Cloudy day
From last night, the weather became not good with clouds.

Last night, it was raining a little for a while and it was cloudy sky in this morning still.

So I felt a little cold in this morning but it was comfortable temperature for me.

I hope that sunshine will come back in this afternoon.

These days, it has been nice weather with sunshine and it was like summer weather already.

Sometimes it was too hot for me that short spring has passed somewhere, I felt.

But like this morning, it let me fell like a spring with comfortable temperature.

In June, rainy days continue in Japan mostly so I like this weather in Seattle without rain.

Sometimes rain is good in June because nature needs to get some water from rain.

So I have no complains about whether at all because any weather has nice point to enjoy.

I want to enjoy walking even in rain, so I can enjoy my walking under any circumstances.

I hope that my walking time will be better weather in this afternoon than in this morning., that;'s all my wish...^^
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Rain again
In this month, very nice weather kept without rain.

And I enjoyed beautiful sunshine and blue sky these days.

But in this morning, the sky was dark with heavy clouds.

And soon it started to rain a little.

Recently, there were no rain at all, so it was very unusual weather.

Also the temperature was downer than yesterday and it was cold a little bit.

Outside was very quiet and it was very clam on Saturday today.

I hope that it will stop raining without continual rainy days, I hope...

But the weather forecast says that rain will keep until Sunday.

So I had better to enjoy rare rainy days for a while.

And I hope that sunshine will come back next Monday as weather forecast says...^^
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Rainy spring
In this week, rainy days keep in this morning, too.

David told me that this spring will have many rainy days more than usual.

I planned to have a trip last week to enjoy tulip festival but I canceled it because of rain.

And I planned this trip again next week but I checked the weather forecast about the date of our trip yesterday.

But it says that it will rain again, so I maybe cancel our trip again unfortunately.

In Seattle, there are so many rainy days in every winter but in spring, the rainy days become less than winter.

But in this spring, it looks different from usual spring.

I don't want to complain about weather at all, so just I want to enjoy this spring as much as possible.

Yesterday, it was raining most of daytime, but I wanted to take a walk outside without raincoat.

And I found a nice timing to walk without rain and I could walk finally.

I hope that I will be able to walk if it stop raining today, if possible...^^

Most cherry blossom is over but I want to enjoy beautiful spring flowers more without rain.

In April, I hope that David and I will enjoy spring without rain as much as possible!^^
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Yesterday, it was so warm in the afternoon that it let me feel like a summer.

The temperature became so high that David didn't need to put on a jacket except T-shirt.

But today, it became rainy day again with heavy clouds in this morning.

In every spring, the weather is changeable and not stable at all.

I don't want to complain about weather at all, so I want to enjoy each day with gratitude.

Nature is always as it is and it is always not same at all.

Like our life, the nature shows the natural figure and it tells me a lesson of life.

How is your spring these days??

I want to enjoy this changeable weather in this spring.

Because I like spring season the best in a year and the daytime became longer than before day by day.

Most cherry blossom fell down on the ground already but I could find some lovely flowers on the road.

I really love to observe the nature as it is and I want to enjoy this spring as much as possible!^^
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Yesterday, it was very strange weather.

It was raining in the morning yesterday and it changed to snow before noon.

And then, snow stopped suddenly and it became nice weather with blue sky.

But around 15:00, it started to dropped hail suddenly so hard that I was just surprised.

The hail is like a stone of snow and it kept dropped for a while.

And hail stopped after 40 minutes and the sun came out of the sky again...

How changeable the weather it was yesterday.

I enjoyed watching cherry blossom from last week but yesterday's rain and hail made them fell down on the ground unfortunately.

I want to keep watching cherry blossom more to enjoy spring atmosphere, anyway.

But the timing of cherry blossom is so short that we really miss it after all flowers fell down on the ground every year.

In spring season, the weather is very changeable so it was normal for nature.

Just I want to wait warm spring without snow and hail anymore in this year, I wish...

Anyway, I want to be better myself than last year as I am in this year to grow up more and better...^^
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After beautiful I could watch cherry blossom in this month, it started to snow in this morning.


The cheery blossom will fall down with snow and rain, so I don't want them to fell down so soon.

David and I are going to watch wonderful cherry blossom at Washington University without rainy day in this week.

But spring weather is always changeable so I just wish that weather will be better than now in this week.

Today is a little chilly so, rain changed to snow suddenly.

Snowing outside is very beautiful with calm atmosphere but I am not good at so much cold temperature, anyway.

Because my hometown in Shizuoka, Japan is seldom snowing, so I don't get used to feeling the cold of snow at all in my life.

In Seattle, I got used to the colder weather than before but I have not being good at feeling this cold temperature yet...

David will be so exciting to feel snow even he is working now, I can guess...

I hope that warm spring will come back tomorrow, anyway...

I really love spring season after cold winter in Seattle every year.

I wish that you will enjoy new spring season with beautiful cherry blossom to feel wonderful in your heart.
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After snow days
The end of this week, there were snow in the sky and it is sill on the road today.

With snow, the temperature was too cold to stand but I just wish that spring will come after these cold days.

Today, it looks warm with sunshine and blue sky in this morning.

So I hope that so much cold winter days were over to welcome spring day by day from today.

David and I really felt this cold weather without complain because every day is Blessing from GOD.

And no animals and plants on the earth never complain about weather and they looks enjoying each day as it is.

David will welcome his new age next week and he still keep thinking in his mind these days.

But present David and his future of new age will not be different for me at all.

He has a young spirit and he looks very young and I want him to forget of his body's age.

Just I want to cherish each day with gratitude and love with David.

And our love is growing day by day with smile and kind and it is very important and precious for me.^^

I wish that spring will come with warm weather day by day, anyway...
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Winter again??
As weather forecast says that it will snow tomorrow and David worries about the cold weather.

But I told him that please enjoy today without worrying about weather, because it will not come yet

I don't like too much cold weather at all and David hate it so much.

Because I don't want to use heater at home and David adjust my favorite way of living.

So even it snow tomorrow, we will not use heater at home.

And David will need to be patient of the cold inside our home.

I just try to put on more clothes if it is very cold.

Because heater is not good our body to dry out.

And I want to feel the natural weather without air conditioner as much as possible.

Anyway, it was very windy and raining in this morning but suddenly rain stopped.

Now it is very nice weather with sunshine and blue sky and I want to walk outside without worrying weather.

To enjoy each weather is fun for me, because weather is nothing to complain as is is.

I don't know if it rain tomorrow or not, but I want to enjoy each weather with gratitude and smile.^^
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Nice walking
Today, it is nice day to take a walk.

David and I went to a park which has nice trail inside with forest.

We started to walk in the park together and great atmosphere was around us.

The park is filled with lots of old trees and it was a little hills on the way of trail.

I like to walk up and down more than flat road, and we really enjoyed waling together.

We came this park at New Year's day but there were so much snow on the trail, so we gave up walking then.

But today, it is a nice day without rain and snow and we had a nice time together.

On the lake side, many ducks were swimming in the lake like a family.

David and I watched those lovely ducks for a while and they came to us so close.

And we started to walk again on the trail and we met an old men.

He knew this train so well that he introduced another train to walk for us.

We talked to him for a while and it was a great meeting.

He was very gentle and he tried to support me when I tried to walk on the river side which is a little dangerous area.

David and I introduced ourselves a little and we started to walk together for a while.

And we said "Good bye!" for him because our parking area appeared on the way of trail.

We shook hands each other again and he started to walk again by himself.

Anyway, to walk in the nature is so great time for us that we really enjoyed this walking today.

Day by day, I can feel that spring is coming to us little by little.

I want to enjoy each day with David to cherish our marriage life from now on...^^
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Today, it has been raining all day long but it has been warm temperature.

In Seattle, rainy day has high temperature than sunshine day.

So today, David and I felt so warm that we can felt nice each other.

I hope that spring will come day by day but it will not come so soon.

Today, I went to a Yoga class even it was raining in this morning.

I put on my rain wear so I didn't mind rain at all.

People in Seattle does't matter about rain and most people doesn't use umbrella in the rain.

They use rain wear and I became like them, and they don't give up walking and running in the rain at all.

I hope that rainy day will not last so many days but I like this warmth in the rain.

But I prefer sunshine day to rainy day, so which is better for me??^^
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Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

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YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
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