Flat Onigiri(rice ball in Japanese)
David really likes to eat organic brown rice every day.

And I make organic brown rice ONIGIRI (rice ball in Japanese) every day for his lunch.

Yesterday, David came to downtown Seattle to pick me up after my Japanese class at a sushi restaurant after his work.

And on the way back to home, he showed my ONIGIRI from his pocket of pants and it became flat shape unfortunately.

David was too busy to eat my ONIGIRI at his lunch time but he kept it in his back pocket to eat if he had time to eat.

But he couldn't get a chance to eat it ant my nice shaped ONIGIRI became flat and it was so funny for us.

We laughed at it so hard that we really had a nice time to laugh together.

But the taste of my ONIGIRI wasn't different at all, so David wanted to eat in his car.

So I made the flat ONIRIGI shape for him to eat better than before.

Anyway, David looked having my ONIGIRI with smile and I was so glad to watch his happy smile.

We like to eat ONIGIRI every day and it can make our healthy life going on from now on...

We are very lucky to eat organic delicious brown rice at cheaper price than Japan every day in Seattle!!
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Today, we went to our favorite kitchen goods shop with David.

He wanted to get a new steamer for my cooking as a Christmas gift.

I didn't ask him to get it for me but he offered to get it for both of us.

We usually eat organic vegetables every day.

And David wants to eat them more healthy way to make vegetables steam not boiling.

I checked the steamer on internet of this shop before and we went there together to get it.

Today seemed to be Christmas holidays and most roads and parking area was packed with many cars.

And we could get the nice steamer finally and I appreciated with his love for me.

It was very reasonable price and it looked very nice for steam.

It was raining all day long today but we are very happy to get a nice steamer together.

So I want to cook for him to express my gratitude for his kindness from now on.
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To care for myeslf (セルフケア)
To do what I really want to contribute this world is very simple.

And I am not in hurry to start it yet now, but my passiion seems to move on somehow, I can feel inside of me strongly.

Sometimes I tend to do something too much beyond my capacity, and my body became to lose whole energy.

Last week, I came back to Japan from Seattle and always this flight gives me JET LAG (時差ぼけ) with headeache and sleepless for next 1 week.

It is normal for me to take about a week to remove my jet lag completely.

This time it was same and aslo I catch a cold a little.

But I understood that my body wants to need to take a rest enough and to sleep well to recover soon.

So I triied to follow my body's need without doing anythig too much.

I have WIND (Vata) & FIRE (Pitta) elements of my body & mind, this way of thought is based on Ayruveda of India wisdom.

I know my character so well that my movement is always moving wiothout stop like a wind.

And sometimes I need to take a rest to get some WATER (Kapa) element to settel down by myself through Meditation & YOGA.

They are useful to my body & mind in peace and stable to start my new day every morning.

And Yoga is especially great effect for me, I understood it after 10 years' learning and I am still learning through my experience every day.

Also to eat oraganic vegetables & bronw rice let me stable without worries and losing my way somehow.

And not eat animal products let me be open heart and natural myself obviously, I can feel my change after my shift from the past.

The influence of meals every day is very minute but huge, I feel.

So I am careful how to eat today and what to take in my preciuos body & mind for 1 meal a day.

Without apetite, please don't eat so much every day, it makes your internal organs be tired nad stressful.

Later, after your wrong & heavy eating style will bring you a terrible disease suddenly or big result as a chronic bad condition every day.

It is too late to stop your bad habid after you know the worse situation.

To start your better eating stlye is essential & important choice not to catch any diseases in the future as a prevention.

So everyone needs to be careful how to eat today & what to take in your body & mind by each meal. I think.

The only reason to eat is when you feel enough hunger after your internal organs' rest enough, like wild animals.

So if you can give your internal ograns taking a rest enough, you don't feel any fatigue and stress at all.

Proper eating foods will not let you be tired and they will let you energize and cheer up more than before.

Soon I will be 40 years old, but now I can feel so much energy than I was 29.

I think it was a great effet by my change of eating style for last 10 years.

So I just want to recommend for everyone that to eat vegetables more than animal products every day.

Your body & mind is made by what you ate and you can change yourself easily by your meals if you want to do truely.

To make your miind , body & soul is your precious mission by each self, I think.

So I want you to select a better choice what to eat today and how to make yourself for tomorrow as you want.

If you really want to care for youself , you had better to start to eat proper & better way as well as possible.

And my recommendation is organic & vegetarian foods if you can...but the choice is absolutely up to yours always.

Be happy forevery and every, it is my hope for every single beings in this world...
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Today, September has alreday started.

It means to remain only 4 month in this year...how do you feel it??

Every day, time seems to pass so quickly lika wind.

But every day let me content with so many happenings around me in the end of summer.

I met a special YOGA teacher at Izu kogen station today.

After my leaving my friends' home I need to get on the local train from Izu-Shimoda to Shizouka,

But in the middle of the ilsand, I have worked & lived at Fasting center for 2 years, and I have some friends there now.

I made an appointment to see my today and I could see my YOGA teacher after7 years.

She lost her husband due to cancer during our unseeing time, but she overcame from the sorrow with YOGA.

And now she looks enjoy her own life with new hobby & YOGA so much.

We talked a lot for 2 hours and a half but our talking seemed not to finish at all.

Our difference of age is over 30 years but it doesn't matter for us and we became so closer than before.

I asked to her to live more than 100 years old with YOGA and we can see again someday with DAVID.

Her smile & gently heart melt me and cheered me up so positive way as she is living.

And our energy of life was unlimited that we need to return our BLESIING of YOGA to share our gratidude for YOGA itself.

We talkied so hard like young girls like teenager and time passed so wuickly.

Both she and I had another appointment to do after our meeting so just say "SEE YOU AGAIN!! , not saying "GOOD BYE."

To see some special friends in this timing, after David's Mom's death, meant to me A LOT!

And all of their energy let me circulate of positive & light power inside with smile.

I am so thankful for everyone's LOVE & FRIENDSHIP that I have no idea how express my gratidude for them in return.

I want to return their great LOVE for David & me by my behavior & way of life from now on.

And I want to laugh todah more than yesterday.

Because Mom will like my smile without tears...

Mom is still alive in my heart and also all of folks of hers forever.

And Mom's life itself gave me so much learning and homework how to live from now!!

So I promise I will enjoy my life with big lost of MOM with DAVID.

David is be born from amazing LOVE of Mom & David is lovely so much for me.

So to love DAVID means to love MOM at the same time, doesn't it??

I wish you can enjoy the new beggining of September with smile & love more than the passed 8 months in 2014!

I pray all beings can feel happy as much as posible to enjoy each life as they want to live naturally...
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Beautiful meals!
I took my friend to my favorite cafe again...

I research to eat organic foods which cooked very kind to all foods and based on Macrobiotics.

In Japan, especially around my hometown, I cannot find proper restaurant to eat vegetarian foods by Macrobiotics.

It is very rare to eat my style at my hometown and I need to select some restaurants to eat outside.

Most people like to eat meat & fish as normal Japanese like to eat every day,

But my body & mind don't need to eat animal product anymore so I need to find better restaurant to take my precious friends somehow.

After a half ot year, I saw special friends in Shizuoka recently.

They know DAVID & me so well and they met us before & after our marriage.

Just to have a lunch and talk together made me so happy that we had a closer heart each other to feel each happiness.

True friendship can keep nice relationship forever beyone time & distance.

And just some hours to have time together let us closer than before more and better.

The preciuos time to see them again pass so quickly that time demention seems to be differernt from normal time.

But we can share with each LOVE & friendship deeply and huge trustness inside of my heart.

I am really appreciate with all of my precious friends' love and fortune connection with DAVID & ME so much.

It is my treasure for us and I really like to enjoy common time together in our life.

To exchange our comfortable energy from great friedns made my heart enrich and uplift so well.

See you again...,and I wish all of my lovely friends' happiness forever and ever!!

If you can smile today, only that makes me happy so much!!
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SLEEP effect
To eat only vegetables and grains make me so easy to digest.

Less sleep is enough to recover fatigue in the morning.

And vegetarian life has lot of benefit not only for body but also mind & soul.

To buy organic foods seems to cost more than usual but not to buy meats & seafoods is very less cost actually.

Selection for proper & safe of organic vegetable are lot of reward to us...

Sometimes I need to adjust to someons's treat or love for us to eat together, beacause I want to enjoy the atmosphere to have common meals by their kindness.

And I don't mind to protect by pure & organic foods at all the time let my body & mind keep stable in peace.

Because I know the tool how to adjust my body & mind to nutrize by eating foods to nutrize my body in next a few das.

Recently, I had a chance to meet someone special to have lunch together after 7 years.

They are looking forward to seeing me again and they already booked my seat & course of chinese foods as they like to eat usually.

And they don't insist on their way of style so much and just I ask the restaurant to remove all meats from my dishes.

The restaurant's service is very kind & generous for us and they try to change my dishes as their best.

I talked to them a lot and I forgot to eat the lunch and they were waiting to eat after they finished eating all.

They gently listened to my talking with smile & laugh so much and we had a nice time together.

I love them and they seems to love me.

Their age is double years old of mine.

But they could all meals by nice appetite but for me , the amount of lunch was too much.

They enjoyed to eating their favorite lunch with me and they looked so happy to have common time.

I was moved their love & kindenss with tender smile & acceptance and suddenly my tears overflowed natually.

But they just watched and protected my tears and just accepted my emotion.

And then we had a nice time for lunch about 2 hours and after that we had a nice tea time at their home.

They tried to treat me more desert but my heart & stomach were pretty full.

After lunch, my body & mind was so exciting but content a lot.

But my body reacted to sleep more than before, due to eat unsual foods at the restaurant.

I felt so much sleepy and dull but just I tried to sleep longer than usual night.

After that I will do ENEMA (coloum cleansing) in the next morning and to eat proper foods to nutrize previous foods.

And to eat less usually and to keep my normal vegetarian life go forward are enouogh to adjust my eating style.

To eat what my body really needs is very important responsibility to make my mind & soul every single day.

How to eat means to how to live, it means to the same meaning for me.

And not to pollute my internal oragans as less as possible is my pleasure to keep my heart in peace.

I love to eat less to keep my stomach empty, it makes me so happy to give my internal organs take a rest enough.

And it gives me more great advantage to keep my skin clear & smooth.

The condition of skin shows your state of column.

My precious friends told me "KEIKO looks like a teenager! You looks so young when I met you for the first time." after they touched my skin.

We met 18 years ago for the first time and 20 years more passed already.

But my outlooking seemes so young, it sounds AWESOME??

To eat meat and any animal products can make you get older by fatigue of internal organs.

So if you are interested in ANTI-AGIGNG , please try to eat more vegetable than animal products for your longer life.

I really recomment to eat lots of vegetables to keep you young to live at the best state always.

Not to care for outlooking but to care for inside of body is very essential part of life to make your life enrich & satisty more and better!!

I wish you can enjoy each meal with gratiude for all lives of foods.

It will make your body & mind natually day by day...
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Sometimes I want to eat curry so much.

I bought some kinds of spices in India to cook curry.

And I mixed spicies and add chopped onion & garlic.

With a little oil, I always fried spiced to make it smell well.

After that, I fried some kinds of vegetable together.

Adter onion, I add carrot, celery , mashrom, tomato etc.

Yesterday David bought an organic zucchini so I added it to curry today.

A few days ago, we got 3 orgnic zucchini but he bought it again.

So today's curry became zucchini curry.

I like hot taste of curry so I mixed chill pepper a little.

And my favorite seasoning for curry is miso and it can make curry delicious.

Mixed spices curry let our serotonin (happy pheromone in brain) come out inside of body.

So the curry of Insia style makes our body & mind happy.

Always I change the conbination of vegetables so the taste is always different.

David likes curry ,too.

So we can enjoy curry together.

Vegetable curry is so nice and we really like it!
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In summer , our body wants to have cool foods like sorbe & ice cream.

But cool sweets tend to contain a lots of sugar , in manufactured foods mostly.

To freeze foods, our tongue tends to feel less sweetness usually.

But I can make any sweets as less as sweetness by using organic foods.

Organic foods has a plenty of sweetness inside and I pull out of it natually.

For example, many sweet fruits contain rish sweetness itself.

And many root vegetables has also a plent of sweetness so much.

I made a sorbe by oragnic apricot & grapefruits & watermelon , it was soooooooo tastey!!

And another taste was organic blueberry & apple & watermelon, it was very yummy, too!!

Both of sorbe didn't need any sweetness to add because all of fuits conbined with natural sweetness together.

Sour fruits are better to conbine the similar taste without sweet fruits.

The way of conbination is based on Naturopathy.

These are the category of sour fruits....lime, lemon, pinapple, orange, pear, tomate, prune, etc.

These are the category of sweets ones...banana, papaya, fig, dates, raisin, mango, custard apple, chick (sapota) ,etc.

To cool our body is good for a little sorbe by organic fruits without sweetness.

And all sorbe & ice cream without sugar & dairy products are very healthy...

Please don't eat it too much not to make your body cool down.

During hot season, I always dring hot drinks , luke warm water or organic herbal tea.

To keep your body nice conditon in any seasons is easy to eat proper foods like a medicine every day.

To eat foods is not only just for the purpose of satisfaction with your appetite but also precious time to make your body & mind by each meal.

So I try to cook for David & me how to make our body & mind today with deep consideration for proper food's conbination.

Also on 12th July will be full moon tomorrow.

So I am cooking for suitable this circle of moon for us as well as possible, and cooking is my pleasure.

How is your meal today??

I wish you will enjoy your precious meal each as your body & mind need for full moon soon...
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Delicious pasta
I found a organic brown rice pasta at Trader Joe's(local supermarket) before.

David & I like pasta and I like rice better than pasta , so this brown rice pasta is very convenient for us.

In Japan, organic brown rice pasta is seldom sold in the store.

Last night , I cooked tomato source for this pasta for dinner.

Organic diced tomato , garilc, chopped onion , carrot and celery fried together until the moisture dissapear.

My favorite taste is fermented soybean paste (miso = 味噌) for this tomato source.

Tomato & Miso are very nice conbination!!

And David really liked my pasta so much.

He tried to lick the rest of the source of his plate, so I stopped him.

But I am happy that he enjoyed my pasta with lovely smile.

Always he eats my meals so slowly that he doesn't want to finish eating because he says my meals are very delicious.

His smile and his efforts for woking can let me cook for him better and more tastey.

The only foods he doesn't like is fermented soybeans (Natto= 納豆) in Japanse foods.

So our favorite taste of foods are similar, so it's easy to cook for us.

A few days ago, second natural yeast become to use for cooking bread.

This time I don't want to waste of them because of mold, so I am taking care of them.

Yesterday I baked small bread for him and he liked it.

So I try to make another bread again.

Cooking is fun.

And I am happy to share my meals with David every day.

We really enjoy eating together with lots of talking & laughing.

To eat with cherrful energy is very preciuos time to make our bodies & minds, I feel again recently...
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Enzyme brown rice(酵素玄米)
Enzyme brown rice(酵素玄米) are very healthy foods and easy to make at home by myself.

The formal recipe is very strict way of making and it has a little complicated manner.

But this way of making of enzyme brown rice is very easy and it can use home rice cooker.

Of course, I can use the organic brown rice and organic adzuki beans for it.

Every day the enzyme rice certainly needs to mix 1 time.

After 3 days ,cooked brown rice become dark & red color and it means enzyme increased.

David bought a Japanese rice cooker before so I can use it to cook for it.

To tell the truth, to use pressure cooker become more sticy rice & tasty.

But our kitchen range can not be suitable to use the pressure cooker...so I gave up using it.

David's rice cooker works well so the enzyme brown rice become nice taste.

And it is very easy for digestion and the rice makes our body healthy so much.

David seems to like this rice and he likes to eat brown rice every day.

And he discovered that my meals makes his body better than before.

He feels his body & mind lighter and better by eating my meals every day.

I am very happy to know his change and well physical conditon a lot.

And I want to cook for him better and more tastey dishes as much as possible.

Cooking is the expression of LOVE, I believe so.

And lovely energy and positive power can contain with my cooking , I guess.

Not only organic foods but also love energy are essential parts of cooking.

I wish you can enjoy each meal every day with plenty smile & love usulally...
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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