Great friend!
Today I went to talk to my neighborhood for the first time.

Last month, David talked to her and she was interested in me somehow.

So I put on my message card on her door and she gave me a nice message card as a reply soon.

And I gave my message thorough her mobile phone and we decided to talk with tea today finally.

She is very kind and generous and I really enjoy talking to her together today.

We talked more than 1 hour and we had a nice talking a lot in this morning.

She gave me a big hug and I really became to like her a lot after we shared time together, anyway.

For me, to talk to new person is a little exciting time to know one better than before.

Also to talk only in ENGLISH is my lesson of ear and I was so happy to talk to her a lot.

We could share nice time in this afternoon and I got a new friend of neighborhood today.

She is very honest and frank lady and I am so lucky to get know her better than before.

When David & I met her after she moved in front of our home, only I said to hello as a greeting.

Today I am just wonderful that I could get a new friend in front of home after nice conversation.

She has a kid dog and he barked me so much for the first time when I visited her home.

But just before I left her home, finally he got to used to me as a I am happy to know her dog, too!!

In Seattle, I will make more friends without DAVID little by little and it will be great experience for me.

How is your SUNDAY??

I wish that your SUNDAY is great with smile & peace...^^
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After yesterday
Yesterday, David got a shock news about his friend's death suddenly.

Unexpectedly, the sad news hit on his heart but after he cried for a while, he tried to keep his mind calm and peace

If to keep crying for his death can make his life back again, we would cry and cry but it would not happen.

And his death is unchangeable reality and we need to focus on our live to move on.

Life has unpredictable happenings around us every day and it give us so much lesson how to survive together.

Today's life is so precious that we need to appreciate with our everything around us today.

Anyway, some of our friends face on serious disease now but they try to survive with strength & toughness of mind.

Now David & I have no trouble of our health and we are so thankful for it.

To eat healthy organic foods, meditation, walking as our routine can make us keep healthy body and mind in peace and stable condition as well as possible.

We try to keep our body and mind at healthy condition until our body's limit someday.

Also David's friendship of all of his friends will never disappear if one pass away in this world.

So David's friend became a spirit as an invisible existence for reincarnation of next life, I believe.

David became so calm & stable today that I felt relived to watch his smile and love today.

Anyway we are going forward with benevolence every day to live more and better.

To lose someone is terrible sorrow but we need to move on.

Death is not the end of friendship because our heart can feel great love of someone's spirit even one passed away.

Anyway, life give us so much learning to make us strong to survive in this world.

I wish that your TODAY will be better than yesterday as you wish.

Tomorrow is not coming yet and yesterday was over, so let's focus on today to enjoy our short life as much as possible, shall we???^^
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Rhubarb again
David's friend gave us many rhubarbs again.

They grow them up at their garden but on one eat rhubarb in his family.

Again he gave us so many rhubarb that I made rhubarb jam again.

But this time was more than 1 kg of rhubarb and we cannot eat at a time only for two of us.

So I asked David to give some rhubarb jam for his family in return today.

I made it the jam well again and David's friends looked so happy to get it from me.

Rhubarb jam is very expensive if we buy at any supermarkets so we are very lucky to get it for free.

But too much rhubarb jam is impossible to eat soon so I was glad to give his friend in return.

Rhubarb has a original taste of sour and the jam became a wonderful sweetness & sour taste together now.

But we have organic brown rice more than I wonder when all rhubarb jam will be eaten by us because all jam became so much amount now...><

Anyway David's friend love is very wonderful and he offered again if we need more rhubarb, we could get it more next week...
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Great friend!
Today we met David's friend after a while.

She knows David more & longer than me and I am so exciting to see her again.

At the beginning of this week, she called to David suddenly.

And he has a holiday in this whole week before his next begging of new position in February fortunately.

So we wanted to see her in his holidays somehow.

She is very busy lady but she suddenly called to David in this morning to see us during her working time to take a tea time.

She suggested this cafe"Red Twig" at Edmonds and we went there on time.

Soon she came to there and we started to talk each other.

To know each present situation & issue were very good communication to understand each other better.

This time is the 3rd time to see her for me that I realized how much I could understand her English better than before.

To train my ears in English every single day in the U.S.A. can let me understand her native English today.

Sometimes she asked me, "Do you understand me?" kindly and I said, "YES!!" with smile.

I am very happy that her English can easily to hear of my ears to understand her all messages to us.

Her all experience in whole life & great friendship between David & her let me understand her better & more than before.

And all her words to David & me could bring my heart in peace & better motivation naturally with kindness & generosity to move forward with David today.

I realized how great true friendship & nice relationship can bring us enrich & abundant in deep level of our hearts.

Nothing will matter to me that we are living in different way of life to keep wonderful friendship.

To remember my true friendship in this world can let me motivate to move forward to better way with warm feeling inside of my mind.

I am happy with David and his great friends in Seattle now and I never feel to be isolated & lonely here at all.

So just I wish that all my friends in this world be happy every single day with smile & Blessing as much as possible from my bottom of my heart...even we cannot see often each other. ^^
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Firend's love
In last a few months, I felt a little down inside of my heart...just a little bit.

So I kept myself away from internet & Facebook & my blog on purpose.

Because I don't want know news outside in this world at all at that time to concentrate my heart inside deeply.

But finally I could feel better than before last weekend by myself & David's love.

And I post my message on Facebook "I am back here again, and I am fine!" on my page.

Some frineds gave me kind messages so it made me so happy.

They seemed to concern with me recently and I really appreicate with kind love for me.

Now I am with David every day and very very happy without any worry & lonliness.

And I have started to write my blog again now and my Detox are helping me a lot.

Through my Detox, I can find myself again at this time.

I considered that true friendship doesn't matter the distance & time at all.

And my true friends in this world can connect with my heart always even we cannot see so often.

With lovely David, I can feel happiness & satisfaction and my heart is filled with content & peace in my heart.

And my great & wonderful friends give me great love beyond distance so I am so happy with their kindness.

I wish their happy life with smile every day as much as possilbe...
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そこは、田んぼの中にポツンと建つ、Maaru guesthouse‼






















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Great friends of highschool
Last night I came back to my parents home from TOKYO at night but I woke up early morning to see my friend of highschool with my frined together.

Our common friends owns great salon of aroma therapy & Ayruveda massage by herself and I can see her after 22 years' my graduation of highschool!

Driving was so nice that we enjoyed a great view of autumn nature about 4 hours drive of half way!

Our friend had a great experience & leaning in the past and we talked a lot together at her salon.

Her salon located near the seaside at Hayama town in Kanagawa pref. and she looks to enjoy her life!

We cannot stop talking together and we had a really nice time together.

To seize each life by efforts by self and to keep moving forward are not easy but we can enjoy each challenge as we are.

Only 3 hours ,we could had a time together because we need to go back to home again for more 4 hours drive again.

Our friend treated us so well and she gave us a tastey tea & sweets and also she did us her special head massage with hand-made oil to remove our fatigue.

Her love & tender heart was amazing that her salon will develope more & more, I believe...

And also she gave us a special oil for souvenior and I really became to like her more than before.

To tell the truth, when I was a high school student I knew her name & face but I didn't talk to her at all.

But my frined took me to talk to her today to know each other well and I became to like her so much.

Her tenderness & great effort to enjoy her life by wonderful effort hit me and I felt her great heart & sensitive part of soul.

And her lovely smile & pure eyesight told me how she is alive by great spilit & love.

We promised to get together again and we started to go back to hometown SHIZUOKA.

Only short time we had together but it was precious time to share together, and it meant to me A LOT!

To talk together & to know each other are essential part of wonderful friendship, I can tell.

And to enjoy each life as each pace by effort & passion can let me so enegize to live for BETTER KEIKO as I am.

I want to grow up the worth person to keep this friendship from now on.

For my preciuos friends in this world, I want to say "See again someday soon !!"

And I wish all my friends' happiness with smile every day, and I am just looking forward to seeing each other again...
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Arrival at NARITA in Japan
I arrived at Narita from Seattle...

Little late of my arrival due to something wrong not to permit to landing to Narita airport let me tired a little.

But finally I got to Japan safety...

From Seattle to Los Angels, I met a Korean guy with his Mom who sat nect to my seat in the airplane.

Fortunately he noticed that KEIKO is Japanese and he started to talk a lot friendly & kindly.

We had a nice time to share our common routes from acent ASIA and I really become to like after little conversation.

And we exchanged each card before arrival and we said not "good bye" but "see you again!!" at Los Angels airport.

In Seattle, it was raining a lot but it changed to be shinny day in Los Angels like a summer!

From Los Angeles to Narita, I met Japanese women who live in the U.S.A for more than 50 years.

We talked a lot each other to enjoy each talikng like a friend.

She was very cute and lovely woman and we exchanged each contact to see each other again in the U.S.A.

Long hours' flight gave me a little fatigue but I got fortune friendships in this flght, I belive it is the gift from GOD.

And many people live in this universe but I can meet small amount of people in my life.

I am always open my heart to others and communication is very great tool to share each difference & way of thinking to love in peace on this earth.

I am so happy to met wonderful & new people in this flight that thie new connections let my life enrich & happy more than yesterday, for sure!

I really appreciate with them and GOD's trick to meet us each other today.

Because no coincidences happen to me without intension of GOD.

I believe that it has some messgae from this universe.

I wish you can enjoy your new meeting in life as possible.

To meet new people has great opportunities to spread your narrow world for better way, for sure!
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Precious friends in Japan
I have many friends in Japan.

Their existence itself is my tresure, it worth to see them again to make use of time somehow.

Only seeing them after many years , our friendship can connect each other beyond time & distance.

And just listening to their cheerful voice a little, it can let me so happy.

My friennds's happiness let my heart warm and happy ,too.

And I know some frinends of mine who want to see me again trhough message by e-mail & phone etc.

Just I know it, I feel that I want to be the proper person to worth to see them again as well as possible.

Sometimes I feel that I am not to be used to say to myself "I am O.K.".

Maybe I feel a lack of myself, or some part of mine needs to fulfiled with more confidence by myself...

To say to myself "I am O.K." is very important & precious things to admit myself as I am.

Through our conversaiton (between David & me), I can trust his honest & true words by his LOVE from the bottom of my heart naturally.

And his words made me cry by so much impression.

To face myself deeply and to realize how I need to grow up give me lots of learnings recently.

To know myself better means a lot through our marriage life.

Anyway, my precious friends are waiting to see me in next autumn & early winter in Japan.

Just for a while ,I had to go back to JAPAN to get my green card.

To be separated from DAVID is terrible misery for me but I don't want to waste my time of life by only crying.

This separation will give us a gift or homework to do anything we need until we see again in December, soon.

So I started to make a plan to see my preciuos friends in this timing.

Maybe God brought us to focus on what we face on something which remains to do at each place.

And this separation time will bring us together again to love more & to enjoy our each time to share it later.

To take our separation again for positive way, many miracle happenings & happy news came to me.

And I am so exciting to see them in next 3 months in JAPAN.

At first, I will see some friends in's my hometown in Japan.

To enjoy my time in Shizuoka will make use of my experience for their life, I believe.

Just seeing again to talk each other to share with our life , my energy will be charged with so much LOVE of friends and it will make me happy A LOT!

To contact with frinds and to connect with them again will let me learn how to live from now on again.

I am very looking forward to seeing them to share our life after many years...

And I am so exciting that some opportunity will happen to share my YOGA & DETOX program at my friends' cafe together....

Everything is getting better and better day by day.

I says it every day and it acutally happen to me, thank you for everything.

I wish your summer time and next season will be happier more and better....

And I hope everyone can laugh as much as possible every single day.

The power of friends has unlimited energy to make me happy , I really appreciate with their LOVE for me.

See you guys again in JAPAN pretty soon!!

I like all of you, DAYO!
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Clear sky
Today is new moon in June.

In the early morning, sky was cloudy and it was raining sometimes a little.

But in the afternoon, skyp became clear and sunshine came out.

After a little rain, the air outside became clearer than before and it felt so fresh.

The clear sky looks like my mind after crying a lot.

My mind became clearer than before and I can't feel any clouds in my mind.

Some kind friends gave me very sweet message and they made me so happy.

To cry sometimes needs to make my mind clear , I feel.

Tears has a energy to purify myself so my tears could work for it.

But some people worrried about me and I really really appreciate with their love for me.

Thank you so much for my precious people , now I am completely O.K.!!!

Well, the temparture became higher a little in the afternoon.

So I made a tofu icecream.

It is very easy and simple to make.

I boiled & drained water off tofu and add sweet drink made from fermented rice and carob powder (=bean's powder instead of cacao) , soy milk ,sinnamon powder & a little peanuts butter to them and just mix together.

And after that , just freeze it.

The balance of sweetness is up to you.

After freezing foods, the sweetness of them feels less than before , so just a little bit you had better to adjust make it sweeter than normal.

David told me chocolate taste of icecream the best.

So I made for him to please him after his working.

Normal icecream in the shop are extremly sweet usually.

Sugar doesn't need our body and it can be toxin in our body if you take it too much in a day.

But the sweetness from rice is very natural sweetness and it is not harmful for our body.

Tender & mild sweetness can our body & mind relaxed and comfortable.

So I want David to eat it tonight's dessert.

If you can get an organic tofu, please try to make a soy icecream.

I recommend it for everyone if you have some time to make it...

I wish you can enjoy your New Moon day today for your happy life.

This new moon is good for pray about LOVE.
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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