David's hard support
From yesterday and today, David started to help my English translation which I have to send our customers at a sushi restaurant to invite more students for our Japanese class.

I wrote Japanese and English messages by myself, but David offered me to check my English translation to make it better to inspire more customer's heart.

This time, I made 4 pages of English message as 1 news letter and the volume was very big for David.

He started to rewrite my English translation from yesterday's morning until today's noon to use his most holidays.

I didn't think that it took so many hours to finish for David's perfect check of my English translation.

Yesterday and today, David used his most time in his holidays about more than 14 hours to check it, so I felt so sorry for David to use his precious holidays mostly...

But he offered to do it with his love and kindness for me, so I accepted his generous support naturally.

After he finished rewriting my English translation, all messages became much better than my writing A LOT!!!

So I offered him to pay a little money as his reward, but I felt that my payment for me didn't sound enough for his great help at all.

I tried to pay more money to him but he refused it to get more, and he paid me back from my payment a little.

I felt so guilty for David that my asking help for David made his precious holidays waste at home for many hours.

And I cried a little with my feeling of sorry for him but his love let me relived to know that I didn't need to feel guilty at all.

Anyway, I am very very thankful for David's support with tenderness and great ability that I want to return my love for him somehow later.

I cooked his favorite sweets in this morning to treat his work smoothly and I made a special dinner for his great help.

He enjoyed my sweet in this morning during his coffee time, and I felt relieved that he looked happy to eat them.

I hope that he will enjoy my cooking meals to remove his fatigue of English rewriting, anyway.

Also I will give a give nice massage for his body after dinner to express my gratitude for his wonderful support, anyway...^^
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David's love
Yesterday, David bought a bag of organic dried fruits and nuts for me suddenly.

He hided to buy for me and he wanted to express his gratitude for me anyhow.

I didn't do anything special for him at all but he felt to give the gift to thank my housework suddenly.

David works for us every day from early morning, so my housework is my pleasure to return my gratitude for him every day.

Especially, I want to cook his dinner as delicious as possible to express my love for him.

The day before yesterday, I cooked his favorite wild salmon and he really loves my cooking meal.

And he wanted to express his gratitude for my cooking and it was his love for me, I understood.

But I don't need to get something gifts from him at all, because I don't expect his gratitude at all.

He is very kind for me and just I accepted his lovely gift yesterday.

If I said to him, "I don't need your gift at all.", he would feel uncomfortable, for sure.

So just I said to him, "Thank you for your kind gift, but you don't nee to spend your precious money for me, O.K.??", and he looked understanding what I wanted to say to him.

But his expression of gratitude and love is always lovely and kind, so I really appreciate with his love for me.

Anyway, I am very lucky wife to have such a kind husband, I realized it these days...^^
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David's return
Yesterday, David came back to home after he visited Dad.

He became so happy that he could see Dad in his holiday suddenly.

A little, I missed him when he was not with me in his holiday, but I enjoyed my own time as I wanted.

And to let David do as he wants is my love for him, even his thinking was different from mine in his holidays.

Because it is my love for him and he thanked me so much to let him go to see Dad, anyway.

After he returned to home, he looks very happy to be with me.

To see Dad is very great time to let he feel O.K. in his mind anytime.

And sometimes he really misses to see Dad, so I want him to see him from now on whenever he wants.

My parents are in Japan and I cannot see them so often,

But sometimes we send each message via e-mail and I don't miss them too much.

To live in Seattle with David is my happiness and pleasure and my parents understand how I feel and think to live in Seattle.

I wish that they will visit us someday in Seattle, anyway...

Or we will be able to visit them after we can save our money.

To love someone is to cherish to one's wish as he wants, I believe.

Unconditionally, I want to love David from now on with my full of heart as much as possible.^^
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David's sudden idea
Today, David and I had a plan to watch cherry blossom at Washington University as usual as we do in spring season.

I checked the timing to watch the cherry blossom through Japanese HP about Seattle and today is the best day to watch it.

But at first, we went to downtown Seattle to enjoy looking around and getting free daffodil to welcome spring.

We could get lovely daffodil each other for free and David said his idea to me how to spend his holidays suddenly.

Last month, David's Dad went to a hospital because his colon had a something wrong.

And David and I went to see him and he could recovery little by little now.

But David really worries about him still these days and he wanted to see him today to stay with his Dad for a while.

And I have a pain of my back and I cannot see him to sit on a car about 4 hours to see his Dad today.

So I said to David that you had better to go to see his Dad today from here in downtown Seattle.

Our holiday plan can change as David wants, and it is my pleasure.

I want to be flexible wife always to make David feel happy to enjoy his holidays as much as possible.

Even my idea was different from his today, I want to cherish his sudden idea to see his Dad, anyway.

I was so glad for us that I love David as he is.

And David loves me so much and I really appreciate with his love every day.

Today, it is beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky and I could enjoy beautiful cherry blossom on the way back to home from downtown Seattle.

I wish that David have a great time with Dad to surprise him by his sudden visit with lovely daffodil soon...^^

And I wish that David will come back to home tomorrow without heavy traffic jam on the way back to home safely.
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David's thinking
Next week, David will have his birthday and he will get 1 year old.

For me, birthday is not so special that it turn to be a new age and just nothing different from usual day.

But for David, he looks thinking a lot to be a new age from the begging of this month.

He starts to think a lot these days and sometimes he thinks too much for me.

So just I want him to think as he wants and I gave his own time as he needs.

To be with David as he is important for me, because he has own pace and I have own pace, too.

And I don't want to change his pace to disturb his way of thinking to be a new age.

Anyway, I already gave his birthday present at the begging of this month, because I wanted him to use it as soon as possible.

But I am thinking another present to surprise him on his birthday next week, and it is my pleasure and fun.

I just want David to enjoy his countdown days this week before he gets a new age until next week.

Day by day, David is changing and I am glad to observe his daily change as he is with love and smile.

How do you feel about your birthday??

For me, my birthday is the day to thank for my birth in this world fortunately not to be celebrate by someone too much.

And I just want to express my gratitude for my parents and ancestors who made me be born in this world...^^

Every day is someone's birthday and someone's anniversary of passing, so I want to cherish each day to celebrate today's Blessing.

I hope that David will welcome his new age net week with smile as much as possible...^^
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Valetine's day!
Today is St. Valentine's day.

In the U.S.A., most men send chocolates, flowers for women who really love today.

In Japan, it is opposite way to send chocolate on St. Valentine's day.

I don't like sugar in most chocolates and I don't want David to buy any flowers for me today.

So I suggested him that he will cooks for me as a Valentine's gift.

And I want him to enjoy his favorite cooking of pizza which David really loves.

So last night, I made pizza dough by myself and I used organic spelt flour.

Also I baked chocolate cake for him before sleeping last night and David tried to bite it in this morning with his coffee.

David really enjoyed having my chocolate cake and he wanted to eat more, so I cut 1 more piece of my cake.

I hope that he will enjoy his cooking pizza as he likes for our dinner.

My pizza dough looks O.K., so I felt relived to know that in this morning.

Anyway, we are loving each other every day not only St. Valentien's day.

So just I want to tell my appreciation for David's love every day with smile and my cooking meals for him as much as possible.

I am very happy that David enjoyed my chocolate cake today, anyway...^^
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Too much worry
Sometimes my text message cannot arrive at David's mobile phone but I don't mind it at all.

But today, David gave me so much messages to my mobile phone and I sent my reply soon.

His reply looked not getting my replies at all and he started to worry about me too much.

I left my voice mail but he gave me so much replies to make sure that I am O.K. at home

When I started to take a shower in this morning, someone knocked our door but I couln't answer because I was naked.

I guessed that maybe David asked the manager of our apartment to check me.

But anyway, I just keep sending my reply to David not to worry about me too much.

After he finished working, he called me and we could talk each other finally.

And he sounded so stressed out that he kept worrying about me during his working time.

I said to him that sometimes our mobile phone cannot get our text messages but don't worry about me too much.

But he starts to worry about me when he cannot get my any replies in this morning.

I cannot believe how much he worries about me, because I was at home with safety.

I think that he needs to release his worry about me anyhow.

He said to me that he loves me too much to stop worrying about me when he cannot get any my replies.

But just I want him to concentrate his work without worry about me too much.

I am not a child and I can take care of myself at home, but his mind is the way as he is.

Anyway I hope that he can release his too much worrying about me by himself.

Because only his way of thinking can let him feel O.K. to release his tendency to worry about me anymore.
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Beautiful sushine again!
Today, it became beautiful sunshine day after some rainy days.

David is holiday today so we went to take a walk in a nature park which my friend told me in a fitness club.

I met the friend when I was in a jucuzzi and she really loves to walk there and she recommended me there strongly.

I met her today at my favorite Yoga class of the fitness club and she told David the way to the park.

It was very nice trail down to the beach side but it was a little cold on the way to the seashore because so many trees were covered above us.

But many people enjoyed walking the trail with nice weather and David and I really love there.

Also, we could talk each other well during the walking and it was very great time for us.

Today, it is 20th of December, it means that only 11 days remain in this year.

Day by day, the end of 2017 is coming to us and the new year is closer little by little.

I can feel positive energy inside of myself deeply with David to connect with new year.

David started to think a lot for the end of this year and new year like usual, but we are really happy to be together these days.

David' sick looks the end of recovery and I am so happy for him.

I wish that we will enjoy the end of this 2017 with love and smile to welcome new year with Blessing, anyway...^^
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Usually, David wake up earlier than me in his holiday.

Because his body gets used to wake up early, because his work starts early morning.

And today, he woke up earlier than me and I checked him after I woke up.

Then he tried to hide something from me with his computer.

So I wonder if he watched something bad to hide from me.

But he said "NO!" and I kept asking him what he was watching with his computer.

He told me that it was for surprise for me.

Finally, he answered that he researched something for my birthday.

My birthday will come next month soon.

So he looks thinking something surprise for me.

He likes to surprise for me, and I know it is his love for me.

I am looking forward to be surprised at his something secret for my birthday.

Just I am thankful for his love, anyway...^^
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Express LOVE
Usually, David says to me, "I love you." every day.

And it is his normal way of expression of love, and it is very usual for him.

Yesterday, David told me, "Am I saying 'I LOVE YOU.' to you too often??"

I said to him, "It is very normal for you, don't think about it too much."

But he tried not to say "I love you." too much to me from the timing of dinner time suddenly.

And in a minute, he said to me, "I love you.", and he realized to say to me again.

He laughed at himself then and we really laughed so hard each other.

And then, he tried no to say "I love you." to me again, but in this morning, he said to me again when he left home to work.

Not to say "I love you." to me is mission impossible for him.

Because to express of his love for him is a part of his character which I love, so I hope that he will not insist on changing his habit.^^
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YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
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