Cause and result
If you want to get great result, we need to put on great seeds inside of ourselves.

Our world is based on the TRUTH and it is NATURE's rule, I can realize it these days.

If you want to be loved by someone special, we need to love at first.

And if you want to positive future in your life, we need to visualize positive future inside of mind clearly with positive thinking.

"Ask", "Believe" and then "Receive"...this is the message of a movie "THE SECRET."

David and I watched this movie 2 times before and the message was very powerful to our marriage life.

I understood how this world works these days and it is based on TRUTH.

I don't control my whole life but GOD (this world's CREATOR) knows everything as it is.

So just I believe that I do good things and I become good human beings as I am.

And to use my words for proper direction of love and truth and it will become my wonderful habit.

Also my behavior will be my habit, so I want to do my things as well as possible and I do my best every single day.

I want to love David more and better than before, and David loves me so much...I can feel every single day.

I never forget to be thankful his love for me and I want be his wife to worth having his wonderful love.

To live with love and truth is not difficult at all.

Just being good human being and doing good things with love and compassion for everything, it will be my part of character day by day.

Just I do my best and keep my effort as I am, and then everything will be better than before as I wish...I truly believe this truth.

How do you feel the end of this year??

There are only 3 days in this year, so I wish that your 3 days will be wonderful with smile and love and you will start New Year with hope and Blessing, anyway....^^
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Friend's news!><
In this morning, during our meditation time, David got very sad news about his friend.

The message was his friend's wife and it says, "He passed way today!"

David and his friend got know each other so much and they are so great friend each other.

After his friend moved to his wife's home from Seattle, David and he contacted each other by phone sometimes.

But friend's sad news hit David's heart so terribly and he started to cry with so much tears.

I had no words to heal his heart so just I hugged his body tight to let her tears go as he wanted.

He called to another friends who knows his friends well to let him know this news soon.

Anyway this happening may happen every day in this world.

Someone pass away unfortunately and some baby are born at single moment in this universe.

Of course I met his friend before and he was a wise and kind man.

And I felt so sorry for his death today but we need to keep moving on our life with tough heart.

I am thinking of David because his heart is still in this sorrow of his friend's loss today.

To cherish our lives as much as possible with gratitude is precious because we are alive now.

Someday we will say good by to this world so until then, I want to enjoy this short life with love and smile.

With whole my love, I want to support David to heal his sorrow to connect our new day of tomorrow with hope & positive way.

Anyway life has so much suffering and sad happenings sometimes so we can learn how to handle them with our strength of mind to go forward.

I pray today that David's friend's spirit in peace without pain & struggles anymore in heaven now....

Let's cherish our lives today with gratitude & wish, shall we??
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11th of December
In this morning, it was 4℃ outside but a few days ago it was -4℃, so I felt warmer than before.

David & I slept enough last night so we started to talk for a while before waking up.

Our priority in our life is not on economic level but spiritual satisfaction & peace inside of our mind.

Today is 11th of Dec in 2016, many advertisement give us "Christmas & NEW YEAR" holiday's atmosphere and buy shopping on sale.

But I can feel that I have everything around me now and I don't want to get any & new materials now.

At first, my mind is filled with LOVE & content so my need of materials outside of world become less than before.

All materials and new things can make my mind satisfy my depth of happiness at all anymore.

Because anything to buy by money is not my essential part of my life.

I have enough materials to live now so I have no worries about having more or get new something at all.

So just my interest of energy is how to use my energy of LOVE to make DAVID & I be happy more than yesterday.

Today, it is Sunday and the surroundings are so quiet as usual us in Seattle.

So David & I started to our usual routine to start NEW DAY and just we can feel content & peace inside of each mind after meditation.

On every Sunday, David goes to work after he started to work new job from last month.

So only every morning, we can share with each thinking & feeling how to start new day.

To support him is my pleasure and I want him to feel relaxation after his hard work outside in this evening, too.

So I will do my best at home to cook & house working as much as I can.

Already 1/3 of this Dec has passed and only 2 weeks remain in this year.

The end of month, we tend to think many things to connect NEW YEAR usually.

But I want to focus on TODAY as much as possible, so does just to seize TODAY to feel how we have now with Blessing.

Normally, most people tend to think how lack of each life now but it is not good way of thinking.

To realize how much you HAVE enough now can let us feel happiness & satisfaction today....anyway thank you for TODAY everything around us...^^

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After Valentine's day
When we had a nice time on Valentine's day yesterday, I could sleep so deeply & well last night.

But I woke up in this morning, I felt so clearer in my mind than yesterday that I cried a lot last night before sleeping.

My heart wanted to just cry to overflow my feeling & emotion somehow and David's love moved me so much during our true communication.

I could feel so much David's love for me and it moved me to cry a lot.

And I just felt fatigue after so much crying with tears and I fell asleep naturally.

In this morning, I couldn't remember that situation so much but David did so well.

He couldn't sleep well last night after I fell asleep for a while because he stated to think so much about my tears & my words.

But I could set my mind & heart at ease so much and just I felt flowing in his deep & true love just before sleeping last night.

He worried about me too much because I cried so hard that his love was covered with my heart tendelly & kindly.

I have never felt so much LOVE from others in my life, NEVER!

And all David's words hit my sensitive part of my heart so strongly & passionately.

I realized how strong & powerful his love for me but it meld my solid & stiff heart naturally.

In this morning, after our meditation time, we had a nice energy with each love and I cried again with happiness & his love.

This is happy tears not from sadness & sorrow and it cannot help stopping for a while.

I don't want David to worry about me too much before his work but he always treated me tenderly with sweet love.

I am not usual myself after crying a lot and maybe I am so tired with mental part of my mind today.

Anyway, David & I are moving forward to love each other day by day to create our original life together.

And his existence itself became my haven in this whole world.

Just I appreciate with this happiness to being with David as his wife every single day.

I want to be better partner of him from now on...anyway^^

After Valentine's day, I wish all my lovely friends are filled with great love & Blessing today, too!
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Priority of life
What is your most important thing in life??

Our life is filled with lots of materials and foods and maybe it tend to be thought the symbol of wealth.

But I don't think that happiness was not inside of materials but the way of feeling in each heart inside.

And the feeling of happiness is beyond material world and it impossible to buy.

"To have some foods today, to wear clothes today and to sleep under the roof", I can feel happiness on that day.

My YOGA teacher taught me, "You are blessed because you are born in wealthy country not to in trouble foods, clothes and house to live today."

Of course, I understood his words and we are living in developed country and lucky.

Although, some people has many complains of each life to get more some materials even they own enough now.

All cravings to have something more and to go somewhere else more are coming from of the lack of your deep need inside of your heart.

It comes from the lack of discover "TO BE YOURSELF as you are", I really believe it strongly.

If you were "THE YOURSELF" who you really are now, you could satisfy yourself every day easily.

But if you were not "true yourself" who you originally are, you would tend to feel "I want - more." or "I want to do - more" to fulfill your need from the deepest level of inside.

When I was young, I didn't realize the system & way of thinking of my mind.

But after I met YOGA & Meditation when I was 30, I realized what is my priority in life.

It is completely up to your decision of heart which can feel happiness inside.

Not outside, HAPPINESS cannot exist as a true meaning.

And if you start to seek something deep inside of happiness, you would find it easily.

Then you will not feel any cravings for having more & doing more.

From my experience of last 10 years, I learned it so much.

Now all materials outside of my world cannot satisfy my heart completely.

But inside of happiness & content of today's Blessing, I just feel happy so easily and just I am thankful for everything every single day.

Maybe many people wouldn't know it but I am very happy to know it 10 years ago.

To compare with others' happiness is just non sense & meaningless.

If you can satisfy today's Blessing, you would be always happy forever!!

How wonderful leanings I got through YOGA & Meditation!!!

And David's love and his existence itself are making me happy every day...just I am very very thankful his EVERYTHING to me.
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David's Mom's death
David's mom passed away in the early morning.

When I got the news from DAVID, I was at friends's home at Izu isalnd and they lives in the nature with 2 dogs & 2 cats like a big family.

Their house was built in nature materials and nothing unnatural things in their home at all.

They make own elctoricity and they are living around so much pleanty of forest.

And they recommeded me to pee in the forest if you want like an wild animals.

Their hometown is same city of mine in Shizuoka city and we met in YOJOEN for the first time.

We walked in the forest together and did YOGA there.

But something common interest of us could connect out hearts naturally.

And I really wanted to visit their new house for last 7 years.

But finally I came to visit them with my friends' YOGA friends on Sunday.

Of course their friends live at Izu iland and they seems so closer than normal friends.

Because they like nature life and they know each other so well through theri life and YOGA so much.

I met them for the first time there but we enjoyed having wonderful lunch together.

My friends is teacher of Macrobiotics cooking and she is teaching for cooking class, and her meals was so great!

Simple organic browan rice & organic vegetables which they made by themeselves with LOVE let ue so happy after lunch.

Meals made us so happy not only for stomach but also my heart so deeply and enough.

And suddenly David called her mobile phone (because I don't have it already!) to let me know his MOM's death.

My friends & I talked about soul & spirituarity in the morning and my mind was so calm down before David's calling.

So I could just accept Mom's death without tears.

I believe the death body is not the end our life at all.

It is jsut the begging for next new life as one soul want to live more naturally & positively, I am sure of it somehow.

David's mom became much free than she has a body in this world.

I guess that Mom is now flying as she want to go in the bed for long years and she can watch & protect us at anytime and anywhere we are.

So I pray for Mom's spirit in peace for a whlie and Dad's & David's smile as I like.

I can imagine how all folks can feel Mom's lost but we had better to overcome it little by little.

Because the death of MOM is reality and it is not impossible to change with any magiic.

So I try to smile with wonderful friedns as much as possible.

And I will try to sleep with MOM's dream tonight.

I am so blessed to hear of David's Mom's imformation today that I can not let myself down with my great LOVE of nature & amazing friendship & undestanding.

And I realized how we can be alive NOW and I can find any happiness in this misery today.

I am so grateful for all of my friends in this world for prayer to MOM & for us with LOVE & COMPASSION a lot.

David & I will recover soon after her celemeony on next Saturday and we can smile again with all friends as much as possibe;

And I like DAVID's smile more than his tears.

So I want to be with him to support his heart as well as possible , it is my mission now!

Again, thank you so much for all friends' prayers & wonderful supported us recently!!!

See you soon, guys!!
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To be honest to myself is precious faith in my life.

And not tell lying means to live honestly not only to myself but also to the others.

Lies give not good for everything at all.

What I am thinking is just my doing & acting naturally for me.

Saying & doing is the same is very comfortable way to live.

How about you??

Are you live to be honest to yourself without any lies every day??

I want to believe that everyone was born with good essences to do live proper way.

And this honest life will be pleased to everyone for our precious life, I believe.

I want to be honest to myself at every time and it's my strength , I think.

To be honest means to live as I am.

It is very pure & natural life for me.

Honest heart makes me honest words.

And honest words make honest actions.

Then honest action make honest personality.

And it makes a honest habit & life naturally.

I want to be honest to myself at every moment.

It is very simple way to live for me to be kind & generous to myself.

How is your honesty & generous heart to yourself??

I wish that everyone can live to be honest to self each, it's sure of comfortable life as you are...

And the honesty heart will be glad to connect with honest hearts naturally & widely...

It will make a honest world in peace, I believe it strongly.

テーマ:人生を豊かに生きる - ジャンル:心と身体

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Death is equal to all beings on this planet.

To get a new birth means to reach the death surely.

I don't be afraid of DEATH itself.

In Japan, "Heaven looks like a so wonderful place, because nobody didn't come back again from there."

It may sounds very fun and ironic way to say about death.

But maybe the existence of Heaven existence is after our DEATH, I just can imagine how beautiful world spread around there...

Or maybe the DEATH is just the end of myself ,and everything will be NOTHING after our body's death...

I don't know ,because I have never experienced the DEATH before.

But my grand grandmother died when I was a junior high school child , I could not understand the DEATH as a real meaning.

Just it happened suddenly until my sleeping time at midnight, just I was too surprised at her sudden death to feel about it anything.

Only 1 thing ,from her DEATH,I could learn by her death...
"Tomorrow is not sure of coming for everyone. So I need to seize the day today without any regret later."

I loved my grandmother so much, and her death was so beautiful.

Just because of natural death after getting old without no is ideal, isn't it?

And my grandfather died when I was a student of university.

In front of my grandmother, MOM and me, his death was coming so suddenly and silently.

Just what I could do for his the moment of death was to watch and protect the process...

No emotion and no thought could not feel at the very moment.

I couldn't cry at all after his death, I was too busy to going through his funeral smoothly...

But I could learn about DEATH again ,only 1 thing...
"I am sure of my DEATH in the future, so I don't want to regret at the time of my death.

I want to do my best today as possible until death..."

I was thinking so much after his death about...
"What is LIFE?"," What is DEATH as a real meaning?", and "How do I want to live truly from now on until my death?"

Death gave me a lot of opportunity to learn about a LIFE so deeply.

Every day, many births and deaths happen at single moment in this earth.

I want to live this day and do my best as much as possible with with DAVID together.

Until DEATH ,I can be alive with this my body and mind.

I really appreciate with this life!

Thank you so much for MOM and DAD...of course for grand grandmother, grandfather and grandmother...

And I want to thank for DAVID so much ,everything to me...

テーマ:ヨーガ - ジャンル:心と身体

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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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