Kind sister
A few days ago, my sister in law sent me a message.

She sent me a message sometimes and so do I.

After I got married David, his elder brother's wife became my sister in law.

And she is always kind to me and I am so thankful for her.

In this message, she wrote about her family's present situation.

And I sent my reply to her and I wrote her about my appreciation to concern of us.

In our messages, we can write each feeling & thinking honestly and frankly.

So we can contact each other by writing message sometimes and it helps me a lot.

Anyway, I am very lucky to have a kind & wonderful sister in law through my marriage.^^
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David's Mom's sister
Today David and I visited his Mom's younger sister suddenly.

Last year, David visited her and she wanted him to bring me to see her at that time.

When David's Mom's funeral service, I met her for the first time, but it was 2 and a half years ago.

And her memory is getting less than before so today she couldn't remember me but it is no problem for me at all.

She looks like David's Mom and I was so glad to see her again with David today.

Now she lives in as assistant living facility and we talked together about a half hour before her lunch time.

Now she is 77 years old and we all miss David's Mom.

We are really had a nice time to talk together for a while and her living place is not far from our place.

So we said to her to visit again because she was so happy when we visited her today spontaneously.

Anyway to getting older is facing on someone's death little by little.

But anyone will die someday sooner or later.

And we are alive today fortunately and it is Blessed by GOD, I can feel.

How to die can make me think how to live from now on.

To live today is not taken for granted at all and to live today is very precious and great thing, I feel.

No one wait to die but someday it will some, so just I want to cherish each day until the time will come to us.

Today was David's holiday so we had a nice time together anyway.

To visit Mom's sister made us feel so close that we can feel David's Mom's spirit today.

To feel family's love is very wonderful and I am so thankful that David & I have so nice family now...

Anyway David & I wish that his Mom's sister will live as long as possible with peace and calm of her heart every day!!^^
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From today, December has just started in this year.

Only 31 days of this year remain in 2016, how fast time is passing day by day....

Anyway, my e-mail account couldn't use last 1 month because I change my security code.

During my absence of my e-mail account, Mom & Dad worried about me because I couldn't any reply her messages at all.

Last month, my birthday was in November and Mom sent me a birthday message but I couldn't reply it soon.

After that, Mom sent me another message after the result of Election of U.S.A., but I couldn't reply her again.

Mom worried so much that she tried to call me but it couldn't contact with my new mobile phone somehow.

Just she forgot international number when she called me but her worries became so much more than before.

Finally Dad tried to call me and we could contact each other finally.

David & I have no problem at all but Mom worried about us too much because my reply couldn't reach her last month.

Finally we could talk a little after a while and Mom's voice sounded feel relieved that we are O.K.

After 1 month of my change of security account of e-mail account, I had to check all of my e-mails in last 1 months.

Many of messages are not necessary but some of them looked worry about us.

So I replied some of them as soon as possible after I became to use my e-mail account in the end of last November.

Mom & Dad loves me and I know that so I need not to make them worry about us with some message from us sometimes.

And Mom & Dad lives at my hometown in Japan now and David & I lived in Seattle in the U.S.A. now.

So their worries looks not so much without saying their messages but David & I really appreciate with their LOVE beyond actual distance anyway...

If our parent doesn't exist in this world, David & I were not here to be together.

Also their GREAT love for us are so wonderful that we never take it for granted these days.

Our parents are getting older and older day by day but we wish their long & healthy life as long as possible.

Parents' love is unconditional and so deep that we cannot imagine how huge their love for us.

To make us grow up with their love was so much hard work but they always love us after we got married, too.

From now, we need to care for them because they are getting old.

In return to our parents' love, we need to love them more and more than before.

Life is so short and limited that we need to make a time to tell & show our love to our parents as much as possible.

At first, David & I need to let our parents feel relieved that our marriage life is going O.K. without worries anymore.

And just we want to see them together someday soon...^^

Anyway Parents' LOVE is AWESOME and we will never forget their great love for us.

We are thankful for all of their LOVE for us and we are so Blessed by their love....A LOT!!^^
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Thanksgiving party in 2016!
Today is Thanksgiving holiday.

David, his Dad and I took part in his elder family's party together in this year.

We has a nice time together yesterday and it was looks like a camp at Dad's living place.

We could wake up naturally and I cut Dad's hair for the first time in this morning.

Usually I cut David's hair every 3 weeks but today I was asked to cut Dad's hair to get ready for Thanksgiving party in this afternoon.

His hair is different from David's so I was a little nervous not to cut wrong way.

But I could cut his hair better than before and Dad looks like my first hair cut.

And we enjoyed our Thanksgiving party together and I was so surprised how they ate on Thanksgiving day as usual.

For me, lunch time is not meal time and I usually eat organic an apple & dried fruits to get sweetness like a snack.

I tried to eat some of feast but my appetite come to me so I gave up to trying to eat too much to cherish my body's need.

But nobody didn't care how & what I eat or not because they know I am vegetarian and CRAZY Japanese wife of David.

So we had a nice time together to talk & smile for a while.

Family & friends could give me so much energy and great love whenever we got together to share with wonderful time as a family.

I am a Japanese so maybe I missed some English words during their rapid conversation but it i my lesson of English.

So I could enjoy with David with LOVE & SMILE with all of them to share with great opportunity to share with Thanksgiving party today.

But we had to go back to our home in Seattle from now on....

David looks like staying more with Dad & his elder brother to talk but we need to pass the mountain with rain & snow tonight.

So we hugged each other after nice communication for a while and to say "GOOD BYE" to get ready our life from tomorrow.

I just will sit on the side of driver David for next 4 hours driving, but I want him to keep wake up with my conversation & care without accident & any troubles anyway....^^

I really appreciate with family's great dinner & friends' support to enjoy today's party.

I couldn't all of them but I could feel so much love & generous kind heart from their great work of cooking & cleaning.

FRY FAMILY is AWESOME and I am honor to be a part of it because our marriage.
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Mom's call
After dinner, David & I started to watch a movie together before sleep.

Suddenly, my mobile phone rang by my Dad's number in Japan.

So I picked it up and Mom's voice came into my mobile phone.

Last week, my e-mail address couldn't open at all because I changed my security.

My birthday was last weed and Mom sent me a birthday message but I couldn't read & reply it.

And a few days ago, Mom sent me another message about the result of the election in the U.S.A.,but I couldn't read and reply it again.

My Mom's worries became so huge that she tried to call my mobile phone.

But she didn't put extra "country number" to my mobile phone's number so she couldn't reach my mobile phone.

Again, Mom's worry became so much.

So today, Mom asked Dad to call me and finally she could talk to me.

Her voice sounded to feel relived that KEIKO is O,K. and I felt so sorry for her.

David & I talked to her for a while and Mom felt relived to know that we are no problem at all.

Anyway I felt so much love of MOM to me and I don't want her to worry about me too much anymore, again...

Love you, MOM!!^^

Of course, Dad,too!!^^

I am pretty fine because I am with David in Seattle, so don't worry about me at all, O.K.???
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Sudden visit
Yesterday, suddenly David's elder brother called David.

He and his wife were near our place so they wanted to visit us later.

We were very surprised at his offer but we accepted their sudden visit.

So we started to clean our home a little before their coming.

In 30 minutes, they were coming to our place so we need to show better as much as possible.

David said to me, "They wouldn't care the cleanness our home, so don't worry!"

But their visit to our home with us would be the first time so I just wanted to polite to welcome them.

Soon they came together and we stated to talk for a while.

And time passed so quickly that we kept talking more than 4 hours.

Just I offered them 2 different taste of organic tea and we had a nice time together.

I was very happy to show them how were are living together here for the first time.

I was so surprised at their visit yesterday but we really enjoyed talking together.

I could understand what they are talking almost because David tries to train my English every day at home.

Some words were difficult but most their way of saying got to used to my ears.

I sent my "thank you message" to my sister-in-law after they left.

And she sent me back nice & kind message soon.

I am very glad that I have such a wonderful sister-in-law fortunately.

Their visit was unexpected for us but we really had a nice time together as a family.

Anyway David & I are very happy because our rooms became a little cleaner than usual after their visit...^^
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Still now...
After I got my grandmother's news which she passed away a few days ago in Japan, I felt a little down inside of myself.

David tried to encourage me to feel better but I cannot feel it is real at all yet.

I am living in Seattle so I didn't watch her death in front of me by my sight actually.

So I cannot realize it is a reality for me at all.

But Dad & Mom sent a message for my grandmother's death so I know it is real.

I am praying her spirit can reincarnate to next new life.

Now Dad & Mom may be busy for her funeral service in Japan and I am thinking of them, too.

They must be tired after my grandmother's death to do many things.

So I wish that they will sleep well enough to go through this sadness together.

I am very grateful that David is with me to support my heart always.

And just I wish that my grandmother's spirit is peaceful in heaven now.

Now I wish that she became free from her body and her spirit can go anywhere she wants in heaven.

My grandmother could live her life until 96 years old and 9 months and it was long, I guess.

I am so grateful her existence because of her love & kindness for me and I will never forget her in my life.
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Sad reality
Last night before I sleep, I got a message from Mom.

It was a sad news that my grandmother (Dad's Mom) passed away.

Last month, she felt a stomachache and a doctor found her cancer of big intestine.

And then she was in the hospital for a while and suddenly she became unconsciousness state.

I knew her body's condition by Mom's message and I felt so sorry for her.

But I couldn't do anything for my grandmother and just I prayed her every single day.

Finally her limit of life came and she passed away after more than 1 month survival of her unconsciousness state.

She is living 96 years old and soon she will be 97 years old next July.

I got this sad news of my grandmother but I cannot believe it is a real still now.

I pray for her to sleep peaceful in heaven with my grandfather now without pain anymore.

I have so many memories with my grandmother and David & I really love her.

Just I pray for her spirit in peace forever and ever...><
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Japanese family
My family lives in Japan and now I am in Seattle.

Something bad happened to my family last month but I cannot do anything about it.

It beyond my control and only what I can do for it is praying for it from Seattle every day.

My mind concerns about it after I knew it last month but I have to release my mind go off from it.

Because if my mind is always stuck in it, nothing good would happen to me at all.

I wonder if I booked a flight to Japan from Seattle to visit my family in Japan or not.

But if I visited them, nothing would change this situation unfortunately...

So I decided to keep myself in Seattle not to visit my family in Japan at this moment.

Every single day, my heart tends to think about it but I became to be more positive than before.

To release my attachment of my family in Japan is important to focus on my life in Seattle right now.

And I made up my mind to live in Seattle with David after I got married him.

My prayer is always for my Japanese family to give my love for them and I wish it can beyond time & distance.

In this life, many unreasonable things happen to us and everything can give me a learning to survive it by my strength.

I am with David now and his love can support myself now.

And to move forward is very important for me right now and it is getting warmer and warmer day by day.

This spring will bring me a bright & tender atmosphere in my heart naturally and I really want to enjoy this season with DAVID.

In Japan, now many places show beautiful cherry blossom here and there.

And to enjoy it is essential part of life in every spring in Japan.

To make my wish for this universe can give me some peace in my mind and I am getting my toughness & strength in my mind, I believe...^^

I wish that my family in JAPAN can enjoy this beautiful spring season with smile as much as possible!!
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Oh, my GOD!
Today I got a sad new about my grandmother in JAPAN.

She is in a hospital because she felt a pain of her body a few days ago.

My Dad's mother is my grandmother and she is going to be 97 years old this July of this year.

She took care for us when we are young and I really love her.

Today Dad and his brother & sisters will get together to discuss my grandmother's treatment.

For them, my grandmother is their mother and everyone want her to live longer as long as possible.

But she is getting older and older and now her body has a problem.

I am thinking of her now and I pray for her mind & heart in peace at the hospital.

When I was in Japan in 2014, it was the last time to see my grandmother before I moved to Seattle in the U.S.A.

And I could hear of her condition from my MOM & DAD a little through e-mail messages and only what I can do for her long life without problem.

I think that "Time has come for my grandmother." anyway, only GOD knows what happens to her from now on.

David & I wish that my grandmother has no more pain of her body and feel at ease at the hospital.

I was really taken care of by my grandmother when I was a kid and my heart is tore and rendering about her situation now.

I am not a doctor and if I visit her in Japan as soon as possible, I would have nothing to do her.

But my heart is screaming how I can do for her during my grandmother is alive.

Life is too short to look back and only GOD knows our limitation of life.

I have no idea what will happen to us tomorrow and only I wish for my dear grandmother's heart in peace in her bed from Seattle.

To my dear grandmother, I cannot do anything for her even she loves me so much and she looked after me when I was a kid.

And I feel so much helpless & worthless to her disease and I need to be patient to feel bad & sad for her.

Just I pray for her mind in peace and she can sleep without pain today anyway.

In this world, there are so many absurdity & irrational in our life that we have to handle & manage with our strength & hope.

Anyway I am looking for cheaper flight to see my grandmother as soon as possible from today.

But to support DAVID is my job and I really want to support him beside of him.

I chose to live in Seattle with DAVID and sometimes I have to give up happening in JAPAN because I chose to live here.

And right now, David looks need my support and I am only his wife to be able to support him as a best partner!

Mom always says to me, "You cannot help it in the U.S.A," or "There is nothing you can do in the U.S.A." ("Shouganai" in Japanese.)

So just I need to watch and protect her from Seattle to pray for her peaceful heart in the bed...

Only praying for her let myself hopeless & worthless now but I have no choice for my dear grandmother right now, anyway...><

I was too much thinking of my grandmother and my stomach feel bad I need to release my tension of myself to sleep well tonight.
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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