Sometimes David and I had a little misunderstanding each other.

But we don't want to keep bad feeling each other because it is the waste of life time to keep bad mood.

And I tried to think how to repeat that situation never again with generosity and kind heart.

I know that David loves me very much and I love him, too.

Sometimes we didn't have exactly same thinking to do something and it was not perfect thing to do each other.

But I don't want to expect him too much and just I tried to think that what situation can make him happy anyway.

So we handled our bad situation with honest communication and frank talking later.

Sometimes we had a tough time to misunderstand each other but we overcame to the situation with love.

It is our marriage life to handle any situation with honesty and generosity.

To live with David is not easy but it is my lesson of life to understand him more and more.

And also David always tries to adjust my thinking, so I want to adjust his thinking as much as possible.

Anyway, all marriage couples are not perfect to have a happy day every single day.

But love can overcome anything with each love and cooperation, I believe...^^
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David's thinking
Next week, David will have his birthday and he will get 1 year old.

For me, birthday is not so special that it turn to be a new age and just nothing different from usual day.

But for David, he looks thinking a lot to be a new age from the begging of this month.

He starts to think a lot these days and sometimes he thinks too much for me.

So just I want him to think as he wants and I gave his own time as he needs.

To be with David as he is important for me, because he has own pace and I have own pace, too.

And I don't want to change his pace to disturb his way of thinking to be a new age.

Anyway, I already gave his birthday present at the begging of this month, because I wanted him to use it as soon as possible.

But I am thinking another present to surprise him on his birthday next week, and it is my pleasure and fun.

I just want David to enjoy his countdown days this week before he gets a new age until next week.

Day by day, David is changing and I am glad to observe his daily change as he is with love and smile.

How do you feel about your birthday??

For me, my birthday is the day to thank for my birth in this world fortunately not to be celebrate by someone too much.

And I just want to express my gratitude for my parents and ancestors who made me be born in this world...^^

Every day is someone's birthday and someone's anniversary of passing, so I want to cherish each day to celebrate today's Blessing.

I hope that David will welcome his new age net week with smile as much as possible...^^
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ESL class!
Today, I tried to participate in ESL (English Second Language) class at a library for the first time.

I found a information about the class at a different library before and I wanted to try someday to improve my English.

All classes are free to drop in and I wanted try today suddenly.

I went to the class for the first time and we started to introduce self each other at the begging.

And then we picked a card which connected a question to ask something,

Each card has a different question and I have a card to ask me, "Who am I?".

So I thought a little to introduce myself why I was here in the class today.

And I talked about my life after I met David and got married to moved in Seattle about 5 years ago.

Also I told what I was doing in Japan and I could tell myself a little for everyone.

Many people has a different situation to move in the U.S.A. and we wanted to improve speaking English each other.

It was nice time to share each life and talking in 90 minutes and I really enjoyed this class today.

It was my first class to experience the ESL class and I wanted to keep trying this class from now on.

Also I started to teach Japanese to American at a sushi restaurant every Sunday and I learned how all students feel to learn 2nd language.

So I want to improve my English and my teaching to the customers of the sushi restaurant by doing my best.

Anyway, it was a wonderful time to try new challenge for me today.^^

David is my English teacher, too, so I want to learn English every day through our daily conversation from now on...
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French toast
Today, it is David's holiday.

So I wanted to cook for him to make a French toast for his holiday's breakfast and I got ready for it last night,

Last week, we got an organic baguette at a supermarket and I cut some of them to keep in our freezer.

Also we had some organic egg at our refrigerator and I made the base of French toast.

I used handmade organic almond milk instead of normal milk and I mixed well with an organic egg and a little raw honey last night.

And I put some organic cinnamon powder in the base and I soaked 4 slices of the baguette over a night.

I baked them in a oven with organic coconut oil and David really enjoyed eating it in this morning.

I didn't put so much of raw honey to his French toast but he didn't any complains about the taste.

He requested me to put on some peanuts butter on the top of the French toast.

So I added a spoonful of organic peanuts butter and he really loved the taste.

I didn't eat the French toast because I don't eat breakfast at all usually.

So just I was so glad that David looked enjoying my holiday's treat of handmade French toast, anyway...^^

Today, it is cold weather again but I want to enjoy this cold winter before spring come.

Just I want to cherish each day with gratitude and smile each day as I am...^^
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Brown rice bread
David likes to eat bread so much.

But he has an allergy, so eat gluten of wheat is not good for his body.

Sometimes he wants to eat bread so much, so I made like a bread texture with organic brown rice flour.

Today, I made some bread with organic sweet potato, onion and garlic for him.

He also likes sweet potato, so he will enjoy my handmade bread,

I think that the he loves to eat the texture of bread like sticky and chewy.

So I can arrange his favorite texture to use organic brown rice for his bread.

Sometimes I use organic corn starch, tapioca starch or arrow root powder to make chewy texture with brown rice flour.

To adjust David's favorite way of eating is my challenge to let him enjoy his meal.

Anyway, I hope that he will enjoy my handmade brown rice bread tonight as his dinner with his lovely smile...^^
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3rd class!
Today, it was my 3rd class to teach Japanese language and culture of some customers of a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

As the forecast said, it was snowing in this morning actually and it was very very cold.

But when I left home, it stopped snowing and beautiful sunshine came out of the sky.

It became beautiful morning with clear air and blue sky but it was so cold.

I wanted to do my best for all students in our Japanese class today.

I did my best as I am but I found some points for me to improve from next week how to mange the Japanese class.

Every time of my Japanese lesson gave me some learning but I enjoyed my challenge each Sunday.

Just I want to keep doing my best to let all students enjoy our Japanese class and it is my pleasure to share interesting time together.

Anyway, today was very cold day with snow in this morning but it became beautiful day with clear blue sky and sunshine.

So my heart can feel very clear inside and I really appreciate with David's support and his love for me.

His kind heart and generous love for me can make me feel at ease and relived how to live in Seattle.

And just my challenge has just started in Seattle to work and it will continue my next step little by little, I believe.

I just want to cherish this challenge with gratitude always and just I want to be better myself through this challenge from now on..^^
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Winter again??
As weather forecast says that it will snow tomorrow and David worries about the cold weather.

But I told him that please enjoy today without worrying about weather, because it will not come yet

I don't like too much cold weather at all and David hate it so much.

Because I don't want to use heater at home and David adjust my favorite way of living.

So even it snow tomorrow, we will not use heater at home.

And David will need to be patient of the cold inside our home.

I just try to put on more clothes if it is very cold.

Because heater is not good our body to dry out.

And I want to feel the natural weather without air conditioner as much as possible.

Anyway, it was very windy and raining in this morning but suddenly rain stopped.

Now it is very nice weather with sunshine and blue sky and I want to walk outside without worrying weather.

To enjoy each weather is fun for me, because weather is nothing to complain as is is.

I don't know if it rain tomorrow or not, but I want to enjoy each weather with gratitude and smile.^^
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NATTO meal
A few days ago, we went to a supermarket which sells many Japanese food in downtown Seattle.

And I wanted to buy organic NATTO (fermented soy beans) and we got 3 package of them as a 1 packet.

David doesn't like to eat NATTO at all because of the strong smell.

But I really love to eat NATTO and I ate it last night as my dinner.

David looked at me with wired eyes when I ate NATTO.

And he didn't want to kiss me because of my smell of mouth.

He tried to eat NATTO before but the strong smell didn't make him it happen unfortunately.

NATTO is very great nutritious food but David cannot eat it.

I really enjoyed eating NATTO last night because I didn't get for a while.

Because David doesn't enjoy eating it with me so I gave up eating it with him.

But I really love to eat NATTO and I want to eat it again, even he doesn't like the smell and taste...><
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Short life of tulips
In this morning, I tried to change some water in a vase of tulips.

But yesterday, it was too cold to keep tulips live any longer.

I touched these tulips and the petals of them fell down suddenly.

The cold temperature was not good for these tulips and their lives looked over.

These tulips was a gift from my king neighbor so I wanted them to keep as long as possible.

But the life of tulips is not long enough for me to enjoy but I gave up most of them to keep in a vase anymore.

So only a few yellow tulips were still alive and I cut these stems of tulips to change into smaller vase than before.

I decorate the small vase on the table and they are so lovely.

I really love to watch all tulips every day and I could feel the spring atmosphere for a while.

The weather forecast says that this weekend will snow again and it will be much colder than before.

I hope that spring will come to us day by day...

I am very looking forward to welcoming spring soon.

Anyway, I am so thankful for my dear neighbor who gave me the vase of these tulips that I could enjoy their lives with David every day.^^

Lives of tulips are very short but they made us delightful and happy to watch them these days with lovely atmosphere.
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Valetine's day!
Today is St. Valentine's day.

In the U.S.A., most men send chocolates, flowers for women who really love today.

In Japan, it is opposite way to send chocolate on St. Valentine's day.

I don't like sugar in most chocolates and I don't want David to buy any flowers for me today.

So I suggested him that he will cooks for me as a Valentine's gift.

And I want him to enjoy his favorite cooking of pizza which David really loves.

So last night, I made pizza dough by myself and I used organic spelt flour.

Also I baked chocolate cake for him before sleeping last night and David tried to bite it in this morning with his coffee.

David really enjoyed having my chocolate cake and he wanted to eat more, so I cut 1 more piece of my cake.

I hope that he will enjoy his cooking pizza as he likes for our dinner.

My pizza dough looks O.K., so I felt relived to know that in this morning.

Anyway, we are loving each other every day not only St. Valentien's day.

So just I want to tell my appreciation for David's love every day with smile and my cooking meals for him as much as possible.

I am very happy that David enjoyed my chocolate cake today, anyway...^^
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Nice walking
Today, it is nice day to take a walk.

David and I went to a park which has nice trail inside with forest.

We started to walk in the park together and great atmosphere was around us.

The park is filled with lots of old trees and it was a little hills on the way of trail.

I like to walk up and down more than flat road, and we really enjoyed waling together.

We came this park at New Year's day but there were so much snow on the trail, so we gave up walking then.

But today, it is a nice day without rain and snow and we had a nice time together.

On the lake side, many ducks were swimming in the lake like a family.

David and I watched those lovely ducks for a while and they came to us so close.

And we started to walk again on the trail and we met an old men.

He knew this train so well that he introduced another train to walk for us.

We talked to him for a while and it was a great meeting.

He was very gentle and he tried to support me when I tried to walk on the river side which is a little dangerous area.

David and I introduced ourselves a little and we started to walk together for a while.

And we said "Good bye!" for him because our parking area appeared on the way of trail.

We shook hands each other again and he started to walk again by himself.

Anyway, to walk in the nature is so great time for us that we really enjoyed this walking today.

Day by day, I can feel that spring is coming to us little by little.

I want to enjoy each day with David to cherish our marriage life from now on...^^
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Before priod
Yesterday, my period has just started.

But it was not normal schedule and a few weeks delayed to start my period.

Just before my period, I felt so much appetite that I just tried to follow my body's need.

I guess that my body needs more foods to start my period and my appetite become strong.

So just before my period, I just follow my body's need and I eat more than usual.

After my period started, my appetite become normal as usual as I am.

Women's body is influenced by hormone and sometimes I become emotional just before my period.

And I tend to cry before my period, but I don't think too much about my body's change and feeling.

David has never experienced period, so he has no idea about my change of hormone.

But he always treat me tender with kind heart and I am so thankful for his love.

Anyway, I felt much calm down today because my period started.

And hormone's balance became better than before my period.

Women's body is very unique and interesting.

I hope that my mind can keep in peace with YOGA even my period's term.

I have no pain during my period when I was young, so I can do anything during my period.

Just I felt my blood flow sometimes but it was nothing difference of my body.

To keep my YOGA practice can make my body and mind calm and peaceful, so I want to keep my YOGA life from now on.^^
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2nd class
Today is the second class of Japanese at a sushi restaurant.

Yesterday, 6 customers booked to came to our class but only 1 customer came today.

Some of the booking customers canceled today but others didn't give us any notice at all.

But I didn't feel any bad about this situation and I did my best for the only 1 customer to enjoy our Japanese class.

He took part in some class of previous season last year and he keep studying Japanese language by himself.

And when we talked to him today, we understood that he loves Japanese animations at first.

Then he became to be interested in Japanese culture and now he is studying Japanese "HIRAGANA" by himself at home.

I am so proud of his effort and I want to support his study as much as possible.

I waited other customers to come late to our Japanese class but finally others didn't appear.

So we arranged our class to let him learn from the middle of the class and he tried to memorize Japanese language so hard.

In the end, I gave my handmade chocolate cookie for him and he looked to be happy to get it.

He is very polite and gentle man and all staffs became to like him naturally.

Even only 1 customer came to our 2nd Japanese class, we didn't feel any bad today at all.

Just I need to do my best and I want to keep my effort from now on.

Today is the 2nd time of my Japanese class and I became to feel more relaxed as I am to teach Japanese than the fist lesson last week.

It is very beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky in Seattle and I am so happy with this weather.

Anyway, my challenge of teaching Japanese class to Seattle people let me learn to work here in Seattle.

Just I want to do my best from now on with all staffs of the sushi restaurant.^^
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A vase of tulips
A few days ago, David found a vase of tulips in front of our door.

It was from our neighbor who knows me when we had a tea time last year.

After she moved to our neighbor, we had a tea time to talk each other for the first time.

And we exchanged each contact and we became nice friend each other.

Last week, I got her message who told me that she became sick.

I made medicine tea for her and I put it into my tea bottle.

And I put it onto her door knob and I put my message on it.

She gave me a message on that day and she became better after that.

I was just glad that my love of friendship brought her heart anyhow.

And the vase of tulips was her gift in return, I guessed.

She put on a message on the vase and all tulips were so beautiful that I really loved very much.

I didn't expect anything from her at all but I am so happy to get beautiful tulips in a vase.

Today, it is beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky but it was very cold.

But I can enjoy the atmosphere of spring with her gift of tulips at home.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful neighbor, anyway...

I want to keep this friendship from now on with kind heart.^^
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Myself in photo
I don't like to be taken photos at all when I was a child.

I don't like myself in any photos and I don't want to take photo myself at all.

David doesn't like to be taken photos, either.

So we don't take any photos so often when we go somewhere together.

But sometime we took photos as our memories but I don't want to show someone at all.

In many SNS, most people upload own photos these days but I don't understand their thinking at all.

But some friends want to know our present situation, so I upload our photo sometimes.

Photos are a tool to look back our memory in past but I want to enjoy this present life.

And I have no time to look back my life yet, because life is too short to look back, I think.

Last week, I had a Japanese class for some customers at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle for the first time.'

And a staff needed to record and to take some photos for advertisement, and some of my pictures were uploaded.

When I checked my photos, they were not my favorite face at all.

I realized how much I am not good at being taken photos but I needed during my Japanese class from now on...

How about you??

Do you like yourself in photo??

I hope that David and I will become to like being taken photo someday...

But I wonder if the day will come to us actually???
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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