Wonderful celebration!
Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary.

But we decided to celebrate today because we had to get our of our home from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Because today, our bath tab needed to repair and the repairing time need whole day today.

So we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary during our outgoing whole day today.

In this morning, we went to a fitness club and we had Yoga class together.

And we went to downtown Seattle and we really enjoying looking around and we got a nice shower curtain.

In this morning, we needed to clean up our bathroom and we threw away our old shower curtain, so we needed to get a new one today.

We found a nice shower curtain and we got a nice deal with such a great discount fortunately.

And we took a wonderful walk around our favorite lake with beautiful sunshine and great view.

We could talk a lot each other and we felt so much love each other.

And we went to our favorite organic sushi restaurant to have dinner.

We really enjoying having dinner together with smile and love.

I cannot believe that our marriage life has started 5th year from yesterday.

Many things happened to our past 4 years already but we are loving more and more than before.

I am very lucky to be David's wife and David loves me so much.

I want to be better wife to worth being loved by David from now on...^^
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Happy wedding anniversary
Today, it is 5th years' wedding anniversary for our marriage.

I cannot believe that we got married only 5 years ago of today.

And I felt so much soon that our marriage life has passed 4 years already.

Today is our 5th years' marriage life has just started and I can feel so positive and wonderful feeling of this begging day today with beautiful sunshine.

David and I started with love and smile with fresh feeling each other.

Yesterday and today, we have so much deep love each other to share with our marriage life.

And we talked a lot about our life today and it is so great time for us.

I wrote my feeling of our 5th years' marriage anniversary on a lovely postcard and I gave it for David in this morning.

He came to hug me tightly after he read it and I am so happy to see his happy smile.

Also we will enjoy having nice time with our favorite dinner together later.

Tomorrow, David will have a holiday, too, so we can celebrate our anniversary again.

To begin our 5th year's marriage life is great for us with love and kindness, anyway....^^
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5th anniversary!
Today is the 5th anniversary day when I met David on Samui island in Thailand for the first time.

I never forget this day because my life changed completely after I met him today 5 years ago.

But for me, today is a little different how to feel this anniversary day from other 4 years.

I cannot feel nice energy from the bottom of my heart today at all but I try to keep my mind in peace as much as possible.

I will make a special dinner for our dinner but I feel less energy than usual anyway.

But after YOGA & Meditation time, David and I went to meeting (for Christian) together with very spiritual couple who really know David's parents.

It was about 1 hour of Christian meeting and it was a nice gathering to focus on my spirit with peace & calm.

Today David is working day but he took a holiday and we had a plenty time to be together.

After the meeting, I stared to cook for our dinner and it looks so delicious that David will love it.

I need to keep my mind in peace & calm today because my mind was in a huge storm in last 2 days.

But I need to move on my life to make my life in peace by myself.

I want to create my life with benevolence & peace without any troubles and sufferings from now on.

I have many tools to keep my mind in peace, YOGA, meditation, cooking, singing and walking.

So just I want to focus on my mind today to make my mind in peace anyway...

My storm in my mind will become calm naturally and I will be tougher and stronger myself than before, I can feel.

I can feel so much freedom of my heart because I can choose any ways of life with strength.

So I don't want to keep moving on my mind with positive heart & peaceful feeling today...^^
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David's aunt's funrealy service!
Today was David's Mom's sister's (aunt) funeral service.

The end of last month, she passed away unfortunately.

And we visited her living facility and her hospital sometimes and we could see her just day before she passed away.

She is David's younger sister so she reminds me his MOM a lot.

Her funeral service was so great that all family got together to pray for her spirit in peace & to remind her life's memory.

After the service, David & I talked to many relatives as usual as American funeral service with light meals, snacks and soft drinks.

I have no appetite in this afternoon because David & I were too busy to talk to many relatives A LOT!

I met some of them before at other funeral services and all of them were so friendly and kind to me.

To talk to many relatives who really know David's childhood can make me so glad that I can understand him and his relatives better than before.

Of course, the loss of aunt was very very sad for everyone but we could share the loss with compassion & benevolence together.

About 2 hours and a half, I kept talking to many relatives and my legs felt fatigue a little bit, because I kept standing all the time.

David's Dad could come to this service with his elder's family and everyone looked enjoying the time to share each talking.

Japanese funeral service and American one is completely different but I really love the American style.

His aunt had a great life with family & LOVE and everyone misses her, of course.

But we have to live with this grief with tough heart from now on..., anyway.

To face on special sad occasion can give us so much learning to us how to live with LOVE again and again.

Anyway I was so glad that I could communicate with great relatives today with smile & love for a while.^^

I wish that his aunt is sleeping in heaven peacefully & forever...^^
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The day for nice marriage couple!
Today is 2nd of February and in JAPAN the sound "TWO(2)" for "FU-" in Japanese.

And today we called the sound of day as"FU-FU" (2/2) and it means"marriage couple".

So today is the day for nice "marriage couple" in JAPAN.

Someone told me through FACEBOOK "to cherish each partner as a nice marriage couple" today.

What means "nice " for marriage couple, I don't know.

But to respect each other is important and the relationship of marriage couple needs to be based on TRUTH & TRUST, I believe.

How is your marriage life or LOVE relationship??

I wish that you can exchange your love for your precious partner every day with compassion & respect as much as possible.

Because we will pass away in this world someday sooner or later and to love someone is very very great thing in this world.

And to be loved by someone special make your life feel abundance & content as you are, doesn't it??

I am not sure of TRUE LOVE in this world but to accept someone's life as one is wonderful value for me.

How is your priority in your life??

What do you value in your life??

LOVE can not buy by any money and it is unchangeable experience in our life.

So I wish you can give your LOVE for someone who really love you today with smile & generosity.

And I hope that you can enjoy today's "NICE COUPLE DAY" as you are at your living place in this universe.

We are alive today as we are...

And to be self is the BEST thing in this life, I can feel....I really appreciate today's life and BLESSING around us, anyway...^^

BE HAPPY forever and ever!!
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The end of 2016
Today it is the final day of 2016.

And I remember many happenings in this year with DAVID.

We really have many things between our marriage life but we managed it together anyway.

Our marriage life is completely different from others because we are crazy each other.

And most people cannot understand our life style and priority of marriage but we don't matter others way of thinking.

We are creating our marriage life day by day with adjustment to make our love be better than before.

Sometimes we have struggle each other to understand each difference but we can manage it together.

In the end of this year, we are just thankful for each other with LOVE & smile.

This life is not taken for grated at all, we feel so much gratitude for both of us to have strong love today.

In this year, especially for me, I tend to think how to live and die from now.

To live today is not normal at all because many possibility will happen every day for everyone.

So I want to cherish today without trouble & bad happenings as we wish.

I want to make our NEW YEAR with fresh start as we hope to make our life be better than this year soon.

So just focus on what we really want & need to accomplish in our life with benevolence & smile as much as possible.

Only I have hope & great potential to connect new year tomorrow with David.

As we are as we love more and more, everything will go better way...I believe it truly!

I wish that your NEW YEAR will be filled with BLESSING and enjoy your NEW YEAR as you want in life with smile & love always!!^^
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4th wedding anniversart
Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.

Last 2 years, we actually lived together in Seattle but the begging of our marriage life were separated each other because of my GREEN CARD.

So after I got married in JAPAN and we became a marriage couple officially.

First 2 years of our marriage life was so tough that we have to live separately for a while.

But from 2014, we started to live together in Seattle and REAL marriage life started at that time.

And now we are loving each other more than before.

Last 2 years, we had so many happenings each other and it was not only fun but also struggling to understand each other more than before.

After we overcome our tough period, we still love each other now.

Many times, I cried but after that David & I became to smile with benevolence & generosity anyway.

For most marriage couple may happen so many happenings & struggling each other but we could love more than ever before.

So everything was my lesson to understand each other with LOVE, I can look back that time now.

I cannot give loving DAVID at all and he always love me with kindness & tenderness

From today, our history of marriage life has just started for five years.

Day by day, many things will happen to us from now on....

But I am sure that we will survive in this world with LOVE & SMILE always and forever...I believe.

Today is not good weather but our love is always shining with love deeply inside each other, for sure!!!^^

I really appreciate with DAVID's love & generosity every single day.

And I want to love him more & better than before...I am doing my best every day...^^
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To stay with David's Dad
Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving day" in the U.S.A.

It looks like Japanese "NEW YEAR" and many American get together with family tomorrow to enjoy TURKEY dinner.

David decided to visit Dad today (before the Thanksgiving day) with me to stay with Dad to welcome tomorrow's Thanksgiving morning together.

Because today, traffic jam was much less than tomorrow, he guessed.

And finally we arrived at Dad's place smoothly and Dad looks so exciting see us together.

He is 85 years old this year but his smile can give us feel gentle & kind energy always.

I cooked 3 different type of sweets for his present which I cooked by my organic & Macrobiotic diet yesterday.

Now he has a cough and in the middle of recovery, so I cooked organic Fuji apple jam without sweetness, raison & apple cake, and banana squash cake for his recovery.

For me, all disease caused of daily diet and body needs to proper foods to DETOX during sick.

But Dad likes to eat delicious foods so I cooked some different kind of texture to make him enjoy & facilitate recovery as much as possible.

And David & I had a nice time for a while and we shared with wonderful dinner with my original 3 kinds of salads together.

David & I felt a little fatigue after 4 hours' driving today but we felt so much great time with hid Dad just day before Thanksgiving.

Dad & David has another plan to do together tonight but Dad missed his nap time today because he couldn't sleep too much exciting to sleep during waiting for our arrival after his lunch time.

So we need to take a rest with enough sleeping tonight and they will skip original plan to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Anyway to understand to know David's Dad will make me understand David more to love each other.

And to communicate each other with love of family can let us smile naturally and feel relieved how we are Blessed now.

Just we are looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving party at David's elder brother's home with some close friends together!!!^^
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Friend's marriage
Yesterday I got a message from my friend of YOGA.

She and I met YOGA ashram in India for the first time.

Only we connect through Facebook but she is going to get married American.

So she wants to know about the process of Green Card (permanent residence in the U.S.A) because I went through already.

I am very happy to know her international marriage but her situation and mine are a little different.

So I sent my reply about her questions but I am so sorry that my reply will not help her all question.

But I want to support her anyway and I did my best to sent my message.

Anyway I am so glad to hear from her after for a while.

To proceed international marriage is very long and complicated process but it will finish by perfect documents.

So just we needed to be patient with long process of my Green card and I hope that she will get through like me.

I wish that she will pass all process of her international marriage with their love and she will be happier more and more with her partner in the U..S.A. soon.
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Memorial day of the first meeing!
Today is our memorial day to meet at the beach of Koh-Samui in Thailand for ther first time...

It was just 4 years ago to meet David fortunately...and time passed so quickly that now I am his wife in Seattle.

This day changed my life completely by David's love & GOD's trick...anyway I wanted to cook for our memorial day like KEIKO's restaurant tonight.

David wanted me to take a nice organic restaurant as a memorial dinner but I wanted to express my gratitude & love for him by my cooking.

I made "Nigiri-zushi" by organic vegetarian stlye and David Fry looks so happy that all meals are beautiful like a fancy restaurant.
David wanted not to eat soon because they were so beautiful but I wanted him to enjoy my cooking meals with smile & fun.

To meet someone special can change my life and I can never forget TODAY's special meeing David in Thailand.

Today was very beautiful day with sunshine & blue sky and beautiful cherry blossom told us an arrival of new spring!
To smile with him with benevolence & compassion will keep us be happy more & better every single day.

To live with my husband looks my lesson how to love I give all my love to David without condition & judgement...I am learning way of loving with David day by day.

Anyway I am happy with David with everything around us and our relationship are getting better & better day by day...and we are living together with LOVE each single moment.

I wish all of my friends in this world can feel love & happiness with smile every day as much as possible!

Love is wonderful and just I am thankful for TODAY anyway...^^

And I am so thankful David's Dad & Mom that they could let DAVID was born to this world by their love.

Without them, I couldn't see David to love each other now.

Everything happened to me is something special meaning for us and it can make us learn how to live together as a marriage team.

I am leaning about LOVE & marriage day by day...sometimes we had a tough time but sometimes we had a great time.

To be with David more, our relationship are getting better & better to understand each other more & better than before.

After 4 years, I realized how much I have experienced so many happenings in my life...and it keep going forward as we are.

Just I felt Blessed by GOD and everything around us can make us grow up as a better person each other.

I will never forget today's meeting in Thailand of 4 years ago and I can give all gratitude for this miracle meeting in my life from now on.

To enjoy my life with DAVID is my part of myself and David & I can love each other more & more...^^/
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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