Inside of beauty
I met a beautiful woman when I went to a library in this year.

She looks older than me but I felt her beauty so much in her kind eyes and smile when I watched her sometimes.

I don't know why I felt the beauty of the lady so strong that I cannot explain that with any words.

The beauty of human beings can come out of inside of heart, I believe strongly.

And the outlook can show somone's beauty naturally to overflow with kind eyesight and lovely smile naturally.

I don't know why I felt the beauty of her but I could feel the beauty somehow.

When I saw her at the library, she gave me a kind smile like a greeting.

And I really became to like her so much without saying too much.

We don't talk anything each other at all, because we need to keep silence in all libraries.

But yesterday I wanted to introduce myself to her anyhow, so I wrote my mini message with my card to give it to her when I left the library.

She looked so surprised that I started to talk to her suddenly for the first time at the library.

But she said to me "Thank you" to my mini message and I was just glad to get her gentle words with attractive smile, anyway.

I have no idea how she thinks about my message but just I wanted to be her friend, if she is O.K..

But how to feel about me is up to her choice, so I don't expect anything from her reaction at all.

Just I wanted to introduce myself, because her beauty always attract me when I was in the library naturally...^^

The beauty inside is not made in a short time but in a long time of one's life, I believe.

I want to be a beautiful lady like her day by day to polish my spirit inside as much as possible.

The path of get a beauty like her is not easy for everyone, I think...
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My existence
I was born as a human being in this world fortunately.

I survived my tough time when I was 20's and now I can feel that my life is given a second chance to live as I really want.

From last week, I started to think how I really want to live and what I really want to achieve in my life.

It already exists the depth of my heart inside, so I just found it out clearly inside of my heart.

I told David about it today and he listened it carefully and he loves my idea.

I know that my existence will be happy to support someone who really my help.

But I believe that everyone has a great ability and strength to survive this world, so just I want to watch and protect their growth.

Also I believe that human beings's mission is to make each spirit grow up better than previous life anyhow.

So all our doing things in this world have some important meanings of our growth of spirituality.

Every day, I face myself inside and outside and it influence my thinking and feeling.

But just I need to focus on my mind deeply to observe myself and to watch this world's reality as it is.

Anyway, my existence in this world has a meaning to love someone and to be loved by someone through my life experience.

I am thinking a lot about my life the end of this year these days but I want to enjoy my thought inside to start NEW YEAR the day after tomorrow.

How is the end of this year??

How are you going to start New Year??

I wish that your day will be better than yesterday to enjoy this wonderful world with smile and love as much as possible.

Life is too short to look back, so shall we enjoy TODAY as you are??
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Aunt's passing
Yesterday, David & I went to his Mom's sister (aunt) at hospital to check her condition.

Last week, she got pneumonia and her body condition got worse than before so she was brought to a hospital near our home.

So David and I went to see her some times from last week until yesterday because we really worried about his aunt.

And yesterday, her conscious was not clearer than before and she looked hard to breath without extra oxygen.

There were her 2 daughters and their husbands there yesterday and we had a little time together.

And David & I tried to see her also today but she has already passed away early in this morning.

We just prayed her spirit in peace for heaven and she lived her life with her strength, we guess.

Today is the end of January in this new year and the death of aunt hit our heart terribly today, too.

Last week, David lost his nice friend suddenly and today we lost his aunt...but we are alive to face on it together.

To lose someone is very grief but we learn how to live with tough heart & strength of mind anyway...

We will die someday but we will experience many people's death from now on.

We cannot get used to face someone's death at all but our heart will be tougher than before after many experiences together.

I just want his aunt to sleep in peace now for next new her life in heaven.

His aunt reminds us his MOM so much but now she has gone....just it happened to us today.

I pray for her family's mind in peace after their MOM loss today.

So I wish that all of their family hang in there to accept this grief with tough heart & strength.><
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Priority of my life
I am living in Seattle last 2 years.

I got married DAVID and we decided to live together here.

After our marriage, about first 2 years, we had to wait my GREEN CARD (permanent residence) to live in the U.S.A.

It was tough time to be together and to separate again for a while but now we can live together every single day fortunately.

To live in the U.S.A is not difficult for me at all but to keep our marriage life is a little tough sometimes.

Most happening between David & I can solve each communication with honest & true heart naturally.

And every day we converse a lot how we feel and what we think now.

Sometimes we need to keep silence to focus on what I am thinking but we love to talk each other usual.

David has huge generosity and great love for me always and I am so thankful for his existence.

And we realize how crazy we are and different our marriage life is these days.

But I don't care how we are living as different as most people live in this world.

Only David & I are living together as a marriage couple so we can share own life style little by little.

And to compare with someone's life is no meaning for me...NOTHING.

I don't mind our difference between our life and others' life and it is none of my business.

To create our own marriage life together is precious for me to survive in this world.

And just I want to keep my life with David as long as possible.

So just I appreciate with David's existence and his great love every day.

Because his love for me is my part of life now and only our love can let us happy together more and make better life day by day.

Only 2 weeks in this year remain so just I want to cherish each day to connect new year.

And I want to focus on what I really want to do next year as my new homework...^^
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After snow
I have a faith in my mind after I started to YOGA & DETOX based on my vegetarian diet.

Because I experienced change both of my body & mind in last 12 years by keep doing them.

And YOGA, DETOX and vegetarian diet are my part of my life now.

They are my routine of my daily life and I cannot start NEW DAY without it.

Because I can feel so wonderful & clear after doing them every single day.

Only a half day of DETOX(not eating solid foods in every morning) can make my mind clear and sharp and I like this habit.

And after YOGA of my daily routine can make me so comfortable how my body feel today that my mind become so clear & stable as I am.

And daily only 1 meal of dinner of organic vegetarian diet can make me energize & happy after 1 day with David.

So all of my 3 routine can become my habit now and every habit is my essential part of my life.

David sometimes follow my routine but he adjust his usual routine these days.

Also David & I meditate together after my YOGA time and it can give us so nice energy inside deeply & silently naturally.

To make our daily life with usual routine can make our love deeper & stronger than every, I can feel.

And to share with each opinion & thinking of meditation & dinner is very wonderful influence between us.

Organic foods and silent meditation time can give our inner peace & smooth flow of our spiritiual enegy, I can feel.

After our 4th wedding anniversary (5th of Dec), 5 days passed already.

We concentrate each day as we are with doing each best every single day.

And we can support each other to survive this world.

All of my routine and common habit between David & me can let us happy & stable in peaceful atmosphere.

And all of our routine keeps our mind doing our best to make our marriage life be better than before.

To live together means to love more with honesty & pure heart.

I am so thankful for everything around us every day and it is cloudy today after snow but I am very feel my inner peace with benevolence... ^^
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New start AGAIN!
Before & after Thanksgiving (24th of Dec.), many things happened to David & me.

We communicate each other so often that our new RESTAT of marriage life has just started, I can feel...

How to eat together is very important issue for me.

Because our body & mind are so influenced by daily meals that I am so careful how & what to eat to give us energy by cooking.

To meditate together in the morning can give us nice stable mind to start NEW DAY every single day.

And for me, to keep YOGA as daily routine is my essential part of my life from my 30's.

Now my basic is based on "Yoga, Vegetarian & Macrobiotic cooking and Meditation" to keep my mind clear & sharp.

And after I got married with David, David adjusted my Vegetarian diet naturally.

To eat together as healthy as possible can make our relationship became better than before.

Especially, for me after Detox of 1 week last week, I feel my change inside deeply with sharp intuition now.

Now David & I has started with our NEW RE-START of our marriage life as a true meaning, I can feel.

And our past had so many troubles to understand each other and I learned a lot about David & me.

We have many differences each other and lots of common parts of ours, so we can love each other more & better.

Only 3 years & 10 months plus some days has passed after we got married.

So from the begging of our marriage to last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) was essential part for us.

And NOW, I can feel so much possibility to our LOVE & life together and we can concentrate what we really need to do TODAY.

To make a layer of TODAY can make our life be better for tomorrow.

So we can love each other day by day to make our grow up like a plant.

I have strong faith inside of myself love David is my lesson about "What is LOVE??" in this world.

I can learn every day and I want to be better KEIKO tomorrow than today, too!! ^^

I wish that all of my LOVELY family & friends on this earth have the rest of wonderful days of this year to connect NEW YEAR!!

BE HAPPY with Blessing!!! ^^
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PRIORITY in life
"Live simply."
"Give more."
"Expect less."

These are my priority in my life.

And this simple 3 sentences are my essential way of living for many years (maybe about last 10 years).

To live simply is important in this material world.

Many advertisement tell us "To buy more!, "To get new one!" with many ways.

But I have everything enough to live in Seattle now.

And I don't need to own so many materials anymore.

Before buying something new, I always try to think whether I really need this new one or not??

Mostly, I don't buy the new one because I have many materials at home.

To own more is not my pleasure to satisfy my depth of my needs completely.

Less materials can bring me so much content that I realized "how I can have everything I need now."

If I buy new things in my future, it will be after I throw away something old & needless materials of mine.

Not buy anything today can let me feel so nice because I don't use extra energy to get one.

In this material world, economic world can make most people buy more & new things which we really don't need today.

With unconsciousness, our money & energy will waste to buy something.

So I am very careful before buying something.

I am so grateful that I have enough foods to eat today, enough clothes to put on today and enough space to sleep tonight.

So to keep away from material world can give me so much satisfaction with gratitude today... A LOT!

And to focus on in front of myself is more important to get something in my life.

Also I don't do so many things in my life anymore. because I had many experienced in my past and all my experience made present KEIKO as I am.

Someday maybe I will become to try something new & more but it is not right now, I understand it so deeply.

To confirm mission in my life let me think how to live in my life every single day.

And to let my TODYA be simple can feel me wonderful without inertia.

I have some habit to start new day (YOGA practice & Meditation, a half day of Fasting until noon).

And all of them, my mind became so clearer than before.

When I was 20's generation, I am not sure how I want to live in my life.

But now, I can understand myself more & better than before, for sure.

"TO BE MYSELF" who I really want can support my life now though my YOGA practice.

And simple my priority in my life is my value of my life, too.

To compare with someone's value & priority in life is none of my business & it doesn't matter for me at all.

To communicate each other is nice thing but to compare my life with others is waste of my time.

Because I had better to focus on my life as well as possible.

So just I am thankful for today's everything around myself and just I feel so much satisfaction with all of my life now.

Just I will do my best as I am today, too.

I wish you will have a great day as you are today with SMILE!!^^
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GOD's trick
Do you believe in God's existnce actually??

I think thad GOD means like the unlimited energy of our lives in this universe.

It beyone the size and our the creator of this universe, I think,

How about you??

For you, what it GOD?

Recently, David and I have a common time to pray & meditate as much as possible.

And we try to visualize our near future which we can enjoy our actual hope as we want.

Also how to live by our LOVE and how our each mission come true by someone's support.

David has a lots of friiends in this world.

And after talking to him , most people can be to like him.

His kind character is so much advantage when we traveled abroad and worked with unknown people in the past and from now on.

Our miracle meeting for the first time was very unexpected , because we had no plan to visit the Samui ilsand at all.

But our plan changed by some reasons after arrivail in Thailand and we could meet each other.

David knew our meeting was God's guide as soon as he met me.

I noticed it was HIM who will be able to love me and to be loved by me in the near future later than DAVID.

We decided to marry after 9 month of our first meeting.

So God brought us by his unique intuiton.

And it is the proper and right, we could feel A LOT!

Now after my DETOX, many miracles and so much happy news hit us and surprised us every day.

Just God is always listening to our prayer and behavior and he makes a plan later to make it happen as we wish.

God's suport & guide are so huge power to connect our lucky.

And just what we can do is only doing our best every day,

God knows everythng,

We are so exciting in our marriage life from now!

Because we are visualizing our happy time to help & heal people some how by our love before sleeping at night.

We visualize each way but God will make it happy by his proper timing.

So we need to wait and to be patient for a while after visualization.

Our visualization will happen actually sooner or later, we are so exciting.

I want to introduce about it in detail later when the form can be clear....

God is just watching and protecting us at every moment.

How do you feel about GOD?

I wish you will trust your power inside to realize your ability truely to make your hope happy soon...

Everyone has the power , so just keep moving forward without any doubt, I believe...

I hope you can enojoy TODAY with smile and love, and you will be happy forever.

Sounds AWESOME??

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How to live & how to eat shows own life as one really want to do.

And our body & mind infuluenced by what we take in by foods each day, I think.

The famous word, "you are made what you eat." is very right, I believe.

To eat vegetable & fruits without meat & dairy products can make my body purify & clear better than before...

I became not to worry about something & to waver in what to choose too much.

And vegetarian life can bring my life to easy way not to lose my way, I feel in last 10 years.

To eat animal product can bring your body & mind some fear & sorrow of animal's feelings which they felt before they were killed.

And the energy of negative surely enfuluences your body & mind little by little.

After I stop eating animal products, my feelings don't tend to be negative direction.

My decision by foods brought me a great gift for my part of thought & mind a lot.

To decide how to live by eating style is like a responsibility of your life.

How to make your body & mind by own eating style every day owe to your decision.

What you take in or not is absolutely up to you.

And it makes you day by day by your single decision.

So I don't want to say to control your mind all the time but to select your proper style as well as possible.

To care for your body , mind & soul is very precious responsibility to cherish your soul, I think.

And your soul will reflect by your daily behavior as you want to live.

I believe that "God knows everything."

How do you want to live??

And how do you make your soul by what you eat??

To eat somthing means to accept other lives, so I want to feel the responsibility to take over theri precious lives from it at each meal...

I wish everyone can make your soul by gratitude for all beings of foods with pleasure & fun...

And what do you take in your body today?
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Every morning, after David went to work, I wrote him e-mal before he arrives at work place.

And I sometimes open my book "Now it the Time" for DAVID today.

It gives us a pretty sharpe message from it.

Today, I opened the book with my eyes closed.

It says, "to spread love"....this is a title.

And it continues,
"Giving love binds us together.
It validated our lives.
It gives us meaning.
It brings compassion.
It gives us new eyes."

I relly liked it message and I guess David will like it, too.

This book shows me lots of spiritual messages and it gives us a new inspiration to start each day.

Every day is new start for us with fresh heart & pure sight.

David & I started today after metitation in silence & peace together.

And day by day , our mind & heart are going getting better and better somehow.

To seize the day and just to be self as we are are very precious things , I feel recently.

And to love each other more & better and to discover new things every day bring us many discovers.

After full moon last night, this morning seems to be very fresh & new, we can feel.

To be together and to learn how to love each are preciuos learning in our life now.

How is your today??

How do you live today??

I wish you will start new day today with love & peace as much as possible...
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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