Yesterday, I broke the final needle when I was sawing a cloth.

My power was very strong and the needle broke and I couldn't keep sawing it anymore.

Today, I went to a thrift shop to find new needles.

I asked a shop staff whether there are needles but she said to me, "No.".

But I tried to look for inside the shop again and I found some package of buttons.

And I tried to checked them and I found a package of needles in the back of these package of buttons fortunately.

There were more than 10 needles in the package and I was so happy to find it.

And it was only 55 cents and it was very cheap!

I am very lucky to get it today less 1 dollar and I talked this story to David after I came back to home.

If I couldn't find any needles at the shop today, I had do ask David to take me another shop to get it.

But I could get it and he was surprised at my lucky to get it.

In the U.S.A., everything sells big size for me and sometimes it was too much for me.

In Japan, most items sells a small amount which I need at a time to buy.

So I am very very lucky to get new needles today with less cost and the amount was good enough for me.^^
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Maca powder
David found a bag or organic Maca powder at our favorite supermarket last month.

So we bought it for the first time and I tried to use my cooking.

Maca powder has a great nutrition and I tried to use it into my handmade cookies at first.

The smell of Maca powder is nutty flavor and it is similar to dried soy beans powder, I can feel.

So I used a full of spoon into my handmade cookies last week for the first time.

I added flax seed powder, cornmeal and arrow root powder to mix my original cookie dough.

And I put into organic olive oil and peanuts butter to it.

Then I added organic dates, raisins and some kinds of nuts after I chopped all of them.

I put a pinch of salt and aluminum free baking powder to the mixture and I mixed them with some water.

Just I divided to some balls and I made a round shape one by one.

And then I baked them in a oven for a while and it became delicious cookies.

The Maca powder is not so much amount of my cookies, so it is not disturb the flavor of cookies at all.

Also I added some organic cinnamon powder and ginger powder as seasonings and they added nice flavor to my cookies.

Maca power is very famous to make our body's energy up when I was in Japan.

So I want to be careful not to have it too much at a time, anyway...

David and I really love to eat my handmade cookies without sweetness, the natural flavor of organic dried fruits can let us feel so delicious when we have it.

So I want to cook it again to enjoy eating it together as a dessert.^^
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6th class of 3rd Season
Today is 6th class of 3rd Season of our Japanese class at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Next Sunday, it will be the final class of 3rd Season and then this Season will finish...time passes so fast for me.

Anyway, today I got a nice present from one of our students fortunately.

He is an artist and he brought his postcard of his art work and he gave us a gift.

I really love his kindness and tender heart to give us his present and I am so thankful for his kindness for us.

He has passion to learn Japanese language before his trip to Japan next October and he keep learning Japanese hard with nice effort.

I want to support his effort and also I want him to enjoy leaning Japanese with fun and laughter.

I think that I want all our students to learn Japanese with fun and smile in our Japanese class as much as possible.

To learn Japanese hard and seriously is very important but I wish that all of our students enjoy without feeling too much pressure.

So I want them to laugh in our Japanese class as much as possible.

Today, we learn how to shopping in Japanese and we try to use Japanese imitation money to buy something as a practice.

Also all students need to use Japanese numbers to buy something and it looks hard to memorize all of numbers at a time.

But to repeat all Japanese basics will let our students memorize more Japanese well, so I want them to keep attending our Japanese class as much as possible.

Every Sunday, all of our students came to attend our Japanese class by using their precious time on every Sunday, so I want to do my best as much as I can.

Next week, our 3 rd Season will be the final class and it will continue 4th Season in June.

So I want to improve our Japanese class to let our students enjoy learning Japanese more and better than before!!

Anyway, I am very happy to have a great opportunity to teach Japanese in this sushi restaurant fortunately.

Because I can meet new & wonderful Seattle people in this Japanese class every Sunday and it will give me so wonderful energy in my life, for sure!!^^

I want to have better Japanese class next final class of 3rd Season to connect new 4th Season as I am from now on...
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Better than yesterday
Yesterday, David looked not so good mood after he came back to home.

I tried to let him feel better than before, but all my efforts didn't work for him as a failure.

So I gave up to trying to let him recovery his feeling because to make his mind is up to his choice.

Sometimes, David started to think seriously and deeply and I learned to wait his recovery by himself for a while.

So I let him be as he was last night, and I started to read a book of business by myself.

We didn't talk at all during our dinner time but it was O.K. for me.

To try open his heart by my energy is waste of my time and just I need to wait with patience with each silent mode .

But I wanted to express my love for him even he was not normal himself, because his love exists in his heart deeply without any words, I believe.

So I hugged him gently and I said to him, "I always love you, O.K.?" and he just nodded to my words before he sleep last night.

After he came back to home in this afternoon, he looked better feeling than yesterday.

So I am so happy that he could recovery his feeling by himself from yesterday.

Anyway, to love David as he is my unconditional love for him.

And I just want to keep doing my best without regret every day, because I want to grow up better myself than yesterday little by little.

How is your today??

I wish that you can feel better today than yesterday, even a little bit...let's grow up each other day by day!!^^
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Being myself
LOVE (=benevolence) is the most important in our life to survive, I realized it so strongly these days.

When I was young, I didn't realized what is the most important in my life at all.

Sometimes, I wasted my life by doing something or having something.

But it was not my true desire in my depth level, so my heart was not feel enough at all.

And I repeated similar things to do more or to have more & new but they couldn't fulfill all my needs actually.

After I started to learn a philosophy of YOGA, I realized how much I didn't know anything in this world at all.

And I started to learn more deeply to understand the foundation of life.

Now I can feel that I am living my own way with truth honesty.

And I am so happy with David's love to love him every day that my true heart found myself deeply & clearer than before.

How is your life??

Are you happy everyday??

Around you, I guess that we have everything we need to live right now.

But sometimes we feel that we want and need to more and more, but actually we don't need to get them anymore.

If we found out that our heart can satisfy your present condition of your mind with pleasure and gratitude, we would never seek something more and new to the outside of our world, I believe.

I am happy with everything around me right now, so I just want to seize my day with passion and love to start my mission little by little.

Day by day, I need to grow up at spiritual level to contribute this wonderful world.

So just I want you to find your true heart with smile and love every day as you wish, anyway...^^
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Believe myself
Life is too short to look back, and everyone will die someday including myself.

I realized how I will die someday when I watched my grandfather passed away in front of myself.

It was 20 years old that I decided to live my life as I want without regret when I will die someday.

When I was young, I had no idea what I really wanted to do in this world.

My parents gave me enough love and education as much as they could, but I couldn't find my passion inside of myself.

After I started to change my mind to live better than before and I finally found out what I really want to do in my life.

I became to love YOGA, Detox and organic vegetarian cooking after 30 years old and I want to introduce my learning and experience of them for someone who needs me.

Anyway, my mind became so clearer than ever that I just want to keep moving forward to start it with my efforts every day.

All my life wants to let someone became happy to find inner peace and comfortable as natural as one is.

So I just want to focus on my heart as I wish with gratitude and benevolence from now on.

On 15th in this month was NEW MOON day and it made me feel very clear of my mission to contribute this world.

How is your day after NEW MOON??

I hope that you enjoy your own life as you like & want as much as possible.

Only we can decide our life and no one cannot decide our way of life, right??

So let's enjoy each life as we like until our life is over someday, shall we??^^
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Great trail
Today, David and I went to a park which is located near sea and has so many trails.

David ran into the trail when he was a university student and he knows the route well enough.

Sometimes we came to this park to watch this wonderful ocean view before, but we had never walked this trail together.

But I wanted to feel the nature to walk this trail together today and it was so great time that we could have a wonderful time to walk in a nature.

In this morning, it was a little cloudy weather but it changed better in this afternoon than this morning.

So it was the best timing to walk in this trail and we really enjoyed walking in a gorgeous nature.

We could hear lovely birds here and there and wind and temperature were so comfortable for us.

After we enjoyed walking this trail, we went to the beach to take a rest for a while.

David and I sit on a wild old trees on the beach and we lied down onto it together.

Nice ocean sound is so beautiful that we felt MOTHER nature with sea and great weather with sunshine and comfortable wind.

David and I felt so much happiness inside of heart that we really had a great time each other.

We talked about our life because it was NEW MOON yesterday to start new our challenge to each self for next 7 years.

Our goal of life is different but our love must be based on a foundation of our relationship of LOVE, for sure.

We just feel each confidence to believe in our strength to enrich our life from now on with trust and deep love.

Our love can move on our each mission to contribute this world to make our world better than now.

And we really felt that we can trust each self to make our dream actually happen sooner or later, we trust our achievement, anyway...

How is your middle of May??

Have a wonderful MAY the best in your life to enjoy your short life until your final day of life as much as possible!!

I wish that your dream will make happen as you wish with your effort and trust of yourself soon!!!^^
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flexible plan
Today, we planned to go hiking yesterday in David's holiday.

But the weather is not better than we thought last night and we changed our plan to do together.

David wants to relax today, so I asked him to do anything as he wants and to forget today's plan.

Because David has only 2 days of holidays in a week and I want him to enjoy as much as possible.

Usually, David doesn't eat breakfast but I want him to enjoy today's special breakfast in return his support for me.

Yesterday, I got ready to bake bagel by using organic SPELT wheat flour for today's holiday treat.

But I didn't make it shape well, so I gave up to make it bagel and I changed my plan to make a round bread for David.

It was not my ideal shape of organic bread for David but he really enjoyed eating it with smile.

Also I made a special scramble egg with many kinds of organic vegetables to suit my handmade bread.

He really looked happy to have my breakfast and I was just happy to feel his happy feeling.

David helped my English translation in this morning after he woke up and it was enough for me.

And after that, he wanted to go a fitness club to take a Jacuzzi and I was cooking at home.

After that, we had a nice time together and I met so many his friends today when we went to some places fortunately.

These lucky meeting to his friends are very coincidence and miracle for us to feel happiness and gratitude.

Because we didn't expect anything today to do something special but we followed our intuition what to do next to cherish each feeling.

It was a great time to enjoy each intuition without plan today and we will be happier than be stuck some fixed plan, anyway.

The weather is getting better than morning in this afternoon.

So we will enjoy this changeable weather with fun, too!!^^
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The 5th class of 3rd season
Today, it is 5th Japanese class of 3rd Season at a sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle.

At first, only 1 student attended to our class and he knows Japanese well enough to speak.

And he wants to talk Japanese to skill up his Japanese conversation, so we changed our plan of Japanese class for his favorite way.

After our conversation of Japanese class passed about half of 1 hour, 2 students came to show up with their Japanese friends suddenly.

They attended our Japanese class at 2nd season often because they planned to travel Japan for the first time.

And during their stay in Japan, they made a Japanese friend and he was a big fun of ICHIRO.

He wanted to watch ICHIRO in Seattle and he planned a trip to visit Seattle after our students' visit in Japan.

And he will stay at their home during his stay in Seattle and they will go to watch a baseball game, but ICHIRO will not play anymore unfortunately.

Anyway, they brought their Japanese friend to our Japanese class and we had a lunch together after our class.

We talked a lot each other to share with their Japanese trip to enjoy delicious sushi.

What a great new meeting of people to share each life in Seattle and Japan!!

Life is too short to meet limited people until my life is over, so just I want to cherish this great new meeting and wonderful experience in Japanese class from now on with gratitude...

Today it Mother's day and there were so many people in downtown Seattle.

And many people bought a bouquet of flowers for MOTHER and I wish that all MOM's happy day with smile and love for all family today.
But not only for Mother's Day, but also I always appreciate with MOM, because she made my life to this world.

My Mom is in Japan but I pray her happy life inside of my heart to live longer as long as possible in Seattle, even we don't see each other so often...

How is your Mother's day today??

I wish that you enjoy wonderful Mother's day with smile and pleasure as you like.^^
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I found a nice recipe of organic cookies in a website of Macrobiotic.

It uses organic maple syrup for sweetness but I don't want to use it.

So I used some organic dates instead of maple syrup and it became nice flavor.

Also I used organic (non oil coating) raisins for sweetness, too.

My arrangement of cookies became very delicious and David really loves to eat it as a dessert.

To use some crushed nuts, buck wheat, olive oil and a little peanuts butter is very easy to make.

After I added some water to make it a cookie dough and I made it some small balls.

And then, I made it a shape of round cookie and baked it in a oven for a while.

I sometimes uses organic corn meal instead of buck wheat flour and it became nice cookies, too.

So I want to arrange as I want to try making better taste of cookies from now on...

Anyway, I like to make sweets without too much sweetness for us and we really have a fun to taste it together after dinner time.
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David and I are planning to move in July.

Because our apartment kept our rent up every year and it is too much for us to keep paying.

And we have lived this apartment about 5 years and I need to make a new change to live.

Anyway, I looked for some apartment to move from last month and we went to look around some apartments these days in David's holidays sometimes.

And last week, we went to look around an apartment which I found in a website.

It was very new apartment and it started to rent for new residence from last October after it was built.

The width of the 1 bedroom was smaller than our present apartment but David really liked it so much.

And the apartment has a nice Jacuzzi, pool and fitness room inside and also it has a nice roof top to do barbecue outside.

Also it has some computer rooms and party rooms and all facilities looks so new and wonderful.

The rent was not our ideal price but we decided to apply to move in July.

And today I tried to apply as soon as possible and David helped me by phone during his working time.

Anyway we finished sending our application with payment for deposit, so we need to wait for their reply.

We hope that we can move the apartment in July as we wish to start new life with refresh feeling...^^

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Great meeting
Yesterday, David and I went to see a new friend whom I met at a library last month.

She is about 30 years older than me but I felt her beauty naturally when I met her for the first time.

Whenever I met her at the library, she smiled at me gently and I felt something special to her spontaneously.

So I wrote my message to her and I gave it to her.

And I wanted to know her personality anyhow to be her friend.

She gave her reply after some days and she offered me to have a coffee at a cafe someday kindly.

And we decided to have a coffee at our favorite cafe with David and we talked a lot each other.

She will move to the far from present address at the end of this month, so I will miss her, for sure.

I gave a small gift for her yesterday to express my gratitude for this great meeting and she gave me a message today about it.

David and I really became to like her naturally after we talked each other.

And I wanted to have more time to know her more before she moves.

Anyway, I have never tried to make a friend in the U.S.A. like her before, but I felt something special inside of myself.

I felt so lucky that I could have a wonderful time with her yesterday and David and I were so happy to know her after our talking a lot.

I want her to start new life after she moves soon, and I am very glad to be her friend before she moves.

And she is very kind and great woman and I am so glad that we have some common things each other after we talked each other.

To make new friend is make each life enrich to share each life and David and I want to visit her new address someday...^^
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Customer appreciation
Yesterday, David and I went to have a dinner at our favorite organic cafe.

Last week, I found that the cafe offered "Customer Appreciation" with discount which we buy one meal at full price and we can get the second one for 1$!!

This discount was so generous that we went to have a dinner to use this discount.

David and I found a free parking space close to this cafe fortunately and we stared to eat each favorite meal together.

We went there early for dinner time, so we had a nice time together.

After we started to eat our dinner, many customers came to eat each meal with this great discount.

David looked so happy to enjoy delicious meal together that I was so happy to watch his happy & relaxing smile during our dinner time.

We talked a lot each other and we felt so happy each other to share each dish, anyway...^^

David usually want me to take out for dinner sometimes but I want him to save his precious money.

And I want to cook for him every day to express my gratitude for his hard work every day, so I refused his offer often.

But last night, we had a great time together and then I felt that I need to accept his offer sometimes to let him do as he wants to treat for me...><
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Yesterday, David and I went to take a sauna at a fitness club together before our dinner time.

And after our sauna time, we went back to home by David's driving as usual as we do.

On the way back to home, David stopped a round corner and he found some ducks walking on the road.

And these ducks used crossroad to cross the road, and they were so lovely!!

David really loved to watching these ducks to cross the road like human beings do.

And a driver stopped on the other side of road to wait these ducks crossing the crossroad, and he laughed at that.

David and I laughed at these lovely ducks so hard together that we had nice feeling each other.

Sometimes we can watch wild ducks around our living area and this was the first experience to watch them using crossroad.

Anyway, these ducks were so lovely that we never forget this wonderful timing to watch them yesterday.

Today, David told about these ducks again and we could laugh so hard together again...^^
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Shrimp curry
Last week, I made Thai curry with wild shrimp for David's Friday dinner.

I used organic onion, celery, paprika, carrot and tomatoes with garlic and ginger.

And I added organic coconuts milk and MISO (fermented soy beans paste) for seasoning.

The flavor of shrimp and coconut mild made my curry feel Thai curry taste.

David really loved the taste and so did I.

David ate the shrimp curry with lovely smile and he really loved it so much.

The wild shrimp had a nice flavor and good texture and it reminded us our first meeting place in Thailand.

Anyway, we love Thailand and Thai curry so much.

So I want to cook it again someday...^^

The weather became nice warm these days without rain.

Sometimes I can feel the arrival of summer already, but I want to enjoy warm spring for a while not too hot.
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繋がり&恵みに感謝し、体験や学びをシェアします‼!Mind・Body・Soulの調和を保つ様、Yoga&Holisic life&Vegitarianで心身の調和&平安を願う…恵みを享受し、この生命を活かす事が私の歓び‼


Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)

Author:Masuda Keiko (増田佳子)
YOGA=生きる道であり、"How to"でもある…。

Vegitarian・Holistic&Natural cure&Detoxが、各々の心と身体の調和と平安に役立てるツールとなりうると、自らの体験や学びを通じて日々実感中…。


YOGA, Detox adviser , Aroma therapy, Natural therapist by my foot technique, Vipassana meditation, and Vegetarian cooking based on Macrobiotics...

These are my tools for others in this world to share with me.

I recommend eating Vegetarian foods as a daily diet to keep our body & mind & spirit balanced in peace at neutral state always through my experience.

My learning & experiences can make use of other's interest & welln-vbeing somehow, I hope...

If you are interest in my activity,
please let me know and send me some message.

I believe that my mission of this life is contribution to let this universe be peaceful more and better after each mind, body and spirit balanced by my tools with benevolence...,from the bottom of my heart.












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