After rain
In this morning, I woke up to the sound of rain..

It was very rare to notice the sound of rain in the morning these days.

During this morning, it kept raining but in the afternoon, it stopped suddenly.

And beautiful sunshine came out of the back of gray clouds and it will be nice weather soon.

In June, rain was not so much in this month and I felt the arrival of summer already.

But sometimes I could feel like a hint of spring in the air.

So today, I really enjoyed listening to the sound of rain and I felt clam down with the sound.

I hope that I can walk outside without rain in this afternoon after rain stopped.

This week is the final one in this month and I want to cherish each day to connect July.

Because David and I are going to move a new place next month, so I want to enjoy the rest of days in this month at our present apartment for a while...^^
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Trail to a lake
Yesterday, David suggested me to go walking a trail close to a Washington lake.

We went to this area together before but we didn't try to go the trail at all.

But David's colleague told him that it is very great to walk.

So we went there to walk the trail and it was a great train in a nature all way long to the Washington lake.

After we arrived at the lake, many family and people looked enjoying each time the lake side.

A family enjoyed canoeing together in the lake and someone enjoyed reading a book on a glass.

Some people enjoyed swimming in the lake after jogging and others enjoyed the beautiful view of the lake.

David and I took a rest the lakeside for a while and we talked a lot there.

And we went back to our parking place and it took 2 hours for going the lake and coming back of this trail.

David and I felt so great nice energy of the nature and many wild trees and glasses were around us anywhere.

We really felt so much natural feeling each other through the trail walk and we were so happy to enjoy each time together.

David and I love to walk in a nature and this train walk gave us so great energy to us, A LOT!

We really wants to enjoy another trails in Seattle in this summer season from now on...

Because to walk in a nature is so great experience for us to share with each thinking and feeling naturally and spontaneously.

We are a part of nature and sometimes we need to share with each natural feeling and thinking in a nature as we are.

In Seattle, so many wild parks and forest are around at many different locations, so we will enjoy them more and more!^^
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Great message!!!
I sent a message to a customer who I taught Japanese last 2 month at a sushi restaurant.

She went to a trip to Japan with her husband for the first time after our Japanese class to enjoy cherry blossom.

And I wanted to send my message to them how their trip to Japan after our Japanese class.

This couple was very learning Japanese well and hard that I became to like them beyond the relationship between teacher and student or staff and customer.

So I wanted them to enjoy their first trip in Japan as much as possible and I did my best to teach Japanese class, anyway.

Also they are so great couple that they gave us great energy with smile and cheerful feeling always.

I got her reply yesterday fortunately and her message made me soooooooo happy to know their trip in Japan with lost of fun.
Also they got a Japanese friend who owned a RYOKAN (Japanese style inn) and they stayed there in Japan.

The Japanese friend will visit them in May and her message was so great for them and me.

Anyway, I felt so much wonderful energy from her message a lot that I am so proud of myself.

It was my first challenge to teach Japanese in Seattle but her message made me so pleased to know their feedback about their trip and our Japanese class, anyway....^^

From next week, the new class will start again.

So I want them to come back to our Japanese class to enjoy funny and useful time to share with Japanese class and culture from now on...^^
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Cherry blossom at UW
Today, David and I went to see the cherry blossom at Washington University like last year.

And there were so many people to watch the cherry blossom that we had a great energy of spring with beautiful flowers.

This university is very huge and so many students were here and there because it was lunch time when we went there.

Also a unique group tried to make a show on the street and they wanted to get "REAL FOODS" for university students.

David and I watched their show for a while and we enjoyed their cheerful and powerful energy.

Also we enjoyed watching gorgeous cherry blossom and we took a walk together with fun and pleasure.

It was a little cold weather today but we could feel nice energy of spring with beautiful cherry blossom.

Not only university students but also many family looked enjoying this great view of cherry blossom A LOT.

David and I really wanted to watch this wonderful cherry blossom after long winter days with rain and snow.

I hope that we will come back here to watch this cherry blossom again next year, for sure.

Anyway, spring is very great season to welcome warm weather with exciting feeling and positive mind.

David and I talked a lot about our marriage life with nice energy today to go forward with positive heart and great feeling inside of each heart.

I wish that you can enjoy spring season with your positive heart and cheerful energy inside of yourself as much as possible.

Spring is very short time to enjoy cherry blossom but I really cherish this time to enjoy this moment with love and smile!^^
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Super Full Moon
In this morning, SUPER FULL MOON has started and it was "lunar eclipse".

This Full moon was the closest distance from our earth and David and I watched the beautiful almost Full Moon last night.

In this morning, the weather was not good with heavy clouds, but the FULL MOON energy influenced us a little.

David was a little different from usual and David said that I am different from usual.

We felt a little difference each other, but we felt that we were usual and normal each other by self.

We are like a mirror each other and maybe we were not usual by influence of today's Super Full Moon.

But I want to be myself as I am, even I am not usual.

And I tried to do my EASY DETOX today and my body and mind became so natural and pure inside through drinking hot water today.

My period delayed more than 1 week, and it was unusual for me.

But I felt strong appetite last night, so I thought that my body maybe wait this timing of SUPER FULL MOON.

Anyway, the energy of Full Moon is powerful but I like this unusual day.

David expresses his love for me more today than usual and I really felt his love today.

I just want him to enjoy his holiday as much as possible.

And I want to keep his space and time until he can feel enough to have his own time today.

Even we are not together in his holidays, I can feel his love inside deeply and his love is always inside of me.

How about your SUPER FULL MOON today??

I wish that you can enjoy your own flow as you are and it is important to feel yourself every single day.

Today, it is the end of January in 2017.

Tomorrow February will begin, and I want to cherish each day by doing my best with love and gratitude of my life and David's love.

Because our life is very limited and each day will not repeat in my life.

Let's enjoy our own life with smile and benevolence as much as possible!!^^
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Stranger's smile
When I walk alone to wait traffic signal, most strangers talked me, like "Hi!" or "How are you doing?"

And usually I said to a stranger, "Hi!" or "I am good!".

But today, 2 young men waited a traffic signal and smiled to me.

A man talked me, "How are you doing?" and I said, "I am fine, thank you!" and showed my hand thumb.

He really liked my gesture and he started to talk to me when we started to cross the crossroad together.

And he said, "You are beautiful, anyway.", and I was very surprised at his word.

Around our neighborhoods, many people are so friendly and I am so glad to live here in Seattle.

I am not native American but I don't feel lonely here at all.

Some strangers can give me kind attitude and nice greeting when we meet on a road usually.

And I can feel so happy to get stranger's kind greeting and nice smile to me.

I want to enjoy this new meeting some strangers every day, because it means to me a lot.

Anyway, David and I went to a funeral service of his Minister yesterday but today it is brand new day for me.

How blessed we are and I am so glad to be alive today, too.

To live in this world is not taken for granted and I am so thankful to live here in Seattle with David.

How are you today??

I wish that you enjoy own life with gratitude and smile every day!^^
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New Moon!
Today is New Moon day of March、2017.

It means this New Moon is 3rd time in this year already.

Time passes so quickly that I cannot believe 1/4 of this year will pass in a few days.

Today's weather is cloudy with gray sky and a little rain sometimes but I feel much better inside of myself than before.

At the begging of this month, I have experienced so tough time in my life that I cried a lot with much tears.

But tears needed to make my mind purify and to let my feeling go away somehow.

So today is New Moon and I want to RESTART & RESET my life with hope & positive thinking.

Sometimes I feel so much down inside of my mind that I needed to experience any situation of happenings in my life.

I realized that I became tougher than before because I overcame everything after all.

So all my experience of this month maybe essential part of my life to make myself grow up through every single day.

My spirit will never die, I believe strongly & truly.

I have just borrowed my body from GOD to experience all happenings in this life.

Some happenings cannot feel comfortable & positive but now I can feel my difference of my mind better than before.

And some happenings gave me so much learning with tears to make my mind focus on what I really want to from now on.

Today is nice day to restart & reset my mind with New Moon's energy, I can feel.

And this energy of New Moon will facilitate with my new flow as I am.

All my wish of life can make happen sooner or later, I believe.

Because my prayer of New Moon has already happened to my life as I prayed for New Moon before.

New Moon will bring my path of life as I wish so I need to let all my wish go for this universe.

I really appreciate with everything around me and I am very Blessed woman in this world.

How is your NEW MOON today??

I hope that your wish for New Moon will let your life flow as you are anyway...^^

Let's enjoy our short life with gratitude as we are always and forever, shall we??
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The power of smile!^^
I love to watch anyone's smiley face and it makes me feel happy, too.

People can smile when one feel happy but if we can smile, our body & mind can recognize happiness.

So we had better to keep smiling without thinking too much every day.

Last night, David came back to home late because his working schedule was different from usual.

And we started to sleep around midnight and it was very late time to sleep for us.

I wanted David to sleep well and enough so I don't wake him up after I woke up in this morning.

And he woke up later than usual but he still looks sleepy but he smiled for me with lovely eyes.

I felt so much happiness that I could see his lovely smile even he looks tired.

After our usual routine, he started to dance suddenly and it was so lovely and cute.

I don't know why he could feel so much energy in this morning but I am so glad to watch his happy behavior.

We shared our time in this morning with cheerful energy & peaceful love together to start new day, and it was great for both of us.

Today's weather is very windy with heavy clouds all day long but our heart can shine with positive & happy feelings, I believe.

To start new day with smile & love can make our daily life be happy easily and naturally.

To smile is not hard thing and it can make us be happy so easy, so I want to smile every day as much as possible.

How is your new begging of day today??

I wish that your day will be filled with smile as much as possible to make your heart happy always!!^^
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Heart of PEACE
Yesterday, I cried a lot in front of David.

And I didn't meant to make him worry at all but he started to worry about me more than before.

I know how much I am loved by David and I don't want him worry about me too much.

Because my tears doesn't mean special at all just my tool of DETOX of feelings to let go out naturally.

And I don't want David's seed of worries and disturbing at all.

He needs to focus on his new challenge of his job these days and I just want him to concentrate without my something of mind.

But I can understand how care his love give and flow naturally and I really appreciate with his LOVE.

My tears just went outside of my eyes and I felt so much energy of my passion of heart inside deeply today.

My much of tears yesterday could let me clearer than before and I needed to cry somehow.

And David's love and his great generosity can let me cry naturally and his love became so tender & deeper than yesterday.

But I am not child who needs to worry & care too much so just I want him to believe my toughness & strength of mind.

He seems how I am NOW after my tears today and his eyes and behavior changed anyway.

Our energy of love can make us feel each heart deeply as minute as we are.

After our meditation time in this morning, we could feel so much energy of LOVE inside each other.

So sometimes we need to cry or to let our something go outside as we feel at the moment.

We are changing at every single moment and I know how I am now.

Only 5days of 2016 remain in this year and I am thinking many things in my mind.

But I need to focus on TODAY to connect with tomorrow.

Also I have a great vision of 2017 in my mind and I am so looking forward to sharing with David tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be FINAL new moon in 2016, so we will have a nice time together, for sure!!^^
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The power of cleaning!
When David & I started to clean old staffs to throw away as much as possible, our living space became so clean & neat.

And our heart became clearer than before and we had a nice time to clean up many old things.

We want to live simply as less as our materials own and we don't own so many materials in our living space already.

When David to moved to this place, his friend asked David, "Have you just moved today or are you living already for a while??" after he checked David's room.

Because we don't bring in so much materials into our living space and his friends wonder we are living actually this amount of materials.

Whenever David & I visited someone's house, we felt how much people own so many materials at living space that we don't need & want at all.

And I tried to throw many things away as much as possible after we moved.

Sometimes David wanted to keep some old staffs which he doesn't need & use at all now.

But I asked him whether David uses them from now in our future or not always.

Some old staffs which I wanted him to throw away immediately seem that David wants to keep anyway...

In Japan, "Cleaning has a power to get new energy" we tend to think recently and some women became so famous that cleaning skill can make people happy somehow.

To keep old materials with attachment is not good for our mind & body, I agree with the theory of cleaning.

And to own many things is waste of money & energy to get more or to keep somehow.

In this world, we have nothing to own when our body die.

Even our bodies, we have to return to this world someday.

All materials are expression of economic & material world for me and I don't keep any attachment for everything.

To have attachment for anything tend to increase more attachment to this world and I don't like the way of living at all.

I love to live simply as monk life.

Little by little, David looked to understand my way of thinking to adjust our marriage life.

And I am so grateful that he has very flexibility to adjust my way of thinking recently.

To clean his old staffs today has just started spontaneously as he needs and I am so happy to do it together today.

David will be a new age in this week soon and I want him to start with clean & pure atmosphere at home at his new age anyway.

And today's cleaning energy can bring us so great energy that we are going to move forward obviously.

In this afternoon, we could take a walk together as we wanted and it was a wonderful time again.

To clean up our living space & to keep our body at healthy state are very essential part of our marriage life.

Plus we meditate every morning to start NEW DAY every day and this habit can let us be happy sooooo much somehow...

To start with nice energy can give us huge advantage to start THIS DAY and we are going for better way as each day goes on...^^

I wish you can start TODAY as you like with smile as much as possible

If we can feel "TODAY IS HAPPY" and everyday we can be happy easily, can't we??^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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