David's friend
After David came back to home from his work in this afternoon, he went to see his friend.

His friend's sister suddenly passed away and his all family members died finally.

And he asked David to come to visit him to talk together.

I have never met him but sometimes David went to see him after his work.

His friend is a little older than David and sometimes he went to help his errands at home.

David is very kind to all his friends and it is his natural personality.

I want David to sleep well enough at night after his dinner time, so I told David not to come back home late for his rest.

David smiled at me and he went to see him.

David is always kind to all his friends and family who he loves.

That's why I love him more than before after I knew his love and compassion to his precious people.

I hope that his friend hang in there to keep his mind in peace.

To lose family member must be tough for everyone, so I wish his peaceful mind with David's smile and support, anyhow...^^
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Great friendship
I went to see my friend who I met at Edmonds library for the first time in this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, David and I went to see her at a cafe to talk each other for the first time.

After I met her, she told me about her plan to move the end of this month.

But I felt her beauty and kindness naturally and I wanted to get to know her anyhow.

And I asked to take a time to talk again before her moving and we set the date to talk together in this afternoon,

We took a walk on the beach side of Edmond beach and we kept talking about 1 hour and a half.

I was so happy that we could have a wonderful time to talk each other today and I gave a small gift for her.

I know that she is going to move soon, so I don't want to give so much things to let her feel burden to bring.

After I gave my gift for her, she smiled and gave me a huge hug for me.

So I am so glad that she looked happy to get my gift.

Anyway, to get to know her personality is a great opportunity to understand each other today.

I felt a nice friendship between us, even we just got to know each other recently.

I will miss her after she move soon, but David and I want to visit her someday and it will be a great trip for us.

To meet a special person like her is a great gift for me, because life is too short and to meet people in my life is very limited.

So I want to cherish this great new friendship from now on and I am very lucky to get to know her before she moving.^^
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Great meeting
Yesterday, David and I went to see a new friend whom I met at a library last month.

She is about 30 years older than me but I felt her beauty naturally when I met her for the first time.

Whenever I met her at the library, she smiled at me gently and I felt something special to her spontaneously.

So I wrote my message to her and I gave it to her.

And I wanted to know her personality anyhow to be her friend.

She gave her reply after some days and she offered me to have a coffee at a cafe someday kindly.

And we decided to have a coffee at our favorite cafe with David and we talked a lot each other.

She will move to the far from present address at the end of this month, so I will miss her, for sure.

I gave a small gift for her yesterday to express my gratitude for this great meeting and she gave me a message today about it.

David and I really became to like her naturally after we talked each other.

And I wanted to have more time to know her more before she moves.

Anyway, I have never tried to make a friend in the U.S.A. like her before, but I felt something special inside of myself.

I felt so lucky that I could have a wonderful time with her yesterday and David and I were so happy to know her after our talking a lot.

I want her to start new life after she moves soon, and I am very glad to be her friend before she moves.

And she is very kind and great woman and I am so glad that we have some common things each other after we talked each other.

To make new friend is make each life enrich to share each life and David and I want to visit her new address someday...^^
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Kind lady
Yesterday, the lady who I met in a library and I gave a mini message started to talk to me for the first time.

She said, "Thank you!" for my mini message and she offered me to have a coffee time together someday.

I was so surprised at her kind offer that I am very glad to know her kind reaction about my message, anyway.

Also she told me that she is going to move the end of May, so I felt so sad to know that yesterday.

But her life is up to her choice and just I want her to enjoy her happy life after she moves anywhere in this world.

I told about this to David and he looked so glad that I could get to know her a little.

I look forward to having a coffee time with her someday but I don't want to miss her any words when she talks to me.

So I asked David to have a coffee time together when I see her again at a coffee shop not to miss her English.

He said, "O.K." for my favor and I am so thankful for his kindness, anyway.

I don't know when we will have a coffee time before her moving, but I just look forward to talking to her again someday.

Anyway, to know someone's life and character is my pleasure and I am very lucky to meet her such a beautiful lady in a library...^^
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Friend's energy
Yesterday, I suggested David to see his friend spontaneously after we took a walk around beach side of Edmonds.

He is working at his office by himself at Edmonds and sometimes I visited him to talk.

Always he is gentle and kind to me and he is very great person, I can feel.

Yesterday, David and I talked too much each other and he looked so much thinking inside of his mind like a CHAOS.

So I felt that we need to see him to get his opinion to let David release his so many thought of his mind.

When I met him last time, he told me to bring David to see him.

So I brought David to him suddenly and we talked for a while at his office.

During our talking, I could see David's smile sometimes and it was cause of his friend's great energy for us.

I was so sorry that we kept him to talk to us during his working time but he was always kind to us.

Anyway, I am so thankful his wonderful energy of LOVE inside to let David feel better than before.

David has so many great friends with kind heart and open mind and I became to like them naturally always after I met them.

To have wonderful friends let our life move on forward as we are with positive energy and cheerful feeling always,.^^
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Great friend
When I went to a Yoga class of a fitness club, some kind people talked me sometimes.

And some people was just say "Hello!" and no deeper relationship didn't begin at all than greeting.

But some people started to talk to me for a while and I could start nice friendship after talking each other.

So I wanted to introduce my husband David to them when he tried to have the Yoga class.

He doesn't want to have a Yoga class so often, so I tried to introduce my Yoga friends when he had a Yoga class.

And after I introduced David to my friends, David and I had a nice sharing with my friends each other about each impression of them.

Most of my Yoga friends are so kind and generous that I gave my card to introduce myself more.

And some of them sent me a message via to e-mail address and we started to exchange each message sometimes.

Not only greeting but also sharing each life let us be better friendship than before.

I don't know why we can be nice friend each other closer than other people but it was great gift to know someone new in Seattle fortunately.

To meet someone is coincidence but I believe that it has essential meaning for me.

So I am very thankful for these great meeting Yoga friends and I want to keep nice friendship each other from now on.

Everyone has each life and I wish that all of my friends have a happy time of life as much as possible.

And I hope that David and I keep great friends from now on to enrich our marriage life, anyway...^^
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A vase of tulips
A few days ago, David found a vase of tulips in front of our door.

It was from our neighbor who knows me when we had a tea time last year.

After she moved to our neighbor, we had a tea time to talk each other for the first time.

And we exchanged each contact and we became nice friend each other.

Last week, I got her message who told me that she became sick.

I made medicine tea for her and I put it into my tea bottle.

And I put it onto her door knob and I put my message on it.

She gave me a message on that day and she became better after that.

I was just glad that my love of friendship brought her heart anyhow.

And the vase of tulips was her gift in return, I guessed.

She put on a message on the vase and all tulips were so beautiful that I really loved very much.

I didn't expect anything from her at all but I am so happy to get beautiful tulips in a vase.

Today, it is beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky but it was very cold.

But I can enjoy the atmosphere of spring with her gift of tulips at home.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful neighbor, anyway...

I want to keep this friendship from now on with kind heart.^^
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Kind gift!!
Last week, David brought a lovely vase of some tulips after his work suddenly.

He said that his manager gave me the vase to celebrate my new challenge of the job in Seattle for the first time.

I met her once when David introduced me to her and I really liked her cheerful character naturally.

But I was very surprised at her kind gift for me and I am so happy to get it.

So yesterday, I baked special banana cup cakes for her as a gift in return.

Also I wrote my message card for her to express my gratitude for her kind gift.

I asked David to give it to her today but she was not working today.

But she came to his working place and David could give my return gift for her fortunately.

I am so glad that she got my return gift today.

I hope that she will enjoy my mini return gift at home.

Anyway, his colleagues are very friendly when I met them.

So I am very happy for David that he can work with very wonderful colleagues every day with kind heart.^^

I am so looking forward to watching these beautiful tulips blossom day by day.
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Friend's call
In this morning, I got a text message in my mobile phone.

But I didn't know who sent me, because I lost all contacts of old mobile phones last year.

So I asked her who you are and it was my friend who lives in the U.S.A. after she got married with American husband.

I lost also her contact in my old mobile phone and I changed my old e-mail address, so she couldn't send her message to me at all.

And I told my new e-mail address and I guessed that she would send a message via e-mail.

But suddenly, my mobile phone rang and I started to talk to her after a while.

Her voice sounded nice and we talked for a while.

I went to the same university with her and we got to know each other then.

And now we have American husband each other and live in the U.S.A.

She lives at east coast of the U.S.A., and I do at west coast.

We talked each other about our present situation and it was fun for me.

And we finished talking later and I felt so happy that we could talk each other.

Her life style is different from mine but our friendship doesn't matter at all.

I hope that her NEW YEAR will be wonderful with her husband with smile and love.

Anyway, I am so glad to talk to her suddenly and I am thankful for her kind friendship with me.^^
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Friend of fitness club
When I started to take part in a Yoga class of a fitness club, I met a Japanese women who has lived in America for many years.

She started to talk to me in Japanese friendly and she was very kind to me.

Her age looks more than my Mom's age but Mom's name and her one is completely same.

Also I introduced my husband David to her and she became our friend naturally.

When I talked David in Japanese, she is interested in our relationship.

And we met her in a Jacuzzi sometimes and we became to talk friendly.

Last time when I talked to her, she asked me if I like a sticky dried seaweed.

Sometimes I bought the same kind of seaweed in Japan and I asked Mom to send me, so I said to her, "Yes, I really like it."

And she offered me that she would give it for me suddenly.

I don't know why she thought to give it me but I am so thankful for her kindness.

And last week, when I met her in a rocker room, she brought it for me.

It was not cheap one and she gave it to me, not only 1 bag of seaweed but 2 bags.

I didn't expect her present at all but I just accepted her kind gift for us.

I wanted give my return gift for her and I made a little present for her with my thankful message.

I hope that she will like it when she get it someday.

Sometimes, she is not in a fitness club because her errands or her body's condition.

So I hope that I will see her again to give my return gift and message soon.

To met Japanese in Seattle is nice opportunity to make new friends.

Anyway, I am so lucky to meet so wonderful Japanese lady like her and David and I became to life her naturally, because her kind heart.^^
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I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

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