorite place and we had nice time to talk.

At the half of the walking way, I felt so much fatigue already and I wanted to take a rest before finishing our walking.

But I didn't want to quit walking in the middle of the way so I kept walking until the end of walking course anyway.

Not to make David worry about me anymore is my first priority but I realized how tired my body & mind still today.

I can feel much energy more whenever after we walk this course than today.

It means that my body & mind is not normal at all today.

So to take myself easy & a rest more than usual is my task for today.

David asked me not to cook for today's meal at all to let me take a rest more than usual, so I accepted his suggestion today.

Every day I want to cook for him to express my love & gratitude as much as possible but I need to focus on my recovery anyway.

To listen to my body's need is essential for me and YOGA & meditation time teach me how I can feel myself every day.

Also David's smart thinking & objective opinion are so helpful that I can understand myself more.

Anyway with his love, I can feel relieved to be able to spoil to his tenderness when I feel myself weaker than usual in this week.

I am learning how to adjust my recovery period day by day and I am so thankful for David that he cares for me so well...

His love is so deep & pure that I tend to be moved to cry with his love these days...anyway I am getting better & better day by day.

Soon I will be normal KEIKO soon!!^^

Anyway I am so lucky that my husband is very kind & sweet for me sweet dates of his sweetness for me...^^
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The end of 2015
How many things happened to me in 2015.

Today David & I could have a nice time together with smile & love together.

We cleaned up our rooms bathroom and kitchen for New Year.

A little big cleaning is Japanese tradition in the end of year to welcome a new year with clean feelings.

We took a walk on the seaside on Edmonds beach and we really talked a lot about our 2015.

We could pass through all of my getting Green Card (permanent residence in the U.S.A) together after long process finally.

This year is the first new year which we started to live together in Seattle after our marriage in Japan in 2012.

So to be together longer, we could understand each other to love more and better, we realized.

We struggled our differences sometimes but in the end, everything made us understand each other to love more in the end.

We realized how we love each other truly and each importance of existence in this world.

And we are just happy only to be together.

To exchange each love every single day could make us grow up for better way as a marriage couple.

And we can be loving more and more.

We never forget our deep & true love always and forever.

I just really appreciate with all of David's effort and love for me and I am so thankful for this year.

Nothing happened to me in vain and everything could give me a great leaning how to love each other more and better.

So just we are happy to love each other in 2015 and we will be happier in new year more and more, for sure!!!

I wish that every my friend in this world have a happy new year with Blessing from Seattle!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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