April fools day!
I don't like to tell any lies in my life.

Because I want to live with truth and I don't need any lies in my life.

Today if 1st of April and it is famous as "April Fools Day".

But truth exceeds any lies and I don't want to lies today at all.

To live on truth is very comfortable for me and I want to be honest to myself and to others every single day,

"Be good! Do good! Be kind! Be compassionate!", these are sung as a song of YOGA.

And I really love them to live on.

How is your life??

I hope that your life is filled with truth & love as much as possible.

And all truth & honest of our life can make our life go forward better direction, I believe.

Anyway today is the first day of April and spring season will come soon.

Today it is cloudy with gray sky but I feel so much gratitude to start new month today.

I want to cherish my life with hope & benevolence at anytime.

How are you today??

I wish that you can start your APRIL with love & smile as YOU ARE!!^^
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The end of Jan in 2017
Only there are 2 days in this month in 2017.

After today & tomorrow, February will come...time passes so fast that almost 1 month of new year will finish!

I cannot believe how fast time goes by.

Every day, after new year, I concentrated to spend my time so 1 day passes so quickly that 1 week passes like a few days.

But to feel the speed of days is not bad for me, because I cherish each day to do my best.

So no 1 day was not same of other days in this month.

Especially, in this month after NEW YEAR came, many things happened to David & me every single day.

Every happenings gave us learn how to live together with benevolence & peace so I am looking forward to welcoming new Feb after 2 days.

How about your January in this year??

In Japan, the 3rd of Feb is the change of season to go to spring season.

Day by day, after the winter solstice, the day time became longer little by little.

And these days, the temperature became a little warmer than before so it is very comfortable for me.

David & I keep our meditation time every morning to start new day as our routine and it can make our mind in peace.

Some happenings in this month made our heart feel grief and sorrow but we didn't stick our mind in bad feelings so long.

Because we can recover our minds in peace again like a "RESET" by meditation time every day.

So the power of meditation was silent but powerful, we can feel it so much.

At this cold season, many people tend to get sick or to die by flu or other diseases because someone's immune system was weak.

So to eat healthy foods, to relax well, to laugh, to sleep enough at night and proper exercises can make our body & mind keep healthy condition every day, I believe.

Because we don't get any sick these days so our immune system are so tough & strong not to get any diseases, I can tell.

How are you in this month??

I wish that you can feel yourself GOOD and peace in your body & mind to finish this month to connect new month soon...^^
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Life has mystery!
Last night, after David came back to home after his work, he told me that his elder brother's wife's (my dear sister in law) MOM's sister passed away because of cancer.

And I met her for the first time when David's Mom's funeral service in 2014.

At that time, already she has a cancer but no one expect her death so soon like this.

Of course, David knows her well from his childhood and he really looked shocked by the news of her death last night.

And she is Christian but her hope is cremation like Japanese funeral service style.

Last night was FULL MOON night so just I pray for her spirit in peace without pain anymore in HEAVEN.

My 2 Japanese friends will make a birth for the first baby soon in this month.

And I think that all our lives on this earth has death and birth every single day as a natural flow.

To wish someone's long life is very normal hope which everyone has.

But after we were born in this world, everyone will pass away someday and somewhere unexpectedly.

So just I am thankful for our lives today and this life is not taken for granted at all.

I appreciate with this life today with peace & benevolence today and I pray for all of her family's hearts in peace after their lost of her from yesterday.

Anyway life has so much mystery and sometimes unexpected happenings hit our heart suddenly to realize this reality.

No one tend to think own death usually but it is like a coin about between life and death.

But we will die someday so someone's death can make us think about death suddenly to consider how to live my life from now on...

Anyway just I pray for her SPIRIT will sleep in peace forever and ever...><
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Who are you??
Last night, before our sleeping, suddenly someone tried to open our door.

A stranger tried to open the key of your door and David jumped up from our Futon to check it out.

There were a woman who hold her baby tried to open our door but her key didn't fit it.

Because she mistook her home and her key was wrong with our door.

David checked her and she left our home with her baby.

David's reaction was so fast that a stranger tried to open our home.

And in the U.S.A., if someone tried to open the key of home, usually the owner tried to use a gun or other weapon to protect our life, David told me so.

But I was not so careful about the sound of opening the key, so just I let David solve the situation in our Futon.

Anyway David looked so surprised that strange woman tried to open the door of our home but it didn't any problem for us.

David is very carefully always because I am not so careful for anything.

So I could feel so much relieved that David is very reliable husband for me and I am so lucky to be his wife anyway...^^

I wish that the strange woman with her baby would find her real home somehow.

Maybe she was drunk after NEW YEAR party??
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Before Christmas holidays
Today, David came back to home earlier than usual because before Christmas holidays.

So we had enough time before our dinner time so we went to go shopping together a little.

We went to 2 different kind of supermarket to get some organic foods but there were so many cars at parking area.

It was too difficult for us to find our space to park a car but finally we found a space.

On the line of the checking area was so many customers to wait that we just waited longer than usual.

But we didn't feel any frustration as we were and just I was surprised at this crowds.

Anyway we finished shopping without troubles and accidents and we had a dinner together.

If we went to shopping usually, we could finish it as quarter as I spent time today.

But today is just before Christmas holidays so we don't need in hurry about anything around us.

What is the meaning of holidays or Christmas for many people, I was thinking these days.

For me, holidays or Christmas doesn't matter for my life because I don't need too much cheerful & noisy atmosphere in my life.

So just I want to cherish my daily life as special as I can feel every single day.

I want to do my best as I am so I don't be bothered by so much special holidays, am I strange??

But I wish that my lovely friends & family in this world will have wonderful Christmas holidays with Blessing & Benevolence as they wants.

I just keep my daily life as I want not to get my mind so much holiday's atmosphere to keep my mind in peace as usual as I am now.^^
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The new president
Last night at midnight, I checked the news about the result of election for new president of U.S.A.

The new president was Mr.Trump!!!

I cannot believe the reality and David & I were freaking out!!

David & I guessed that new president would be Mrs. Clinton.

But the news said that Mr. Trump won the election, for sure!!

The reality didn't change at all how many times I checked the result of the election.

Mr. Trump is very new type of the president of the U.S.A.

This new change will be something message from this universe....

Anyway this is truly real in the U.S.A....

How will the U.S.A. change by this new president????><
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After White Day!
Today we woke up as usual time and I felt a nice feeling from the morning.

Yesterday was White day but I don't need anything about it.

On Valentine's day and White day is not special day for us.

To express love each other is very usual thing for us and every day can be such a special day to love.

And in the U.S.A., on Valentine's day is giving chocolates & flowers from men to women.

In Japan, it was complete opposite way to give some present.

Which is right or not??

I don't matter with it at all because to send chocolates and flowers with cards are made by someone who wants to sell us more chocolates, flowers and cards as a memorial day.

It looks like a artificial ceremony for me.

And it is nothing matter with my life and I don't want to be influenced by economic advertisement without my favor & favorite comfort.

I want to ignore many special holidays or memorial ceremonies because everyone's celebration & festival cheerful energy is not my style at all.

My ideal life style is a monk or a hermit and some fortunetelling taught me about it before.

And I agree with it and I want to live simply without festival & carnival with peaceful calm in my mind.

Festivals and special ceremonies need to someone who are boring their daily life of are tired of usual routine of life.

I don't be boring my life at all and every day can bring me changeable & flexible day with pleasure.

And it stimulate me a lot and I don't be tired my this day at all.

To express my love for David is special & daily thing for me.

And I want to make every day be special as it is with Blessing.

To live today without trouble & accident is not taken it for granted at all.

To be alive today is very special & Blessed for me.

And it is the most important thing to find today's happiness in peace to live with benevolence & smile always & forever.

If we can be happy today, all my life will be happy at anytime!

It sounds so great that I don't need any memorial day or festival in my life anymore.

Because every day is special to celebrate "THIS DAY with happiness & LOVE" , isn't it??

I wish you have a wonderful TODAY with smile & love at your living area!

I hope that all beings in this world can feel happiness in peace every single day....^^
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New beggining of March!
Yesterday was extra day of February of leap year.

And today new month of March has just started!

Already 2 month in 2016 has passed and it seems to have passed very quickly for me.

Today it is raining all day long but David & I didn't give up taking a walk outside.

Suddenly in this afternoon, rain stopped and sunshine came out of clouds.

So we decided to take a walk with rain coat in case of rain again.

We had a nice walk but suddenly the sky became to be dark and started to rain like a shower.

But we kept walking and we didn't care for rain at all until the end of our walking course.

Just a little, our clothes became wet but walking could bring us so much energy that we had a nice talking to start this March with fresh & pure feelings each other.

For David, the end of February was nice changing point to start new things in his life on March.

And he looks be more positive than before and he can feel nice energy inside strongly and he will do something great soon.

I can feel his nice energy with trust anyway and I want him to enjoy new challenge day by day.

And on the street, many cherry blossom trees show us wonderful cheery blossom flowers here and there.

Spring are coming to us soon and we are very looking forward to enjoying this spring with smile & happiness more than last year.

I can feel that "Everything is getting better and better!" to us and I am very thankful for everything around us every day!

And our way of thinking with positive energy will bring us actual positive reality obviously...so just we will follow this wonderful natural flow as we are!

I wish you will enjoy nice MARCH with smile & love as much as possible!!^^/
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Happiness to share
If someone who I am with cannot feel happy, I couldn't feel happy at all.

So I want others to be happy whenever I am with as much as possible, but sometimes it is difficult.

But sometimes, if others can involved to deep & serious negative way of thinking & feeling all the time with me, I have no idea how to let them feel positive way by my words & behaviors.

Because the way of thinking of others are up to their own their observation to feel their reality, not to mine at all.

And I have no power to change someone's way of thinking at all...

If I tried to let someone feel much better way with negative feeling, I would feel that everything might be done in vain.

Because no one can change someone's way of thinking if someone was caught strongly involved situation & condition deeply.

I would try to let someone's feel better again and again, because I'd like to my best by being with them to feel happiness as much as possible.

Unhappiness emotions can bring me the similar feelings when I am with someone who feel unhappy.

And the negative energy can pass over me easily but I don't want to get it at all....and I want someone to feel happy with me by being with me.

I would try to let someone's remove unhappy way of thinking & feelings again and again but then they would tend to feel the same way of unhappiness.

They would want to observe their reality as they want to and it seems to be impossible to change by others.

So I will just pray for their unhappiness to go away as time goes by...and sometimes it had better to let them leave alone to feel something by themselves for a while

And to observe one's feelings & emotions deeply can sometimes work to recover for positive way from negative one.

Because someone's problem has own answer someone's inside already when the problem happened.

So just I have to be patient to wait for their own recovery with benevolence & generosity with trust to their strength.

To keep watching & protecting someone with Mother's HEART is important to wait one's recovery itself naturally.

I want someone to feel happy whenever I am with maybe my EGO...so I have to let it go by myself.

I need to throw away my EGO and I had better to change my mind to let someone recover for positive thinking from negative one finally.

Not in hurry but in patience, I had better to be with someone who will feel happiness for a while.

And when others can feel better than before, I had better to try being with them...and it is smart choice for both of us.

I try to do my best but sometimes everything happened to wrong way but I can learned a lot from all happenings in my life...

So this is just only lesson for myself to keep my mind in peace & positive way as I am....with SMILE!^^
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Yokohama stay
Tonight I am staying at Yokohama city just before my flight for Seattle tomorrow.

In this afternoon, I saw my boss who worked togehter at same private school about 13 years ago.

He isn't change at all when we worked together and his smile is still nice.

He made a time to talke to me during his busy time today and we enjoyed talking together at tea time.

He knows our students after they graduated school well and we talked a lot with smile.

We spent different years but I really felt wonderful time to talk each life for a while.

And we promised to see again with DAVID in Yokohama someday when we can visit here together.

Only short time we talked each other but I am so grateful this long connection after I quit working with him.

We got older than before but we don't change so much each other...

And he told me many informations about our teachers of familiar collegues & our students and I really miss them.

But someday DAVID & I will visit and stay here in YOKOHAMA together again, because we really like Yokohama city so much.

And now I am at Yokohama hotel by myself.

I remember that DAVID & I stayed at Yokohama last year and we had a nice time together.

Tomorrow I will fly into Seattle finally...

David & I are really looking forward to seeing each other tomorrow.

We are longing to get togher after we were apart from the end of September.

The day when we can see again will come tomorrow, I cannot believe it stiill now...but it is reality!

Our love is growing up even our bodeis are apart from each other for a few months.

We talked a lot by SKYPE and we send many messages through internet every day.

And we realized who we can love each other beyond time difference & long distance.

We are happy to see again tomorrow.

And we believe that GOD is watching & protecting us all the time above us.

Just I am so looking forward to seeing his lovely smile at SEATAC airport tomorrow.

I need to sleep well for tomorrow's long flight.

And I feel gratitude for all of my friends in JAPAN during my stay in JAPAN...thank you so much for everything.

My friends' love for DAVID & me is always tender and wonderful and I am really appreciate with their friendship.

For me, Seattle is not so far from Japan at all.

Only 9 hours's flight, I can come back to JAPAN easily.

And true friendship doesn't matter at all for me, I can feel....

Inside of my heart, deep & pure love of our friendship will last forever silently as pure hearts.

My friends are my tresure in my life.

And just I wish that all of them can enjoy their life with Blessing every single day.

See you again for all of my friends in JAPAN...

I am so thankful for your LOVE...again "thank you so much!!!" for all of my friends.

I am looking forward to seeing you with DAVID somedah.

Today December has just started.

And only 1 month remains in this year.

I wish you will enjoy your days of the rest of 2014 to connect better new year soon...

Good night!!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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