Cloudy day
From last night, the weather became not good with clouds.

Last night, it was raining a little for a while and it was cloudy sky in this morning still.

So I felt a little cold in this morning but it was comfortable temperature for me.

I hope that sunshine will come back in this afternoon.

These days, it has been nice weather with sunshine and it was like summer weather already.

Sometimes it was too hot for me that short spring has passed somewhere, I felt.

But like this morning, it let me fell like a spring with comfortable temperature.

In June, rainy days continue in Japan mostly so I like this weather in Seattle without rain.

Sometimes rain is good in June because nature needs to get some water from rain.

So I have no complains about whether at all because any weather has nice point to enjoy.

I want to enjoy walking even in rain, so I can enjoy my walking under any circumstances.

I hope that my walking time will be better weather in this afternoon than in this morning., that;'s all my wish...^^
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New glasses
Last week, I broke my eye glasses accidentally.

I brought my old glasses in case something happen to my eye glasses when I moved in Seattle from Japan in 2013.

So after I broke my eye glasses, I used my old one for a while.

David researched how to cover my payment with our insurance and it will cover the cost of new eye glasses up to 150$.

A few days ago, David made a reservation to book a eye doctor to get my eyes prescription at Costco.

So we went to the doctor together and I got my eyes prescription to make my new eye glasses finally.

David helped me to translate my eye doctor's English sometimes and I was so relieved to be with David.

I tried some new eye glasses to find new flame of my eye glasses at Costco for a while.

I wondered which new flame of eye glasses can fit my face, so I asked David to check it one by one.

Finally I decided to get my new flame of eye glasses and I asked a shop staff to get it.

The eye glasses shop will let me know after my new eye glasses get ready and it will take about 1 week.

Also if I tried to new eye glasses for 1 week, I can ask to replace other lenses if the new ones wouln't fit on my eyes.

So I am very looking forward to getting my new eye glasses next week.

This is the first experience to buy my eye glasses in the U.S.A., so it was a nice time to experience it with David.

The cost of new eye glasses and the eyes' prescription was not so expensive that David's insurance will covered it later.

So I am very lucky that I will get my new eye glasses with less cost, and I am very thankful for David's support, anyway...^^
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Our reality is up to our way of thinking.

The reality is very flexible how to observe it in our mind.

To learn from anything around us at any situation, we can learn day by day from everything.

And if we think that all matters is up to our responsibility and way of thinking, we can handle any situation around us, I believe.

Any problems is not other's fault at all, just we have difference how to think this real world.

So we can think both of positive and negative way as we want.

Brain is very flexible and imaginable so much that we have so much potential to change our living world, I think.

Hos is your June??

Already 2 of third of this month has already passed, and time flies these days.

After 10 days later, new month will start to start the rest of half in this year!!

So I want to cherish each day of the rest of this month to connect with better July to begin the rest of a half year in 2018.

Day by day, summer is coming to Seattle and it became so hot temperature sometimes that I can feel the arrival.

How is your day in June??

I wish that you enjoy the rest of this month to welcome next month with positive thinking of your way of thinking as much as possible.

Our observation decide our life and we can change our way of thinking as you want....

Let's make our day be the best today in our life with smile!^^
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Trail to a lake
Yesterday, David suggested me to go walking a trail close to a Washington lake.

We went to this area together before but we didn't try to go the trail at all.

But David's colleague told him that it is very great to walk.

So we went there to walk the trail and it was a great train in a nature all way long to the Washington lake.

After we arrived at the lake, many family and people looked enjoying each time the lake side.

A family enjoyed canoeing together in the lake and someone enjoyed reading a book on a glass.

Some people enjoyed swimming in the lake after jogging and others enjoyed the beautiful view of the lake.

David and I took a rest the lakeside for a while and we talked a lot there.

And we went back to our parking place and it took 2 hours for going the lake and coming back of this trail.

David and I felt so great nice energy of the nature and many wild trees and glasses were around us anywhere.

We really felt so much natural feeling each other through the trail walk and we were so happy to enjoy each time together.

David and I love to walk in a nature and this train walk gave us so great energy to us, A LOT!

We really wants to enjoy another trails in Seattle in this summer season from now on...

Because to walk in a nature is so great experience for us to share with each thinking and feeling naturally and spontaneously.

We are a part of nature and sometimes we need to share with each natural feeling and thinking in a nature as we are.

In Seattle, so many wild parks and forest are around at many different locations, so we will enjoy them more and more!^^
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Morning set
Today, it is David holiday after his work days.

And he woke up early as usual as his working day in this morning.

He helped my English translation again in this morning so I made a special breakfast for him in return to his kind support.

Yesterday, I cooked an organic bread with sweet potato as his breakfast meal.

So I cooked his organic egg dish for his "Morning Set" for David in this morning.

I mixed organic onion, carrot and broccoli and lettuce in a pan and I added an organic egg later.

I added some organic soy source as a seasoning in the end and it became nice scramble egg for his breakfast finally.

David looked so happy to enjoy my special "Morning set" with smile and I was so happy to feel his happiness.

It is beautiful day with sunshine today, so we will enjoy a nice weather in a nature later.

I hope that your JUNE will be a great month with smile and pleasure as much as possible^^
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I got burnt a few days ago with boiling water accidentally.

I just put my list of light hand on the pot during boiling water and it became a burnt of a round.

I made it cool down with ice for a while as soon as I got burnt it at the night.

And I put on aloe vela for it before I slept and I felt much better than before without so much pain.

After the night, I put on organic lavender onto my burnt after I took a shower in the next morning.

And the burnt looked calm down into a process of recovery of my skin.

But yesterday, I scratched it accidentally and the skin was peeled a little bit.

And I felt so much pain to reveal the new skin inside of the burnt, so David put on ointment to cover it with a special bandage.

I was so thankful for David's help and I tried not to make the bandage wet from last night to this morning.

I tried to use my left hand when I washed something always and it is nice training to use my left hand.

When I use left hand, my right brain can activate and it is very good thing to stimulate my right brain system, anyway.

I wish that my burnt will recover day by day not to remain the stain of my skin so much...><
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4th Season of Japanese class
Today, I had 4th Season of Japanese class at sushi restaurant at downtown Seattle again.

I met some new students today and we really had a nice time together.

I did my best for the begging of the 4th Season today and we had a lunch together after our Japanese class.

To meet new students is my precious experience to get them know better through this work of Japanese class.

And I am very happy to see a student who joined 3rd Season again today.

Old students and new students can mix well to enjoy our Japanese class with fresh feeling and I was so happy today.

I tried to make a news letter to send all customers last week before begging of 4th Season, because we want more customers to join our Japanese class.

And David supported my English translation so much and he used most 2 days holidays last week for me.

I am so thankful for his kind support that I want to keep doing my best with his generous help.

Today, it is "Father's Day" but some students joined our Japanese class, so I appreciate with their participants today so much.

I want them to enjoy our Japanese class with smile and laughter as much as possible.

So I will do my best from now on and I just keep making my effort as much as I can.

It became so hot in this afternoon that I felt the arrival of summer in Seattle already.

I want to enjoy this great weather without rain in nature in this year.^^
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Night mere
A few days ago, I heard of David's screaming during his sleeping when I stared to sleep at night.

Sometimes David had a night mere and he started to screaming before.

So I tried David to wake up to escape from his night mere and he was very sweat so much.

And after he woke up, he was in the middle of scary dream.

I didn't know what kind of dream he was in but he could feel O.K. to start sleeping again after we hugged each other tightly.

He is worried something in his life often and thinks a lot and sometimes he dreamed something to scary at night.

I tried not to worried anything in my life so much, so I seldom dream night mere these days.

And I believe that our life is getting better and better and everything is on GOD's hand, so I have no worries about my life for now and future.

I hope that David will not be worried something too much in his life anymore.

Because his mind is up to his way of thinking, so we practice to meditate to our mind in peace like emptiness for a while every day.

I wish our meditation time will David bring peaceful night without worries and night mere anymore to sleep deeply enough as much as possible.^^
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Broken eye glasses
Yesterday, I sat on my eye glasses on the chair accidentally and the frame of it was broken easily.

I felt so bad to broke my eye glasses not on purpose yesterday.

Fortunately, I kept my old eye glasses in case for emergency situation like yesterday to keep in a case.

So I started to use it from last night.

The broken my eye glasses was very light and comfortable with flexible frame to fit on my ears so much.

So I felt so down to break it but I had to release my past to go forward, anyway.

David pays our insurance for medical, dental and ophthalmology every month for us.

So David said to me that I can pay less to cover the insurance of payment a prescription when I make a new new eye glasses if I need.

So I asked David to check where ophthalmology can accept our insurance to cover the payment a prescription close to our home.

Today, David came back to home as soon as possible after his work and he did his best to find out it.

But he could't find it today but he will get the answer sooner or later.

Just I appreciate with her help and support to get my new eye glasses from yesterday to today.

My old glasses was not better enough than my broken one, so I want to get a better one after David found out the answer.

It will be the first my eye glasses in Seattle after I moved here, so I want to get better one than before, anyway..^

I need to be careful not to be careless to break my precious things anymore from now on...><

I want to use a useful eye glasses for me as long as possible, so I want to be careless not to lose new one again!!
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A wonderful friend
I met a special woman who lived at Edmonds until last month but she moved to her hometown at the begging of this month already.

She had to drive all way long to her new living place by her car about 3 days.

I checked her way to drive from Edmonds on a map and it was very very long distance about 1880 miles (3017Km).

I cannot believe how long she could drive by herself for 3 days.

After I met her for the first time at Edmonds library, I really became to like her so much naturally.

David and I had a time to talk with her for the first time at our favorite cafe together.

After that, I could have a time to talk to her again before her moving at Emonds beach.

Only some hours we could talk each other to know herself, but I found out that we have similar interest and past in each life.

I realized how lucky I could met her at Edmonds before her move.

I miss her so much after she moved and I waited her message after she moved.

I wanted to send my message after she move as soon as possible, but I guess that long driving to move must have been so exhausted for her.

And I didn't want to disturb her own pace after she moved, so just I waited her message for a while.

Finally, last week, I could get a message from her and I was so happy to know her thinking & feeling.

Her message looked so tired after moving to drive 3 days, but I was so glad to keeping in touch still now.

Our friendship doesn't matter the distance and time at all, I believe.

David and I really look forward to seeing her someday to visit her hometown where we have never been in our life.

Anyway, moving is very tough things to finish many errands.

So just I wish that she can feel better than before to recover from her fatigue after her moving, anyway...^^
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David's hard support
From yesterday and today, David started to help my English translation which I have to send our customers at a sushi restaurant to invite more students for our Japanese class.

I wrote Japanese and English messages by myself, but David offered me to check my English translation to make it better to inspire more customer's heart.

This time, I made 4 pages of English message as 1 news letter and the volume was very big for David.

He started to rewrite my English translation from yesterday's morning until today's noon to use his most holidays.

I didn't think that it took so many hours to finish for David's perfect check of my English translation.

Yesterday and today, David used his most time in his holidays about more than 14 hours to check it, so I felt so sorry for David to use his precious holidays mostly...

But he offered to do it with his love and kindness for me, so I accepted his generous support naturally.

After he finished rewriting my English translation, all messages became much better than my writing A LOT!!!

So I offered him to pay a little money as his reward, but I felt that my payment for me didn't sound enough for his great help at all.

I tried to pay more money to him but he refused it to get more, and he paid me back from my payment a little.

I felt so guilty for David that my asking help for David made his precious holidays waste at home for many hours.

And I cried a little with my feeling of sorry for him but his love let me relived to know that I didn't need to feel guilty at all.

Anyway, I am very very thankful for David's support with tenderness and great ability that I want to return my love for him somehow later.

I cooked his favorite sweets in this morning to treat his work smoothly and I made a special dinner for his great help.

He enjoyed my sweet in this morning during his coffee time, and I felt relieved that he looked happy to eat them.

I hope that he will enjoy my cooking meals to remove his fatigue of English rewriting, anyway.

Also I will give a give nice massage for his body after dinner to express my gratitude for his wonderful support, anyway...^^
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Today, David got a call from a new apartment where we applied to move in July.

We found the apartment last month and we looked inside of it together.

David liked this apartment so much and we decided to apply to move.

Our lease contract will be expired in July, so we decided to move.

The new apartment is built last year and it is brand new.

And this apartment has a wonderful business rooms, fitness room, a pool, Jacuzzi and party room for all residents.

After we applied to move this apartment, we just need to their reply where we can move or not.

We sent all our information to them and just we look forward to hearing from them every day these days.

David and I really felt happy to get their acceptance today at last.

We really look forward to moving this new apartment in July, anyway...^^
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Revenge for bread
From 10 days ago, I made handmade organic raisin yeast in a container.

After 1 week later I set it up, the yeast activated well enough to use cooking handmade bread yesterday.

So I mixed organic spelt wheat flour and a little salt into the liquid of yeast and I put the bread dough onto our rice cooker.

The top of rice cooker keeps a proper temperature to activate the bread dough and I left it over night.

And then in this morning, I put the bread dough in a refrigerator for a while.

I added some organic spelt wheat to the bread dough after I brought it back form the refrigerator to mix some organic spelt water until it became nice texture.

I added baked organic potato, onion and carrot after I chopped them into dice size in a pan.

After all vegetables became soft enough, I added my handmade walnuts Miso paste as a seasoning.

The rest of the bread dough, I made handmade bagels with organic raisins and cinnamon powder.

I made a bagel shape one by one and I boiled them.

And I baked all of handmade bread in a oven for a while, and they became nice looking breads finally.

Last time when I tried to made handmade bread with raisin yeast, I failed to make bagels and I wanted to try it again better than before.

I hope that David will enjoy eating these bread later after his work as his Friday's treat.

I am so glad that I could make nice 2 kinds bread today at last.

And I want to try another taste of bread again after I activate new organic raisin yeast someday...^^
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When I took a bus to go a meeting at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle, there was a big marathon competition around downtown Seattle.

And the other side of road which my bus ran to downtown Seattle was closed for this Marathon all way long.

After I took off the bus, the road was shut down for the goal of marathon on the way to my working place.

So I had to walk another road to cross the road and it was so far from my working place.

When I tried to cross a road, a staff stopped me not to disturb the marathon.

So I walked the long more and I found a road without staffs to cross finally.

My working time to have a meeting at the sushi restaurant was 10:00 a.m. and I arrived at there just before 3 minutes to start the meeting.

Sometimes, a marathon competition happened around downtown Seattle in this year.

So I had to be careful the traffic condition not to be late for my working schedule...^^

I asked a woman who wore the marathons' wear how long you ran in this morning.

She told me to run half of full marathon, it was unbelievable to run so long for me.

But she looked so nice after she finished running a half of full marathon, anyway...
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Last week, David found a sale for organic chocolate at a supermarket.

Usually the organic chocolate sells about 4 dollars as one bar, but at this time the supermarket sold only 1.5 dollar.

This was an unbelievable price!!

At a drug store, this same organic chocolate sold 1.79 dollar and it was the cheapest price which I ever knew.

But this time, David found the cheapest price ever so I bought some of them to keep in a refrigerator.

Usually I don't eat organic chocolate at home at all, because I don't want to eat any sugar.

But sometimes, David wants to eat organic chocolate so much, so I bought them for his treat someday.

I made special chocolate cookies for him yesterday and I used the chocolate for it.

I chopped the chocolate and organic almonds into a small pieces at first.

And I mixed organic brown rice flour, tapioca starch, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, peanuts butter, tahini paste and a pinch of sea salt with them.

Also I chopped a organic dried fig and raisins and mixed them all together.

A little bit, I added some water to mixed them well and made a round shape one by one.

I baked all of them into a over for a while and the nice smell of chocolate started to spread out to our kitchen naturally.

Then nice looking chocolate cookies made finally!!

Last week, I made it for David for the first time as his holdiay's treat for the first time.

And he really loved it, so I wanted to make it again for him.

I hope that he will enjoy this chocolate cookies again with happy smile later after he finishes work...^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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