No more negative thought!
If we said something negatively, our energy can flow negative way as we use.

So I don't want to waste my energy to use negative way at all.

Sometimes people tend to feel negative way because people tend to think some happenings for wrong way because some happenings are beyond our power.

But all happenings in our life is not coincidence but as a logical consequence as it is, I believe.

So if something happened to our life, we don't need think negatively at all.

Because all happenings of our life can make us grow and learn something at least.

And we can understand something to make our spirit grow up better than before, I believe.

So if you can feel something negatively, please focus on the way of solution with your wise wisdom anyway.

GOD won't give us any impossible homework which has no way of solution, I think.

So let's use our precious energy for positive & better way as much as possible to make our spirit grow up.

Sometimes life looks so hard to find a way but we can always feel hope with positive thinking.

I wish that our life will be filled with hope & positive feeling every day.

Today, it is beautiful sunshine day with blue sky and I feel BLESSING from GOD with warm sunshine.

Have a wonderful Saturday with smile!!^^
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Bellevue square
Today, I asked David to bring me "Bellevue Square" to check some shopping stores.

For David, Bellevue Square is familiar shopping area because he worked around there when he was 20's.

But for me, Bellevue Square was the first place to visit and it is a huge shopping mall.

Just I want to check some store which I know in Japan so much but there were no items which I wanted to buy today.

So I told David "Thank you to bring me here but I don't need anything to buy today. So let's go home!"

But David looks a little disappointed because I didn't buy anything at Bellevue square.

I don't need to buy & get so much materials in my life because to get more materials let me feel "WASTE" sometimes.

I want to live simply as less materials as I can so David & I looked around other shops a little.

To buy something new and more is not essential part of my life.

Because I have everything which I need to live now and I don't want to own too much materials in my life.

So we came to Bellevue square by driving but if I didn't find essential materials to buy I don't want to waste our time to buy extra items at all.

I want to live as simple as possible with minimum materials because I like simply life.

Ans minimum items can make me comfortable and I really want to live simply.

Shopping is not fun for me at all because I have most materials now already.

Sometimes I will buy something which I really need in my life from now on but I don't want to make my materials increase so much.

Outside is very economic world and many advertisement tend to stimulate us to buy more and new.

But if I look back to my all materials which I have already owned, I would realize how much I own materials already enough.

So I want to use my favorite materials which can make me satisfy with content & gratitude.

When I was born into this world, I have nothing to own.

And I cannot own anything after I pass away someday, so I want to be careful what I own & have to use my energy of money.

How is you life??

Do you like simple life??

I hope that people will satisfy as less as possible to share with limited EARTH energy & resource not to waste too much anymore.

Because this earth is not for human beings but for all nature & animals, I think.

We are living in material world but I want to live simply more for a spiritual way without too much materials.^^
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Unexpected nice day!
Today is David's holiday but today's weather forecast was not good with rain.

But the sky doesn't look so bad with less clouds and David & I think to be able to walk outside together without rain.

And we started to finish all errands at first and we decided to take a walk at our favorite course.

It needs to drive there to walk but we had a nice walk together about 1 hour around our favorite lake.

I don't expect too much to enjoy today at all because all weather is blessing for every beings in this world.

But today was wonderful day with nice weather and we could watch a few cherry blossom trees around the lake to feel spring.

Anyway to feel the new season with nice weather can make me feel wonderful and I am so thankful for today.

And everything around me happened to make me learn my world and I want to cherish every single day with gratitude & love for this world.

We are living on this MOTHER EARTH as a human beings and my spirit will enjoy each day as a new experience.

So I want to focus on positive & better things in my life to make my world feel happiness & gratitude as much as possible.

How is your today??

I hope that you can enjoy your new day with smile & gratitude as your favorite way.

Because your life is only yours and it is BLESSING every day!!^^
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Changeable weather
Today's weather forecast was rain all day long and I didn't expect good weather today at all.

But after early morning rain, the weather became nice with sunshine & blue sky and it is windy a little.

And until this weekend, the weather forecast says "rain, cloud and rain" but I don't trust it at all.

Spring weather is very changeable like my emotion and I don't mind any weather at all.

I want to take a walk every day but only heavy rain cannot make me walking but I can enjoy walking even in a little rain.

Anyway today, I feel so much calm and stable inside of my heart at the begging of today but after I walked with David, I feel so much emotional heart inside.

I don't know what happened to my heart but I cried a little.

But after that, I felt so much clearer mind than before and I tried to forget my tears.

Like today's changeable weather, my mind is very changeable, I don't think my mind too much anymore.

Anyway, today it let me feel spring weather with warmth and I am looking forward to watching cherry blossom soon.

Day by day, all cherry trees turned to red of small buds and they looks waiting for the timing of blossom.

In Seattle, many cherry blossom trees are planted on the road and it will make me happy to welcome new spring every year.

Especially, for me, this new spring means a lot to make my life be happier more and better.

Day by day, my emotional part of heart is changeable but i don't want to be emotional lady at all.

To observe my emotion with peace & rational mind can make me understand how I am feeling & thinking.

Not to involve myself in emotional status, I want to be peaceful lady without JUDGEMENT for everything around me.

How is your today??

I wish that you can enjoy your new spring season with peaceful heart & smile!!^^

After cold season in our life, always new & warm season will arrive at our life always & anytime...
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New Refrigerator!
Yesterday, our apartment had a inspection to check all facilities by a manager and a repair man.

And I told all our needs to repair & fix at our facilities and the repair man came to our home today with new refrigerator suddenly.

I was so surprised at the new refrigerator that I told him to let him notice our refrigerator's door broken inside.

But I have no expectation to renew a refrigerator at all but he brought it today.

Previous refrigerator was ivory color but new one is black and bigger than before.

And it looks a little dark in the kitchen but I am so happy to get it today.

After the repair man changed the new refrigerator from old one, David and I exchanged all of our foods inside of it one by one.

And I started to use it during my cooking and I felt so much lucky that I could get a new refrigerator today.

Anyway today it is a cloudy day with heavy clouds but I can feel so much peace & stable of my heart inside.

Yesterday, new spring has just started on the calendar but the weather is not yet spring today.

But I can shine my heart inside with peace & calm atmosphere to enjoy my day as a NEW DAY.

We are going to move the end of next June but I want to enjoy this new black refrigerator for a while with refresh feeling.

I really want to enjoy this new spring season with Blessing anyway...^^

Thank you for new refrigerator today, I felt so much lucky to get and use it from today!!
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Venal equinox day!(春分の日)
Today is Vernal Equinox day and from today it will be spring on the calendar.

But today's real temperature is not spring at all and it let us feel still winter.

2 third of March has passed already and lost of happenings occurred to me in this month.

And my mind was the very in the middle of timing how to think & feel of myself every day in this month.

But today it will change by influence of this universe and I can believe my toughness & pureness of myself deeply.

The universe is just going forward and I am living for upward & forward way of my life, I can tell.

Also my mind is very calm and stable with peace after today's YOGA & meditation time.

And I could feel so much noble silence of my heart deeply today.

How did this peaceful condition of mind come to my mind??

I am so thankful for everything around me today and in my past even some of happenings was hurt my heart terribly.

Because everything happened to me to make myself grow up by learning myself.

And all happenings are essential part of my life and they gave me so much lesson how to live & love day by day.

How is your Venal equinox day today??

Can you feel your SPRING with warm love & happy mode??

I wish that everyone can feel nice & new season with peace & love inside of self as much as possible!!

Because after cold season, spring will our heart make warm to our heart with hope & passion, I believe...^^
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Taking care for a bird
Today, I visited my friend who lives in front of our home at our apartment.

Because she needs to give me a lecture how to care for her bird during her business from tomorrow.

She gave me a message to ask her bird's care during her absence last week via text message and I replied to her "O.K!".

So I visited her in this morning to let her know how to care for her bird every day.

Her lovely bird is yellow man and she called him, "Jonney" and he is so lovely and cute!!

And she told me how to feed him and to cover his cage before sleep and I took a note all her instruction by myself not to forget them.

She told me that only men birds can sing and I didn't know that at all.

We talked a little and I borrowed her home key to enter her home during her absence.

Only 1 time is our meeting each other to talk each other last month but she looks trust me completely.

And I am so glad that I got a nice friend of neighborhood, anyway.

When I was a child, I had some birds at home but the experience was long yeas ago.

But I can take care for her bird only for 5 days so I am so thankful to get this opportunity to help her because she is a wonderful lady of my friend.

Anyway, I am very looking forward to taking care for her bird from tomorrow until next Friday.

And at this time, her lovely dog didn't bark at me less often than before my visit and he looked admitting her friend today.

Also today it was so great day with sunshine & blue sky and David & I could enjoy walking together after many days of rain.

So I am very looking forward to watching beautiful cherry blossom soon...^^
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Rain again....
In this morning, it was raining from last night.

And tomorrow, it will be fine weather but today it will keep raining until this evening.

David and I did meditation as our routine and we could start nice morning together.

Last night, after our dinner, we could share a nice time to communicate each other with hones heart frankly.

I had no idea what my mind was going on but I cried a little again last night during our talking.

But I could feel much better today after crying and today's meditation with calm and peace inside naturally.

Every day, my mind is changing at every single moment.

These days, I wanted to focus on my mind how I am thinking and feeling deeply inside of myself.

Only what I can do for myself is concentration of my mind of change & discovery.

And I had a tough time from 2 weeks ago but I am in the middle of recovery of myself, I can feel.

Also my hard time made me learn how to live from now on with my faith and strength.

All my happenings in my life can let me grow up with benevolence & peace to make my life use of loving others.

So everything around my life is essential part of my leaning, I can believe.

Today, rain can let me feel stable and calm energy inside and I hope that I can walk outside if it rain stop later.

Anyway my heart is going forward with hope and peace, I believe my strength and love inside.

I hope that my tomorrow will be better than today without tears...anyway I am glad because I can feel myself with peace today.^^

I am just thankful for everything around me and for every happenings to me in my past because I could learn from all of them.
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Today, the new DAISO (Japanese 100 YEN SHOP) had a Grand Opening today near Alderwood mall (shopping mall).

Before an old DAISO was in the Alderwood mall shopping center but it changed brand new & wider location than before today.

DAISO is very popular and familiar with Japanese and foreigner to buy many kinds of goods at the same price of 100 YEN.

In Seattle, some other DAISO located but this new DAISO is the biggest shop, I guess.

Last week, the DAISO's Grand Opening advertised in the local paper ant it was in our mail box.

Also I found this news about NEW DAISO in Japanese HP which introduce many information about SEATTLE.

The first 100 customers would be given a goodies bag as a present and David & I went there to look around a New DAISO today.

I have no idea how GRAND OPENING DAISO but just I am interested in it.

I was so surprised that many people were waiting in a long line in front of the New DAISO to enter the store.

Finally I could enter the NEW DAISO and I got a cleaning item.

After making a purchase, we could received a goodies bag filled with Japanese sweets & drink.

Only 100 goodies presents was almost gone after we looked around the New DAISO today.

Tomorrow these goodies presents will offer 100 customers as same as today and more people will come there because Saturday.

I checked the goodie bag but all of the present are not good for our healthy diet at all.

So I don't need to get it but it was fun to look around new shop with David today, anyway.

David & I decided to give some friends all our presents to introduce Japanese sweets little by little.

In Japan, many different kinds of 100 YEN shops opened now and 100 YEN shop became nice business here in Seattle, too.

I can get the same item at DAISO shop less 1 dollars in Japan but we have to pay 1.50$ in Seattle.

Because the tax & shipping cost charged all of items.

So I don't want to buy so many items at DAISO in Seattle because I can get similar items 1$ in Seattle.

Anyway it was a new & funny experience for David & me that we had a nice time together to check new DAISO today...^^
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Purify myself
I cried a a lot again and heart needed to purify by tears after my DETOX, I can tell.

I didn't meant to cry when I started to talk my feeling & thinking to David but tears couldn't stop at all.

So I just kept talking with tears until I felt myself enough and I felt so tired after too much tears.

Just David kept talking all my heart and I felt so clear mind after I cried a lot.

So I am so thankful for his love and existence that he just accepted my feeling and gave a huge hug with tenderness.

I wanted to lie down for a while because I felt so much tired to keep talking.

But after that, I felt my heart purified inside and nice energy with warmth of peace.

Today it is very wonderful weather with sunshine & blue sky after many days of raining.

And I could feel so much love of SUN and this universe and GOD looks telling me "KEEP GOING as I am" with sunshine.

I just could feel benevolence in my mind and David is just watching & protecting me with generous love.

I felt so down deeply for last a few weeks but now I feel much much better than before.

After FULL MOON DETOX, I kept thinking how to live and how I really want to be in my life.

Some part of my thinking was so tough that I need to face on it without ignorance of my heart honestly & frankly.

And then, David & I went to walk together close to Edmonds beach together and I felt so peace inside naturally.

With great sunshine & David's love, I can feel better myself than ever before, and I felt so much gratitude for everything even something was so tough for me.

All my experience of life can make me so much leaning & lesson how much I need to be AS I AM with peace.

With YOGA & MEDITATION, I can feel much peace inside of my heart and they keep me going forward with love inside.

How is your today??

How do you feel yourself today??

I wish that you are yourself with peace & smile today as YOU ARE at anytime!!^
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The reason to live
After I woke up in this morning, it keep raining today like yesterday.

But I feel nice neutral condition of my mind and I feel so much peace inside of my heart.

And I realized how I really want to live my life until my body die someday from now on.

My spirit will never die and the journey of my spirit will last forever after my body die someday, I believe.

This life is my lesson to learn something through my life experience to make my spirit grow up in this life, I feel.

In this month, I have learned a lot about myself and our marriage life and I cried a lot.

At that time, I felt so much inside of my heart but I needed to experience it even it was tough happenings to me.

I deeply believe that my reason to live is a part of growth of my spirit's journey forever and ever.

And I don't want to be so emotional at anytime because I want to keep my mind in peace with rational as much as possible.

To live my spirit life at this moment can give me so many learning and I can feel my growth through my life these days after new year.

To accept my reality with peaceful mind is my essential part in Seattle.

Every day looks similar but no one day is exactly as same as other days in my life.

After I moved to Seattle to live with David from the end of 2014, I became a part of minority of this society in the U.S.A.

But even I am in India or other countries during my travel, I don't feel loneliness or solitude at all.

Because I am a human being of this MOTHER EARTH and my nationality doesn't matter for me.

So I want to live my life as KEIKO is every single day.

And no one and nothing can never destroy my peaceful heart because I can keep my kingdom of peaceful world inside.

As far as I keep my peaceful heart inside deeply, I don't need to get any CHAOS or negative things into myself.

Because I want to live my life as I want and I have a strong passion to achieve my idea to make this world be better by using my learning & experience from now on.

I don't need to be in hurry to achieve it but I am in the middle of achievement now.

So I want to live my life with confidence & peace to make my life contribute to this world.

This is my reason to live in this world and my spirit will be happy when I can feel as KEIKO is...^^

I wish that you can live your own life with benevolence & peace as YOU ARE at any moment in your life!!
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Rain again after rain!
Today, it is raining from this morning and yesterday was raining, too.

In Seattle, the weather of rain is very often in winter season especially.

So I am not surprised at this continual rainy days in this week and it will keep rainy days more next a few days, anyway.

Yesterday, I couldn't walk because all day long of raining, so I want to take a walk today if the rain stop in this afternoon.

But I like the sound of rani to keep my mind in peace & calm so I want to be myself as I am today,

I got a nice message from Japanese friend in this morning.

And it gave me so much energy to life me up with hope and positive power.

I am so thankful for her love and kindness that I wan to reply her as soon as possible.

To get a nice message from my friends in Japan is my pleasure and I am so thankful for all of their existence.

I am living in Seattle but I don't feel loneliness or solitude at all after I moved to Seattle from the end of 2014 to now.

To have great friends is essential part of my life to give my mind great energy and positive power.

Usually everyone tend too be busy to care for others so I don't need to contact with all my friends in this world.

But sometimes some of my friends gave me so wonderful message that I can feel so gratitude for their LOVE and kindness always.

My friends are living their own way to enjoy their happy life so I always pray for their happiness in my mind.

And also every my friends has so pure & honest opinion that I can feel their great energy to move my life as well as I want to live my way.

Also I got some message from MOM in Japan today, too.

And her love for us is always kind & unconditional and I am so grateful for her love.

I wish that all of my dear family members & precious friends in this world will enjoy their each life with smile & peace today, too!!^^
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The last day of Detox!
Today will be the final day of my Full Moon DETOX, but I feel that I want to keep my DETOX more 2 days from yesterday.

Because I need to purify my mind more than I planned the day before Full Moon day.

Yesterday, i cried a lot again and it might be influence of FULL MOON but I could feel much better today than yesterday,

Today i can feel so much gratitude and love for everything around me and I need my DETOX for this timing, for sure.

It is raining today and rain will keep all day long but I want to feel this calm & silence of rain with peaceful mind through DETOX.

I was in the middle of storm of my life but already it looks going away from inside of my heart.

The depth of my heart was so sensitive that I have no idea how to handle it by my heart.

But every day, I keep my YOGA & Meditation and today I can feel much better myself with peace & stable mind.

And I want to be tougher KEIKO as I am than before and I need to be stronger than yesterday.

Day by day, my heart will grow up through my life experience so I am learning something every single day.

Yesterday is already my past of life.

And I am alive today to continue my tomorrow so I want to focus on my day with my best...

So my new heart after DETOX will give me a wonderful future with hope!

How is your day today??

I wish that your today will be wonderful with hope & smile today after FULL MOON!^^
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DETOX for full moon!
Today is full moon and I am in the middle of Detox.

From yesterday, I started to do my DETOX by myself and I will keep my DETOX today and tomorrow.

Today is the middle of DETOX so I can take my internal organs a rest enough today not to eat solid food all day long.

These days, I need to purify myself inside and today is the best timing for DETOX.

And not to eat solid foods today make me feel nice inside because my body can feel great power without using my energy for digestion for foods.

Just I really like to do DETOX sometimes and it can make me so much energy naturally.

To eat meals every day can make my body feel fatigue a little even I eat a meal a day.

So at the timing of FULL MOON, I want to try my DETOX every month.

When I went to an ashram of Naturopathy in India, I have experienced DETOX for 4 weeks.

And my doctor suggested me that DETOX is the best for everyone once a month, and I absolutely agree with her suggestion.

Through my body experience and effect of DETOX in my past, I can feel so great energy without eating foods too much.

And I want to introduce my DETOX program for someone who really needs to change their way of eating.

Today it is raining but sometimes it stops, so I hope that I can enjoy beautiful FULL MOON tonight if it can appear in the sky.
I hope that you can enjoy FULL MOON today with peaceful mind as you are!!^^
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The day before full moon!
Tomorrow is full moon again and today is the day before the full moon.

From last night, my feeling may be influenced by this moon energy and I felt a little emotional more than usual.

But I want to keep my mind in peace today with YOGA & MEDITATION.

Today it may be raining all day long but in the afternoon, rain stopped with blue sky for a while so I decided to take a walk without rain.

And I started to walk on the road and I found many police cars on a street which is located 1 block from our living area.

It doesn't looks like normal traffic accident because a specific road was blocked by yellow tape of police.

So just I tried to keep walking and I came back to the road after my walking and the road was still blocked more than before with police.

And a guy keep recording this situation by his mobile phone so I asked him what is going on there with police.

He told me, "A police officer was shot by gun and was brought to a hospital and the suspect was hiding in the area still now."

I was so surprised at this happening to our neighborhood today that maybe full moon influence our life anyway.

Around full moon day, many troubles, happenings and car accidents can occur actually and full moon energy give us something wired energy to human beings.

During my walking, my tears came down to my ears again so my emotional part may be influenced by FULL MOON...

So just I try my tears let go and I keep waling with my favorite songs.

Anyway I stared to DETOX from today through the day after FULL MOON by myself and it will be purify my mind naturally.

My DETOX is not so hard that it is easy for me in this month.

My heart need to keep myself with peace & benevolence especially in this month.

So I try to keep my internal organs take a rest by DETOX in this 3 days and it will give me nice energy inside sooner or later.

Anyway I hope the police officer who was shot today will be O.K. and everything will be better than before in this world.

Maybe you can feel the influence of FULL MOON these days so I wish that your FULL MOON day will be wonderful with peace.

I hope that my DETOX will give me better energy to lift up my mind than before...^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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