I woke up at 7:00 a.m. in this morning.

And I started to work of writing my Japanese messages to send some customers at a sushi restaurant where I teach Japanese every Sunday.

This is my homework to do at home to let more customers join our Japanese class more.

I wrote both of Japanese and English version last month with David's cooperation but it was not enough to send yet.

The owner of the sushi restaurant checked my writing and he borrowed me a nice book how to write better than before to attract more customers.

We are offering free Japanese class every Sunday for all customers to enjoy our class.

But we want them to join our class more and I finished my Japanese draft in this week.

And I wanted to send the owner in this morning as soon as possible.

I woke up and started to write Japanese message and it was good time to write in this morning.

To do something in the morning is much better than at the night to let me concentrate more to focus my homework.

I did my best and I finally sent my Japanese message as a draft to the owner in this morning.

This homework is my pleasure to contribute this sushi restaurant to give me a opportunity to teach Japanese to the customers fortunately.

Anyway, to wake up early in the morning and to sleep early at night let our body & mind keep healthy, I can feel.

It looks cloudy in the sky in this morning, but I want to enjoy today as it is.

I wish that you have a wonderful Saturday with smile and pleasure as much as possible!!^^
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Dried Daikon(Japanese radish)
In a package of Mom from Japan, Mom put into her handmade dried Daikon (Japanese radish) with other items.

And David and I really love to eat her dried Daikon.

I have ever bought organic dried Daikon in Japan and I asked Mom to send it to me before.

And Mom knows how much I love to eat dried Daikon.

In Seattle, Daikon is very small and slim and it is not Japanese Daiko for me at all.

But sometimes, David wants to eat organic Daikon for his meal and he bought it at a supermarket.

Mom's handmade dried Daikon is so delicious that I cooked for our dinner every day these days after the package arrived at home.

Mom's love is inside of dried Daikon and it make delicious, we feel it when we eat.

Today, I used her handmade dried Daikon to cook with organic onion, leek and ginger.

I used organic soy source as a seasoning and it became nice meal for us.

Dried Daikon is very useful to cook and the taste is very delicious.

And the nutrition of Daikon became much better than raw after it is dried, so we are really thankful for Mom's love.

David doesn't want to finish her handmade dried Daikon, because it is so delicious.

But if we started to eat it, it will finish day by day someday...so I will cherish to use it little by little to enjoy Mom's taste.
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Retirement life
The begging of this month, our friends moved to Chaing Main in Thailand to start new their retirement life.

Last year, they visited Chain Mai for the first time as a trip and they loved there.

And then, they decided to move soon and they could get a retirement visa last month.

David met them for the first time at his working place and they invited us a dinner to know each other better before they move to Chaing Mai.

We really had a nice time during dinner time and soon they moved to Chaing Mai to start their new life.

I sent a message to her after they moved to Chaing Mai and she gave me a reply yesterday.

I guess that they settle down after a long flight from Seattle to Thailand after a while.

Her reply was so great that they enjoyed new retirement life to adjust day by day.

They are so friendly couple and David and I wish their new life with Thailand people little by little.

David and I really want to visit their place someday.

And we want to keep in touch from now on.

To start new retirement life in foreign country is not easy, but they will enjoy with smile and laugh as their wonderful personality.

David and I are so glad to hear from her that her message was so interesting to enjoy their new life with fun and smile.

Anyway, we will visit them someday and just we wish their happy life in Chaing Mai, Thailand where we love.^^
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New balcony
From the end of last month, our balcony started to repair.

Some repair men came to our balcony from the outside and they removed the fence to make renewal.

David and I kept our roll screen shut down not to be watched by them from outside for about 2 weeks.

I missed the nice sunshine from the balcony but we needed to be patient until the repair finish.

After the renewal of the fence, those repair men started to paint the floor of the balcony.

After that, the smell of new painting of it was a little strong for us so I tried to open our window as much as possible.

Sometimes, the repair stopped to wait something and suddenly the repair started again.

The notice of repair said that this repair will last about 2 weeks.

Last weekend, all repair finished finally and our normal life came back to us.

The new balcony looks better than before and the next room started to repair.

I can hear the noise of repair but it was not too much for me to stand.

Anyway, the new balcony let us feel nice and David and I are glad to use new balcony anyway...

This apartment looks to repair as renewal inside and more resident will move like a new apartment.

Today, it is beautiful day without rain, so David and I are so happy to walk outside together.

Weather forecast says that it will rain today a little, but it was wrong.

We really enjoy this beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky with smile and laughter together today...

I really look forward this warm spring from last November and David and I really love this new season with positive feeling.^^

How do you feel your new season??

I wish that you will welcome beautiful spring season with smile and love as much as possible!!^^
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Before rain
Today's weather forecast says that it will rain in this afternoon.

But David and I wanted to take a walk before rain, so we woke up early to go walking together.

The sky became a little dark covered with clouds but we could walk in a forest park together without rain.

The park was nice atmosphere with tall trees around here and there and David and I really enjoyed walking together, anyway.

It is located close to our home but we have never been to this park before.

David wanted to take me this park for the first time and I really love this park so much.

David knows this park and its trail but this was the first time to walk together.

But David felt allergy in this forest, we couldn't walk so long time.

I am so sorry for him to feel his allergy that his eyes became filled with tears and his nose started running.

To walk together in a forest park is my favorite time on David's holiday.

Tomorrow, it will rain again but we will find the timing to walk without rain together again...^^

These days, the temperature became higher than before and some cherry trees started to blossom day by day.

I really love to watch beautiful cherry blossom in spring season and I am so glad to enjoy spring season every year.

I hope that you will enjoy spring arrival to enjoy cherry blossom.

Cheery blossom let me feel so happy to feel the arrival of spring with lovely flowers and I really love them.
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David has an allergy in spring season, so I am so sorry for him.

Like today, it was very nice weather with sunshine and blue sky, his allergy became strong.

I have no allergy like him, so I just worry about him.

David and I wanted to talk a walk in this afternoon together, but his allergy was too annoying him to walk outside.

With rain, his allergy has no problem at all but we cannot walk outside.

His allergy became better than before but still he has an allergy unfortunately.

He adjust my diet to recover his allergy, so he needs to keep his diet to get his allergy better year by year.

His body is so sensitive that I care of my cooking to let him eat healthy way as much as possible.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day today and we could enjoy the atmosphere at Edmonds beach to enjoy this sunshine for a while.
Tomorrow, it will rain again, so David's allergy will not bother him at all.

I wish that David's allergy will overcome with my healthy diet little by little to enjoy beautiful spring together enough someday without his allergy!
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6th class
Today, it was the 6th of Japanese class at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Little by little, I got to used teaching Japanese to some customers.

And today, 1 men came to join our class for the first time.

But another man has already learned our Japanese class often but I had to teach both of them to enjoy learning Japanese together, anyway.

To learn Japanese language is not just study for them but also pleasure to know new Japanese culture and custom, I guess.

So through our Japanese class, I want all participants to enjoy each class with smile and laughter as much as possible.

To combine different level of students was not easy for me today but I did my best as I am.

Anyway, only 2 classes remain in this month and this second season will finish then.

But in April, new 3rd season will start again, so I want to keep this challenge for me from now on.

Also it was so great day with sunshine and blue sky today that David and I felt the arrival of spring so much.

David looks so happy to feel this warm weather that we will enjoy this spring as much as possible together.

Also tomorrow, it will be wonderful weather like today, so we will enjoy this spring arrival together, anyway...^^

Little by little, many cherry trees starts to blossom on some streets, so we look forward to watching beautiful cherry blossom soon day by day.
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handmade bread
About 2 weeks ago, I started to make handmade yeast with organic raisins in a bin.

Day by day, the water of raisins became sour with some babble and it became nice base of yeast finally.

And then, I put some organic spelt wheat flour into the handmade yeast to make a bread for David.

David really loves to eat bread but he has an allergy.

I know that gluten of wheat is not good for allergy, so I want him to keep away from gluten of bread as much as possible.

But sometimes I want him to enjoy his favorite bread, so I tried to make his bread with organic spelt wheat flour which has less gluten than usual wheat flour.

The textures of my handmade bread became nice dough and I cut them to 3.

And I put some organic chestnuts, corn and baked sweet potatoes to each dough.

I baked all of them in a oven for a while after I kept the dough to ferment.

They became nice 3 different kinds of handmade bread finally, I hope that David will love them to eat later!!^^
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Spring came?
After rain yesterday, it became nice weather with sunshine today.

David said that it will be nice weather to this weekend and it will warmer than before like a spring.

I love spring season so much after long rainy winter in Seattle.

Especially, last winter was not so much rainy days but I miss warm weather.

So I was looking forward to welcoming spring in winter every year and the spring will coming day by day.

And it is getting warmer and warmer day by day and the daytime became much longer than before.

David and I really love to enjoy spring season every year to watch beautiful cherry blossom.

Sometimes I could find small buds of cherry blossom of some trees on road these days.

They looks waiting for blossom with warm weather, I can feel....

Anyway, spring season is coming so close to us that David and I am so glad to know that.

To enjoy each season in Seattle is our pleasure every year with smile...

I wish you will enjoy your spring with your favorite place as you want soon!^^
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Mom sent me a package to send her handmade sticky rice cake "MOCHI (in Japanese)" for David and me.

And when I was not at home last Monday, the package arrived but the package needed my signature so the notice was on the door.

I wanted to redeliver the package today, so I made a request to delivery again via internet request of USPS.

And I waited the package today but in this morning, it hasn't arrived yet.

So I called the USPS to let me know the delivery time but the machine said to wait 45 minutes to connect with a representative.

For 45 minutes was too long to wait in front of my mobile phone, so I gave up to know the arrival time and just I kept waiting the package.

And a delivery man knocked our door finally and I gave my signature to get my package.

I wrote my message to MOM as soon as possible after I opened the package to let her know the arrival.

Mom put on her handmade dried DAIKON (Japanese radish) inside and it looks delicious.

Also she sent us some baked seaweed sheets and dried seaweeds and David and I really appreciate with her love so much.

My Mom is always kind and generous for us to support our marriage life.

And her package is filled with her love A LOT and I am so grateful her love for us, anyway...

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom to love me so much that David and I want to return our gratitude for her something from Seattle.^^
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Great friend
When I went to a Yoga class of a fitness club, some kind people talked me sometimes.

And some people was just say "Hello!" and no deeper relationship didn't begin at all than greeting.

But some people started to talk to me for a while and I could start nice friendship after talking each other.

So I wanted to introduce my husband David to them when he tried to have the Yoga class.

He doesn't want to have a Yoga class so often, so I tried to introduce my Yoga friends when he had a Yoga class.

And after I introduced David to my friends, David and I had a nice sharing with my friends each other about each impression of them.

Most of my Yoga friends are so kind and generous that I gave my card to introduce myself more.

And some of them sent me a message via to e-mail address and we started to exchange each message sometimes.

Not only greeting but also sharing each life let us be better friendship than before.

I don't know why we can be nice friend each other closer than other people but it was great gift to know someone new in Seattle fortunately.

To meet someone is coincidence but I believe that it has essential meaning for me.

So I am very thankful for these great meeting Yoga friends and I want to keep nice friendship each other from now on.

Everyone has each life and I wish that all of my friends have a happy time of life as much as possible.

And I hope that David and I keep great friends from now on to enrich our marriage life, anyway...^^
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Balance of hormone
In this morning, it was very beautiful sunshine with blue sky.

And I felt so much happiness inside that I wanted to take a walk in a nature with David.

Before we left our home, David's friend called suddenly.

They are so great friend each other and I met him before and I really like him.

After David's talking to his friend, he decided to see him in this afternoon because they have not seen each other for a while.

I felt a little complex feeling inside because I wanted to be with David in his holiday today.

But for David, he has only 2 days holidays in a week and I want him to enjoy his favorite way in his holidays as much as possible.

I want to David and his friend to have a nice time together but I felt suddenly lonely inside of my heart.

And I talked about my feeling about it and suddenly, tears came out of my eyes so much and I was surprised at my emotional mind.

David and I went to take a walk in a wonderful park near our home and it was first experience to walk there together.

My YOGA friend recommended the park last week and I wanted to walk there today.

After we enjoyed our walking, we went a public bathroom each other and I found that my period has just started.

I realized how much body's balance of hormone influenced my body and mind in this morning.

David and I understood that my hormone made me cry a lot and it was nothing bad at all for me.

Anyway, David and I started today with beautiful weather after great walking in the park together.

I wish that my balance of hormone will be calm down after my period....^^

David was so kind to me that he hugged me with kind message when I cried a lot in this morning.

And his deep understanding about me let me feel so relived that I am loved by David so much every single day...

Thank you for David's love and I am very lucky wife to be with you every day in Seattle!
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natural yeast
About 2 weeks ago, I started to make "Natural yeast" with organic raisins in a bottle.

I washed the bottle with hot water well before I used it not to make mold.

And I put some organic raisins with water in a bottle and I shook the bottle every day and I opened the bottle to give fresh air.

Day by day, those raisins and the smell of water changed like a vinegar.

It has been cold days last week, so I put the bottle near our rice cooker which keep warm with organic brown rice.

About 2 weeks later, the water changed nice flavor of Natural yeast with vinegar flavor.

I put organic spelt flour, flax seed meal and a little salt into the Natural yeast to ferment for 1 night.

And they became a little bigger with nice bread dough and again I added more organic spelt flour and a little salt into the container.

After I left the container close the rice cooker for another night and finally it became nice condition of the base of bread dough with natural flavor.

I will make organic spelt bread with flax seed meal for David's dinner with our favorite curry feast today.

Today is our memorial day to meet for the first time at Samui island in Thailand 6 years ago.

So I want to cook something special for David to let him enjoy today's our memorial day to celebrate each other.

For Natural yeast bread, warm temperature needs to ferment so I wish that it will warm weather today for David's bread, anyway.

I have never imagined a change of my life like today when I met David for the first time 6 years ago.

I became happier than before and I am so happy to be with David after we got married, anyway...^^

I am very lucky women to be with David to love him more and to be loved by him a lot every day, and I am so thankful his great love every day...^^
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5th class
Today, it was the 5th of Japanese class at a Japanese sushi restaurant.

And I went to take a bus as usual as I do, but suddenly, the bus driver went to different route today.

Because "Chocolate RUN" happened around downtown Seattle and some road was blocked by police.

I was very surprised at this happening but I asked the bus driver where to take off the bus to go the sushi restaurant.

And I could arrive there in time and I started to get ready for the Japanese class as usual as we do.

Today, 4 customers came to join our Japanese class and we had a nice time together.

After the class, 2 students joined to lunch with us and we could talk a lot about many things to know those 2 students better than before.

After lunch time, we kept talking a lot and we really had a wonderful time each other.

I want to be a better friend for all of our students than usual relationship (like teacher and student), so I want to understand how they really are.

Anyway, it was the 5th class today and I did my best as I am.

Only 3 more classes in this month and this 2nd season will over in the end of this month.

This 2nd season has started last month and this season has 8 lessons.

Every time after our Japanese class, I found some points to improve my teaching way for next lesson.

But I didn't feel any regret at all because I did my best each class as I am and it is my everything what I could do.

So I want to keep doing my best from now on...^^
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Girl's festival
On 3rd of March, it is called "Hinamatsuri" day to celebrate girls' growth in Japan.

When I was a child, my Mom decorated big "Hinamatsuri DOLLS" at home for her 3 daughters.

And also she cooked special meals for us as "Hinamatsuri" feast.

After "Hinamatsuri" is over, she needed to clean up all many dolls as soon as possible.

Because, to be late of cleaning "Hinamatsuri" dolls is thought to be late for her daughter's marriage.

Including me, our sisters and I was married as late as usual marriage age.

But in the end, all of us got married finally and I guess that Mom felt relived about our marriage, anyway.

I am in Seattle so Mom must worry about me a lot.

But she never talk about her worry about me but I know her worry about me.

So I just want Mom to feel O.K. about me even I cannot come back to her home so often.

I send some message via e-mail to let her know that David and I are O.K. with love and smile in Seattle sometimes.

I wish that Mom doesn't need to worry about all her daughters too much to enjoy her own life with my DAD as long as possible.

So someday, David and I will visit my parents home, so I want Mom to feel relieved that we are so happy to be together, anyway...^^

Have a wonderful "Hinamatsuri" day in Japan!!
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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