3rd class!
Today, it was my 3rd class to teach Japanese language and culture of some customers of a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

As the forecast said, it was snowing in this morning actually and it was very very cold.

But when I left home, it stopped snowing and beautiful sunshine came out of the sky.

It became beautiful morning with clear air and blue sky but it was so cold.

I wanted to do my best for all students in our Japanese class today.

I did my best as I am but I found some points for me to improve from next week how to mange the Japanese class.

Every time of my Japanese lesson gave me some learning but I enjoyed my challenge each Sunday.

Just I want to keep doing my best to let all students enjoy our Japanese class and it is my pleasure to share interesting time together.

Anyway, today was very cold day with snow in this morning but it became beautiful day with clear blue sky and sunshine.

So my heart can feel very clear inside and I really appreciate with David's support and his love for me.

His kind heart and generous love for me can make me feel at ease and relived how to live in Seattle.

And just my challenge has just started in Seattle to work and it will continue my next step little by little, I believe.

I just want to cherish this challenge with gratitude always and just I want to be better myself through this challenge from now on..^^
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2nd class
Today is the second class of Japanese at a sushi restaurant.

Yesterday, 6 customers booked to came to our class but only 1 customer came today.

Some of the booking customers canceled today but others didn't give us any notice at all.

But I didn't feel any bad about this situation and I did my best for the only 1 customer to enjoy our Japanese class.

He took part in some class of previous season last year and he keep studying Japanese language by himself.

And when we talked to him today, we understood that he loves Japanese animations at first.

Then he became to be interested in Japanese culture and now he is studying Japanese "HIRAGANA" by himself at home.

I am so proud of his effort and I want to support his study as much as possible.

I waited other customers to come late to our Japanese class but finally others didn't appear.

So we arranged our class to let him learn from the middle of the class and he tried to memorize Japanese language so hard.

In the end, I gave my handmade chocolate cookie for him and he looked to be happy to get it.

He is very polite and gentle man and all staffs became to like him naturally.

Even only 1 customer came to our 2nd Japanese class, we didn't feel any bad today at all.

Just I need to do my best and I want to keep my effort from now on.

Today is the 2nd time of my Japanese class and I became to feel more relaxed as I am to teach Japanese than the fist lesson last week.

It is very beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky in Seattle and I am so happy with this weather.

Anyway, my challenge of teaching Japanese class to Seattle people let me learn to work here in Seattle.

Just I want to do my best from now on with all staffs of the sushi restaurant.^^
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First Japanese class!
Today, I experienced first Japanese class at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

From the end of last year, I started to get ready for this class with some staffs and we had 6 times of meeting every Sunday.

And finally, I started to teach Japanese to some customers of the sushi restaurant for the first time.

Last night, I couldn't sleep enough but my mind was very sharp with exciting feeling of my heart.

I practiced many times how to teach Japanese by myself during my walking time these days.

Today, I did my best as much as possible and I found some points to look back after my first lesson.

And I had a meeting with some staff about today's first lesson and I want to improve my Japanese class next Sunday more than today.

Anyway this is my first step to work in Seattle and I learned a lot today.

David helped me a lot and I am very thankful his support to me, anyway.

I felt that I am very lucky to get this opportunity of my teaching Japanese at the sushi restaurant, so I want to do my best from now on...^^
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6th meeting
I went to 6th meeting which will get ready for new my challenge to teach Japanese at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle today.

The new class will start from next month, so this is the final meeting just before the beginning of our new class.

Last week, new young men joined our meeting to support us, but one of them couldn't keep this job together anymore for his reason.

So the other man brought a new young woman today, and I felt nice energy from her today.

To support our new Japanese is these 2 young guys' job and I am so thankful for their participant,

To teach Japanese to the customer of the sushi restaurant is my first challenge to work in Seattle for the first time.

And I am very exciting this challenge with fun, because this will be my great opportunity to get ready for my new business in near future.

This new job of teaching Japanese will be my great experience and this challenge make me learn how to start my business.

Because my boss let me learn how to do business in Seattle through this meeting, and it is like a wonderful lecture of business for me.

His talking is very practical and useful for me to learn about business and it is very interesting for me, A LOT!

I also have a responsibility to get many customers together as a marketing job and I am doing my best every day.

At home, I have some homework to introduce our Japanese class to all customers and I am thinking my well idea so much.

David support me and I am very thankful his generous & kind help, anyway...

I don't know anything about business actually, but I need to learn little by little through my challenge.

This challenge will let me grow up to start my business in Seattle and I want to try this great challenge as I am with David's support.

Anyway, I will start to teach Japanese language and its culture to the customers from next Sunday as a first step.

I am very looking forward to having a nice time together with smile next week, anyway...

And I am so glad that I could get nice support by these 2 new young guys, because they have so fresh and cheerful energy naturally that I can feel positive feeling inside today.

To meet someone new is very great coincidence and I am so thankful for this great meeting all of these staffs.^^

I am doing my best not to regret later and just I want to enjoy it with all my effort.
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David's help
From next month, I will start to teach Japanese to some customers who came to a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

And from the end of last year, we started to have a meeting how to start our new Japanese lesson with some staffs every Sunday.

And a few weeks ago, I got a homework to make some documents to sent the customers and I am doing my best every day.

I have to make some documents in Japanese at first and I translate it in English.

I can write my message in English by myself but it became Japanese English, not native English.

David is very good at writing English so I asked David to support my translation.

After he worked usual job, he tried to support my translation these days.

I am so thankful for his kind support and I am very lucky to get his help.

To write English is my work, but my expression is not good enough for David.

Sometimes, all my writing English was corrected by David and I felt a little down.

But I can learn how to express English with Davids' help to let American people understand better than before.

So just I am doing my best with David's support and I will keep doing my effort from now on.^^
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New challenge!!
My new challenge has just started by fortune guide of GOD today.

I got an message from my friend of FB yesterday suddenly and she connected a stranger who lives near our home in Seattle.

She has a serious disease and she read my column which I wrote at Japanese Macrobiotic H.P last year as a writer.

And she wanted to try something better to heal her disease and my friend connected her yesterday.

Fortunately, today is David's holiday so I asked him to bring me to her home by car.

I wanted to support her somehow and I got ready for her meals at home yesterday already.

And we dropped some organic supermarkets before we arrive her home to cook for her HEALING meals today.

Finally David & I found her home and could meet her and her husband for the first time.

I cooked some meals for her to make her body & mind get better by using all of my learning & experience of life with LOVE & prayer.

She is trying to make her body get better and I am so proud of her strength of mind and her effort.

Also her husband support her and they are so great couple with LOVE & compassion.

David and I talked to them a lot and we got to know each other so well today, and I could do my best for her today!!^^

I don't know how and what I can do for her disease but I believe in her strength of power to survive more as long as possible by my HEALING meals from now.

And I am so relived to know that she tried to eat my meals with smile and I was so thankful for GOD.

I believe that GOD brought us together today and my heart followed it naturally.

To make use of myself for someone who needs my skills (DETOX, YOGA and organic vegetarian diet of cooking) is my pleasure.

And David & I felt so much gratitude for today because we had so much filled with benevolence in our heart to support her and his husband today.

To support someone is my pleasure and so does David.

And we just keep trying to do our best from now on and it will be our great challenge to support them with LOVE, anyway...

This challenge gave our marriage life a huge and great opportunity to make our life use of someone's need by GOD's guide!!
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How are you??
I have an idea how to live as my own original way.

Because I survived so tough situation when I was young that my second chance to live again gave me so much energy to contribute this world anyhow.

After I started to live as my second change, it was my 22 years old, my mind shifted to live with spiritual and healthy way.

I graduated university in Japan to learn economy.

But after my graduation of the university, my concern and interested became not only body but also mind to focus on what I really want in my life.

After my 20's, I started to do YOGA as my life way to teach it at DETOX & FASTING center.

Also I learned aroma massage and whole body massage by my both feet already.

I wanted to make use of my experiences and learning how to support people as healthy way and tool which I have.

But only my 2 legs and 2 hands were not enough to release all fatigues of clients when I was working at TOKYO and at IZU in JAPAN.

And I feel that only my massages can not heal many people because everyone needs to take care of self at first in daily life.

So I started to learn YOGA as a self maintenance and I got certification as YOGA teacher.

As I learn YOGA, I realized that YOGA is not only for body's exercise but also for mind's tool how to live in this CHAOS world.

YOGA has great wisdom and wise theory and it can guide my life for better & proper way always, also from now no.

And I changed my diet to become vegetarian because I like to experience my body's change with YOGA and healthy diet little by little.

I started to learn DETOX & JUICE FASTING with my body and mind and it gave me so much great learning how to feel my body and mind.

I really love to share with my learning and experiences to everyone who really want to know the way of healthy life style.

Before I knew the great effect of YOGA, vegetarian diet, Detox and meditation, I have no faith in my life to survive in this world.

I was LOST CHILD in this world how to live but now, after 12 years passed of my YOGA LIFE, I have strong faith in my mind with peace & stable feeling.

In this world, many people has no idea how to live healthy way as they wish truly in life.

And also many people want and wish to live with happiness in peace & healthy condition both of mind and body, I can feel.

So I have some skills of my past and I want to share with anyone who really need to live better way as they wish with hope.

Life is too short to look back and today is 5th of New YEAR already..

And I have strong passion inside of myself in this new year and I want to go forward to contribute in this world little by little.

How is your NEW YEAR??

I wish that your new & fresh mind of NEW YEAR will develop more as you want with peace & benevolence.

Let's make this new year the BEST in our life as you hope, shall we??^^
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Today I made my debut as a write of a HP of "IN YOU".

This "IN YOU" introduces "Macrobiotic" & "Healthy life style".

And this is my first topic in it and it is upload today finally!

I applied it as a writer last month and they liked my test writing fortunately.

I was so happy & lucky that I could get this job.

I like to write something by myself and I am so glad to start this writing.

I like Macrobiotic foods & cooking and I really love healthy life style.

I wish my writing can inspire someone's thinking and I hope to keep writing there as long as possible.

Anyway I am so happy today because I made my debut today officially!! ^^
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In 2015, every day was my lesson how to live with David as a marriage couple.

Before 2015, we were together for 3 months and were separated each other after we got married in Japan in 2012.

But from the 2015, after we applied my Green Card (permanent residence in the U.S.A), we could be together without being apart again.

The begging our living life together as a marriage couple, I learned a lot about us and every day I was struggling to establish our life style.

Sometimes, we talked a lot with tears & smiles each other but we never forget loving each other for better way.

And many things happened to us last year but I wanted to start with refresh my mind in this new year.

Only a half of month, we had together in 2016 but already 15 day has passed!!

And I could feel something great inspiration to start my mission in Seattle little by little.

I was doing my YOGA & DETOX program in Japan to share with my skill to somebody who needed to live better & healthy way.

And I tried to cook for DAVID every day to let him feel comfortable & relax after his working.

I really love to cook for him by my inspiration every day to make him smile with my dishes.

David & I can get organic foods to keep our health wonderful to live together longer as long as possible.

He likes to eat fresh seafood and organic foods cheese but normally he adjusted to eat my vegetarian cooking (based on Macrobiotics) whenever I cooked for him.

But sometimes he really wants to eat wild fish (salmon, mackerel), organic cheese (for pizza) & organic eggs.

I didn't want to insist on his diet by my way so sometimes I enjoyed cooking for his favorite non-vegetarian meals.

But usually he likes to eat my vegetarian cooking and many people tend to think that he looks very younger than his actual age.

And his change of my vegetarian diet let his mind change little by little naturally.

I am very proud of his effort to compromise how to eat with me and I really appreciate with his cooperation to live together.

I learned a lot about nutrition & healthy diet without animal product for more than last 10 years, so sometimes I tend to give my suggestions for him too much.

I didn't persist on my way to David too much, but sometimes he feels it strict for his common sense.

But little by little, we became more flexible to understand each other to love more and better.

And we learned a lot last year and we began to live in this new year with fresh feeling each other.

Now I can feel something new & nice to start my own mission to share with my skills (YOGA, Original Detox program, healthy diet cooking based on Macrobiotics) in Seattle recently.

Many people eat too much animal products, junk foods and sweets with much of sugar every single day.

And many people put on too much weight and eat more and more.

Later, they will get some big disease but they don't know how to eat to change their body & mind through every single meal.

I found some opportunity how I can make use of my skill to make people in the U.S.A. keep healthy life naturally.

I can feel, "I am KEIKO but I can do something good in the U.S.A., too...like I did in JAPAN." these days.

I started to research for staring my mission day by day and I can feel so much energy to do later or sooner.

When the new year started, I felt something brand-new KEIKO inside of my heart.

It may call "inspiration" of my mind but something new & great energy overflow from my bottom of my heart.

To make use of myself for someone's happy life is my pleasure.

And I want to do something new & wonderful in Seattle at my first step.

Now I don't know how and what I have to begin with my mission yet but my baby step has already started from my depth of my heart deeply.

It can bring me so much power and I can believe myself with David' love & support now...
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First step
Yesterday, I went to do my massage to my neighborhood.

She was living close to our place and she is always kind & generous to us.

And she let us use of "Movie channel" for free and we are really appreciate with her generosity and love for me.

Recently I stopped to talk to her and I found she has a pain of her back for long years.

I can do my massage by my feet and I offered to her to try my massage at her home.

She accepted my offer willingly and we made an appointment in her holiday.

A few times each schedule was not worked for it and we rescheduled it yesterday morning.

I visited her and I started to do my massage for he softly because this was the first experience of massage in her whole life.

Her generation is very close to my Mom's so I treated her like I do my massage to my Mom.

Her body is living more then 60 years and her whole body showed how she is surviving many years by herself.

I just concentrated my massage to make her body & mind flow naturally & smoothly.

And her breath started to feel relaxation little by little.

Her home was decorated so lovely that a big tree was displayed with heart shaped decoration for Valentines' day already.

And her life style was very fancy and lovely and I felt so much gratitude for her time to share with my massage at that time.

If David & I didn't get married and lived at Edmonds in the U.S.A, I couldn't meet her in my life.

But fortunately I met this kind & lovely woman through our marriage life.

And last year, I was really cared by her by talking & her existence itself A LOT!

During my massage for her, I just feel so gentle & tender feeling inside of myself and I am just grateful this opportunity.

After my massage, her face seemed so relaxed and loosen by some tension of her body's depth.

And she gave me a huge hug and said to me. "Thank you, KEIKO....I feel so nice!" with lovely smile.

I could feel some confidence of myself and I inspired that "I can do something in SEATTLE to use my all skill." by this experience.

And I talked about this massage for her to David and he said to me. "I am so proud of you. KEIKO...I really do!".

His eyes are filled with tears because he could feel something wonderful inside of his heart.

I was very surprised at his impression about my massage yesterday but I am so happy to share with it with David A LOT.

I'd like to introduce my skill about DETOX program, HATHA YOGA and healthy DIET cooking in Seattle little by little.

Now I have no tools and information how to start my mission & business in the U..S.A. but I already started to research it a little.

I am not in hurry and I'd like to do my mission with my own pace not in hustle.

Anyway I felt something forward of my step to do my NEW PROJECT in Seattle yesterday.

Only a minute step for me, I could feel it yesterday but it might be a huge one.
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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