Yesterday morning, I tried to clean up my eye glasses in a bus when I went to downtown Seattle to work.

And I found that my attachment of nose of eye glasses disappeared again.

I had no idea when and where the attachment dropped.

A few days ago, just I got new attachment of nose of them at COSTCO and the one went somewhere again.

But I had to put my eye glasses on to work, anyway.

The balance of my eye glasses was not good enough but I finished working somehow.

And no one said to my attachment of nose of my eye glasses, so no one didn't care of it at all.

After my work, I asked David to get the attachment at COSTCO again and I could get it again.

I don't know why the attachment dropped suddenly again and again, but I hope that it will not drop again, NEVER...^^
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2nd class of 3rd Season
Today, I had the 2nd Japanese class of 3rd Season at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

One customer was new and the others were repeater and I did my best as much as possible.

I want them to enjoy to learn Japanese language and culture every time.

And I really love all of them, because they came to attend our Japanese class at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

So just I want to make them enjoy with fun and laughter as much as possible.

After our class, we had a lunch with one customer and it was very interesting time to get to know him better.

I want to enjoy to having enjoyable communication during lunch time and time passed so quickly.

After our lunch time, we had a meeting as usual as we do every week to develop our Japanese class more than today for next week.

After the meeting, David came to there to pick me up and we went to a Japanese spring culture festival.

Because it was very close location to the sushi restaurant.

Many people enjoyed to feel the Japanese culture there.

We listened to Japanese TAIKO (drum) for a half of an hour together and it was so nice rhythm that we were very happy to enjoy it together.

After the concert, I went to outside of the hall and there were so many people around 1 guy who performed juggling.

He is English man and his way of talking attracted so many audience.

We laughed so hard that his performance was very wonderful to make our feeling up.

I am so happy that I looked David's happy smile today and we really had a great time together.

Anyway, I could get so cheerful energy with our customers at the sushi restaurant and nice performance at the festival today...^^
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Raw egg
Usually I eat organic vegetarian foods every day.

But close to NEW MOON period, I try to eat fresh fish and egg sometimes with David because he loves to eat fresh wild seafood and organic eggs.

Yesterday, David and I ate organic egg together and he loves to eat organic egg with brown rice like Japanese do.

With organic soy source, he mixed brown rice and raw eggs well together.

But he cannot eat raw egg only, I don't know why but he can't somehow.

So he wants to mix raw egg and hot brown rice and the egg got some heat form it.

I like to eat organic mostly raw egg and I can eat it without something to add to it.

He said to me that he can't eat like I did but it is our difference a little, and it doesn't matter for our eating foods, anyway.

To keep eating vegetarian meals can keep us healthy to feel our body light and healthy condition.

But sometimes we can enjoy fresh wild seafood and organic egg as our fun, and it is very good for us to be flexible way of eating of our foods sometimes.

To let our eating style strictly too much, it will be David's stress.

So I want him to enjoy his favorite foods sometimes as an option, I believe.^^
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Beautiful spring
Yesterday and today, it became nice weather with sunshine and warm temperature.

David sounds so happy when he called me during his work that he really loves to enjoy spring weather without rain.

And I felt so wonderful to enjoy great weather that I really love spring season the best in a year.

The weather forecast says that this spring will have more rainy days than usual spring, but I don't mind it at all.

Spring will bring me cheerful feeling with happy mode and I really enjoy these days of wonderful weather.

And I love to walk in a nature and spring is the best season to walk, I can feel...^^

Nature and wild animals look enjoying this warm weather and they can give me happy feeling anyway.

How is your spring season these days??

I wish that you will enjoy your spring season the best in your life with smile and love!^^
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Yesterday and the day before yesterday, David helped me my homework of English translation.

And he used so many hours to finish it that I really appreciate with his generous love.

After I sent my homework to a owner of a sushi restaurant where I teach Japanese class on every Sunday at a downtown Seattle, he gave me a reply about my homework.

He got a nice message about it and gave me a nice advice, too.

David looked so happy to know his message that he worth to get my gratitude in return.

We went to go shopping our organic foods yesterday and I bought his favorite snack to express my thanking for his support.

The snack is not good for his health at all but he wants to enjoy it sometimes.

He opened it as soon as possible to get it in his car and he really happy to eating it with smile.

Also I bought a new shirt and half pants for him to give my gratitude in return and he became so happy to get them.

At first, he hesitated to get them from me, but he worth to get them.

Because he worked so hard in his both holidays and I am very very thankful his help a lot!

He is always kind to me and support me as much as he can.

I am very lucky to get his great love and wonderful support always...^^
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Great service of COSTCO!
Yesterday, my both attachments of nose part of eye glasses disappeared suddenly and I felt wired of my eye glasses so much.

And I thought that I need to buy new eye glasses but David said to me to go to a COSTCO to get these part of my glasses.

I wonder that I bought my eye glasses in Japan not in COSTCO so COSTCO will not give these attachments for free even we are member of COSTCO.

But David suggested me to go there at first to ask if COSTCO gives me these attachments for free or not.

So we went to a COSTCO together today and I waited for my calling number of waiting list.

During my waiting time, I checked new eye glasses if I need to buy it here today.

But a staff of COSTCO put new parts of nose attachments for free like it was normal service for all customers.

I was so surprised at this great service that I felt soooooo lucky to get new nose attachments of my eye glasses.

I really love my eye glasses very much because the flame is very flexible and light to use.

Maybe I need to buy new one someday, but I want to keep using mine longer as long as possible...^^

Anyway, the service of COSTCO was so great that I could get new nose attachments of my eye glasses for free today!!^
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David's frustration><
When David woke up early in this morning, he started to work for me to help my English translation by himself at his favorite coffee shop.

After he concentrated to write his English 2 hours, suddenly his draft disappeared from his computer.

I was at home and he sent a message about his unfortunate happening and I felt so sorry for him.

From his kind love, he offered his support of my English translation.

But I feel so sorry for him that his time will use his holiday to help me.

And this frustration of happening will let him piss off so much and I felt so guilty for it.

If I didn't ask his help, he would not need to feel such a frustration at all.

But the computer's fault was not my fault at all and it was just an accident.

I want him to feel better than before to recover his feeling and I made his special brunch for him after he came back to home.

He started to work of my English translation again to rewrite his draft, so I wanted to express my gratitude for his kind heart

He really loved to enjoy having my special sandwich which is used organic egg with special ingredients.

And he became so happy that he could feel much better than before, and i felt so relived to his happy smile again.^^

Thank you for David's help with kindness and love SOOOOOO MUCH!!!^^
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My homework
I got a homework to make a news letter for some customers at a sushi restaurant where I teach Japanese on each Sunday.

Because the boss and we want more customers to join our Japanese class than before as much as possible.

So I got a homework to make an attractive message to send them, anyhow...

To introduce our Japanese class is important that some customers will be interested in attending our class from now.

I have to make Japanese version at first about this news letter and then I need to translate it in English.

David said to help my English translation again and I am so thankful for his kind support always.

So I will do my best to write my Japanese version at first today as soon as possible.

And I need David's support to check my English version to let all customers understand well about my Japanese message, anyway.

I learned a lot of marketing of this Japanese class and this owner of the restaurant wants me to learn through this experience to connect my future business.

So I just want to keep doing my best with David's generous support from now on.^^
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3rd Season of Japanese class!
Today, the new 3rd season of Japanese class has just started at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

In last February and March, the 2nd season had 8 lessons every Sunday.

And from today, the new season has started again.

I wanted to do my best for today as much as possible.

And today, there were only 1 student in our class but we did his favorite way to make his Japanese conversation's skill up to talk together in Japanese.

He already knows the basic of Japanese so well, so normal basic class might be boring for him.

But I know his needs to make his Japanese conversation's skill up when I talked to him last month, so we changed our plan of lesson today.

I thought that his Japanese speaking skill is well enough and we had a nice time together.

And we had a lunch together after our class and it was fun time to know each other better than before.

I just don't want to be a relationship between staff and customer or teacher and student during our Japanese class.

Because I want to be a nice fiend as a human beings beyond some kinds of relationships, I hope.

Anyway, I want to do my best from now on whether the number of students will change to take part in our Japanese class.

Just I want to do our best to adjust customers' need which want to know about Japanese language and culture with my knowledge.

Until the end of May, this 3rd season will continue to teach Japanese class, so I want to keep doing my best as I am.

Because all of customer will join our Japanese class to use their time of Sunday instead of precious holiday.^^
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Rainy spring
In this week, rainy days keep in this morning, too.

David told me that this spring will have many rainy days more than usual.

I planned to have a trip last week to enjoy tulip festival but I canceled it because of rain.

And I planned this trip again next week but I checked the weather forecast about the date of our trip yesterday.

But it says that it will rain again, so I maybe cancel our trip again unfortunately.

In Seattle, there are so many rainy days in every winter but in spring, the rainy days become less than winter.

But in this spring, it looks different from usual spring.

I don't want to complain about weather at all, so just I want to enjoy this spring as much as possible.

Yesterday, it was raining most of daytime, but I wanted to take a walk outside without raincoat.

And I found a nice timing to walk without rain and I could walk finally.

I hope that I will be able to walk if it stop raining today, if possible...^^

Most cherry blossom is over but I want to enjoy beautiful spring flowers more without rain.

In April, I hope that David and I will enjoy spring without rain as much as possible!^^
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Great message!!!
I sent a message to a customer who I taught Japanese last 2 month at a sushi restaurant.

She went to a trip to Japan with her husband for the first time after our Japanese class to enjoy cherry blossom.

And I wanted to send my message to them how their trip to Japan after our Japanese class.

This couple was very learning Japanese well and hard that I became to like them beyond the relationship between teacher and student or staff and customer.

So I wanted them to enjoy their first trip in Japan as much as possible and I did my best to teach Japanese class, anyway.

Also they are so great couple that they gave us great energy with smile and cheerful feeling always.

I got her reply yesterday fortunately and her message made me soooooooo happy to know their trip in Japan with lost of fun.
Also they got a Japanese friend who owned a RYOKAN (Japanese style inn) and they stayed there in Japan.

The Japanese friend will visit them in May and her message was so great for them and me.

Anyway, I felt so much wonderful energy from her message a lot that I am so proud of myself.

It was my first challenge to teach Japanese in Seattle but her message made me so pleased to know their feedback about their trip and our Japanese class, anyway....^^

From next week, the new class will start again.

So I want them to come back to our Japanese class to enjoy funny and useful time to share with Japanese class and culture from now on...^^
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Sharp knife
Yesterday, David and I went to a supermarket to make my knifes sharp.

The supermarket offers all customers to make sharp knife for free.

I have never heard of this service before in Japan, but I felt so lucky to do it.

My knifes became dull little by little and I tried to make them sharp by myself with knife sharpener.

But my knifes became sharp enough and I felt so hard to cut vegetables these days.

And David and I brought my knifes to the supermarket and they made my knifes sharp well enough.

I used my knifes in this morning and they became much better than before.

Anyway the services of making customers knifes sharp is so great that I want to use this service again when my knifes become dull again...^^
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David's help
David offered me to help my English translation from my Japanese class which I have to write message for some customers at a sushi restaurant to join our Japanese class more.

And he wants to make his English perfect as well as possible and he rewrote my English mostly.

I did my best to translate my English from Japanese but for David, it was not enough.

I felt so bad of myself that he wants to make it perfect.

I know that his English writing is much better than mine but I didn't feel comfortable at all.

But I am very thankful for his help and I just need to be patient to wait his completion of my English translation.

Also I need to learn how to write English from Japanese to let some customers understand my thinking well enough.

But I was not good attitude for David last night and he got angry of my bad behavior.

I am very sorry for him but I couldn't be better myself anyhow.

I said to him,"Thank you for your help, anyway.", but he didn't feel good at all after his help for me.

I was bad myself for his kind help, so I want to change my behavior to him, anyway.

But he keeps trying to help my English translation and he uses his time and energy for it, so I really appreciate with his generosity so much.^^
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David's love
Yesterday, David bought a bag of organic dried fruits and nuts for me suddenly.

He hided to buy for me and he wanted to express his gratitude for me anyhow.

I didn't do anything special for him at all but he felt to give the gift to thank my housework suddenly.

David works for us every day from early morning, so my housework is my pleasure to return my gratitude for him every day.

Especially, I want to cook his dinner as delicious as possible to express my love for him.

The day before yesterday, I cooked his favorite wild salmon and he really loves my cooking meal.

And he wanted to express his gratitude for my cooking and it was his love for me, I understood.

But I don't need to get something gifts from him at all, because I don't expect his gratitude at all.

He is very kind for me and just I accepted his lovely gift yesterday.

If I said to him, "I don't need your gift at all.", he would feel uncomfortable, for sure.

So just I said to him, "Thank you for your kind gift, but you don't nee to spend your precious money for me, O.K.??", and he looked understanding what I wanted to say to him.

But his expression of gratitude and love is always lovely and kind, so I really appreciate with his love for me.

Anyway, I am very lucky wife to have such a kind husband, I realized it these days...^^
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Wild salmon!
The day before yesterday, David bought a wild salmon at COSTCO suddenly.

Sometimes he wants to eat wild seafood so much that I can cook for him.

Anyway, he really loves to eat wild salmon but always I cook for us organic vegetarian meals at home.

So sometimes I want him to enjoy his favorite dish as he likes.

Last night, I cut the wild salmon and wrapped it with organic onion, mushroom, garlic and basil with soy source and black pepper as seasonings.

And I closed the aluminium hoil and put it into a oven for a while.

The wild salmon was so fresh that David could eat it as raw, but I wanted to bake the surface a little with nice vegetables and seasonings together.

And it became wonderful meal for David and he really enjoyed eating it with organic brown rice so much.

His lovely smiles told me how delicious my cooking salmon dish and I tried to taste it a little.

It was perfect texture with nice flavor and I was so happy for him.

Anyway he looked so happy to eat delicious salmon last night and he really appreciate with my way of cooking.

I am so glad that my cooking let him happy to enjoy his favorite salmon dish, anyway.

Usually we eat organic vegetarian meals every day but sometimes we can enjoy his favorite fish dish together.

It is fun for us to eat unusual meal that we can enjoy it together with smile and happy feeling each other.^^
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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