Rain again
Yesterday, the whether forecast said that it would rain today.

But in this morning, the sky looked nice with sunshine.

But little by little. dark clouds became to cover the sky.

And sunshine went somewhere and it became cloudy sky.

Then, it started to rain as the forecast said.

These days, the whether kept nice day with sunshine & blue sky.

But today, it became rainy weather.

This rain looked not so heavy but a little, so it will not keep raining so long.

I hope that sunshine will come again with beautiful blue sky...^^
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These days, the angle of sun changed day by day.

The sun became lower than before and the angle of the sun changed.

I dry our bath mat outside when the weather is good.

So day by day, I realized how much the width of the shadow changed on the veranda.

Soon autumn will come and it will be chilly.

Summer season is very short in Seattle and long winter season will arrive.

Anyway, I want to enjoy this nice weather as much as possible before cold season come to us.

Today, it is very nice weather with sunshine and blue sky, so I can feel so nice feeling!^^
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Big fire
Yesterday, the sky in the morning was wired.

I read a news about a big fire near here and the smoke influenced the sky yesterday.

So the sky covered with so much smoke of big fire so it was very wired.

I didn't know that the big fire happened yesterday, so just I felt wired the sky at that time.

But now, I felt very clear about yesterday's wired weather because I read the news about the big fire.

Today, the sky became normal as usual, so the smoke seemed to be gone somewhere already...

Today is full moon day.

So I hope that you will enjoy wonderful full moon day with peace!!^^
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wired morning
When I woke up in this morning, the weather was strange.

There were some clouds in the sky, but the sky didn't look normal morning at all.

The sky looked like evening sky and I felt wired.

I don't know why this sky happened in this morning, but I felt so strange.

Today's forecast says that it will be hot like summer.

So I felt a little hot in this morning, but I didn't feel usual morning at all.

The time is morning but the sky looked evening already.

Anyway, tomorrow will be full moon day, so maybe I feel a little strange by the influence of full moon already today...
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Rare rain
Today, it was raining in the morning.

In this summer, there were no rainy days, so today's rain is very rare.

But after rain in this morning, sunshine came out of clouds in the sky.

Today's weather is changeable and it will be nice sunshine day in this morning.

Today, is the end of August.

Tomorrow, September will start soon.

Time passes so quickly that this year remains only 4 months!!


How was your summer??

I hope that you will finish August today to connect with wonderful September...^^
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Hot day!
Yesterday, David told me that forecast said to be more than 100F (37℃) tomorrow.

The hot temperature is very rare in Seattle.

So last night, it was very hot night and David kept the window open in our bedroom.

And I touched his body and he put off his underwear, because he felt so hot to sleep.

I was so laughed at him that he couldn't wear underwear to sleep.

Today, it became hot temperature actually from this morning.

So I keep all windows open in our rooms.

But I will be O.K with this hot temperature because I can eat organic watermelon to make my body cool down.

I hope that this hot weather will not keep so long...^^

Real hot summer has arrived in Seattle finally!
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Rain day
Today, it is raining from this morning.

The temperature is not high and I felt a little cold today.

In this week, a little cold days kept and it is not warm at all for me.

In June, I hope that I can enjoy warm weather.

But I couldn't felt warm temperature these days at all...

I don't know why the weather is not good these days.

Just I wish that warm weather come back to us again...><
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Rainy day
Today, it is raining from this morning.

But in the afternoon, rain stopped and sunshine came out of the sky a little.

Today's weather is changeable and now it is cloudy in the sky.

The temperature is a little cooler than usual and it is cool day.

In this month, some days were nice weather with sunshine & blue sky.

But these days, the temperature was a little down than usual and cool days continued.

I hope that sunshine will come back again to the sky.

Because I like warm weather, anyway...^^
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Warm weather!
Yesterday and today, it is so nice weather with sunshine & blue sky.

Finally, temperature became higher than before, and I can feel nice atmosphere with this wonderful weather.

I like sunny weather and there were less sunny days in this spring.

So I really missed this sunny day in this spring but finally fine weather came for us.

Our organic plants look so happy that they can take in sunshine energy enough to grow up more.

Anyway I hope that this nice weather will keep tomorrow, too.^^
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Flowers' life
Last week, David brought a big flower bouquet from his working and I was so thankful for it.

But in this week, little by little, some flowers became weak and I had to throw away unfortunately.

The cut flowers' life cannot keep fresh so long, so I like planted flowers better than cut ones.

Fresh flowers can make our feeling bright and cheer up but their life is going weak day by day.

Flowers are so beautiful that short life of flowers shows their destiny to die...

I want to cherish the rest of flower bouquet until all of them will weak by changing water in a vase.

Anyway, short life of flowers are very precious to show their life so I want to enjoy it as long as possible for a while.

Flowers are very beautiful so I miss them after they will die, for sure...><
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I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

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